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Lots of games sell on Itch and provide a steam key if the game is also on Steam.

or ?

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Thanks !

But "There has been an error: The username or password are incorrect, please try agian"

Same problem ,oh well ,don't worry about it ,i'l leave it.

registered on the darkharvest site as oldman82  and it keeps saying wrong password or username.

make it downloadable please.

make it 'claimable'

make it claimable please.

not 'claimable'.

Can you make it 'claimable' please.

you didn't add the 'claim' tag !

ah , i thought there was a sensible  explanation   ,just curious  :)

They're both 1.0.1

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IDM grabbed the file for downloading via my browser but it appears to be an mp3 file.

edit :

seems to download ok through the itch desktop app.

you can use this email :

Thanks ,shame their isn't a simple pm message sytem on Itch.

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,you add a steam key to the page of owners here like many devs do or have done before.

I'm sure you were just unaware of that.

Cave Brawlers community · Created a new topic steam keys
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you  included this game in a groupees bundle ,i would like a steam key ,thankyou.

claim button is not here.

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Please excuse the late reply ,just wanted to say thanks for this info.

It's good to know it's fixable.

I had a feeling it was down to incorrectly adding the game to Itch.

why isn't it claimable?

not claimable

no download link or a claim button ,meh

can't be claimed :(

why not claimable?

This is happening with too many games recently.

I quite like the desktop program but it's a real pain when win game after win game says "Not available on windows" .

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I'm seeing this issue with too many games recently ,very annoying.


I came here from google ,having same prob. with another game.:)



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why does it say "not available on windows" when i look in the itch desktop app ?

I would like to install and launch from there.

Hi ,i've had this game for a year now ,is there any chance i can get a steam key ?


good question ,another scam ,seen it before on here.

Allow free games to be" claimed" so they stay in my library.

I always keep a games folder that is excluded  from my antivirus scanning  as that can interfere with a game starting up.

I can move a game to that folder and play it from there.

Try running it as admin.

Can't download via the desktop itch app.

it says "Not available on Windows"


still not "claimable"

can't 'claim'