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The game keeps crashing midway through the first level (at least a half dozen times so far) due to a "Fatal error. System.AccessViolationException: Attempted to read or write protected memory". I took a screenshot that I'll include here as it has a lot of text afterwards:

Now I am running this on Windows 7 so it may just be a simple "don't run on that, sorry" situation, but I figure no harm in asking if anyone knows a fix for this.

FWIW the first half of the first level seemed pretty neat! :)

In the 14th stage you get a power-up that basically sets the game on automatic for as long as you desire. It seemed useful on the 14th stage so out of curiosity I activated it as soon as i could on the final stage and walked away to see what would happen (FWIW I am playing on easy). I believe 25-30 minutes later the stage is complete with 2 out of 3 stars and 99.9% of the population still alive.

I don't know that this actually says or means anything, I just figured someone might find it a bit funny :P

I thank you for taking the time to respond and offering the best solution you could come up with, even if it isn't an ideal one. By pointing out the save game location you unintentionally lead me towards something resembling an actual solution, that I will briefly write here in case anyone else ends up in a similar predicament.

Rather than delete the save game listed under C:\Users\user\AppData\LocalLow\bubbles\Little Bug I moved it to the desktop and started the game back up, at which point it created a new save game (I made sure to get as far as the first checkpoint and then make sure that the hands were killing me; they did). It turns out you can open up the save file in wordpad and have it be almost entirely legible, so I started copying bits from the old endgame save into the new one to see if anything worked.

Eventually I figured out that changing the location to the final checkpoint (I believe it is named TheDesert) and copying over the X and Y coordinates successfully caused the new save to start at the last checkpoint, but it was still buggy. That said, I messed around and by increasing the X coordinate a bit (I think I upped it by 7) you spawned a few feet in front of the checkpoint and the hands once again killed you as intended.

The issue is that I still often come up short on those initial spring jumps and while I haven't fallen all the way through the floor at places I have gotten stuck in them for a bit so it is still not functioning ideally, but in this state it is likely completable. Personally speaking... this whole hullabaloo kinda burnt me out on the game if I am being honest (plus I was admittedly awful at it and would have struggled on that final run even without a week off), so I instead messed around with the X and Y coordinates in the save file until it spawned me right before the final jump, did that and declared the game beaten (ending doesn't run if you do this BTW which isn't entirely surprising).

Still I consider that closure and I walk away more satisfied than I would have otherwise, so thanks again for that last bit of info!

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Okay, I tried this again today and had 10 straight minutes of every single attempt bugging out in various ways, so I'm simply done with this. On the off chance it is helpful I took a few screenshots of what is going wrong.

Here is me falling short of this jump one of several times despite just holding down D or right on the stick the whole time (I alternated to see if it made a difference). As you can see I am currently midway through the pinkish purple hand that in theory should kill me, I will continue to fall off the bottom of the screen as the background scrolls downwards until it no longer can scroll any further. The only way out is to go back to the start menu via pause.

Here is a slightly different version of the second bug I mentioned before. I fell down here and got stuck in the floor unable to move rather than fall all the way through and then falling forever. I figured I would wait for the pursuing hands to kill me but as you can see they just passed right on by the little girl and her blue orb. I eventually tried to kill myself by maneuvering the blue orb directly into one of those shadow people which A) did not kill me, and B) somehow caused the girl to finally fall through the floor and drop endlessly.

I reset again, fell on those opening jumps a couple more times (each time resulting in an endless fall) and gave up. FWIW the game up until this point wasn't really buggy at all, there was one time (the part with the pipes you can walk through if you want) where I sorta fell/clipped a bit into the top of a pipe and got stuck but that's about it.

EDIT: Had an idea today, redownloaded the game and checked if that would maybe fix things.

It did not, but I learned that the collision detection on the hands just ain't working at all as this was from me not moving from the start of this section. At this point I am out of ideas, either a recent-ish update to the game borked this section or my game save is causing this somehow as, again, I moved its entire game install folder to the desktop as a "just in case" backup, redownloaded from itch, extracted to a new install folder and it is still like this.

