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Your game is super cool! I hope I can make a game as nice as this someday!

It took way longer than expected but we finally got map triggers in! Right now we can zoom the camera in and out and create cinematic bars with triggers, but we plan to have more triggers like dialogue sequences!

Share what your team accomplished on day three of the jam.

Theme voting is finished!

Since every team has chosen a different theme, each team will use the theme they voted for for their own game!

Good luck everyone!

Forbidden Forest!

Share what your team accomplished on day one of the jam.

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Theme voting is open! Talk with your team about your favorite theme, agree on one, and then comment below which theme your team would like to use!

The most popular theme will be the theme for all teams, however, if everyone chooses a different theme, each team will use the theme they voted for.


  • Undead
  • Trick-or-Treat
  • Forbidden Forest
  • Mischievous Snail
  • Lost Souls
Japari Park Game Jam community · Created a new topic Readme
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Hello! Welcome to the first ever Japari Park Game Jam.


  • Only one member per team needs to join the jam on They will submit the game before the deadline.
  • At least one member of your team must be a member of the Japari Park discord server.
  • Do not submit a game you’ve already worked on or finished.
  • You may use existing tools to aid your development, such as photoshop for art, libraries for code, and bfxr for sound effects.
  • There is no maximum size for your team.
  • Your game must incorporate the theme in some way.
  • You can make any genre of game.
  • You can use any engine/framework you like.

Vote for your favorite theme here.

If you have any questions or need help finding team members, please message me on discord.

Hmm, the only thing I can think of is that maybe love games in your volume mixer are set to less than full volume?

Nice! I really enjoyed this one and managed to beat it completely. My biggest criticism is that some of the early levels are harder than some of the later levels, but overall I thought it was very good!

It seems like this game has a lot of potential! :D

I was a bit confused on how exactly to play, but I really like the thought, art, sounds and everything that went into this. Really nice job!

ooo that was fun! I like the explosions that happen when you blow up a car :3

Wow that was pretty interesting! I ended up scanning halfway through and found one star that seemed to have pretty unique pattern and then mission control told me it was just our signals bouncing off! Darn! xD After that though, I ended up getting an error about space.lua line 165, attempt to index signal a nil value.

Nice! I had a good time playing this game, reminded me of old arcade games like missile command :3 

I win! :3 I like your use of lighting and the sounds to give it a spooky atmosphere. Nice job~

It reminds me of an old game I used to play a lot called Happy Wheels. I thoroughly enjoyed that game and this game of yours gave me nice memories of the hours I would waste playing that game, so nice job! :D

I really liked this game, the music was nice, and it took me a while to figure out how to get score and how to move, but once I did I really enjoy it, good job!

Oo I like how it ramped up in difficulty slowly over time. Nice job on your game!

Took me a few seconds to realize I need to use the mouse. Nice and simple to play, good job

Yay, I escaped the metroids!

Nice puzzle game! It got quite a bit harder towards the end for me but I liked it :3

Simple and cute. Directional art is a plus too!

Woww that was pretty fun and very cute :3 I like the art

I like that the character looks in the direction they're moving. Nice little game

I got stuck on the level trying to draw the 8, I was going so quickly up until that level xD

I win! That was actually very cool, I started off not having a clue what to do, and before I knew it I was sucked in trying to figure things out. The commercials were pretty funny too xD

I liked the anticipation you got before something would spawn, your use of particles and charming little sprite art. I was a little confused at the end whether I won or lost, cuz I killed a guy that seemed to look just like me. Overall very cute.

Farthest I got was lvl 6, at first I thought it was a little hard but I got used to it and how to move, very unique and I quite liked it!

I really like the little mage characters, they remind me of maplestory. Good times :D


I like the blue and pink color scheme, and the visual effects, looks really nice!

Very cute art.