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Surreal top-down dot-eating game · By tesselode

This really brings me back

A topic by jdelible created Jun 26, 2020 Views: 496 Replies: 1
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I got started on video games ages ago as a very little boy who found a Colecovision under his Christmas tree one year, and if there is one thing that system had a good number of it was games inspired by Pac-Man. While Eat Girl is perhaps just a tad bit too demanding to run on an actual Coleco, the basic design and protagonist would feel right at home on there and playing it filled me with a rush of nostalgia of sitting around the tv with my dad and sis passing the controller while playing Lady Bug, Mouse Trap or Pepper II. Thank you for that.

Also my favorite Coleco game was probably Venture, which was also the first video game to ever scare me as if you spent too long on a given room a dragon would appear with a terrifying noise and head right for you, passing over walls or anything really to kill you with a touch. Greg reminded me of that primal gaming fear.


glad i could bring back both the childhood joy and fear!