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I'm on a Mac too, but was not using the trackpad. Maybe that was it ? I have noticed it from time to time, but not in a reproducible way.

I was thinking of showing the target milestone after completing a challenge, or adding a score, but that got cut for lack of time. It will let you know if you did under-par. But I wanted to keep a positive feel, so it doesn't shout at you for using more moves than really needed.

So this is what they do at CERN all day... :-)

Nice! I was wondering, is there a way to fire someone again ?

Interesting ! I feel it would help engagement if you added some more choices along the way. But I understand it might not be easy with the story you're trying to tell.

Lovely idea. I' mostly sitting there, watching the clock go by. So... very realistic :-D

Nice. I think level 7 is where the player just doesn't get enough time to make it through ?

It looks beautiful (though your sprites are sharp, while your terrain is blurry). I like the idea of not getting to control when you switch characters, but I think you need to telegraph better when the switch will happen.

Really love the style. Nice job!

Nice !

By not locking the movement of the blocks to distinct steps I often get one or more blocks stuck on corners, which can complicate a well-laid plan. Which means you have to start improvising a bit. I'm not sure whether that's a benefit or not. There is something nice to the feeling of getting yourself out of the jam you got yourself into in the first place...

This is easily my favourite game of GMTK Game Jam 2021 so far. The concept is easy to grasp. The puzzles are well presented and interesting. The sober presentation works perfectly. Well done !

The idea of getting pushed off the edge, rather than just failing if you don't turn in time, that's a really good twist !

Love the art ! Very interesting idea too. This really takes some skill to play.

Might be easier just to say yes....

It looks beautiful, with great music, but it felt very hectic, and I'm not sure how I won. :-)

Hoppa !

I love the style of this game !

Nice ! It seems our games went down very similar paths. :-)

I've played this game in real life !

Very interesting game ! I did get the feeling that even when picking bad voices the choir sounded just fine to me. Are the singing portions dynamic (based on your selections) ?

Really clever puzzler. Well done !

I love this idea, but it feels more like I'm playing on ice than in the water. :-)

This is like chess-boxing. Very nice. :-)

Personally, I think you could have made the missile part a bit more challenging. I feel like I could focus on the sudoku without much effort.

I wish that was my room. Absolutely beautiful.

Love the style.

I think the unmovable bits may have been a bug... But hey, if you liked them as a challenge, they are now a feature ! ;-)

This game looks cute, but is hard. Well done !

Interesting idea. It felt quite hectic to me, mostly because I didn't have a good idea of what was going on elsewhere on the map. I think picking a wider shot, or maybe adding a minimap, could really help.

Nice. Wish I could rotate in either direction though.

I really liked how the ship's turning rate slowed down the bigger it got. That's a nice touch.

Getting those pieces to connect in just the right place though, not easy. :-)

I like the idea. The presentation makes it very clear what's going on. It's very intuitive in that way. Wish there were more levels.

Pro tip: keep pressing space over and over on level complete and watch your score climb. :-)

Very nice.

I think I saw one character who seemed to both love and hate painting. :-)

Very nice.

The attack felt a bit weird to me. It seemed I could hit enemies without throwing the anchor at times ?

I think it might play better if the attack and the pull-the-anchor-back-in used different mouse buttons. I think it sometimes did the opposite of what I thought it should be doing. Separating those actions behind different inputs could help with that.

I knew you could stand on your shadow. I didn't know your shadow could stand on you. :-)

Neat game. I think the controls could use some polishing. They felt a bit too fast to me.

Took me a moment to figure out where to get that Repairium. :-)

Thanks for the in-depth review, and the kind words !

I honestly don't know anything about audio, other than how to make it play. :-) I never noticed that separation the way you did though. I'll take another look at that.

Yes, the invisible grid is an issue. I probably should have added some kind of tile/table pattern, just to make things more obvious. But at the very end I was more focused on adding more interesting challenges while I still had the time.

Very neat. Feels like a twist on Space Invaders. I did feel like you get quickly overwhelmed with spiders. Maybe ramp their numbers up a bit more slowly ?

Those zombies are having a rough time. :-)

I'm not sure what's going on, but I'm intrigued. :-)

I couldn't type "zas" at all, though. It would almost always double my keystroke, so it came out like "zaasss", or something similar...

Yes, cutting multiple pieces at once is the key to success. But if you just want to take it easy, and make that cookie your way, I'm not going to stop you from having a good time.

Don't let me stop you ! Grab some cookies ! ;-)