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Man that snake has a really gluttonous sounding burp.

I liked the pitch change every time you beat a level.

Very nice looking game!

Interesting, I assume the relation to Ouroboros is in how the game never ends?

Yeah, that's our Easter Egg, (no seriously it is) but there was an error in the code, that we didn't get to fix before submitting, so it just crashes you. xD

Neat! Couldn't beat the game, but it was decent.

Oh I don't think I can play this on Windows?

I thought it was a very fun, good looking game, and was well polished. The only thing I didn't really like was the movement.

Oh I guess I failed to mention we used free sprite assets from online sources. But the music was original, made by Firehawk. I'll make this clear on the jam page.

Just as a heads up. We never managed to finish our game, so there isn't really a way to win, but we hope you'll check it out nonetheless!

It's your game, of course it is. (Unless your using other people's assets that are not yours to do with whatever you want)

nah that'd just enccourage people to submit games that are already made


Sweet, thank you :3

Can we use the logo below in our games, for instance, as a splash screen or something along those lines?

What might the categories be that the games will be rated by?

An example being :

  • Overall:          5/5
  • Sound:            2/5
  • Mood:             4/5
  • Gameplay:    5/5

It crashes immediately for me when I try to launch it. 311:  Attempt to index joystick a nil value.

Cute game, beat it on my first try :3

I like it!

I think for the next game jam, the rating categories should be changed, perhaps to something like:

Fun: 1 - 5

Graphics: 1- 5

Sound: 1 - 5

Theme: 1 - 5

Creativity: 1 - 5

I just felt that the current rating categories felt mostly the same, and as such, were all rated very similarly.

I'm amazed you got so many people to work together in such a small time span! =)

Nice little game for your first game jam! I think it's pretty cool how similar our games are!

Hey there, if you haven't checked out my game yet, or have been avoiding it because of issues I was having, please come check it out now! It should be working - it is multplayer only so you need a decent enough connection to play it properly though! =)

The game should be working now! Please, come check it out if you can! =)

Please let me know if you've tried to connect to the server without success so I can try to fix that ASAP!

If you're able to connect, I hope you have fun!

Can't wait to check it out, I need to use every last minute of the 3 hours left to get my thing in a working state >.<

Don't wait until the last minute to submit your game, I've made that mistake in the past. If you haven't already, you should create a project for your game by going to your dashboard. Then, when you're finished and you've uploaded your game, (and before the deadline) you can submit your game on the jam page!

Pretty good! I've had to make cuts to a lot of the ideas I wanted to do, for the sake of time, in hopes of actually completing this thing within the deadline. It's gonna be a lot of hard work still.

Are you also making a game, STGJ?

I know exactly how you feel. Not my first game jam, but I got those butterflies in my stomach when I try to sit down and work.

*Sips coffee* Back to work for me!

Awesome, I really like it, hope to make something awesome! :P Good luck everyone!

Oh I'm excited that both of you would want to join me, I'm gonna go in alone this time though, thanks for the offers! =)

Well, I'm eagerly awaiting the theme's announcement before deciding on what that's going to be.

It's been a dream of mine to make "fishing" a part of a game that I would make though, so if the theme allows for it, I know I want that to be part of the survival fun!

Hey there, I've always wanted to make a multiplayer game. Always seemed to lack the ability to stick through the pain to try to make one though, but I think this time I'm gonna go for it!

Anyone else going to try to make a multiplayer game?

Wish me luck, I'm gonna need it! >:D

Simple, clean and fun, seems to match the theme very well. Nice work.

Nice little pong game, had more fun playing it than normal pong.

Played a few games of it already with everywhere between a party of 2 and 4. If you're like me and you don't bother to read the controls with your friends, you will stumble into a frantically fast-paced rhythm game where the spacebar becomes your best friend.

Play this game if you're looking for an exciting and engaging time with strangers or your best friends!