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So this is a very clever game but ultimately too much for me, for the record 15 is where I called it. I looked up a hint and instead stumbled upon the solution (skipping ahead in youtube vids is dangerous) which was at least good for getting the puzzle out of my head as I was barking way up the wrong tree.

Coincidentally just happened to finish level 10 myself before clicking that notification bell and yes, it is solvable. Elsewhere (I think on twitter) the dev mentioned itch having the most up to date version (as of a year or so ago) so while the layouts might be different as you get further in they should be the most current ones.

I just did level 7 (it took a while) and it is definitely solvable on itch with the above layout.

FWIW I do want to say that I think it is still a decent puzzler, just one that some will want to check out of at some point due to said difficulty spikes. I managed to finish the rest of the full 40 today and I would say that the difficulty level in the final ten or so stages was more manageable, having to trigger a block disappearing as opposed to it alternating each turn may simply be easier to grasp.  Anyways was glad to give it a shot, not sure I saw a game use that kind of "count down & disappear" mechanic in this context before so credit for showing me something new, best of luck with whatever you get to next.

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This is a neat concept and I like some of the mechanical twists that are later added in but I have to agree with another of the comments here, the difficulty level is through the roof at times. I'm currently on puzzle 27 and have been for a bit (edit: got to 28) but the final puzzles for each mechanic have almost universally been a bit harsher than is likely necessary. TBF I think the "count down & disappear" mechanic may just make it too difficult to visualize far enough ahead IMO.

Decent autorunner here at the start, it starts to lean a bit cheap as it gets further in (reminds me a bit of IWBTG at times). I got as far as level 40 at which point it felt like I'd have to basically memorize way too much to complete it, I see that it ramps back down a bit for stage 41 but I think I'm just gonna abandon it at this point. At a certain point even for me, someone who is generally a fan of harder games, things just cross over to more annoying than they are worth.

Anyways I think the first half or so of the game is pretty okay, probably worth the buck just for that.

Yeah some of the optional and later in each world puzzles had some very neat interplays between all the elements that made me have to step back and work out the logistics of how it'd all eventually work out. Near the end in particular there was one where you had to lure out the pogostick looking things through electrical barriers and then send them off to power up those tiles that need charges, but it also powers up lasers when they do so that was both rather clever and close to driving me nuts for a bit :)

There was one... well not criticism but something I wanted to point out that I forgot to last time, and that is that I didn't realize it noted the world number in the bottom corner of the screen when in them until I was through five of them (I think they pop up on a delay?). This was how I learned that the second to last world I played through was #3 so I'm not sure if Limiter was designed with nonlinear play in mind but one can accidentally manage to do so fairly well :P

Finished up the full game and it is definitely neat. I'd basically describe it as a pathfinding puzzle game (i.e. one has to find the right path through the obstacles to activate and reach the exit) where the default "move two spaces at a time" deal sort of breaks the stages up into "on" beat and "off" beat tiles (it's not musical but that's the best way I can describe it) that one has to switch between to activate everything while avoiding the various obstacles and such that get added over the course of the game.

I'd say it is a bit longer than it probably needs to be, but I also played every puzzle in a given world even though it isn't necessary so I'm at least partly to blame for that. Still overall I'd have to say it is rather well done.

Redownloaded, this version seemingly works properly, thanks for taking care of this!

Game seems like it has potential but the version uploaded to itch only has data for the first two chapters, stepping onto the overworld icon for the third drops you into an endless void and when I check the folder contents there is no data for anything beyond those chapters. It is also only 30mb, compared to the 89 mb the steam version is listed as (which is the same price as here and also lists 7 chapters).

Finished this up tonight, pretty solid experience but there were a couple of late game bits I am unsure I handled correctly?

First was the high-tech "create the right symbol" puzzle. I tried to solve it for a long time via figuring out how the various colored rugs matched up with said orbs but could never figure it out. I walked away, looked at the "read me" tumblr thing and finally figured out what it was actually saying and saw three symbols on a book page that ended up being the correct ones. 

Second was the end game "write his name" bit, I screenshotted all sorts of names I came across in the game and tried all the ones that were six letters or less, none worked. Went back to the tumblr and on the screenshot next to the one with the symbols I saw a name that fit, typed it in and it worked.

I am curious if these were the intended way to solve these puzzles or if they were put there as basically a "if you get stuck look here" alternate way to get the answers? There were a couple things I never sorted out, mainly the four metal things to place on the pillar in that shed, the other two warp pads by my jail cell, also that key or whatnot north of the shed in the woods across the gap, so it is very possible I accidentally backdoored the whole thing.

Very neat puzzle game, I saw it described as a mix of BoxBoy and Snakebird and I think that is a fair quick summary. Intended to give it a quick peak and aside from a break for dinner I pretty much played it straight through and made sure to go back and find the "extra" things.

The one thing I will note is that for whatever reason it taxes my PC a good bit to run it, I can literally hear my desktop "speed up" and run loud whenever the game browser window is up and loaded. Perhaps there is more complicated stuff going on in the background but it does not appear to be a game that should be that taxing.

