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Thanks SmallTall. Sorry if I sounded a bit harsh before, but you got me just as I was waking up haha. Truth be told I did think about keeping the momentum after planting into a wall, but I kinda liked how it acted as another obstacle, which worked out well considering there's only a few enemies in the game.
I grew up in the era of NES games, which were usually short and brutally difficult games. I think that may have reflected a bit too much.

Thanks dude! yeah Mahbod did an amazing job on the tunes. I was pretty lucky to get him at such short notice.

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The controls and all the mechanics were described on the main page. I actually put a fair bit of effort into making sure everything was there. It's like receiving furniture from IKEA and complaining you can't assemble it because you set fire to the instruction manual.
As for the momentum, if you're jumping horizontally and land face first into a wall, do you keep going forward?

This year sometime after June you mean? O_O

Thanks for the info! I'll keep that in mind. If it helps at all in the meantime, it also has controller support.

Thanks a lot for the nice feedback SoaLord! Haha yeah, I was wondering if anybody would work out you could hover basically indefinitely if you're careful. I would have liked to do some balance adjusting, but sadly ran out of time

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Hi Sarge, thanks for trying it out! You can use his gun to propel you upwards by jumping and then shooting at the ground (down+Z). Careful though, because he has to refill his ammo, so use it sparingly. Also, if you just tap the shoot button down once while over an enemy, you'll get a boost into the air!
If you still get stuck, I've put a lot of instructions on the main Spazz's Easter Caper page. Once you get the mechanics down, it's not too difficult at all :)
(I've also added a youtube video of the gameplay to the page which may hopefully help you out a bit)

Thanks for playing arq! Glad you enjoyed it :)

Technically impressive!

Had a lot of fun with this one. Introduces new objects each level, and the ball rolling felt extremely smooth and fair. Nice!

A fun little sokoban-like puzzle game where you need to collect chocolate and push the crates out of the way to get to the exit. Really enjoyed it.

The question remains; did Gubb ever join this?

Ah, shame! You should finish it up and share it on the love discord

I don't like chocolate, so if anything, it put me off eating :P

lol yeah, this is a LÖVE jam, so you'll need to use the LÖVE ( framework.

Thanks mate :) will do! working on some parallax backgrounds, and increased the size of the cabin so you no longer have to crawl inside

I really appreciate that, thank you!

Thank you. I always wondered what came after 4. Now I know.

One of the problems I'm facing is deciding which game to finish! I actually have it down to 2. One of them you use arrows to complete levels, and the other is also a NES-inspired platformer, but you're unable to jump or fall from heights. However you're able to summon blocks to help you get around.

I have 45 unfinished projects. Hopefully this is the year I have 44.

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Beautiful tiles and sprites. For those interested, all the character/enemy animation frames seem to all be 64x64, and the tilesets are 16x16, making it very easy to integrate into your game. Highly recommended!
Only spent a few hours on it, but I have this so far

These are gorgeous. I've been searching for the perfect sfx, both free and paid, for months to no avail. Looks like I hit the jackpot with this one ;)
Thank you!

These fit really nice into a Shantae fan game I'm working on. Surprising how well the palette fit! Thanks :)

This is really neat, however often when I'm playing around with the knobs and testing sounds, the CPU usage will sky rocket and cause the program to crash

As someone who doesn't have an artistic bone in his body, thank you so much for these beautiful assets. I started putting together a breakout/arkanoid type game using them for something different.

Beautiful palette. Many thanks!

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I feel like I should censor these while looking at them during work hours, because this is porn to me. You rock! Also, may I ask which palette you use? Thanks :)

I love these! Gives me arcade vibes. Thank you for sharing <3

Beautiful sprites, and great choice of palette. Thank you for sharing :)

Straight off the bat from the titlescreen I knew I was going to enjoy this game. In fact, the titlescreen essentially shows you how to play the game by making you change the frequency to uncover the press start menu. This is excellent game design.
The whole mechanic of changing frequencies to show alternate routes is an amazing idea, and keeps you engaged. I really liked this one a lot.

If you've ever played those old DOS volleyball games then you will be familiar with this type of game. The pixel art is really nice, and you see a target as to where the ball will land, so it never feels unfair. If it had a "challenge PC mode" (singleplayer) I could see myself playing this a lot more in the future. And I mean, come on, they're llamas. What's not to love.

Fairly simply concept, but a lot of fun to play, especially if you're into score chasers like old arcade games. This is the type of game I could see myself revisiting to try and beat my high score. Difficulty increases in later levels when the hell hawks start hunting you down, so you can be greedy and try to collect more points, or dash it for the nearest exit as soon as you find it!

Fellow Linux user here. Interested too! 

This project is enough to turn me from a Nintendo to a SEGA fanboy. Love the design, palette choices and gameplay so far. I'm really looking forward to seeing how the game progresses!