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Very cute!

Prove Thine Worth was actually not made with LÖVE but with a framework made by a friend (which he sadly never released). It was similar to Pico-8. The framework limits you in all kinds of way so that's why it has such low memory usage.

Really nice! Is this inspired by "The World's Hardest Game" Flash game?

I got stuck at the level with the small circles. When quitting the game was begging me not to go, and I thought okay okay I'll give it a few more tries, but then I got back to the menu and had to restart :(

Anway, good job!

Simple but fun game! I agree with DigitPenguin it would be a nice improvement if there was something that made you force to go to the left more often. But other than that good job!


Gets really tough after a while. Could use some music. The graphics are simple but it's all in the same style which makes it look nice. Good job!

Wow this is a lot more frustrating than it looks. Nice job on the juicy graphics!

Solid platformer like always. Was a bit salty that I didn't get the good ending haha.

Yes, from what I understand you did accidentally cheat, but it's not that big of a deal.

If you want to play it fair you could do so by submitting early.


You need install

There already is! (Also I figured I should add that to the description)

I'm always amazed by what you can create in such a short time. Once again you've been able to pull it off. It's a short but fun game with enough challenge to keep me entertained. Like always are the graphics great, and the music really helps setting the mood. Good job rxi!

If people want to support me (or other developers) I always welcome that, of course. But I have a few problems with PWYW. It can come off as greedy and it's 2 extra clicks (and a loading page) before being able to download the game. The thing is, if I turn off PWYW then players that want to support me can't.

I'd like to be able to include the "support this game!" button that is already included with browser games, while turning PWYW off.

Congratulations to everyone!

Thanks to everyone participating! And for those who didn't participate, hopefully you will join us next time :D

Yes, because you updated it before the deadline.

1. You're allowed to fix game breaking bugs that are easy to fix. If you do update your game, please keep a copy of the original game, and make clear there are both a jam and post-compo version. People who rate you should do so based on the original version.

2. Only those who submitted. Though I'm considering changing this.

3. For sure!

Submission link:

Haha, I feel sorry for you. But hey you're making a game and that's what it's all about right?

Maybe you can enter another jam with your game?

Your art has to be made during the jam.

You can type help to get a few commands.

Yeah sure, go ahead!

Thanks, I'll try looking for the cause. By the way, an error can sometimes be fixed by simply pressing escape.