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This game looks and feels amazing!

It's fun to play, although I didn't get too far... Might try it again when I am less tired ;)

Well done!


That means a lot to me :)

I guess in a full game, there would also be a place for a small tutorial to explain the system ;)

You're welcome!

Feel free to message me when you updated the game so I can try it again :)

Nice game!

Reminds me of the old multitask flash games :)

It looks great and it's fun, the only thing that I had problems with at first was to read the text. I think the keys should be a bit different from the text so that you can read it easier.

I think my record was 42, I was done when a game changed to a different one... That was too much for me x)

Thank you very much! :)

Nice to see that people enjoy this game!

What I get from this is that you also felt that the game was a bit too hard maybe, I guess I should increase the difficulty a bit slower.

Glad you tried to position yourself, that was the initial idea of the game although I found that quickly switching back to your body worked a bit better for me... I think I should reward staying out of your body with some bonus points.

Thanks for your feedback! :)

Yes the pipes! And also later there was a really small edge which stopped me once... but it was alright!

I still very much enjoyed the game :)

Looks really good!

I like the concept but I think it could use some more feedback / indicators.

Also it would be nice if some enemies had different pathing!

Still a great game! Well done :)

Fun game!

Had a rough start though, would never have seen the "J" for shooting at the start if I didn't read the comments here X:

It looked more like a weird symbol for me, with the bullet next to it!

Fun game! I like the idea with the red area but felt like it was a bit too easy to get past it at sometimes.

When it got a bit harder it was over.

Still a nice game, great work!

As others mentioned already, some sounds / music would be nice :)

This was really fun!

I was a bit confused at first but then it was really great.

The music went well and the game was fun!

I liked flying with the gravity + moveable objects, although it was hard to control ;)

Only thing that bothered me a bit:

There were some edges on the floor where I couldn't walk over without jumping which made it a bit frustrating at some points. They looked as if it should work!

Great game! :)

It does, yes!

If you zip it and mark the file for windows then everything will work fine in the app.

I did it this way and it works :)

Maybe add a some bold text in your install instructions, that people have to download both files. That might help for those who open the game page. :)

Sad to hear that Mark missed out!

Thank you very much! :)

I agree a theme is really needed here, I think that's part of the reason for the low amount of ratings ;)

I like the ghost idea, might try that!

Thanks for your feedback, glad you enjoyed it!

Really fun game! Like the music :)

Next time you should zip the exe and the pck together! I probably wouldn't have looked at the game page if the comments wouldn't imply that the game indeed works.

The launcher tries to download and start just the exe, which will then throw an error. 

Was worth the effort though, liked the game!

Concept is a good idea!

It just feels a bit bad when playing, probably should make it a bit easier, like bigger gaps and such.

Fun game! Nice idea and graphics go well with the game

It gets a bit boring though, I think I might need a bit more feedback

I updated my initial rating after reading the game page where I could see that there is much more to it then I saw while playing

Looks good! But it wasn't really clear what to do.

I can rotate the platforms and the enemies seem to stick on the green goo? It was impossible for me to survive for longer than a few seconds.

Missing a bit of feedback, also the button is slightly off the screen!

The basics seem to work, now it needs some more details, sounds and such :)

Feel free to send me a message when it's done, so I can play it again!

I seem to be missing something, I just see empty rooms and fall into the void all the time.

Fun idea to change the control! 

The feedback could be a bit better, like showing arrow keys instead of text maybe, because it's a bit annoying to read it first.

But most of the time I could play fine by moving the mouse diagonally ;)

I didn't really know what to do

The idea seems nice but it felt like I won by just walking from left ro right

A bit more feedback might help!

Really fun to play!

Good use of sound and fun idea!

Thanks for the recommendation, will look into that! :)

Thank you!
The spawns aren't really well done, would have to tweak them a bit to raise the difficulty slowly over time.

(1 edit)

It seems to be a local (apparently also online, according to the game page) multiplayer game, I could find an opponent by starting the game twice. But that didn't really work either...

Nice game! I like the look and feel of it.

Also like the engine choice. Wanted to do something with godot for some time now but never really did.

The only thing that bothered me a bit in the game was the feedback. It took some time till I understood what I had to do.

Thanks for the feedback!

You are right, the difficulty is indeed quite randomised, it was simpler to implement in the short time. :)

And I obviously didn't spend too much time on graphics ;)

Glad you liked it!

Nice to see someone play the games!
Thanks for your feedback. :)

I now played it with some friends and now I see that moving up and down does make a difference!

I wish there was some feedback for what I did wrong when I missed the ball, I lost everytime must be the games fault!

Just kidding of course, really enjoyed the game :)

I've added a video with solutions to the game page, just so you know it's doable! :D

Thanks for the feedback! :)
To be honest the levels where actually made exactly like you are solving them, by twiddling with the controls ;)

I got the eight randomly and thought it would fit in with the other ones. But I have to agree, it's really hard to recreate. Most people seem to get stuck there. We probably should have put the eight farther to the end of the levels.

Really nice game!

Took some time to test it as I needed someone to play with me but it was worth the wait

I like the simple concept which works very well.

The only thing it lacks in my opinion is a bit of feedback during the game. We had no idea who was leading or how well we did during the game. 

It was only when the game was finished that I knew I obliterated my enemy.

Fun game!

Thank you very much!

I guess I'll have to play it again vs someone else. My left hand really was no match for my right...

Really nice game! Played it through and really enjoyed it.

Easy to understand the game even without instructions.

The only way I can score at those kind of games is to keep pressing all keys at once.

Looks good though!


The 8-Shape is the 2. hardest I think. It should've probably come later but we already re-arranged the levels a few times and wanted to upload...

Nice game! Sounds and looks great.

Never expected voice acting. Really cool!