I am right near the end of the game (what I assume would be considered the final "boss" equivalent) and this section appears to be beyond buggy. Sometimes on the initial set of "bouncy" jumps I land short for no apparent reason (you literally just hold right for the first bit) and fall, except nothing in the fall is killing me and I fall forever until I go to the pause menu and return to the start screen.

Worse than that a bit further in when the little girl has to fall through a blue block and then "activate" the tall black enemies literally 50% of the time she falls through the floor to her death when dropping in  when said blue block disappears (one time after literally standing on the floor for a few seconds while I maneuvered the blue orb she randomly fell through). This too on occasion does not result in her death, falling forever until I pause and return to the start screen.

This last section is already very long and rather difficult with no save points, having to repeatedly redo that rather braindead opening 25 seconds (I timed it) over and over as often due to bugs as my own failings has really soured the experience. The last five minutes I played I believe every single death was due to the game acting weird rather than me screwing up (which I have done plenty of times getting to this point). I turned it off after that and at this point I am 50-50 on ever going back to try and finish it up, I'm so close yet in this state I struggle to see the point.

I know this is made by a small team of individuals and you can clearly see the passion behind the game, and hence if this ends up read it'll likely be by someone who put a lot into this and will be bummed out to read this.  I apologize for that and you have my sympathy, but for whatever reason this last bit isn't even in a passable state and it is a darn shame.

Oddly enough earlier today I went to download a game from the Racial Justice Bundle that I added to my library a couple months back (The Old Man + Extra Chapter by Okamizt Studio) and it seems to be vanished with no way to currently download it or even get back to its original store page (if you search the actual bundle page it is still listed, oddly). I can't really complain as it was for charity and I got, you know, the other thousand-plus games, but seeing as money was technically spent for it it feels... less than ideal that it can just disappear from your library with no way to retrieve it. I know when games get de-listed off of say Steam those who previously purchased it can still DL it to their machine and I assumed it was the same case here, so I guess this is a learning experience.

Beyond garbage is way too harsh but this does have severe control issues. The mouse turn sensitivity is through the roof (seemed fine on the menu screen) as I basically had to move the mouse the smallest amount possible to have anything resembling fine movement as what would be a slow turn in any other game of this type would cause me to spin wildly here. If pressing left or right (or in my case A or D) let me strafe it may have been easier to work around, but having them also turn (also a bit too quickly) didn't really offer much of a benefit. The larger concept you were going for here was fine enough, but the actual experience of going through it was kind of a pain sadly.

In the future if you were to make another game similar to this and wanted to stick with a similar control scheme I'd recommend tweaking the sensitivity and controls a good deal or at least including an option to adjust mouse or turn sensitivity on the player's end.

Okay so ten puzzles a day was a bit of an overestimation on my part as they got rather tricky by the end, but I finally managed to complete all 300 puzzles! The final stats page said it took me 23h: 18m: 17s with an average time/puzzle of 4m:39s, total attempts of 1509 and average attempts/puzzle of 5.03. I have no idea if the freezes I experienced affected that, I tested a few times and it seemed to not affect the time tracking but I didn't really keep close tabs on it.

I started to jot down some thoughts and it was getting rather long, so would you mind if I were to just email it to the address that you listed earlier (or a different one if you'd like) rather than post it all here? It feels like a bit much for a comment thread, but if that is where you'd prefer it I don't really have an issue with it.

I did like it, I can fit that in here easily :) If I didn't I wouldn't have put almost a full day into it.

Sure thing, I'll make sure to collect my thoughts and share them once I finish the remainder of the puzzles!

That is a very generous offer, but as I've generally been knocking out ten puzzles a day as part of my gaming routine (it's like brain exercise, but fun!) if I don't get completely stuck near the end I have about five days left before I finish the full three hundred. Given how close I am to the finish I'd rather not put it on hold for an indefinite period of time, and I'm sure you'd rather potentially take on that level of rewrite without any additional bits of pressure as small as they might be.

