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Hi there, I  played this game recently as part of a 3 Random Games/3 Spooky Games/3 Scary Games (WHATEVER, IT DON'T MATTER lol) video and... even though you say this game is bad, it's not. I explain in the video that this game can be improved, but it certainly isn't bad. Plus, you've inspired me to continue making my game (that I have not started creating yet) as well lol!

- Last game I play

I recently made a video on this game and I got surprised at how good this game looked and played lol. (I didn't play it more because I thought it was a bit too hard lol)

- 2nd game I play

Made a video on this game and because you made this game, I couldn't NOT play it lol. Pretty interesting game because there are elements in this game that just stood out to me, especially the sun lol

Oh ok, well good luck with your project! Hope to play it soon lol

Could you please make this game playable for everyone? I get that most people should have decent computers by now but not everyone does. Could you at least add in a settings menu, so that people with crappy PCs can play too? I really want to check this out, but I am unable to because of the extreme decrease in FPS caused by the graphics being too high for my system.

This game kinda blew my mind lol. I knew I was getting into some creepiness of the game but I wasn't expecting this lol. For some reason, I was expecting "more" but I don't know really what "more" I was expecting lol. Although, this game was pretty creepy and you can kinda tell in my editing lol?

This game has BY FAR been the BEST part of this video lol.... I genuinely felt discomforted when playing and the visuals... the sounds... and the music behind it DID NOT HELP! XD

I REALLY look forward to what you create in the future! :D

(Thumbnail is to represent the vibe of this game lol)

This game was pretty confusing to me and not really that creepy/scary. I had no idea what was happening, nor why. I understand, now, that this is your first game and I gotta say... nice work for your first game! I hope you improve on your work because this was kinda scary but not that scary, so I look forward to what you could create in the future!

This game seemed a bit broken at first when trying to pick up a cigar, but then it gradually started to pick up a bit. I got into the "Elevator" and then..... nothing? I was so confused at that point lol

Anyway, here's my video (sorry for my negativity, if any lol)

In my first playthrough, it was pretty surprising that my PC could run the game at optimum performance lol. This game is pretty unique, which is a good thing for a horror game (if you could class this as one?)
I think I played an earlier version in my first playthrough...? Because the part where you had to circle the room 3 times got really confusing because I thought I broke the game, as that was a vague task to understand.

In my second playthrough, although, the game seems like it got updated because the wall counted how many times I circled the room. (When I watched other YouTubers, they didn't have the counting thing, so I thought I got the recent update).
After all that, I was pretty nervous of breaking the process with each task because I didn't want to start all over again.

That being said, this was a fantastic experience and I am looking forward to the world you guys are creating!

No problem! I remember playing one of your older games "Dia" and how good that was too, so I thought.... this would be awesome too and you did not disappoint lol! XD

This theater game might possible be the scariest one I have ever played! I apologise I couldn't complete it, I didn't know I could until I watched someone else play it lol. I might complete it.... I might not but at least I experienced enough lol.

I just recently played the new update and I gotta say... props to you for making this game still scary even though I have played it many times now lol. As the title says, the scares never do stop!

I tried to leave so hard lol.... I am glad I didn't read the description XD

This one was unique, IMO because you can't do anything except look around and listen. Then it gets hectic. Nice and short game!

All I am going to say is.... this is a reminder of Poltergiest.... and I hate it and love it!

You made a cool and scary game and I was actually on the edge.... which is good!

This was pretty good, because I kinda got intrigued by whatever was going on lol. The game (or corridors lol) reminded me of Sad Satan because that game had a heck load of corridors too. The fact that the walls disappear and reappear to different corridors, making the corridor dead-end different, was cool because you can see a piece of progression there.

I didn't play more because I didn't want my video to go on longer XD soz (Second game I play)

Hey there, I recently found your game and.... I thought there'd be more lol. I didn't know about the donation thing with your family, so I just want to say: keep working on the atmosphere and the visuals because the visuals are actually good. It would've been better if I could interact with things, rather than just moving around. The music was super loud and I am not a fan of horror games that blast music through your ears to make it scary.

I hope you find this criticism constructive because I can understand how hard times are.