Just DL and use winrar, .rar is like a .zip file as it is basically a compressed archive.

Excellent! I know you've been plugging away at getting this game fully complete for at least a couple years now, congratulations on managing to stick with it that long and seeing it through to the end!

I see that this game just got its Steam release this past week (congrats on that), does that mean that Rainbow World is finished now as well or is it still in development?

I'm not sure if it is the type of NSFW you are thinking of but Salad Fields is a rather good puzzle game melded with surreal dialogue bits that can get a bit adult/NSFW.

I tried running this on a Windows 7 PC and either I have no clue how to get it to start or it doesn't appear to work? If I hit new game I end up floating in the middle of the screen with all the instructional text with no ability to move left or right or rotate the screen, and going to the menu repeatedly to select either new or continue does nothing to fix it (although each options spawns my character in a slightly different screen position). I'm including a screenshot in case it clarifies anything but I think this might be a no go sadly.

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Played through this, its really neat but I have to ask of those who've also played through... 


... the hidden alternate version of level 3 the only one out there or are there some others I need to do a better job of tracking down?

I mean, the guy who made the other game is a fairly well known game designer in his space who based on everything doesn't seem the sort to do something like that (also some of his other games are on this site and he answers posts about them under a different name) so pretty sure he isn't the one here complaining about the name.

That said there are multiple instances of multiple games having the exact same name on itch alone so it's not really much of a deal at all.

Okay here is the output file, which I believe is what you wanted for the crash file:

And here is my systeminfo data:

I redownloaded the game and gave the updated version a shot. Unfortunately this still seems to be happening, although it is happening slower now? I initially thought was fixed but the game eventually crashed on the last level in the first section (1-10 I believe). Gave it a second shot continuing from there and got to 2-2 or so before it started becoming stuttered again and I checked and saw that the memory use was pretty high once more. I ran it in a window and the second time with post-processing off if that helps in any way.

Sure, I'm playing on the most recent Windows version on itch on a 64-bit Windows 7 machine. It does have some rather aged components by this point in time (AMD Radeon HD 5570 card, Intel i7 processor) although it does have 8gb of ram and the vast majority of time ran without issue.

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So does anyone have a tip for the stage 9 boss? I've probably put a good 60-90 minutes into it alone so far (which means I've probably played stage 9 as long as the rest of the game combined) and I don't think I'm all that close to beating it at all. I don't know if I'm just missing something obvious or if it is just a random major difficulty spike, and unfortunately the only playthrough of the game I can find is of a version of the game that existed before said boss existed (lucky guy) so I'm flying pretty blind.

I get using the big lasers to try and hit the boss for me, but they don't do that much damage and 90-95% of the battle there is no other way to damage it. I made it to what feels like an ending section of this battle a few times but being forced to move that slow with both giant lasers on each side just butchers me.

I've dug the game so far but I fear I might have to give it up.

EDIT: I did eventually get past this boss (took a bit over another thirty minutes), I'm not sure what happened as it died when I was looking elsewhere on the screen dodging something else. Loading everything so that I could fire as many shots as possible during the brief windows it was vulnerable is what I think made a difference, in case anyone else gets stuck here.

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Been playing this the last couple days, it is rather good although this (what I presume is the) final puzzle is kicking my teeth in so far, put probably 90+ minutes into it today and still can't crack it. Hated to have to give up all progress and start said puzzle over later but my brain was properly fried by that point.

I'm writing just to point out one bug, every so often the game basically lags and slows down to basically a standstill for 10-15 seconds before resuming running in the normal fashion. I haven't noticed anything specific that triggers it and it isn't particularly often.

EDIT: Okay I managed to take down that final puzzle, it definitely is a beast.  It is a fair puzzle (good one too) but in a fuller game I would recommend having another "ramping up" puzzle or two before it or one like it as it is a bit of a steep increase in what the game asks of you compared to what came before, an extra late game puzzle or two wouldn't make it easier but would perhaps smooth the difficulty curve out a bit so it is less of a sudden jump.

I played with the new update and the controller camera sensitivity slider made a big difference, thanks for adding it!

I should have phrased my statement re: the start of stage of 37 different as it isn't "wrong" to start you facing towards the closed door so that you know it is there (that's a perfectly valid decision!), I just wanted to point out how long orientating yourself towards actual path forward took with the old controller camera system.  Anyways it has been addressed now so it is less of an issue.

FWIW I did manage to finish the last few levels and overall I thought this was a pretty well put together marble rolling game. I won't complain about the reversed directions part as long as you don't complain that I only got through them by holding the controller upside-down :P

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I've played trough the first 35 or so levels and while it is fine I do have one criticism: when playing on controller there is no way to adjust how fast the camera rotates and it does so so slowly that it makes several sections much harder that they would likely otherwise be. In contrast to how fast you sometimes have to make adjustments in direction (I'm thinking of corners near cannons) the camera movement is markedly too slow to the degree that there are several stages where I just sort of gave up on any camera adjustments and just tried to commit the stage to memory even though this required taking several blind turns. Even at places where I stop at a safe spot to rotate the camera 180 degrees it takes a few seconds to complete that half rotation which is a killer in a game where you are trying to hit a goal time.

