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Hmm, the only thing I can think of is that maybe love games in your volume mixer are set to less than full volume?

Nice! I really enjoyed this one and managed to beat it completely. My biggest criticism is that some of the early levels are harder than some of the later levels, but overall I thought it was very good!

It seems like this game has a lot of potential! :D

I was a bit confused on how exactly to play, but I really like the thought, art, sounds and everything that went into this. Really nice job!

ooo that was fun! I like the explosions that happen when you blow up a car :3

Wow that was pretty interesting! I ended up scanning halfway through and found one star that seemed to have pretty unique pattern and then mission control told me it was just our signals bouncing off! Darn! xD After that though, I ended up getting an error about space.lua line 165, attempt to index signal a nil value.

Nice! I had a good time playing this game, reminded me of old arcade games like missile command :3 

I win! :3 I like your use of lighting and the sounds to give it a spooky atmosphere. Nice job~

It reminds me of an old game I used to play a lot called Happy Wheels. I thoroughly enjoyed that game and this game of yours gave me nice memories of the hours I would waste playing that game, so nice job! :D

I really liked this game, the music was nice, and it took me a while to figure out how to get score and how to move, but once I did I really enjoy it, good job!

Oo I like how it ramped up in difficulty slowly over time. Nice job on your game!

I liked that you managed cool lighting effects! Trying to combine the colors to achieve a specific one was also pretty interesting too!

Took me a few seconds to realize I need to use the mouse. Nice and simple to play, good job

Yay, I escaped the metroids!

Nice puzzle game! It got quite a bit harder towards the end for me but I liked it :3

Simple and cute. Directional art is a plus too!

Woww that was pretty fun and very cute :3 I like the art

I like that the character looks in the direction they're moving. Nice little game

I got stuck on the level trying to draw the 8, I was going so quickly up until that level xD

I win! That was actually very cool, I started off not having a clue what to do, and before I knew it I was sucked in trying to figure things out. The commercials were pretty funny too xD

I liked the anticipation you got before something would spawn, your use of particles and charming little sprite art. I was a little confused at the end whether I won or lost, cuz I killed a guy that seemed to look just like me. Overall very cute.

Farthest I got was lvl 6, at first I thought it was a little hard but I got used to it and how to move, very unique and I quite liked it!

I really like the little mage characters, they remind me of maplestory. Good times :D


I like the blue and pink color scheme, and the visual effects, looks really nice!

Very cute art.

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Ouchie, you're not wrong. Glad you like rhythm games too tho!

Wow, that was really cool to see someone else made a rhythm game too! I really liked it and thought it looked quite polished! Hope you'll check out our game too :3


Ahh im sorry about that :p but thanks for giving it a shot! :D

Thanks for playing~ The game has alternate control schemes accessible by pressing F1 to try to make the game easier for players.

I'm sure people will be okay with that.


Is your game currently considered to be a "draft"? Make sure the game is "released" before submitting.

Yes it is! I'm glad the quiting thing worked. :P The going to menu restarting the game was intentional, and thank you!

I managed to get 21,415 points! Took me a few tries to figure out how the game worked, but after that it was pretty easy I think. You managed to make good use of the theme in your game which is very nice. It would be nice if there was an ending though, that way you could try to get/beat your high score.

Cute game! The first time I played it, I actually didn't know that there was a "game" to play, until I read the comments here and realized there was a goal of planting plants and not dying to rain. Took me four tries before I actually managed to beat it! I feel like there is a lesson here, take care of the needs of yourself before the needs of others - I kept trying to save my plants but getting myself killed in the process.

I also really liked that you had a day/night cycle, weather effects, particles (rain drops and little flames), and lighting effects. All of those elements are things that I have long wanted to make in a game, and you managed to put them all in a cute game for this jam, well done!

I liked the puzzles. Seems like a pretty unique game to me. It had good pacing as far as difficulty and managed to get reasonable hard in the later levels.

Oh I never heard of sexy hiking until now, the game I was referring to is called Getting Over It, but it would seem that the game I was referring to is based off of the game sexy hiking!