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I liked this game, as it reminded me of the old Harry Potter game I played on PC years ago and now I have Hagrid chasing after me CONSTANTLY! XD

Wasn't a big fan of the platforming as I followed it... but I had no idea where to go next. I didn't realise there was even more after the platforming lol

(First game I play)

I think the one thing that scared me the most was the head glitch when your camera is inside the head and not in front XD. The rest of it was aesthetically creepy and I liked it. Reminded me of that cancelled Allison Road game.

(2nd game I play)

Played this game in my 3 Spooky Games video and I loved this game! I kinda forgot about the "The Smiling Man" short film when I recorded this lol but I loved how creepy this was.

(Third game I play)

Hey there, I recently played your game in this 3 Spooky Games video and your game is the only one I actually liked lol. It took me a bit of time to find things but I eventually found them (Also, I saw your behind the scenes of that game and I've also seen your tutorials too. Pretty good!)

Hello! Recently, I played your game in my 3 Spooky Games video and I loved the atmosphere, re-capturing that aesthetic of The Joy of Creation (in which I hope to revisit some day). The only problem with this is... I swear I got the 2nd code right... but it kept telling me it wasn't... so I quit lol :P

(The last game I play)

Yo, I recently played this in my 3 Spooky Games vid and apart from the first game, I actually enjoyed this one! The one thing I didn't enjoy is how difficult it was and how confusing it was. It's basically like FNAF where you need to understand how they attack and the cues... but I understood none of that. But still, pretty good game! Good enough that I spent quite some time on it!

(The second game I play)

Hi there, played this game in my 3 Spooky Games video recently and I apologise for saying this but this game was pretty immersive in the atmosphere.... but the thing that broke the immersion was the interaction system. The amount of times I EEEEEE'd things... is too many to count. This isn't me saying your game is bad, this is me saying you somehow messed up the interaction or maybe I got a bad copy? I dunno but here is my video:

Hi there, recently played your game and in the beginning I did find the liminal spaces a little "comfortable" but as I delved more and more into the liminal spaces... it did start to get even more uncomfortable.

Pretty short and neat game, honestly. I wasn't expecting this to have the staircase in it and feel like 087!

I made a video. 1st game.

Hi there, this backrooms game is probably one of the best! There was another backrooms game that's pretty good on Steam but this one I think is the best one on ITCH. I think you nailed the aesthetic in this one!

I made a video on this. 2nd game.

I 100% understand that. I am also in your position when it comes to making games as I haven't made many Unity games but I need to keep making more to improve my skills too. So yeah, I completely understand.

Hi there, I just recently played your game in my 6 SCP FAN GAMES video and I gotta say that this one did make me laugh on how the AI of 096 glitched sometimes. This is the first 096 game I played and I thought it was alright and pretty funny

Hi there, recently played your game in my 6 SCP FAN GAMES video. I really loved it! So much so that I had to complete it lol.

Hi there. I just recently played your game (demo, as I tried playing the full game but it wouldn’t open… must’ve accidentally downloaded a suspicious version then… eek) and I think the only critique I had is the ambience was a little too quiet. This might’ve been tweaked in the full version as I haven’t tried that yet. Other than that, it’s a pretty good game! I had a struggle voicing the dialogue as I had a mouth pain :P but so far I liked it.

Just played this in a recent 3 Random Games video of mine and... I liked it! I could tell this was kinda inspired by Playable Teaser, but you didn't fully go that route... and I appreciate that

This game is the 2nd game I played.

Hi there, recently played your game in my 3 Random Games video and OMG... I loved it and I explained why in the video lol. Shame I wasn't able to finish it, although I know what happens next because of watching Markiplier play it.

I see what you're trying to do and I do find it kinda funny. But... for your information... I did pay for the game about 2 years ago. I have also deleted the original comment because I feel that was the stupidest comment I have ever made on a game.

Hi there, it's been a long time since playing one of your games and since I played some of your games on my old laptop YEARS AGO... I thought about playing some of them in a 3 Random Games video to sort of... check out what I missed LOL.

