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If I remember correctly, I got to the third level, mostly ignoring enemies unless they got in the way.

Glad to hear you're going to build further on the idea ! I still think it's a great hook, to not play the hero but follow in his/her footsteps. You could take that in many directions. Curious to see where you will end up. :-)

I really like the hook that you're on the heels of an epic hero, and therefore there's not much left to find. But I was hoping to find more signs of the hero. Maybe solve dangerous puzzles by looking at his tracks. Learn what his quest is; his purpose in this dungeon. Maybe you're no hero yourself, but a foe trying to get his own back. The game has great atmosphere, but I wished it did more with it...

Thanks for playing ! I have been tweaking the background effects and the controls, and will upload a new version after the jam has completed.

It makes for an even more puzzle-y game this way, as you have to figure out the game's language as well. Very interesting.

Beautiful. Simple. Challenging. The mouse interaction feels a bit wonky at times, but it's not too bothersome. Well done !

Nice restyling of a shooter. :-) Difficult, but fun.

Neat idea, but I found it hard to control. Luckily the line check is quite forgiving; maybe even a little too forgiving. Not sure why you didn't allow the board to fill up to the top before having a game over ?

Hardcore !

Doing a metroidvania in 48 hours is ambitious; more so when you have to tweak the proven formula. You made a great attempt, but to me your choices don't really change the genre very much. I'm still fighting enemies and collecting progression items...

Neat idea.  Really has the lunar lander vibe going. It can be hard to hit the right side of the lander though, depending on the terrain. Maybe have two lasers, one on each side, which you can switch between ? And reduce the volume on that beam a bit. ;-)

Love the art style !

Minor suggestion: rather than having the indicator on the bottom left you could let the guy flash red instead ? Then you can keep the focus on the action more easily.

Well done ! I was wondering about an RPG without an inventory system myself. My idea was to have minions about who carry things for you, and which maybe you could direct to do things for you as well ("hey you with the key, open that door"). But that was not something I felt comfortable doing in two days. :-)

I like that you can throw things, rather than just drop them. But maybe throwing has extra uses ? Like throwing a key at a locked door unlocks it ?

Very nice! I like the puzzle idea, but I feel that you don't get time to solve the puzzle while being rushed by the zombies, which ends with you just shifting the towers at random and praying for a good result.

Thanks for playing, and for taking the time to master the controls !

The maze at the start was intended to force the player to learn the main movement mechanic. You're right that it is slow to do, and annoying when replaying. We were crunching to get something which showed all the ideas, and didn't have time to really think about the level design.

I think a better version of the game would maybe have a (skippable or separate) tutorial showing the principles, and then an arcade mode where it just throws everything at you.

If I remember correctly, I just tried some of the names which had appeared until that moment in the story.

Very floaty controls, which isn't so bad. But the reveal of the level is too short for me; I don't have photographic memory. :-)

I like the idea, but the game seems unfinished. Some options lead to a dead end. Searching the database never gives me any results. I'd love to see this worked out more and be able to do a full playthrough.

Thanks for playing, and taking the time to give great feedback ! Glad you liked the art; I went for a white-on-black style initially, but decided to add some colour to make things more readable.

The controls have been tightened up, and I made the background react much nicer when moving (by which I mean, moving everything around the ship). I don't think it would be fair to upload the improved version while the contest is still going, but I do hope you'll come back and give it another try in a week or two !

Catchy !

Love the basic style. But damn that wall jumping is tricky ! :-)

Yes ! Much more interesting ! Now there's some real choices to be made.

I like the idea, but I feel there's not much time to react to incoming cars. Maybe it may help to turn the track sideways ? That way there could be a bit more lookahead for the player.

I like the idea. Loved the moving aliens which added some timing challenge to the shooting. But there should be some logic to how the soldiers move so you can strategize more, or the soldiers need to be a bit smarter about how they move. Maybe throw in some health packs once in a while to help extend a good run ?

I like the idea, but turning into a ghost added so little. Maybe you could have allowed the ghost to enter any ship, including enemy ones, and continue playing with the one you boarded ?

Thanks for playing ! It was our first time using Löve; but it worked out great.

The starfield was important to help convey the powers, but I couldn't get the look for the first power quite right. I have some ideas for tweaks which I want to try out. As for the controls: I have tightened them up more in the mean time, but I think I will wait to upload a new version until the contest is over.

Neat idea. But the back-and-forth with the workers started annoying me after a while.

Very clever puzzle game. This really redefines sokoban. Definitely among the favourite I have played so far !

Great idea ! I think it would be more interesting if there was an inventory of the things you pick up and had to drag and drop them to use them. Right now the fountain gets contaminated automatically once you have the right item. You don't really get to do it yourself...

Great to see another asteroids game !

Nice concept, but needs some more twists (and tracks) to keep it interesting. Also, you can jump from the inner track to the outer one by pressing inwards; is that intended ? Doesn't feel quite right.

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Love it ! My favourite game so far. Unlike classic match-3 puzzle games this one requires more careful planning. It's less reactionary, and actually a puzzle ! Will be playing definitely be playing again.

Edit: made it to 1725 points !

I feel you need to look too much at the control scheme, which makes it hard to focus on the level. Maybe there's a better way to visualize things ?

Well done !

I really like the mechanics. I feel the gravity wells for the spheres could be a bit stronger. But it's such a relaxing game to play.

Well made, though I'm not sure how it relates to the theme... Also: things get hard fast ! :-)

Ah ! :-) Don't have a gamepad here, otherwise I'd give it another go. Sorry !

I like how this turns pong on its head. You want to return the ball to your opponent's paddle, rather than get past them.

I like the idea. I feel this needs a mini map so you get a better idea of what's going on though.

Neat idea, but it felt really hard to control.

Cool concept. Definitely needs to be played with a controller.