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So many stuck up people who don't want to join the strike. How silly, fun game!

Most folks don't check options, heh. I was hoping that the dialogue would be cheeky enough that folks would realize easy mode is actually hard mode.

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Thank you! I was worried the script would be too ham fisted

Neat game! It would be nice if there were some progressive levels, and a goal in mind!

This is a cool idea - it's a shame I can't heal my hero as fast as he takes damage though! Nice job!

This was a great looking game! Some sfx and music would have made it an excellent sokoban clone! I loved the little story as well!

Nice little game! I liked the graphics, they fit well!

Some more sfx and music would have made this an amazing entry! Maybe a scale mode?

This was a really neat game! I wish I had known from the star that I had to defeat the evil wizard in his tower, and then maybe a "you save the island" scene would be nice!

Some sfx would be great, but otherwise the music was nice, and the game was fun!

This is a great dog walking simulator! Maybe prevent the birds from pooping/murdering your master? Maybe it explains why dogs bark at birds when being walked? Very cute!

This was short and sweet. I like the mechanic and the polish, I just wish there were more puzzles! I see this becoming a full game easily and quickly.

So this is super cool. The game was simple, but the physics were polished, and the foundation for much larger and bigger game is there. I see a ton of potential in this and had a great time.

I like the small sfx and the text wobble - needs music though!

Neat little game! At first I thought I was lost, but then I bumped into a key, and realized there was something to unlock!

I wish the enemies were harder, and perhaps everything moved a bit faster. I like the pet rock concept. Of course, petting a pet rock has it's own merits i'm sure.

This is a great little puzzle game! With some sfx and some minimal music, it would be amazing! Great work!

This was a fancy game! perhaps a quick tutorial at the start would help, so I didn't have to read the game page? Could use some fancy 8bit musics!

I really like this idea! I wish that you could build more stuff, and maybe iron gathered faster. Also, not sure of the point of the companion? But I liked the game, could use music/sfx!

This is a really great game! Very sad that all the code was luac'd, wanted to see how you made the game. Nice job!

I'm not sure what I was supposed to be doing! I was snakebutt, which is excellent, but then there didn't seem to be a game after that! Did I miss something? tell me if I did, so I can re-rate.

What a cute game! I like the tentacles as well! I ran into a crash when pressing x/c on a single vine with no neighbors.

Nice game! I found the player to be absolutely frustrating to control - I don't have the dexterity to control him.

I loved the palette switch and the use of companion!

Very nice game! I love the aesthetics.

Sound sound/music, maybe some voiceovers would be amazing. I was only able to get so far unfortuantly. I like how the levels introduced mechanics and got harder!

I liked the goat! I liked protecting the goat! Who the hell is throwing all these stones???

Interesting! Perhaps adding some levels that introduce the elements might help?

Nice game! A few bugs, but other than that, interesting! Perhaps add something to make it easier to identify your buddy at the start?

Neat idea! With some polish, this could be a cool game! Perhaps some AI would help?

I enjoyed this game! Some more features and mechanics would be nice! Maybe get a pixel artist to join? Also, add some pirate-y music, arrgh!

Neat little game! I like the concept; perhaps some levels would help ease the player into advancing into difficult situations?

I like where this is going! It feels like it could be a fun adventure game!

Also, the filename should end in `.love`, not `.lua`!

Neat! Great way to train your math skills!

Nice game! I love how you fleshed out so many levels, great job!

I also like the little comments your characters say. Nice touch!

Interesting! I really like the are and the music! The gameplay could use some polish, but I think it's presented pretty well. It would be nice if there was a visual queue for the last item being destroyed.

Nice game!

Solid game! I like the mechanics that you used, and they felt polished!

A simple love.window.setGrab would have fixed a lot of my frustratiosn. Perhaps hold to shoot wouild be nice too?

Neat game! Quite a few bugs, but the game feels prototype complete!

This would be a cool game with some music, some cleanup and a few more levels/mechanics!

Neat idea! Unfortunately, not much of a game, because there weren't any enemies.

This is a cool little prototype, and I hope you expand on this so there is something to play!

I like the holy grail idea as well!

This was an interesting game to say the least! I wasn't exactly sure what little red riding hood had to do with the choice of "going left" or "going right".

I really liked the music, it was super chill.

Great game! Now go to sleep! <3

This was a very nicely made game. I love point & click!

This was a really solid game! I enjoyed it and it was really solidly built.

The camera would have probably benefited from a super mario style, but regardless nice! I was also unable to kill the boss, and am surprised I made it that far! Nice job!

This was a cool game! I wish there were some more folk on the server, so I'll have to play again with some buds. Nice job!