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Hey @tomcat86!

I feel bad that you feel that way, but in your defense it's not your fault. While the second mission is possible (I went and checked quickly! Try unlocking military drydock and battleships!), you are correct that the campaign does not let you build research vessels. Unlike the other game modes, in campaign after every mission you are awarded 50 research points. I wish that we had better UI/UX to explain that in game, that's my bad :(

Regardless, thanks for playing!

Thank you very much, I'm glad you liked it!

A fellow made a video about the game a few years ago:

He didn't like the game game at first, so I thought it was a pretty nice video.

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And my bow!

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This is a great idea! Can we also have a button that says "Claim All"?

Maybe add a "Claim All" after the bundle is over?

Much love! Thank you for your interest in my work :)

Very cool!

I'm happy to help how I can, time permiting!

You're welcome to keep messaging me here of course! GitHub is always an easy way to talk, and there also happens to be a discord channel!

Hello Javier!

I am very interested in debugging my project, I just have very little time.

The good: I am always interested fixing small bugs or accept PR requests on github!

I have made a bug report from your observation!

Unfortunately I am not actively developing this software.

If you like, I can add the MIT license! The project uses Love and Lua, and hopefully isn't too complicated.

Source is here:

If you are interested in helping develop Click4, I'd be happy to either use a PR process, or if that's too demanding, even giving you push access!

Thank you for your interest!

Truly a masterpiece! Nice job!

Nothing you couldn't expect from a gamejam! Took me a bit to figure out I need to hit at green for the printer into the volcano toss :)

Done and done - awesome job hosting <3

I really like this game - took me forever to figure out what I was doing, but once I got on my way, I was having a good time! Great job!

Clever and clean - I like the color tricks you're doing. I wish there was some music or sfx, but otherwise great job!

Nice job guys! I really like how the levels taught me mechanics! Some music would have made this top tier. Also you left the debug window enabled! Great job!

I like the graphics - not sure where it was going, but it's cool!

Yup, it's a bomberman clone! I think adding some music and sfx might have made this game better. Good job!

Nice game! I was able to cheat by pushing down WASD all at once, and I think you could have shown the controls in a clearer way, but gamejam! Good job!

Fun puzzle - i wish there were shapes on the fields to the left, but I got pretty far! Nice job! Needs some soothing jazz or something, while I get my shapes on.

Oh god, I love and hate this game, all at once.

First the bad: holy shit, I have no idea how to "rub at a low frequency"

The good: Absolutely everything else. The progression, the voice overs, the interface, the book, the graphics, I love it. What a great job, absolutely addicting. I ended up taking 40 minutes to finish the game! Great job!

I was eaten by zombies. They swarmed me. Good job! Add some sfx!

I escaped! speedrun hack: stand at the far right. Regardless, I like the idea and the art. Good game!

Super chill - i had good time. Like the music, like the feels. Good job!

This was really great - programmer art aside, graphically this was great - I loved the mechanics, and it was fun! I wish that there were better visuals when I did something wrong, because I felt like I was doing it right, and "dad" got mad anyway.

I really like this game - looks great, and gives good feels. I wish the mechanics were a little more obvious, as I wasn't sure what to do exactly. Good job!

Nice - feels like a tech demo! Add some gameplay, and you'll be set. Good job!

This game really scratched an itch. I think I may hate printers with as much passion as @systemlogoff might. Everything is justified, and everything is good.

Love the art and VO - great job - some UX issues, but regardless a really fantastic game! Great job!

Nice game - could use some polish, but hey - gamejams! Good job!

A lot of dev and polish went into this, it's a shame you didn't get father! I enjoyed finding the love masots and such - great job! Flesh this game out more!

Holy shit, this game is 410MB.

Before I get into the game itself:

Things you can do to reduce the size of your games for next time:

  1. Remove the `.git` folder - you don't need it for your release
  2. Compress your `*.wav` files from sfx into `ogg` - you don't need to release with `.wav` assets ever
  3. You don't need to release the game with your Krita (*.kra) files or the Krita temp files (*.kra~) - love can't use these, and they don't need to be in there
  4. You accidentally put added a zip of your game in the game. (`release/Fantastic`)
  5. Small nitpick: You don't need to release the game with your Tiled Map Editor (*.tmx/*.tsx) files - it looks like you're using the .lua exports anyway.

The game itself:

Very raw, but neat! The forced game modes were wreaking havoc on my machine, but regardless it was cute. While there was some pacing with introducing the mechanics, I think that a bit of polish on this front would have made the game a lot better. Good job!

Nice and clean - i like the stylization you added - wish there were more sfx and cleaner mechanics, but regardless nice! Good job.

Nice job - there needs to be a penalty for playing notes at the wrong point, or you can smash the keyboard like I did and "win".

Regardless, I love the fact that you did this to your own song, and wish there were a few more songs, some that are easier!

Nice! I like the feel, and the sfx are solid. Great job!

Neat - not sure if I have the patience to get father in the game. I was able to do the first level, but had to check the page for instructions. nice job!

I love the graphics - good gamejam feel. I like the ideas as well!

Solid - i liked the upgrade system - maybe dying would reset the level, and you could earn some money, instead of having to reset the entire game? regardless, nice job.

I really love the lighting system. The RGB system was a bit odd, as it wasn't binary for each color. Regardless, pretty game! Good job.

This was rather tough - the browser release became very pixelated and I had to look up a morse code chart on google. I was hardly able to get past SOS, and the I was already tough. I could imagine with some cleanup, this game might actually be able to teach me Morse code!

Great music - like the gameplay! Nice game.

love it - smooth and fun! Great job.

Very cool - love the feel, and of course the meat loaf reference.