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Thanks for the freebie Intimidation Crab !

I got it from somewhere else. All ok now.

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something wrong with this download ,tried 3 different ways but it drops out

towards the end and won't let me resume. not possible to get the file.

i've been uploading and downloading multiple files in various places and in various ways today so i know my connection is ok.

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Yeh ,i get fed-up of saying the same thing every time a dev does this :).

The Itch Admin said ages a go that it's the devs who are not listing their game offer properly.

Dunno if that's the case every time.

Anyways ,first world problem ,no biggie.

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Doesn't actually look like it's "on sale 100% off !" .....

That would suggest i'm entering into a contract to fully purchase the game but at a 100% discount.

This seems to be a temporary free download.....

Prove me wrong :)

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You sent me an email:

"As you have purchased GridRoad on itch, you are entitled to a free Steam Key. To claim:

  1. Navigate to your GridRoad purchase email."

I checked 'my purchases' and all it says is :

"Nothing is available for download yet."

Why do you need my personal details via your emailed mailing list request when we have a perfectly good platform here ?

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Where's the 'Claim' button ?

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Yeh ,i own it on Steam.

I haven't been on Groupees for a while.

I was just checking some of my old unredeemed Groupees keys .

I think Groupees are having problems too because of the war.

Anyway ,no big deal ,thanks !

P.S: political bullshit = Invasion.......... :)

I put in a complaint about Whack-a-Mole at the funfair recently ,so much death........

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Where's the game on here ? I see no download link.

I just activated my Groupees key :)

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Cool ,good to see you're managing your time well and not putting your customer's needs first ,cheers !

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Itch is known for drm free titles yet your game has drm.

Why not let purchasers download their game files like all other games on Itch ?

ie: the full game in a zip.

Also ,we have to trust this launcher will always be safe in downloading whatever files it's pulling from wherever...

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Make sure your winrar is up-to-date ,older versions of winrar will chuck up errors if you try opening an archive made with a newer version.


Try right-clicking on file and "extract here".

I have a site i get multipart archives from and i have to select(highlight) all parts in a folder then right-click ,"extract here".

It won't extract the files properly if i open it the normal way .

ie: Just opening the first part ,seeing the files in the archive and extracting as normal.

I think it's some obscure settings that someone has set when making the archive.  I only ever see it on this one site i get some archives from.  Maybe they don't even realise they're doing it.

Whenever i try to explain ,he has no idea what i'm trying to say ,says it must be something i'm doing wrong.

Ah ,ok ,thanks !

One download link gives a zip file and the other gives a love file.

What is the love extension supposed to mean ?

You're not supposed to charge money for Alpha tests.......

Yeh ,thanks !

Is it stuck on wasd or can it be changed to arrows for movement along with other keyconfigs like jump to numpad zero.?


It will do most common archives , zip ,rar ,7z(7zip)

Seems to have stalled from what i can see.

Devs doing other things .

Don't think this is a "purchase for free" as there's no Claim button just download only.

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My game download page still says "nothing for download".

I've owned this for 6 years.......Where's my game ?

Here says there's a new demo but no link here either:

Though i did briefly see two zip files on a page that looked like demos.

Found it again:

Are they both demos and is it best to grab the 19.9.5 version ?

Barny McGrew

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They do mix ,generally speaking.

I've had games from here that the dev gives you a steam key.

Why should one pay for the same game files twice.

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Released on Steam now.

Wow , i should have checked back.

Thanks for the info!

Never too late for a fun game.

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Use latest version of winrar.

Old versions of winrar can show errors on archives made with the latest version..

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18gb ?? You having a laugh ?

Should have talked to a repacker first  .

+ it's wasd and space.....

arrows and numpad0 choice would have been nice..

Cheers for uploading !

no link ,no care

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Nuttilee imbroglio  ,great singer from the 90's.

Outrageous ! I'm Torn.......

Ah ,lovely ,thank you very much for the info !

Thanks for the download link !

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The Sims on Mass Effect.


Blinking 'ell ,i said that before reading the title ,it is blooming Sims :)

Any way ,can't really see these fitting into the game though the modding quality is definitely good.

Though i think she does go out once or twice to parties and doing casual stuff  off the ship so maybe i'm wrong.

Thanks for uploading !

Join the club mate ,if i added up all the stupid comments i've made , well.......It'd be a long list :)

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Very good modding but fighting a war dressed like that ? I'm not so sure though there is some moments in-game where it could be appropriate i suppose.

Thanks for uploading !

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Mods on Itch ? Whatever next :)

Looks like they've been here a while too.

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Voltz was last seen on a remote island in the Pacific ,surviving on old coconuts after being dumped off a cruise ship for trying to get free entry into the ship's cinema multiple times.

He was heard shouting "But i said i'll pay later....if i like it!".

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Needs to be claimable or it's not actually

"On Sale! 100% Off" !!!

Wow ,quite impressive ,thanks for making it available for free.