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SBM. I might have to steal that. ;-)

Thanks for playing!

I think the idea for wall jumps is fine. I think it's probably just a question of tweaking the controls a bit.

And I don't know a thing about music. It's the one thing I'm never able to make myself. :-)

Nice. It seems you're controlling the ball AND the paddles though, which means you can put yourself in a safe spot bouncing back and forth without worries. I think if you had offset the paddles, for instance, it would have been more challenging. But well done!

I loved that you kept Peach's floating mechanic; very on brand for her. Great intro, great music. I was having some trouble with the wall jumps, but I'll blame myself for that. :-) Well done!

This gets challenging suprisingly fast. :-)

Simple and fun. Well done!

Neat idea. I do wonder if it wouldn't have been simpler if you were to just use mouse interactions to arrange the items in the bag, where the items were like more complex puzzle pieces you'd have to somehow make fit or get rid of. The critter in the bag, while cute, just feels very awkward to me.

But there is definitely something to this idea as a fun twist on a dungeon crawler!

I just thought it would be funny if he played it on stream and had to get interviewed by himself. :-)

It looks gorgeous, and I love the dragon's reaction to you picking up a coin. Just great.

If only we could rate your game inside your game inside your game inside...

It looks very good, but getting the path to snap to the nodes was really tricky at times.

I don't know who she called, but it sure wasn't much of a ghostbuster. :-)

Thanks a lot!

It felt really zoomed in. I couldn't really see where the ball was going. So I would say either the FOV, or maybe pull back the camera.

Not sure if others have reported the same problem ?


At times I felt it hard to see which pieces/rooms were dead-ends, and which were meant to pass through. Other than that, very enjoyable.

Great work on the art. 

Having to replace everything after a failed attempt was a bit annoying to me, especially as the fox's big jump meant that a little change could make a big difference.

But overall: well done!

Gives me Monkey Ball vibes. :-)

The camera was acting weird for me, hiding most of the level off screen. Not sure why that is.

But you're 12 ? At your age I was playing games, not making them. Then again, at that age I still had to make sure I wasn't getting stomped on by actual dinosaurs...

Hush hush. ;-)

First off, thanks soooo much for the kind words, and the very generous rating.

Second, I should really get the queen to dislike f-bombs, and scold you for using them. :-D

Loving the music in this. I never get beyond beeps and bloops I found on the internet myself, so very jealous !

Love the art, but was getting a bit lost in the interface. There's a lot to take in. :-)

My favourite puzzle game of the jam so far. I especially loved it when you had to use the deletion to your advantage. Well done!

Interesting. I had fun, even though I wasn't paying much attention to the finances. :-)

Looks beautiful. Plays great.

I would maybe start of with a smaller set of cards ? It felt like I could just keep drawing them at the start. Made it feel a bit overwhelming.

I haven't played minesweeper in a loooooong time, but this was a very fun twist on the classic.

Nice! It's like a rhytm game, but without any rhythm. :-)

I was wondering, is there some way to make up for mistakes? Maybe by getting a certain number of perfect pings in a row?

Too kind, but greatly appreciated. :-)

Doing all that in just five hours is nothing to feel bad about. :-)

Well done for a first game jam!

I did have to guess at what was coming at me, so I found it hard to prepare for the waves. Other than that I really enjoyed it.

But which Goblin comes to replace all the pots that I have broken?

I hope you got some nice replies to wrong answers.

It is all custom html and javascript. It doesn't do much, but I tried to make the most of it. ;-)


Nothing artificial about this game ! :-D

Oh, I understand that very well. :-)

I didn't know mimics had treasure in them!

We usually just kill them and move on. :-)

Cute yet creepy. Looks amazing! Just a beautiful little puzzle game.

A bit more polish on the UI, and I think this would be a very enjoyable game.

My son, a geometry dash nerd and level creator, enjoyed this very much!

I love this literal interpretation of "reversed", and no wonder why I have never seen a race-in-reverse game before.

It was very easy to roll your car, but maybe that was part of the joke ?

Anyway, loved the visuals. Really well done.

That is one bad-ass looking plumber! I enjoyed the intro and the humor, but I couldn't figure out how to stop him from falling into a pit...