Anyway, here's my video lol (the first game I play)

I have tried playing this game and due to many horror gamers and YouTubers liking it, I really want to like it too.... but I just can't.

When I played it (or tried playing it), the atmosphere was ok-ish but wasn't unsettling much for me and I walked about for literally 2 hours and I kept seeing the same scenes over and over again. I got very bored and uninstalled the game. The walking is incredibly slow and if there was running involved, I may like the game more but since there isn't, I can't like it.

I know I am like the 1% who dislike it (because most horror gamers love it) but these are the reasons why I tried to play it but nothing in this game made me want to continue playing it.

I also understand that this comment may mean absolutely nothing to anyone, but I just thought I'd get my criticism out there.

In conclusion, the game just feels too slow paced for me and most horror games I play have a balance pace or atmosphere and this one I felt had very slow pace in both.

I am not saying your game is bad because clearly it's quite the opposite. I just hope that a future game of yours takes my interest and I can actually enjoy it.

Even though I played this game as part of my 3 Random Games video, I fully recorded everything that this game has to offer in this recording right here:

I think you're the person who commented on my video asking me to play this? Well, I have now in this 3 Random Games video! It's the 2nd game I play. I gotta say that the presentation on this game is great and the gameplay is good as well. I like the mechanics and the problem solving because it makes me use my head XD so it's a good thing! XDD

Played this in my 3 Random Games video, first game actually, and I gotta say....... this is pretty good! It just goes to show that you don't need a lot to make a creepy atmospherical game and this proves it!

Played this in a 3 Random Games video and you have blown me away! I genuinely felt frightened by the feel of this game and I loved it! If there is more to the game, please let me know so I can play more. If not, this was a damn good example of a creepy "online" game with atmosphere!

Game starts at 12:30 (but you can watch the whole video, if you want)

Here is my recent video on this pretty cool demo. Only problem is the connection between the combat and the enemy because they just DON'T EVER DIE! You'll see what I mean lol

Even though I technically *tried* to play this game before, it still scared me and I still think this is a well-made game!

Your game was the 3rd game I played in this video. The idea of what happens later in the game amazed me! I got surprised by the abrupt ending but the main part was pretty cool.

Your game was the 2nd game I played in this video I recently created. The only problem I have with it is the code didn't work for the computer password and I am not sure. But, nevertheless, here's the video

Your game was the first game I played in this video, and I loved it!

Hey there, I am not sure if you're still active on this platform but I just recently played your game for Halloween lol and I gotta say.... it was a real treat

This game was pretty awesome and funny. It mostly reminded me of Doki Doki Literature Club but only because that game made a big impact on me and it was made ALSO with Ren'Py. I am not sure if I will play this game again but I am glad I gave it a try!

I liked the graphics and how "photo-realistic" the game looks but I got stuck in the train and didn't know how to progress.... if I could progress, that is.

It's the 3rd game I play.

I liked the idea of the power to see into the Otherworld but what I found really annoying is the passcode part because I just couldn't find/figure out what it could be. I tried following the hints but no dice.

Made a whole video dedicated to this type of game.

You'll see my opinions on the games in the description of my video

This game actually scared me..... and THAT'S A GREAT THING!

Unable to play these games because the archive is corrupted. I don't get why the end part is .zip.001 because I can't even open up the zip file. Also, I have 2 files for Windows and I don't even know which one is which.

I heard great things about this game through your twitter and thought I'd try it out.... I am glad I did.

In this video, I play it and it's the third game.

Played this game in a 3 horror games video for October/Halloween and the ending was quick and confusing but there is good atmosphere.

Fantastic game, managed to literally put me on edge and not many horror games are able to do that nowadays!

Here's my video! (I also happen to play your first version which was released about 5 years ago lol and I play Haversine's version too)

Hi, I don't know if anyone is active on this page anymore but I have finally decided to play this game and I am very glad that I did. Since it's the same layout each time you go through, it can get a little tedious but then when the horrors lurk.... they do leave you on edge.

Here's my nice little video on this game, though I might play it again soon.

Thanks for the reply dude but.... the end of that message wasn't really necessary lol

Here's my recent video of this game. Not much of a fan of how the menu is laid out but it's been awhile lol.