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A topic by metanet created Jul 07, 2020 Views: 1,166 Replies: 5
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Kudos on releasing a game, but you maybe should have considered Googling first because there's been an iOS game by the same name since 2016. (Also it's one of the best strategy/puzzle games of all time, by one of the best game developers of all time, who sometimes works in a sokoban-adjacent genre, so you really ought to have known about it! ;)


@metanet, way to rain on their parade.

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and unaware that "imbroglio" is just a word and not some patented mishmash of letters a random iOs app launched. op sounds like a developer of that other game angry that this surpassed them in google results or something.


I mean, the guy who made the other game is a fairly well known game designer in his space who based on everything doesn't seem the sort to do something like that (also some of his other games are on this site and he answers posts about them under a different name) so pretty sure he isn't the one here complaining about the name.

That said there are multiple instances of multiple games having the exact same name on itch alone so it's not really much of a deal at all.


Sounds like a real imbroglio

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Nuttilee imbroglio  ,great singer from the 90's.

Outrageous ! I'm Torn.......