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Thank you for the honest review! I'm glad you liked it - we're very much considering making this into a full game :)

Thanks for the feedback!

Thank you for playing, hope you liked the game!

As for the lack of cats, I agree; at this point, it's a gamebreaker.

I will reach out directly when we add them, so that your updated review may properly reflect our game!

This is incredible, thank you so much.

Having spent years on this game, a lot of your critiques hit home - with such a small team, it's always hard to hit everything on the nail. Merely the fact that you have so much to say tells me a lot as well.

While RCS is no longer in development, I thank you so much for taking the time to review this. It means a lot to me.

If you're interested in any of my other games, please check out

We've spent two months on it, and the UI/UX is much much less complex than a RTS game :)

Aww yeah, this is awesome. Congrats dude, your NES dev stuff always amazes me! (gotta get back into it ...)

I'm glad you had an adventure! Thanks for playing!

Fun game, and I liked the music! I also liked how you could select different levels :) Good work!

I like the art and music, but had a hard time kicking at the right time. Good work!

I like the art and the story, but I really have no idea what to do! More cookies maybe?

This was fun - I had fun messing up your apartment! Great job!

I won! Good job, needs more levels and music!

oh god i have no idea what's going on but it need circus music and voiceovers! Good work!

I love the wolf3d style! Take a look at raycasting if you really want to relive the 90's! Good work!

I found myself going phthbthbthtbht along with the machine gun.

I have troubles visualizing colors to other colors. Makes for a hard pairing game. Regardless, good work!

I was excited at first about pipedream, but then when I realized that I got to race in pipedream, this game became way more awesome. Good work, this was fun!

I was able to endlessly boost, but I'm not sure why? Pretty though.

Interesting take on snake and ... pipedream? Cool game, well done.

Simple and effective! My "always turn right" strategy worked like a charm! Add music! Good work!

I like the idea behind this game, but I got stuck inside some geometry! Regardless, good work!

Good base mechanic! More levels would be great! Good work.

This was a really cool physics game and was on point with the theme! I found that the game went from easy to hard - maybe have a few medium levels? Good work.

When death means you have to restart the game, this is tough. Regardless, good work!

Interesting game. The hitbox was strange, and it broke a lot of rules before it had a chance to teach them. Regardless, good job!

I get the feeling this would be best co-op! Nice job, crazy music!

I like the LotR style art! Some balance or upgrades or levels would be nice. Great work! 

I like the shader effect. I accidentally got one of the boxes stuck in late game, and it sucked to have to restart that. Regardless, good game!

Good juice! nice job! I like the game.

Bummer, no game :(

This is very fast! Good work!

Nice mechanic! Good work!

I was hungry and I ate all those poor owls! Zoom!

This was absolutely addictive. Great work, fun upgrades!

Clean and simple! Add some more mechanics and music! Nice job!

This is a great example of building a vertical slice, and then filling it with content! Absolute legend. Great work!

Spooky! Nice job! Clean up the UX and lower the camera speed, and you'll have a jumpscare gem!

Nice concept! I think it'd be fun if the difficulty scaled up! Good work!

I wasn't able to figure out exactly what to do, but I liked the pixel art. Good work!

Good start, I like the sprite work!

Solid feels. When I started the game, I guessed the controls right away, and got away to blasting! Make this into a game with voice acting!

Nnice little game! It'd be nice if the levels restarted instead of the game. Also, shout out to Lukeyboy99901, Lukeyboy99901 and Lukeyboy99901. Don't forget Lukeyboy99901.

I like the game, but the visuals are hard to process. I like the map idea too! Good job!