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Absolutely loved it! Wish there was more, even though it's just an experience. As a fan of the show, I had to play it myself (even though I saw Markiplier play it and he's a fan of the show)

Thanks for your playthrough! I am guessing you mean the bed in that big room, right? Or the bed in the Minecraft house? Because you seem to be fine with the bed in the MC house. It was quite funny how you got a bit confused when going through that door XD. Thanks again for your playthrough! :)

Thank you for your feedback! I was thinking about adding in invisible walls but I wanted the game to play authentically, as in if you fall off the map... you get teleported back to where you need. I get that the map is a bit too big, I wanted to try and get the feeling of travelling through a Minecraft-y world to get to your house. But overall, thank you :)

Played this game in a recent 3 Horror Games video and I really loved this one! It really made me think this is the REMAKE to P.T XD

Hello! Just played your game recently in a 3 Horror Games video and yours was the first one I played and I really liked it!

Played this game as part of my random horror games series thingy and I loved this one. I couldn't progress much or finish it, but I loved what I played so far and it was HELLA CREEPY!

Played this game as part of my 3 Random Horror Games type series thingy and this was the last game I played. I loved it, even though I am not a huge fan of Resident Evil anymore and more of one for Silent Hill (liked the Silent Hill 2 character reference though!). I wish I could finish it but since there aren't any checkpoints, it's frustrating to keep going through all that to get back to where I was.

Played your game recently and I liked how it reminded me of One Late Night and the scares were a little similar too lol. I couldn't crack the password but I still enjoyed the game for what it was.

Hi there, I hadn't played a game of yours in a LONG TIME but I'm glad I came back and tried out this cool and creepy Spongebob game!

I returned to this game recently and was hoping to try out the Story Mode but I wasn't able to lol, so I just returned to the Battle Mode and explored more there.

I went into this thinking this would be the last time I get to try out a new version of Silent Hills P.T. Even if it meant not having the full thing right in front of you, the fact that I experienced what it was like to play Silent Hills P.T in the PS1 Style... was satisfying (even though I got myself stuck XD)

YOU SIR.... ARE A GOD! For making this play almost EXACTLY like the original Silent Hill PS1 game. Because of that, I am now following you. I have made a video of this game inside my "Spooky Games" video that's dedicated to Silent Hill fan games.

Played your game in this special "Spooky Games" video that's dedicated to Silent Hill fan games.

I loved this a LOT... tried my best to figure out what to do next but I just couldn't. I wanted to go outside, but the door was locked... but alas this game was amazing!

I FINALLY gotten around to playing this game and I am certainly glad I did! Your games are bloody great and after I played ROT.... I knew this one would be great too!

I played the first one.... amazing!

I have now played THIS one.... MORE AMAZING!

I have now become invested in whatever the hell is going on!

Hello, I just recently played this game (although I would've played this a couple years ago, if I had a faster PC....) and I loved it. Because I have been playing a horror game called Visage, it felt really creepy to be inside another haunted house.

Hello, I just recently played this game and..... I was absolutely speechless about what I experienced....

I just want to say... this is an AMAZING experience! If you've played Silent Hill.... then you will LOVE THIS!

The moving trees and the sun rotating around the tress.... YOU MADE MY EYES TEAR OF JOY!

Hi there, I recently played your game (AGAIN, because I played it before but on slower PC) and I must say.... it feels incredibly AMAZING to have played a P.T game that is VERY NEAR to the PS4 version. If you had the Lisa animation with the door and the character kneeling down to pick up flashlight, it would've been PERFECT!

(Your game is the first game I play in this 3 Random Games/3 Spooky Games (WHATEVER IT'S CALLED lol))

I agree that it is pretty short. I am not great with creating a game in a 2D environment because of the pixels/textures/sprites that I use.

I could propably make a longer, and hopefully better, game, if I did like a platformer. Although, I am already planning my next game, which will in fact be a 3D first person horror game! (Hopefully it will be longer though lol)

I can see the inspiration from Sentient lol and I enjoyed it. Most people would probably criticise for "copying" (or something) from a game like Sentient, but I rather liked that you did.

The questions were pretty funny and I did what I was told (I am a good boy XD) and I got pretty creeped out, so good job!

