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Thanks for playing !

Thanks so much for the kind words ! We're thinking about exploring the idea further, and making a more complete game. Now that we don't have to rush things, and understand the problem a bit better, I know we can do a much better job.

Thanks Jupiter ! Very honoured to have appeard in your series. And yeah, the sword is a bit awkward; we just ran out of time. :-)

Gorgeous art style !

I like the idea, but the wall jump is very unforgiving. With some tweaking this could really work though.

Thanks ! We had some trouble setting up (and mostly debugging) the triggers for the room transitions. We really need to take what we learned and start over.

We may keep working on the game, if life permits. :-)

Don't worry about it. The basic mechanism feels great. Everything else is just icing on the cake. :-)

The spatial logic is a mind**** of the best kind. I love the idea of the electricity passing through your trail, which means you're constantly solving two puzzles.

One thing I'd change: interpret moving back down your trail as an undo ? I was constantly trying to backtrack by physically backtracking, and had to keep remininding me to use the undo button instead.

I like the idea, but I think it would help if you could get an indication of where the cubes will come from. Right now it's too easy to run into a cube coming offscreen while running away from the ones you can see...

Lovely game. The camera was making it hard to play though; at times too close to the candle to see where i was going or needed to go.

Easy to understand. Hard to master. :-)

Sorry, I should have made that more clear. I was indeed talking about moving up.

My favourite so far. Well done.

I love how the boss mimicks my shots and moves. Makes me think twice about shooting, which adds a great twist to this genre. But very hard. I feel you should allow the player to use more of the playing field. It seems I can only move forward a little before being stopped by an invisible wall...

Sweet little puzzler. Simple mechanics with challenging levels. Great job.

A rock-paper-scissors strategy game. Simple mechanics, but quite fun. The enemy wasn't very challenging, but I do like the idea.

I do like an honest ending. :-)

Neat idea ! The controls felt a bit sensitive, but really enjoyable.

Maybe indicate where the icecubes are when they're off screen ? I floated around quite a while without finding any.

Thanks for putting up with the bugs ! We honestly started from scratch, having no experience with the game engine or writing games in general. We're pretty amazed we got this far ourselves.

Love the style. But I just played in spirit form. There doesn't seem to be much need yet to switch back and forth.

Don't recommend playing this on a trackpad. :-D

The floater's speed seemed to pick up really fast, and the benefits from the gems are perhaps too subtle. But the game feel is great. Good job.

Hard, yet satisfying. Especially when you manage to chain several shots in a row. Some way to look up and scan ahead would be nice. At times I'm just shooting blind.

We need more zombie farmer games, really. :-)

I enjoyed dodging the crucifixes, but the difficulty could definitely be higher. Got through safely on my first run.