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Surreal top-down dot-eating game · By tesselode

Eat Girl really bad bug

A topic by plantbruh created Jun 28, 2020 Views: 745 Replies: 1
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Ok so I load into the game right, explore the settings, explore the controls, but while I was configuring my controls I ended up leaving the confirm key blank and now every time I load up the game, no matter which version, no matter how many times I tried uninstalling it, it just won't confirm any single key on my keyboard. This is kinda bad, and I honestly don't know what to do at this point. I looked through a ton of files on the file explorer even some hidden ones but I couldn't find anything that related to eat girl and maybe a save at all. I'm hoping I can get a fix for this because I haven't seen this problem addressed at all


That’s definitely something that could use some ironing out.

Type %appdata%/EAT GIRL into your explorer location bar and delete options.lua.