I honestly started enjoying the feel of this game.... until it started getting buggy.... (although I am revisiting this game soon because I had downloaded an older version)

Here's how my playthrough went:

For a short indie horror game, this was pretty good. Even though the same trope follows for P.T as when you progress more and more, the creepier it gets. I liked this one though, it was pretty spooky lol

When playing this.... I had the feeling I was trapped inside a Catacomb which did give me a little claustrophobic vibe.... and the sounds.... SOO GOOD! The ambience is also amazing!

Just a did a video on this recently and I must say, this game is pretty good! A good refresher on the whole P.T vibe because I do like never-ending corridors but when it's the same is P.T (like the SAME CORRIDOR), it can get boring.... so this is a nice refresher.

Hi there, I  played this game recently as part of a 3 Random Games/3 Spooky Games/3 Scary Games (WHATEVER, IT DON'T MATTER lol) video and... even though you say this game is bad, it's not. I explain in the video that this game can be improved, but it certainly isn't bad. Plus, you've inspired me to continue making my game (that I have not started creating yet) as well lol!

- Last game I play

I recently made a video on this game and I got surprised at how good this game looked and played lol. (I didn't play it more because I thought it was a bit too hard lol)

- 2nd game I play

Made a video on this game and because you made this game, I couldn't NOT play it lol. Pretty interesting game because there are elements in this game that just stood out to me, especially the sun lol

Oh ok, well good luck with your project! Hope to play it soon lol

Could you please make this game playable for everyone? I get that most people should have decent computers by now but not everyone does. Could you at least add in a settings menu, so that people with crappy PCs can play too? I really want to check this out, but I am unable to because of the extreme decrease in FPS caused by the graphics being too high for my system.

This game kinda blew my mind lol. I knew I was getting into some creepiness of the game but I wasn't expecting this lol. For some reason, I was expecting "more" but I don't know really what "more" I was expecting lol. Although, this game was pretty creepy and you can kinda tell in my editing lol?

This game has BY FAR been the BEST part of this video lol.... I genuinely felt discomforted when playing and the visuals... the sounds... and the music behind it DID NOT HELP! XD

I REALLY look forward to what you create in the future! :D

(Thumbnail is to represent the vibe of this game lol)

This game was pretty confusing to me and not really that creepy/scary. I had no idea what was happening, nor why. I understand, now, that this is your first game and I gotta say... nice work for your first game! I hope you improve on your work because this was kinda scary but not that scary, so I look forward to what you could create in the future!

In my first playthrough, it was pretty surprising that my PC could run the game at optimum performance lol. This game is pretty unique, which is a good thing for a horror game (if you could class this as one?)
I think I played an earlier version in my first playthrough...? Because the part where you had to circle the room 3 times got really confusing because I thought I broke the game, as that was a vague task to understand.

In my second playthrough, although, the game seems like it got updated because the wall counted how many times I circled the room. (When I watched other YouTubers, they didn't have the counting thing, so I thought I got the recent update).
After all that, I was pretty nervous of breaking the process with each task because I didn't want to start all over again.

That being said, this was a fantastic experience and I am looking forward to the world you guys are creating!

No problem! I remember playing one of your older games "Dia" and how good that was too, so I thought.... this would be awesome too and you did not disappoint lol! XD

This theater game might possible be the scariest one I have ever played! I apologise I couldn't complete it, I didn't know I could until I watched someone else play it lol. I might complete it.... I might not but at least I experienced enough lol.

I just recently played the new update and I gotta say... props to you for making this game still scary even though I have played it many times now lol. As the title says, the scares never do stop!

I tried to leave so hard lol.... I am glad I didn't read the description XD

This one was unique, IMO because you can't do anything except look around and listen. Then it gets hectic. Nice and short game!

All I am going to say is.... this is a reminder of Poltergiest.... and I hate it and love it!

You made a cool and scary game and I was actually on the edge.... which is good!

This was pretty good, because I kinda got intrigued by whatever was going on lol. The game (or corridors lol) reminded me of Sad Satan because that game had a heck load of corridors too. The fact that the walls disappear and reappear to different corridors, making the corridor dead-end different, was cool because you can see a piece of progression there.

I didn't play more because I didn't want my video to go on longer XD soz (Second game I play)