Given that the mouse controls let you adjust the camera rotation speed I don't think giving the player an option to speed it up on a controller would be game breaking. This game is probably in a finished state but if you do revisit this concept in the future I would ask you to keep that in mind.

Anyways the rest of the game is pretty good!

EDIT: Started stage 37 which starts you facing the wrong direction. Since it has the timer I timed it and rotating the camera 180 degrees to actually face the stage takes between 6 and 7 seconds. That's basically a wasted minute every 9 attempts, which given it is an inverted controls stage means for me at least it takes numerous attempts. That's kinda bad.

I'm just glad that I wasn't going nuts, I was going "maybe I need to go through the openings in a certain order..." but nothing else in the game was really like that. Don't feel the need to update solely for my account (it's a fairly linear stage, I figure I'd have probably gotten it within a few attempts) but do know that I did finish up the rest of traveler mode and everything else was accounted for.

Anyways game was neat. I stuck mainly with the premade levels as I work better with definite goals to work towards and thought they were decent bite-sized challenges to take on.

Quick question if this page is still being watched: in traveler mode stage 21 laser maze it says there should be a single luster to pick up (even has a goal associated with it) but I just don't see it anywhere. Is there a trick to it or am I just blatantly missing something?

Happier ending: I did manage to finally get past it as the RNG took pity on me near the end (putting on my wrist support also didn't hurt), total time on it took almost exactly one hour. 

The game seemed to be in a rather finished state so I think it is more than reasonable to leave it as-is, I just felt I should point it out as I thought the body of the game was a legit hidden gem. The pacing of giving new forms, the secrets, the various puzzles built around the main mechanic were all rather well realized, some of it is a bit rough around the edges but I'd unreservedly call it a true pleasant surprise of a game. It's what made ending on what felt like to me at least an unforced error (FWIW I think the concept of the final confrontation is pretty good) a bit of a downer. Or to put it another way, if I thought that most of the game wasn't pretty good I wouldn't care enough to bother pointing out the bits that felt like they needed a bit more fine tuning.

Anyways thanks for taking the time to read and reply, and I'll likely take a glance at your most recent game in the near future as this game showed that you are capable of putting together something rather creative.

So this game is real good and full of neat ideas... but.

This I assume final puzzle/encounter is just plain badly done and I don't know if I'll finish it. I think you perhaps may be so familiar with every sprite in the game that it is hard to evaluate on your end but requiring the player to basically make 25 or so correct randomized choices (that seem to get progressively harder) in a row without making a single error is bonkers, especially given that really nothing in the rest of the game prepares you for it or really asks much of you in terms of fail states or reaction time. As is I put well over a half hour into this (might be over 45 minutes actually), my wrist hurts and I'm considering just youtubing the ending.

It is probably too late to fix here but in a future game if you consider doing something similar you really should either make it much shorter (a dozen would get the same point across), give the player multiple "hits" or add in checkpoints.

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This may not be the correct technical term but when I play the game it starts fine but within a level or two starts running rather stutteringly before eventually freezing and having to be shut down via task manager. I kept an eye on task managed and the memory use of the game seems to constantly creep higher while playing it until it eventually is no longer playable. I took a few screen shots to help show what I am talking about.

If you check the bottom of each pic you can see they are taken roughly a minute apart (the memory use starts lower than this, I did not take a pic of what it starts at). I am on a somewhat older windows 7 PC but I believe I should hit the minimum specs, FWIW I ran the original game with zero issues and this doesn't seem markedly more demanding so far. I had turned the resolution down and turned off post-processing without any benefit.

Any help would be appreciated as the game does seem to be pretty neat.

So hey, I played through all of this and I have a quick question: After I finish what seems to be the last level and get the "you win" screen there is still one final block on the level select screen in the bottom right corner that is locked and unselectable. I'm curious if there is anything to it that I am missing.

Beyond that it is a solid little puzzle game. It is probably a bit too "finicky" at times (sometimes a block or twin only needed to be moved a slight amount and on the harder puzzles moving either a bit too much could be disastrous) but I thought it was a neat twist on the gravity switching puzzle genre and the puzzles did a solid job of exploring the mechanics. 

It might be impossible due to how it is programmed but the one thing that would have really benefited it would be the ability to take at least one move back. Too many times I accidentally shifted gravity in a direction rather than move the player character in that direction like I intended and being able to take that back rather than often have to restart would have been appreciated.

Also it didn't make a huge difference but putting the gravity shifting on ESDF rather than WASD took a number of stages to adjust to.

The game keeps crashing midway through the first level (at least a half dozen times so far) due to a "Fatal error. System.AccessViolationException: Attempted to read or write protected memory". I took a screenshot that I'll include here as it has a lot of text afterwards:

Now I am running this on Windows 7 so it may just be a simple "don't run on that, sorry" situation, but I figure no harm in asking if anyone knows a fix for this.

FWIW the first half of the first level seemed pretty neat! :)