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An example game would be SNAKE SNAKE SNAKE.

In Chrome it will work just fine, in Firefox you will get the following error: Uncaught ReferenceError: SharedArrayBuffer is not defined

This is a LÖVE game that has been ported with Love.js.

Yesterday I uploaded multiple games that can not be played in Firefox because these headers are missing. It would be a shame if they soon can't be played in Chrome either. If possible, please add these headers!

Whoops, forgot to include the link.

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Make sure to unzip the all the files in a folder before you run the executable. If you did, then yes you are missing those dlls. Never encountered this problem before because all the machines I tested them on had them already. Here's a zip with the dlls, with instructions included. Let me know if it worked! Sorry about this.

I recommend you use a forum instead of a comment section for this game. Considering the size of the game and the potential to be popular, you probably want a separate thread for bug reports, feature requests, showing off factories, etc.

Just a thought.

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Oh boy, yeah that happens sometimes. Sorry about that! I'll fix it some day. Thanks for letting me know!

The game comes with a text editor. I'm pretty sure that works if you use Wine.

Hey. Thank you for your offer. The problem is that the game is not made in such way that I can give you a list of text to translate.

You could fork the Github repository and translate it yourself, but you would need to know how to program.

I'm sorry you are required to do this work-around. I'll look into fixing the bug. Thanks for the tip.

Мне жаль, что тебе приходится делать этот обход. Я займусь исправлением жучка. Спасибо за совет.

Well you may NOT get past him because that is what he said!

Please don't donate if you need the money yourself. I really appreciate it, but your kind words are more than enough.

A nice looking Snakebird-like game, with an interesting extra mechanic! Would have liked to see a few more levels though.

Very interesting game! Really gives a good vibe which made me nervous.

Very nice game! I've seen the "robot instructions" game mechanics done multiple times, but this is the first time where I see it loop around. Very interesting and fun! Couldn't beat level 12 though.

Very nice for your first game!

Very nice for your first game!

Very nice! I had to give up at the 8-shape level though.

Nice little game. A few enemies wouldn't have hurt the game.

Nice little game. A few enemies wouldn't have hurt the game.

Nice little platformer. Good use of lighting. Good thing you have checkpoints :')

As an ex-Stepmania player I like that you made a rhythm game. However I wish you added some sort of twist to it, because now it's just a Stepmania clone.

Very cute! Would've liked to see more of a challenge though. Like that your girlfriend can also get hurt so you need to make sure she has enough LÖVE.

Very cute! Would've liked to see more of a challenge though. Like that your girlfriend can also get hurt so you need to make sure she has enough LÖVE.

Interesting mechanic!

Interesting mechanic!

If you know git, you can fork the Github repo and replace the text.

The game is not optimized for adding translations, sorry about that.

I can't promise that I will use your translation, but I might add it to the downloads here or link to it if you host it yourself.

Sorry about this, I need to look into fixing this problem.

I'll create a devlog when I fix it. You might still be able to open the folder manually? It's in appdata/roaming/And yet it hurt/

You're probably encountering a bug from an old version. Please download the game again to get the newest version.

If you can see the Version 1.1.1 in the black console window, you have the newest version.

Well that would be a lot of work right? Perhaps there is some other way. You were already able to open one door with the key after all.

Did you give the note to Ferdan?

If so I'm not sure what's going on.

Perhaps someone in Westown (the town with the smith and armor shop) has the key.

Looks really cool!

Whatever the page says is when it ends. For me it says:

Submissions open from Tomorrow at 12:00 AM to Tuesday at 12:00 AM

Depending on your time zone it ends on a monday/tuesday.

I mean that, when you open the Notepad window yourself, it should now auto refresh when saving.

Я имею в виду, что когда вы сами открываете окно Блокнота, оно должно теперь автоматически обновляться при сохранении.

Try replacing the old Notepad2.exe with the new Notepad2.exe. The Notepad2.exe should be in the same folder as the Notepad2.ini.

Попробуйте заменить старый Notepad2.exe на новый Notepad2.exe. Notepad2.exe должен находиться в той же папке, что и Notepad2.ini.

I translated this with DeepL. Perhaps it will help you with your English.

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Hey, I would love to help, but that's quite hard since the error is in Russian. Does this error also appear when you try to open Notepad2.exe yourself? If not, try open it yourself, and it should still work. If that doesn't work, try this version. If that doesn't work, try moving the .notepad folder to something like Desktop. Perhaps Notepad2 can't handle the Russian characters. If that doesn't work I'm not sure what else there is to try. Sorry.

If you use the alternative version, you will have to save the file when you open it, to let the game know you opened that file.

Not sure if you get notifications if you're part of a reply thread, but just to be sure, it's patched and should work now.

Wow, must have been some weird git merge shenanigans. Thanks, it's patched now.

Not sure what's going on. Was this after you died inside the castle? This was a bug in and older version. You can download the game again to get the new version. It should work with your save file. You can see if you have the old version if your folder in Appdata is called "and_yet_it_hurt".

If you have the new version. I'm not sure what is going on. Perhaps try closing and opening the castle.txt file again, or restarting the game.

Sorry about this!

Sounds like the game tries to access those files before they are created. Weird. Good to know you can play it now, enjoy! :)