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what happened to steam  version ?

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So it was all a scam from the start ,oh well .

I thought it sounded fishy to begin with.

For the record ,4000 gamers requesting a steam key is small beer, but i think you know that.

Created a new topic steam?
yeh ,it says ,

Active on the Steam or download, unzip and play! :)

Created a new topic Moustafa

Moustafa chicken sandwich.

i'll b back.

add the 'CLAIM' button !!!

put your games into a zip file FFS!

why did you change 'claim' to download only ?

Created a new topic why?
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Thanks for the game but why use marlelousga ?

You could have posted it yourself on reddit and reached the same people.

rex just loads it up with csgo tasks that most people ignore anyway.

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Excellent way to learn some words from a foreign language and have fun at the same time

This one was posted on reddit ,y'see ,it has a "download or claim" button.


as opposed to just a ' download' button.

To be honest i'm not 100% sure what the different download methods mean ,someone just told me that it has to have a "claim" button if you want to have it permanently stored in your Itch library.

Anyway first world problems methinks :)

Thanks for the game !!

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yeh but i think 'add to collection' will just add the game page ,it won't add the game unless it is "claimed".

well... that's what i've read somewhere .

Normally there's a 'claim' button not a 'download' button.

Yes it can be downloaded but it can't be "claimed" .

If it can't be "claimed" then it doesn't stay in ones Itch account ,it's just a fly-by-night one-time download :)

this is not claimable ,pleasw fix it .

my newest 1.1.51 version is not english ,how to change to english ?

Replied to terriv in feed me back
ditched the mouse? lol.

oh well ,download cancelled

yeh ,for one man it's a job well done , just eager to play the rest of the story :)

early/mid 2017 for ep 2 ????!!!!

'kin'ell , seems like long gaps between episodes for this type of game.

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dobro_slon ,

it's nice to communicate with your users y'know.

could be fun ,thanks for the info.

I thought everyone and his dog was a Doktor in Germany and now we have Professors too ?

It was a small jokey observation.

Posted in ROM comments

Prof. Susanne Brandhorst
Prof. Thomas Bremer

No Doktors ? :P

doen't run very well on my potato ,audio is stuttering

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Wow ,this is a nice surprise to wake up to :)

Downloading now.

steam key ?

Thanks i don't mind nudity :)

as long as we have some ladies too :P

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You could try AGS games website they have loads of point and clicks ,most are free but you can also also check out their forum

for ' AGS Games in Production ' a lot end up as paid games.

Visionaire games forum post some free demos and info for new games coming out .

adventuregamers .com have loads of reviews for point and clicks and also a regular article on the latest and best free ones.

gameboomers .com is also a good place to find out about new adventure games and also forum to ask questions

Is it fixed now ,i'd like to run through the game again

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cheaper on the steam store ,well ...if you're in the uk.

Though this way you get Itch and steam key

naked male character ?


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changelog ?

would be nice to know what has been updated.

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Voted for it on steam ,hope it does well.

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no keyboard ,very dumb ,thanks for the alienation

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I have a program called Unity Assets Explorer by Haoose,it can extract some stuff from unity files ,i'm sure there is other progs. out there too.

I think it's on v1.5 not sure . Read this(SCROLL DOWN THE PAGE) : http://www.alanzucconi.com/2015/09/02/a-practical-...


Unity Studio is a tool for exploring, extracting and exporting assets from Unity games and apps. http://forum.xentax.com/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=11807

also maybe read this , http://rimworldwiki.com/wiki/Modding_Tutorials/Ass...

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Good point and clicky ,should be on steam.

What's in the updated version ?

when is episode 2 coming ? :)

Replied to leafo in steam keys
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Sooooo... it was the dev's fault :) ,

Apologies to the Itch staff ,always getting it in the neck when things are not working properly :)

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no ,just download links.

Not surprised to be honest .

Strangely the only games I've never had probs. getting a steam key from are all the Digital Homicides games.

The steam key is on each games page ,even if i have multiple copies of the same game.

They get a lot of stick from some quarters but at least they've figured out the complexities of this 'sometimes annoying' website.:P

Let us know when you've sorted a way to add the steam keys ,thanks.

fed up with this itch scam

Posted in steam release?

Thanks and sorry about the caps , it looks like i was shouting :)

dev ? wassup ?

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itch.io is just a bad site ,it needs someone who knows what they're doing to overhall the whole site.

and yes some scummy devs do use it to promote a game and then give you the finger when it gets on steam.

Arseholes are always ragging on Digital Homicide but they post the steam keys for their games when they hit the steam store.

But if you bought it through Otakumaker site you will get a key from otakumaker in your email