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Thanks! Yeah I tried, but I couldn't find the vibe of music I was looking for. Would have found it eventually, but I ran out of time unfortunately.

Thanks so much for your comment. Really lifts my spirits to see feedback like this, thank you.

Thanks for playing, and nice work! 25 is no small feat :O

I found myself enjoying this more than I initially thought I would. Shifting the color tones around to dynamically change the environment was really clever. The signpost that explains it was very welcome because I was confused until I read it. It's a hard game to put down because it makes you want to push on and see what's coming next, which is good design.
If I was going to nit-pick I would say using a, d for left, right and space for jump feels a little awkward, but I understand why seems you use the mouse as well. Other than that, I had fun. Great entry!

Many thanks for playing and your comment :)

Oh damn, good to know. I reported a few this morning and it said the reports would go to the jam hosts :/

It's not

No, thank you for the great music!

Honored to push this music pack to 30 5 stars

I've had the soundcloud on repeat. This is really well made. Nice work!

Would give this 10 stars if I could. Excellent recreation! I had no idea this was even possible in Scratch.

I pretty much did what Arks said. Just took one of the run frames and moved his head up a little. To make it a little more apparent he's not grounded I added a fall animation where his legs are forward and he looks down. The tail wags a little.

Had an idea. Instead of GAMEBOY written up the side of the box, you could put GBJAM11

From the front page, "All assets must be created during the jam.". One would assume this applies to logos as they are also assets.

The way I'd look at it is, it's just a visual indicator for mobile input and not part of the actual game itself, so it would be acceptable. Buttons on the gameboy are located outside of the game screen, so why can't this be too?

It's definitely something to keep in mind. For optional stuff like that I'd wait until the game is finished, and if you have time then add it in. It's worth having binding options if you can fit it in.

Everybody needs help, even if it's your 50th game. There's always something someone will know that you don't, so I can't imagine there's any issues seeking out help when you need it. Just remember, there's a big difference between using references and pulling large chunks of external code into your game :P

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You can use ANY colors in the world, as long as there's only 4 of them on the screen. If you mean on a really technical level, the shades were determined by the hardware it was running on, so I can't really answer that.

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There's no restrictions on how things look like (ie: menus and other UI elements). As long as you're using a 160x144 resolution and there's only 4 colors on the screen at one time, you're good to go.

I've always been pretty curious about MonoGame. I'm more comfortable with code/frameworks, but I don't have any experience with C#, so I'd be learning a new language and framework at the same time.

That's fair! They are pretty close, so it's not far off. I just find many games like to use z and x (especially pico-8, tic80 fantasy consoles, etc), so they are always the first two buttons I try when playing a game.

Personally I like to use arrow keys for movement, z and x for the A and B buttons. Enter for start, shift for select

You've picked a great place to dip your toes in the water. Gameboy games are pretty basic in nature: you only have to worry about 4 colors, the art doesn't need to be highly detailed (and honestly, with few colors it can be messy if they are over detailed) and mechanics are usually simple. So don't try to over-complicate it.
If you're not too comfortable with coding and don't have someone to help you on this project, you could give something like GDevelop a go. It uses visual scripting, and you're able to set the screen resolution to that of a gameboy. There's templates available to help get you started and plenty of well-made tutorials.
Also, it's free and can export to web and desktop.

Most of all, have fun with it. Game jams are incredibly fun and you can learn a lot. It's also a great way to network with other people by collaborating.

Best of luck!

I understand wanting to use the logo from an authenticity standpoint, but the Nintendo logo is copyright material so I would strongly advise against it. Perhaps you can create a logo inspired by it with a different name instead.

That sounds really nice. I'm glad I asked you to upload a demo now xD

Haha, thank you Polyducks. I'll sleep soundly at night now.

You'll have better luck if you include a portfolio. Do you have a soundcloud, youtube, bandcamp, etc?

lol yeah. Originally I kept checking the status by going to gbjam-11 but kept getting a 404, so I just assumed the page wasn't up. I've been biting my tongue about it for a while, but I had to say something xD

GBJam 11 community · Created a new topic gbjam URLS


It makes the page easier to find if you keep the URLs consistent >:(

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From the rules

"Music, art and programming must be provided by the people entering the jam. This is to encourage teaming up with other users to make the best game you can!"

So I'd say that's no to your hypothetical question. It's fine to use references, but you shouldn't be able to just rip large amounts of code from an outside project.

Been a huge fan of DDRKirby's 9-bit style since forever, so being able to play a game that was made especially for it is a dream come true. Smooth animations, friendly calibration, EPIC music, unlockables and generous checkpoints. Fantastic game. Easy recommendation.

Aw thanks! ^-^

These are beautiful. I reckon an attack 3 where she does a little hop and uppercut with a blue fist would look nice. Maybe a blue energy arc shoots forwards slightly to give it the same range as her regular attacks.
You have a really nice style.

They've posted the same message in multiple game jam threads. I don't think they actually care about the jam itself and are just looking to poach devs/designers for their own project.

Who downvoted this warm-hearted comment. SHAME ON YOU. Also, good luck to you dclxviclan

These are freaking gorgeous. AND the original ase file? There's a special place in heaven for people like you.

Thanks! I was a bit hesitant at first. I wasn't sure if people would be interested in "rejected assets", but hopefully people find use of them.

Old comment, but I'll answer for anybody new visiting this page. The character sprite is roughly 12x21 inside a 64x64 cell

lol it's okay. I do have A LOT of old projects written using love2d. I may upload them at some point.