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Wow ,quite impressive ,thanks for making it available for free.

Ah ,thanks mate ,thought there was an Itch download atmo.

Nice to hear about a Steam key , very kind ,cheers.

You own this game ,claimed 3 days ago.

"Nothing is available for download yet."

Thanks ,i used to love going through old hard drives found on old computers.

Not so many around these days.

Claim button seems to be missing

Not claimable ,can be done according to the site owner.

Very nice art style . I like it.

not claimable.....

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Pc master race ! What were you thinking?  :)

A lot of mouse+keyboard junkies out there.

TBH ,when i see the phrase "twin-stick combat"

It's "Taxi ! "  I'm gone. :)

Probably one for the young whipper-snappers.

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It's claimable now ,for a short while i think.

It's a small download anyway so easy enough to just download.

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Make it claimable !  If possible :)

He hasn't set up the giveaway properly .  Seen it before ,i'd imagine the sometimes messy look of Itch also figures on the dev side of things.

Probably isn't very clear for devs to add the claim tag.

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Which one do i download ?

There is 2 zip files.


nvm ,one is Windows and one is MAC

Thanks ! Sadly ,not claimable ,would be nice if it was claimable so it stays in our library.


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Good to hear ,too many devs leave keyconfig at the bottom of the list and ,come release day ,loads of gamers can't play their game.  Nothing worse than having keys stuck on WASD or camera hard-coded to the arrow keys which a lot of gamers use for movement. 

Anyway ,nice intro video ,like the humour :) but would have been nice to see a bit of gameplay included.

Though maybe it's by design to make you download the demo :P

Yes, it worked :)

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Sadly ,not a wasd user but looks fun.

Also not claimable.

Very kind of you to give Steam keys ,thank you !

No worries ,i do actually have a pc xbox gamepad  :)

I know some games play better with a gamepad but they should try and have keyboard/mouse too if they can.

Thank you for the update news.

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Use Your imaginary Xbox one/ PS4 Controller to play this game.

we're pc gamers ,,just a small hint there.

won't be owned after 29th as it's download only.

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A short stand-alone would be a cool idea and an easy way for gamers to get a taste of what you're doing

apart from watching a game-play vid. of course

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No worries ,it's my particular "load and go" debit card from Pockit.

Uk only payments until you verify your ID ,even when linked through paypal.

Something to do with money laundering regs.

Anyways ,It's a shame genuine devs can't get on steam a bit easier.

Sadly , scammers have put paid to that.

Oh well  ,good luck with your future endeavours in gaming :)

No idea where the world is going atmo ,not looking too good right now.

Luckily there's pc gaming to keep us all busy :)

Looks a bit like that Eldritch game which is no bad thing.

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Dam ,my debit card in Paypal won't work on non U.K.

payments .

Daft really ,considering the dev seems to be in the UK.

It's a shame  these Because Because games are not on Steam ,could use my steam wallet :).

'Trails and Traces : The Tomb of Thomas Tew' looks interesting too.

Thanks but should be claimable if it's 100% off.

Ok ,thanks.

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Hi dev ,thanks for the free download .

Is this "Version 12" the old demo or old game version 

or same as Steam release?

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Amazing ! Thanks very much for that!

This is one for my AAA collection in my Itch library :)

Nice looking game ,thanks !

never heard of that before ,ever ,but thanks anyway !

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why not make it claimable?

"This game is on sale! Quiet TimeAll purchases are 100% off until March 20th 2020 at 12:00 AM."

If it's a purchase you  should make it claimable ,yes ?

It's 2020 ,jokes are not allowed ,Twatter mafia will come after ya.

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Would 7zip make the archive any smaller ?  It can sometimes make a big difference and give a smaller download size for the end-user. Zip files usually have the worst compression. Use 7zip or Peazip with 7zip settings on ultra compression. You can get even smaller compression if you add your own compression commands before starting.

This is a quote from a friend who compresses archives using 7zip with very good size results:

"The parameters I generally use are -mx -myx -ms=15g -mqs=on -mmt=8 -md=1024m -mfb=273 which in GUI terms is LZMA2 Ultra preset with 1024 MB dictionary size, 273 word size, 15 GB solid block size, and 8 threads.
The qs (sorting by type) and yx (analysis of all files) parameters aren't available in the GUI but can be added manually.

For this game I used 512MB dictionary since I was doing other things in parallel, and the difference would be only around 100MB at most.
I adjust it depending on how long I want it to run, since I usually do it in the background while working."

You don't need to go that far ,probably a basic 7zip archive on ultra settings would be much smaller.

Welcome to Argleton, a charming city disconnected from the rest of the world, where you can relax, visit places of interest and fondle titties.

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I thought Itch was for game downloads......

Ah , that's a shame .occasionally you get what looks like a good game that would be great to have in your library permanently.

Thanks for the game anyways !

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Any chance you can make this claimable ?

It's just 'download only' atmo.

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doughnut !