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Please excuse the late reply ,just wanted to say thanks for this info.

It's good to know it's fixable.

I had a feeling it was down to incorrectly adding the game to Itch.

why isn't it claimable?

not claimable

no download link or a claim button ,meh

can't be claimed :(

why not claimable?

This is happening with too many games recently.

I quite like the desktop program but it's a real pain when win game after win game says "Not available on windows" .

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I'm seeing this issue with too many games recently ,very annoying.


I came here from google ,having same prob. with another game.:)

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Beware ! The steam version has redshell installed !

It's possible this version has it too.

If you have a lot of games installed  try doing a search of your computer for 'redshell'



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why does it say "not available on windows" when i look in the itch desktop app ?

I would like to install and launch from there.

Hi ,i've had this game for a year now ,is there any chance i can get a steam key ?


good question ,another scam ,seen it before on here.

Allow free games to be" claimed" so they stay in my library.

I always keep a games folder that is excluded  from my antivirus scanning  as that can interfere with a game starting up.

I can move a game to that folder and play it from there.

Try running it as admin.

Can't download via the desktop itch app.

it says "Not available on Windows"


still not "claimable"

can't 'claim'

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Will this ever come to Steam ?

I like having most of my games in one place or at least getting a steam key with other non-steam purchases

any chance you can make it claimable so it stays in my Itch library ?

I'm pretty sure you can ,though it is possible i'm wrong.

A lot of devs have problems with the settings on Itch.

Apparently it's not particularly easy to figure out how it all works , anyway ,no big deal ,thanks for the game.

needs a 'claim' button

why can't i claim it?

Thanks man   ,glad i have the steam version then :)

Is this the same as the steam version ?

I do have the steam version as well  but was just wondering as i was browsing my itch games.

still haven't got a steam key :(

what happened to steam  version ?

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So it was all a scam from the start ,oh well .

I thought it sounded fishy to begin with.

For the record ,4000 gamers requesting a steam key is small beer, but i think you know that.

Dark Train community · Created a new topic steam?
yeh ,it says ,

Active on the Steam or download, unzip and play! :)

Super Shooter XD community · Created a new topic Moustafa

Moustafa chicken sandwich.

i'll b back.

add the 'CLAIM' button !!!

put your games into a zip file FFS!

why did you change 'claim' to download only ?

PlayAble Knife community · Created a new topic why?
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Thanks for the game but why use marlelousga ?

You could have posted it yourself on reddit and reached the same people.

rex just loads it up with csgo tasks that most people ignore anyway.

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Excellent way to learn some words from a foreign language and have fun at the same time

This one was posted on reddit ,y'see ,it has a "download or claim" button.


as opposed to just a ' download' button.

To be honest i'm not 100% sure what the different download methods mean ,someone just told me that it has to have a "claim" button if you want to have it permanently stored in your Itch library.

Anyway first world problems methinks :)

Thanks for the game !!