This game was my favourite, as it was easy to explore around and the chase sequences weren't that bad!

The other games I tried were... meh... only because I didn't know what I was doing and one of them was difficult to control.

Hello! I recently made a video about your game demo and IMO... it wasn't as great as the older one from years ago. I am thinking about giving the full version a try but I think my small brain won't handle the clever puzzles in this game XD

Hi there, recently played your demo (alongside another game demo) and... didn't realise that there might be more in this demo than I thought. I honestly thought this was just an exploration demo to show off the gameplay and the building... and I didn't play enough it seems lol

I already shared my video on Twitter and saw you liked it but I forgot to share here lol XD

The game is truly just amazing and I was hooked! Can't wait for the FULL release (and I hope my computer can handle it LOL)

Hello there, I finally got to check out this game myself! I saw people play the first teaser but I wanted to play both in my video so... yeah XD

Of course I am very small Tuber but I thought you may like my video.... probably... maybe....

My thoughts on this game.... I thought it was an improvement from the first teaser, but as a whole... I wasn't much of a fan. I liked the scares but I didn't like the actual job (only because I am an idiot who doesn't know what he's doing XDD). Apart from that, I thought it was alright!

Well... it's the original one... but yeah it's real XD

One thing I love about this game is... it captures the same feeling that one PuppetCombo game does and Chilla's Art does too and that's... having a completely normal situation turn creepy and that stuff really gets to me because it makes me wonder.... could this happen to me? Especially at night time, when you're the most vulnerable.... this game does it good!

I am pretty sure this is the same game I played in this video right...? Hard to keep track of where I got my games downloaded from sometimes XD

If this is the same game page I downloaded the game, I played in this video, from then this is a cool Among Us horror game. Just doing tasks and hope you don't get eaten. Only criticism I can think of for this game is that... either there are not enough enemies to keep the stakes high or the enemy's radius in which you're within... he gets you when you're a little distance away rather than if you're close to him. Maybe the distance allows for him to get his little tongue out but I dunno LOL. Anyway, nice game for me to play when I am slowly coming back to doing these "3 Scary Games" videos

Absolutely terrified me, just as the original did! Looking forward to playing the full version!

I really liked this one because I knew it was doing a P.T thing but it did it in a unique way so... CUDOS DUDE!

Probably one of the best SCP-087 games I have played!

Absolutely loved it! Wish there was more, even though it's just an experience. As a fan of the show, I had to play it myself (even though I saw Markiplier play it and he's a fan of the show)

Thanks for your playthrough! I am guessing you mean the bed in that big room, right? Or the bed in the Minecraft house? Because you seem to be fine with the bed in the MC house. It was quite funny how you got a bit confused when going through that door XD. Thanks again for your playthrough! :)

Thank you for your feedback! I was thinking about adding in invisible walls but I wanted the game to play authentically, as in if you fall off the map... you get teleported back to where you need. I get that the map is a bit too big, I wanted to try and get the feeling of travelling through a Minecraft-y world to get to your house. But overall, thank you :)

Played this game in a recent 3 Horror Games video and I really loved this one! It really made me think this is the REMAKE to P.T XD

Hello! Just played your game recently in a 3 Horror Games video and yours was the first one I played and I really liked it!

Played this game as part of my random horror games series thingy and I loved this one. I couldn't progress much or finish it, but I loved what I played so far and it was HELLA CREEPY!

Played this game as part of my 3 Random Horror Games type series thingy and this was the last game I played. I loved it, even though I am not a huge fan of Resident Evil anymore and more of one for Silent Hill (liked the Silent Hill 2 character reference though!). I wish I could finish it but since there aren't any checkpoints, it's frustrating to keep going through all that to get back to where I was.

Played your game recently and I liked how it reminded me of One Late Night and the scares were a little similar too lol. I couldn't crack the password but I still enjoyed the game for what it was.

Hi there, I hadn't played a game of yours in a LONG TIME but I'm glad I came back and tried out this cool and creepy Spongebob game!

I returned to this game recently and was hoping to try out the Story Mode but I wasn't able to lol, so I just returned to the Battle Mode and explored more there.