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Barny McGrew

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They do mix ,generally speaking.

I've had games from here that the dev gives you a steam key.

Why should one pay for the same game files twice.

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Released on Steam now.

Wow , i should have checked back.

Thanks for the info!

Never too late for a fun game.

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Use latest version of winrar.

Old versions of winrar can show errors on archives made with the latest version..

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18gb ?? You having a laugh ?

Should have talked to a repacker first  .

+ it's wasd and space.....

arrows and numpad0 choice would have been nice..

Cheers for uploading !

no link ,no care

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Nuttilee imbroglio  ,great singer from the 90's.

Outrageous ! I'm Torn.......

Ah ,lovely ,thank you very much for the info !

Thanks for the download link !

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The Sims on Mass Effect.


Blinking 'ell ,i said that before reading the title ,it is blooming Sims :)

Any way ,can't really see these fitting into the game though the modding quality is definitely good.

Though i think she does go out once or twice to parties and doing casual stuff  off the ship so maybe i'm wrong.

Thanks for uploading !

Join the club mate ,if i added up all the stupid comments i've made , well.......It'd be a long list :)

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Very good modding but fighting a war dressed like that ? I'm not so sure though there is some moments in-game where it could be appropriate i suppose.

Thanks for uploading !

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Mods on Itch ? Whatever next :)

Looks like they've been here a while too.

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Voltz was last seen on a remote island in the Pacific ,surviving on old coconuts after being dumped off a cruise ship for trying to get free entry into the ship's cinema multiple times.

He was heard shouting "But i said i'll pay later....if i like it!".

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Needs to be claimable or it's not actually

"On Sale! 100% Off" !!!

Wow ,quite impressive ,thanks for making it available for free.

Ah ,thanks mate ,thought there was an Itch download atmo.

Nice to hear about a Steam key , very kind ,cheers.

You own this game ,claimed 3 days ago.

"Nothing is available for download yet."

Thanks ,i used to love going through old hard drives found on old computers.

Not so many around these days.

Claim button seems to be missing

Not claimable ,can be done according to the site owner.

Very nice art style . I like it.

not claimable.....

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Pc master race ! What were you thinking?  :)

A lot of mouse+keyboard junkies out there.

TBH ,when i see the phrase "twin-stick combat"

It's "Taxi ! "  I'm gone. :)

Probably one for the young whipper-snappers.

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It's claimable now ,for a short while i think.

It's a small download anyway so easy enough to just download.

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Make it claimable !  If possible :)

He hasn't set up the giveaway properly .  Seen it before ,i'd imagine the sometimes messy look of Itch also figures on the dev side of things.

Probably isn't very clear for devs to add the claim tag.

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Which one do i download ?

There is 2 zip files.


nvm ,one is Windows and one is MAC

Thanks ! Sadly ,not claimable ,would be nice if it was claimable so it stays in our library.


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Good to hear ,too many devs leave keyconfig at the bottom of the list and ,come release day ,loads of gamers can't play their game.  Nothing worse than having keys stuck on WASD or camera hard-coded to the arrow keys which a lot of gamers use for movement. 

Anyway ,nice intro video ,like the humour :) but would have been nice to see a bit of gameplay included.

Though maybe it's by design to make you download the demo :P

Yes, it worked :)

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Sadly ,not a wasd user but looks fun.

Also not claimable.

Very kind of you to give Steam keys ,thank you !

No worries ,i do actually have a pc xbox gamepad  :)

I know some games play better with a gamepad but they should try and have keyboard/mouse too if they can.

Thank you for the update news.

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Use Your imaginary Xbox one/ PS4 Controller to play this game.

we're pc gamers ,,just a small hint there.

won't be owned after 29th as it's download only.

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A short stand-alone would be a cool idea and an easy way for gamers to get a taste of what you're doing

apart from watching a game-play vid. of course

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No worries ,it's my particular "load and go" debit card from Pockit.

Uk only payments until you verify your ID ,even when linked through paypal.

Something to do with money laundering regs.

Anyways ,It's a shame genuine devs can't get on steam a bit easier.

Sadly , scammers have put paid to that.

Oh well  ,good luck with your future endeavours in gaming :)

No idea where the world is going atmo ,not looking too good right now.

Luckily there's pc gaming to keep us all busy :)