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Created a new topic Steam
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Will this ever come to Steam ?

I like having most of my games in one place or at least getting a steam key with other non-steam purchases

any chance you can make it claimable so it stays in my Itch library ?

I'm pretty sure you can ,though it is possible i'm wrong.

A lot of devs have problems with the settings on Itch.

Apparently it's not particularly easy to figure out how it all works , anyway ,no big deal ,thanks for the game.

needs a 'claim' button

why can't i claim it?

Thanks man   ,glad i have the steam version then :)

Is this the same as the steam version ?

I do have the steam version as well  but was just wondering as i was browsing my itch games.

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still haven't got a steam key :(

what happened to steam  version ?

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So it was all a scam from the start ,oh well .

I thought it sounded fishy to begin with.

For the record ,4000 gamers requesting a steam key is small beer, but i think you know that.

Created a new topic steam?
yeh ,it says ,

Active on the Steam or download, unzip and play! :)

Created a new topic Moustafa

Moustafa chicken sandwich.

i'll b back.

add the 'CLAIM' button !!!

put your games into a zip file FFS!

why did you change 'claim' to download only ?

Created a new topic why?
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Thanks for the game but why use marlelousga ?

You could have posted it yourself on reddit and reached the same people.

rex just loads it up with csgo tasks that most people ignore anyway.

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Excellent way to learn some words from a foreign language and have fun at the same time

This one was posted on reddit ,y'see ,it has a "download or claim" button.


as opposed to just a ' download' button.

To be honest i'm not 100% sure what the different download methods mean ,someone just told me that it has to have a "claim" button if you want to have it permanently stored in your Itch library.

Anyway first world problems methinks :)

Thanks for the game !!

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yeh but i think 'add to collection' will just add the game page ,it won't add the game unless it is "claimed".

well... that's what i've read somewhere .

Normally there's a 'claim' button not a 'download' button.

Yes it can be downloaded but it can't be "claimed" .

If it can't be "claimed" then it doesn't stay in ones Itch account ,it's just a fly-by-night one-time download :)

this is not claimable ,pleasw fix it .

my newest 1.1.51 version is not english ,how to change to english ?

Replied to terriv in feed me back
ditched the mouse? lol.

oh well ,download cancelled

yeh ,for one man it's a job well done , just eager to play the rest of the story :)

early/mid 2017 for ep 2 ????!!!!

'kin'ell , seems like long gaps between episodes for this type of game.

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dobro_slon ,

it's nice to communicate with your users y'know.

could be fun ,thanks for the info.

I thought everyone and his dog was a Doktor in Germany and now we have Professors too ?

It was a small jokey observation.

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Prof. Susanne Brandhorst
Prof. Thomas Bremer

No Doktors ? :P

doen't run very well on my potato ,audio is stuttering

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Wow ,this is a nice surprise to wake up to :)

Downloading now.

steam key ?

Thanks i don't mind nudity :)

as long as we have some ladies too :P

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You could try AGS games website they have loads of point and clicks ,most are free but you can also also check out their forum

for ' AGS Games in Production ' a lot end up as paid games.

Visionaire games forum post some free demos and info for new games coming out .

adventuregamers .com have loads of reviews for point and clicks and also a regular article on the latest and best free ones.

gameboomers .com is also a good place to find out about new adventure games and also forum to ask questions

Is it fixed now ,i'd like to run through the game again

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cheaper on the steam store ,well ...if you're in the uk.

Though this way you get Itch and steam key

naked male character ?


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changelog ?

would be nice to know what has been updated.

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Voted for it on steam ,hope it does well.

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no keyboard ,very dumb ,thanks for the alienation