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I'm on a Mac. Thanks for confirming.

Very original. I'm not quite sure how you could take this idea further, but I'd love to see.

I like it. The keyboard controls felt a little loose to me compared to the precision which is sometimes required.

I'll try to add some sound for the next release. :-)

Well, I won.... So, that's good. :-)

Nice ! What really adds complexity is that you lose what you're carrying when picking up something else.

Really nice ! You had a very similar idea to mine, but went for a simpler design.

Lovely game. The puzzles are never very challenging; instead there is something really relaxing about them.

Challenging. Love the style too.

Not bad! The controls did feel a bit clunky to me.

Easy to pick up. Fun to play.

I just get a grey screen with the knight but nothing else ? Is that normal ?

I still managed to beat it somehow... :-D

I like this. Maybe throw in some obstacles in the terrain for more variety ?

I like it. The controls feel great.

Thanks ! I decided quite early on to go for levels over extra features. And I did get quite lucky stumbling on some interesting puzzles.

I like it. Simple mechanic. Interesting puzzles.

Stop Cruelty Against Slimes ! ;-)

Love it. 

Beautiful. Well made. And why am I so bad at this ??? :-)

This game hurts my brain in a good way. :-)

Thanks. I can't take credit for the graphics though. They come from

Simple and challenging. Well done.

Nice. Starts out easy, but the later levels become quite challenging.

I wasn't expecting anything so... evocative (is that the word I'm looking for ?) in a game jam.

Just beautiful.

I'm debating whether to play through it again, picking different options, or sticking with the story I got. I feel like the latter would be the most meaningful.

Simple rules, hard choices. I like it.

Fun and quirky game, with a great sense of humor. Also, now every platformer without a backflip will forever disappoint me... :-)

Nice introduction to logic gates. Could even be used in schools as a fun exercise.

Even "taking it easy" is hard. :-)

Simple and fun game. Wish it would create a new level once all pillboxes have been destroyed.  Is there a way to evade the fire from the pillboxes (your description suggests that, but I don't think there is) ?

I like the retro style. Had to figure out where the barriers could go at first though.

I like how throwing stuff can be used as an attack, but also as a way to shuffle items forward. It reduces the amount of back-and-forth I have seen in other carry-one games.

I like this idea. You really have to consider not just the effect of a card, but also its cost.

I did keep running out of cards dealing damage. Even when I prioritised buying them. 

I really like the visual style. You managed to get quite creative with just Xs as sprites.

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Neat idea. Maybe start the player off in a smaller town, and work up to something bigger ?

I sometimes had the feeling the game was eating/ignoring my input. But things go so fast that it's hard to tell for sure.

3.33333/10 ? Yeah, that's usually how it goes for me at parties.... :-)

Cool game. Can't quite get the timing right on that slow move...

I like the basic premise. It makes for some creative puzzles.

Thanks !

Neat idea.

Do you remember the name ? Might be interesting to compare.