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Yes it is! I'm glad the quiting thing worked. :P The going to menu restarting the game was intentional, and thank you!

I managed to get 21,415 points! Took me a few tries to figure out how the game worked, but after that it was pretty easy I think. You managed to make good use of the theme in your game which is very nice. It would be nice if there was an ending though, that way you could try to get/beat your high score.

Cute game! The first time I played it, I actually didn't know that there was a "game" to play, until I read the comments here and realized there was a goal of planting plants and not dying to rain. Took me four tries before I actually managed to beat it! I feel like there is a lesson here, take care of the needs of yourself before the needs of others - I kept trying to save my plants but getting myself killed in the process.

I also really liked that you had a day/night cycle, weather effects, particles (rain drops and little flames), and lighting effects. All of those elements are things that I have long wanted to make in a game, and you managed to put them all in a cute game for this jam, well done!

I liked the puzzles. Seems like a pretty unique game to me. It had good pacing as far as difficulty and managed to get reasonable hard in the later levels.

Oh I never heard of sexy hiking until now, the game I was referring to is called Getting Over It, but it would seem that the game I was referring to is based off of the game sexy hiking!

Cool! I liked the mechanics of the game! It managed to be fairly challenging while not being too frustrated to play.

That was a well thought out puzzle game! I think number 7 was the most challenging for me, but I enjoyed the challenge of this game.

Well that ending sure was something, just spooked me actually xD

This game, for one reason or another, reminded me of the game where you play as a man in a kettle of water with a hammer trying to climb a mountain, as he gives you inspirational quotes whenever you reach certain milestones or lose significant progress.

Cute and short. I liked the friction mechanic you put in, also the sounds and music we're pretty good too!

Oh those numbers are your FPS. You're probably right, they don't really belong their unless the player should want to see their FPS. Thanks for noticing all the work put into it! <3 As far as the input lag (and general performance problems people seem to be having) goes, I'll have to look into that!

That was a lot of fun, I ended with a score of 53! (no idea if that's good or not though).

At first, I had a lot of trouble understanding the mechanics, and in fact I thought I was soft locked, but after restarting and figuring out how things work, like the weaknesses monsters have and that fire breaks doors and stuff, I really, really liked it! =D

I wish the rune of destruction was a litttle more difficult to make tho xD

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The dialogue sound effects are cute and the music in the main menu is very nice. The distorted screen effect looks pretty neat too. It's worth mentioning that, even after selecting arrow keys are my controls, and the dialogue box reflecting properly my choice, I still could only move using WASD.

Just noticed someone else mentioned the arrow key thing, whoopsie. This game is really hard for me :p

Short sweet and to the point! I liked it and thought the music was pretty cute too, too bad I didn't have anyone else to play it with

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Aww man! I was doing so well, I got 4/5 crystals and then I got this error:


main.lua:293: attempt to compare nil with number


main.lua:293: in function 'draw'
[C]: in function 'xpcall'

I was having a really good time with the game too, btw. I can imagine it was a lot of work trying to get the world generation going, and the ai too! Very nice game overall, error not withstanding.

Woah, the first thing that struck me was the music and the menu art, I quite like them both.

The credits page never seemed to load for me - the main menu music just continued playing and the green went a shade of green blue. And when in game, I couldn't figure out where to go, it seems like I was stuck in a zone where I couldn't progress any further.

Interesting. I think I ended up playing it twice because it restarts after you beat the first level. The music was pretty nice.

Cute! I like the music and the ways you incorporated the theme into your game.

I also was in a two man group with someone who did the music so that's pretty cool too! :D

Interesting, I think I managed to beat it, but it doesn't seem like there is an end to the game, is there? It was just all water after some point.

The game is pretty hard, and I like the throwing arc and the art.

Darn, that's a shame. Was the game still "playable" at least, or were the physics all messed up?

Yeah I love top down shooters :D Thanks for the compliment! :3

There is so much to like about this game, the transitions are nice, the art looks really cool with the sparks and the sword swing tracer. The music is also very nice as well.

Does the game ever end other than if you lose? I played it for a while to see what would happen but it seemed to be endless.

Very impressed, you managed a very cool 3D look very well. The water particles, glow, and lights all look great, and the music and sound effects for the car moving are really satisfying.

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I got 203 points! This game really surprised me, I really like it!

The sound effects are very nostalgic sounding for me, and although the art is simple, the circles that come out of the enemies are a really nice touch, overall very good game!!

Wow, very clean game. Nice ambient sounds with the birds and the ocean. Snakey boi is best boi.

Very simple, follows the theme pretty well. Nice.

Oh gosh, I guess I'm just bad then xD I don't know if I've played any other games with z as attack, but I just continuously died because of that lol. Also nothing wrong with making a difficult game! Keep it up man.

Very neat game! I like that you can slow down time and the way the archer looks when he draws his bow. Too bad I got stuck on the level with the two upwards facing targets >.<

Interesting game idea. I like the use of a spotlight to help you see whats underwater. At first I couldn't figure out how to grapple things, but then I read the instructions and was able to once I got near the edge. Those sharks are really hard! I still haven't beaten this yet but I intend to :D

Cool game. Having a team of four must have been pretty fun! I played the game and got as far as I could, but I wasn't sure if I actually beat it, because when I beat the level with jetpack people, it gave me the option to retry or quit. I liked the music and what the idea was here, it reminded me a lot of Maplestory.

Wow, this game is hard! I kept hitting "z" to zap only to find myself jumping when I wanted to zap 'em. I would consider making the lightning hitbox larger, but maybe that's just because I'm not very good at it ;D. Very nice game all around.

Man that snake has a really gluttonous sounding burp.

I liked the pitch change every time you beat a level.

Very nice looking game!

Interesting, I assume the relation to Ouroboros is in how the game never ends?

Yeah, that's our Easter Egg, (no seriously it is) but there was an error in the code, that we didn't get to fix before submitting, so it just crashes you. xD

Neat! Couldn't beat the game, but it was decent.

Oh I don't think I can play this on Windows?

I thought it was a very fun, good looking game, and was well polished. The only thing I didn't really like was the movement.

Oh I guess I failed to mention we used free sprite assets from online sources. But the music was original, made by Firehawk. I'll make this clear on the jam page.