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I do enjoy a good cellular automaton. I'm not sure where you want to take this though. The patterns feel merely chaotic to me. The best strategy I found was  spamming my own generators and plants as much as possible.

I think this would be plenty challenging without the time limit but with more words to have to place and trying to  find a correct puzzle.

Thanks for playing, and for your detailed  feedback !

Yes, using the CTRL key caused more problems than it solved, but  it  fit  the rest of the  game  so nicely we still decided to run with it. :-)

Thanks for playing !

Cool. Seems we had a similar idea, but took it in different directions.

I'm interested to see what you can come up with !

I don't think I can call this a game. But it is fun to experiment with the sliders, and see the complex patterns you can generate.

Thank you for playing !

Very lovely and enjoyable platformer.

Thanks for playing !

Sorry to hear that. I'm a FF  user myself, and didn't have any issues so far. But  we did  put up a Mac and Windows build, which you can also try out.

Yeah, the CTRL key is troublesome. But it fit the theme, and we really liked the idea, so we decided to run with it.

Thanks for playing !

The enemies used to die immediately, so we didn't really consider showing them get hurt. And we didn't think of it once we decided to give some more HP.

The lack of info at the start was on purpose. We wanted to accentuate  the feeling of losing control that way. :-)
Thanks for playing !

My sword is my worst enemy... :-) I loved kiting around the enemies into the swords path, while trying to dodge it myself.

Beautiful, but sadly impossible to play on non-qwerty keyboards. Could you add in  arrow-key support  to move around ?

Which version have  you tried running ?

Thanks Jupiter ! It's great getting to see someone play my little game. :-)

Lovely and challenging puzzle game.

Thanks for playing, and for the kind words ! I had a blast joining in.

I really don't know how to do sound and music myself, so I always end up looking for ready made things which I can insert easily. I wanted sounds for all vehicles, but didn't really find anything which fit. So yeah, the soundscape is left wanting. :-)

Great soundtrack !

Neat idea. I think it might help if the changing of the zones was not so immediate, or maybe telegraphed a bit more in advance.

Love the visuals. The text went by a bit too fast for me to really have any chance at not being fired. :-)

While I like the idea, I didn't enjoy just clicking around till I found something. Maybe some kind of hot/cold feedback could make for a more interesting exploration loop ?

I liked the idea of having the beam change with the song. If anything, I think you could make that effect even stronger.

I can see you put a lot of work into this. Well done.

Too bad you didn't get to implement the magic system. I was really curious to see what you would have come up with.

Very interesting game. It really feels like tuning an old TV and finding the right stations.

The controls were a bit "twitchy" for me, though. The jump especially felt hard to control. But I can see what you were going for.

Very challenging.

I love the humour you've managed to put in this game. :-)

Yes, I agree. I'll try to update the game after the Jam to do exactly that.

That's actually a good idea ! I'd have to try it, and see that she doesn't get overrun by submarines. But it would give a real good reason for the game mechanic.

The idea works really well.

I did not realize that the space I was flying around in was much bigger than the window untill I activated the rulers. Maybe it's just me, but I think it might be good to have those on by default.

Haha.  :-) Thanks for playing ! I really need Pinky to do something more, but I still haven't come up with anything good.

I like this idea for a puzzle game. I did have some problems with the controls. Those knobs at the bottom were hard to interact with (though I'm using a trackpad, so not ideal in any case).

Even with the alternate control schemes I'm still soooo bad at these kinds of games. :-)

Love the style. It gets very challenging, very quickly. Maybe slow down the onslaught of geometry a bit ? :-) Also, I think adding in collectibles, or things to try and grab, would make it more interesting, and introduce some risk vs reward decisions.

It feels a bit like orbital snake. It is easy to die, which is fine, but it's not always clear what you did wrong or what you hit.

This has the beginnings of what could be a relaxing platformer. Rolling through the pools is strangely satisfying.

Very challenging, and it looks really nice. I did once stumble onto a solution, and the game let me pass really quickly to the next level without showing me that I got it right. Maybe show a progress bar (or something) when it matches, and let it fill up before moving on ?

Grab as many hearts as you can, and share them with Pinky.

I know, it's not much of a purpose, but it's as far as I got. :-)

Hm, it seems it did somehow get submitted...

Well, OK, I guess :-)