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Yo, congrats on this nice release! It was quite short but enjoyable experience. I managed to get 2 endings, both bad and good haha. 

Hey, so I played this recently and... whilst I've really enjoyed your previous games... I unfortunately wasn't able to enjoy this one. I made a video on it and maybe it will explain why I didn't really like this one

What makes you think it has a virus? Is there a warning? If so, can you provide a screenshot of the warning? If this had a virus, it would not be available to play.

Thanks for playing haha. Since this was my first ever game made in Unreal Engine, that's why it was pretty bad lol. That white background in the main menu shouldn't be white, as there's meant to be a GIF or video of a house but Unreal messed that up lmao.

Well then GIT GUD! haha

It does get easier, once you figure out the way to jump and I guess just being patient. Plus, I've played rage games and this doesn't NEARLY come close to one lmao, but I can understand where you're coming from :)

Thanks for your comment! Though, you forgot to mention what those bugs are LOL. Also, there is fullscreen LMAO, you start in fullscreen.

Even though this was a short one, it was atmospheric and sweet and made me play it a bit more lol!

Hello! I played this recently in a 4 Spooky Games video and your game was the 2nd one! I must say, I am looking forward to the full release!

I used Clickteam Fusion 2.5
Although, I used a free version which probably had malicious stuff in it so... I have deleted it now.

What did I use to make the game? Well... if you played it, you'll find out lol. I made this game with Unity.

I have restored the Mr Mix game page, as I have updated it with a new version and this doesn't have a virus in it. As long as you have Windows Defender or a decent anti-virus program, your system won't get infected.

Yo, played your game recently in my 3 Spooky Games series and your one is the first one I played and probably the best out of the bunch lol

Yo! I have played THREE games of yours so far! No Players Online, MapFriend and now THIS.

Gosh dude, you are amazing in how you present your games. The sound design, the visuals, the tension... all amazing!

Hello! I played your game in my recent 3 Spooky Games video and yours is the 2nd game I played.

Even though I found it very challenging, I enjoyed it nonetheless and the game was just very good in how it was presented!

Hey, played your game recently and I enjoyed it! So much so that it was originally going to be in a 3 Spooky Games video but I decided to make it standalone. Here it is:

I decided to remove it because I did a scan of it from virustotal and it has many malicious stuff in it, but I scanned with my own anti-virus and nothing came up. So I don't trust it currently.

If you're that worried about this being a virus, I can remake it and it will have ZERO viruses.

As far as I know, this game has NO viruses as this game was made by me.

No, this isn't a virus.

Yo, I recently played your nice little game. I mean, I also played other games (liminal ones) and yours is the 3rd one I played... and it better than the rest lol 


On a serious note, I did kinda enjoy this. Found it funny but also pretty good at the same time. And it took you only a day to make this!??! That's mad lol (I don't know if you remember but you used to follow me on Twitter years ago before you got popular, as my name was iSeeLT back then... just thought to share that, if you read this.)

I'm literally the last one to comment on here haha, been too busy! XD
Been a blast participating in this collection and I hope everyone can enjoy everyone's games! :D

I liked this! I had no idea, until after the I played, that this game was made by the same person as No Player Online!

Yo, I played your game and it actually surprised me. Because the game reminds me of Poppy Playtime, I thought it wasn't gonna be that scary but... well.. here's video proof anyway: 

Since this is only a small teaser, I won't judge it too much. The environment looks real nice and the cinematic look feels good. Not much really happened but again... this is only a teaser so... I shouldn't have expected much lol. From what I played, it was alright and I wouldn't mind checking out what comes later!

This is the 3rd game I play

(1 edit)

Played this game... and it legit got me good! So good that... I quit the game out of being too frightened lol. Good one!!

'Tis the first game I play.

Hello! I made a 4 Spooky Games video with this game as the 3rd game and even though it was short (yes I am now aware of the extended version) it was pretty good!

As simple and basic as this game looks (and the amount of reading lol... I am not a fan of the amount of reading) this game was still pretty good at making me feel creeped out! I hate that feeling of someone just watching me at the doorway....

Dude.... I remember playing your game Wrong Floor and that was insanely terrifying and this one... may not be AS terrifying but it is still one of those horror games done WELL! Absolutely loved it!

Hello there! I played your game in my recent 4 Spooky Games video and your game I played last. I first heard about your game from 8-BitRyan and he was right in that your game is pretty spooky! I can't wait to see what future updates there will be!

Hello, I played your game in my recent 3 Spooky Games video (totally not copying Markliplier or anything.....) and as much as I like P.T clones... yours was alright but there was something off about the game that kinda put me off and I think it was the sound placement. But other than that, I thought it was an alright game!

Hi! Played your game recently and I thought it was pretty good! Wasn't a huge fan of the keypad sequence but everything else was top notch!

Hi Lixian! I know you're very busy with either making the next time or editing for Markiplier, but when you have the time... check out my playthrough of this game! Sadly, because I did this in a 4 Spooky Games video, I only got 1 ending lol but the game was still great as your first UE4 game!!

(Your game is the last I played... save the *best* for last hehehe)

I played this as part of my 4 Spooky games series and I must say *chefs kiss* a dinosaur game that legit scared me! This was awesome as I love dinosaurs!

Hi there. I recently played your game in my 3 Spooky Games series (totally not copying Markiplier LOL) and it's the 3rd game I play (the chapter system is so helpful lmao)

I really liked this one, compared to the other ones I played. It's got that PS1 aesthetic whilst being in first person and it feels limited and it's nice for a horror game to feel limited... as most horror games don't lol

Hi. I made this video about your game recently but I actually played the game a little while ago... so I wasn't able to play the new update. May give it some time to check out the new update though.

I liked this game, as it reminded me of the old Harry Potter game I played on PC years ago and now I have Hagrid chasing after me CONSTANTLY! XD

Wasn't a big fan of the platforming as I followed it... but I had no idea where to go next. I didn't realise there was even more after the platforming lol

(First game I play)

I think the one thing that scared me the most was the head glitch when your camera is inside the head and not in front XD. The rest of it was aesthetically creepy and I liked it. Reminded me of that cancelled Allison Road game.

(2nd game I play)

Played this game in my 3 Spooky Games video and I loved this game! I kinda forgot about the "The Smiling Man" short film when I recorded this lol but I loved how creepy this was.

(Third game I play)

Hey there, I recently played your game in this 3 Spooky Games video and your game is the only one I actually liked lol. It took me a bit of time to find things but I eventually found them (Also, I saw your behind the scenes of that game and I've also seen your tutorials too. Pretty good!)

Hello! Recently, I played your game in my 3 Spooky Games video and I loved the atmosphere, re-capturing that aesthetic of The Joy of Creation (in which I hope to revisit some day). The only problem with this is... I swear I got the 2nd code right... but it kept telling me it wasn't... so I quit lol :P

(The last game I play)