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Hmm, W isn’t actually one of our keybinds, its Z to cling, perhaps that was a typo or maybe you have a different keyboard layout? But yeah our control scheme is pretty weird, its too bad we didn’t get rebinding in there sooner. Thanks for playing~

Got it, I was able to beat it this time :3 Nice work

Thanks! We worked really hard and long on it to get it there, so the kind words are appreciated.

I like the arcade aesthetic you created, good job :)

I had a few issues with the game, when I tried to play in fullscreen (1920x1080) the click area seemed to be really off, it was basically impossible to click any of the humans and my only hope was to use spacebar attack. I tried playing the game in normal windowed mode after that streaming it to my friend but the screen was completely black, though it seemed to work well enough outside of those situations. It’s a nice game aside from the little issues :)

Very nice graphics. The particles look great, the earthquake shockwave and even that sussy player character.

Yay, I won! I liked the simplicity and the easing in to difficulty, simple but fun~

Hi aurora! We believe we fixed the issue in a bugfix version we pushed, I know you’ve already done a lot to try to get it to work, we’d appreciate if you gave it another shot and let us know if it works, thanks again!

Hi there! We pushed a version that we believe fixed the problem, if you don’t mind, please give it another shot! Thank you.

Hi, we pushed a version that we believe has fixed this bug, I’d love it if you gave it another shot, thanks!

Nice, I’m glad it had multiplayer cuz it made it a lot more enjoyable to play with a friend, we got to 80 bricks each or so and that thing got really wobbly lol

Thanks! Yeah its really been frustrating for us since we’ve never had the screen problems but a lot of other people mention having them, we’ll def keep working on it and try to push out a more polished version in the future with fixes, after the jam of course :)

I found the gameplay a bit frustrating but I do really like your cover art! :)

Boy does that get hard when its all like asg9

Hi auroraboros, we’ve seen people having this problem and if you don’t mind, please try doing the following to see if it fixes it:

Right click love.exe -> properties -> compatability -> DPI Settings - > Check the two boxes

Please let us know if this fixes it for you, thanks!

Cool! Reminds me of starbound with the tool for digging, the gun also felt very nice to use with its sounds and the game looked very good, I think the only problem I had with the game is that, while all of that felt very good, the game just takes too long to play because you end up sitting there for a while moving back and forth between 2 places pressing E waiting for the number to go up. Still I think you did a great job.

Cool game. The moment I realized I had a limited amount of ammo it completely changed my spam bullets tactics, followed by losing to the boss because I had no ammo lol

This is a really solid game that looks and plays very well. I feel like I’ve been playing it for an hour though beating levels, does it have an end? O.O

The visuals on the shakes were very nice, very simple and clean. Didn’t quite understand how the mechanics worked but I did manage to beat it.

Really cool and simple, reminds me of just shapes and beats, recommended your game to one of my friends.

It seems like the beatmap is off timed for me, it took me a while to figure out what I was doing because the notes don’t have a lot of contrast with the background. Its a really cool idea though for a rhythm game.

I went back to sleep after waking up and I think I got softlocked D:

clears throat YEEEEEEHAWWWW

Thank you :)

Yeah the gameplay is totally modelled after Celeste~

I’m not sure if the sign said “E for torch” but I tried pressing buttons and it didn’t seem to work. I couldn’t seem to get passed dogwood glades closed area.

nice color scheme~ best score I could get was 17 :p

Ya, everyone has trouble with that level, the trick is to save your dash, and jump on the wall highest to the left, then jump to the dash reset and dash across.

After playing celeste a level like this didn’t seem too hard, but watching other people play it I realized I made a big mistake making it way too hard. Thanks for giving it a shot.

Cute and pretty fun! Though I did find it frustrating that when I died it made me restart the entire game from level 1.

The ui design, particularly on the planet info pages is really nice.

I cant get the last ball of chup! AHHHH

The sound design seems really good, everything seems like it flows together really well.

I like the art, very nice contrast. My only criticism is that I kept accidentally mousing outside of the window and messing up the shots.

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  • Arrows - Move/Climb
  • Space - Jump (hold for higher jump)
  • Shift - Dash(directional with arrow keys)
  • Z - Hold Wall
  • Green orbs will reset your dash! Also touching the ground will reset it.

That was very fun, bought a sussy imposter and the earth immediately destroyed it. If I wanted to be happy I would leave this place. xD

Hmm, your game looks cool but I tried playing it and I got this crash.

Very duck. Congrats on making a successful multiplayer game too!

Hi there o/.

If you read this, would you mind posting what your monitor’s resolution, size, and refresh rate?

I’m curious about this because I think full screen games are more immersive, but it can be challenging to try to make a game fullscreen when there are different resolutions to consider. Maybe if you guys have any good articles or advice you can link to as well, that would be appreciated.

I use a 23.5” 1920x1080 60hz monitor.

Your game is super cool! I hope I can make a game as nice as this someday!