That said, if you do get around to that level of rewrite and are curious if this particular crashing issue is resolved or not feel free to reach out to me as I'd be willing to go run into a wall repeatedly for a few minutes to check :)

Tried the new experimental build and loaded up 9x9 2-3 and the crashes still persist.

Thank you again for taking the time to try and fix this. That card is old but I've only once previously ran into a legit problem with it, but I would not be surprised if it is the culprit.

Okay, I sent a zip of that folder to that email address. 

FWIW I couldn't actually get the game to crash on that stage (5x5 1-07), I tried a few dozen times and nothing happened.  Crashing it intentionally seems tricky as just doing one or two move fails repeatedly seems to take a bit longer, although it seems quicker on the bigger, more complicated levels. I had the most luck with 9x9 2-3 doing right turn then forward, on subsequent loads it took 6 tries, 3 tries, 9 tries then first try before crashing.

I tried the newest build and it sadly did not fix the issue.

If you cannot fix the issue due to it being either an oddity on my end or simply because you no longer have access to a windows 7 PC don't drive yourself nuts over it. I understand that it's a year past release now  and as it's not really a "live" game requiring constant maintenance (i.e. online multiplayer etc.) that you've likely moved on to other things and it doesn't make a lot of financial sense to chase down random bugs in a game that's probably made most of its sales already. I just mentioned it as a point of record and on the off chance it was a well known issue with the unity engine that has an already discovered solution. 

Sure thing, I'm playing on a 64 bit Windows 7 machine. It is an older PC (intel i7) but it has what should be more than enough ram (8gb), although the graphics card is old enough (Radeon HD 5570) that perhaps it is the problem.

For others reading on the crashes aren't a deal breaker so don't go running from the game as I wouldn't have played through 230 of the puzzles so far if I wasn't enjoying myself, but if the annoyance of them could be reduced it would definitely make things even better :)

This is a pretty swell concept but it consistently crashes after every few failed attempts when trying to reload the initial puzzle state. Early on it wasn't a hassle but on these 9x9 ones where I'd otherwise just undo back to before a screw-up it can cost a rather lot of progress.

I got started on video games ages ago as a very little boy who found a Colecovision under his Christmas tree one year, and if there is one thing that system had a good number of it was games inspired by Pac-Man. While Eat Girl is perhaps just a tad bit too demanding to run on an actual Coleco, the basic design and protagonist would feel right at home on there and playing it filled me with a rush of nostalgia of sitting around the tv with my dad and sis passing the controller while playing Lady Bug, Mouse Trap or Pepper II. Thank you for that.

Also my favorite Coleco game was probably Venture, which was also the first video game to ever scare me as if you spent too long on a given room a dragon would appear with a terrifying noise and head right for you, passing over walls or anything really to kill you with a touch. Greg reminded me of that primal gaming fear.

Of the dozen or so games I've tried out the huge bundle so far this is the first one that really jumped out as something more than just good or worthwhile. It reminds me a bit of Tiny & Big or TRI: of Friendship and Madness not in terms of mechanics but in terms of a certain kind of... indie energy, these ideas large in scope that these small teams managed to wrangle and mold into something that feels unique and of their very own. I've never bothered to leave a comment on itch before, but this game basically left me with no choice but to do so and say truly well done.

After a certain point I realized I had not seen those black rods with glowing tips that indicate a checkpoint in quite a long time and what followed was the most tense set of jumps I may have made in a game in my life.

I have no idea how one would beat this game in 30 minutes on their initial climb, it took me about two hours...

Thank god I only discovered this game once it allowed you to save your progress :)

Tried to buy keyg at its 90% off sales price but no matter what payment method I choose I keep getting a "Due to processing fees the minimum amount is 100 cents."

I'm trying to figure out if there is any way around this, and if not then why can you list a game at a price below $1 if it isn't actually possible for it to be bought at said price?