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bug report: the game crashed on the Grape level -- as far as I could tell, it happened when one of the darts exited the right side of the screen (the "cork" blocks had all been destroyed).

It's happened on all 3 difficulty levels, 3 times, so I'm very confident it's due to the dart leaving the right side of the screen.

All crash logs show the same thing:

ERR ..\games\pigments\code.lua:2272: attempt to index global 'psq' (a nil value)

Stack traceback: 

..\libs\remy_systems.lua:30: in function <..\libs\remy_systems.lua:21>

..\games\pigments\code.lua:2703: in function 'foo'

..\games\pigments\code.lua:2687: in function 'lp'

[string "                       ..."]:93: in function 'foreach'

..\games\pigments\code.lua:2476: in function 'foo'

..\games\pigments\code.lua:2102: in function 'upd'

..\games\pigments\code.lua:2272: in function 'pcol'

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Fantastic! Just in case anyone else is confused like I was about what the stats mean:
Scale = collision size
Sugar = amount of pigment per pickup
Juice = number of pickups on the field
Fibre = pigment carrying capacity
Shell = hit points

Also, Blueberry's "Jelly" ability seems to allow it to travel faster (ie time stays slower) when moving on painted tiles; I'm not sure what the meaning of "Jelly" is, it looks visually like it's sunken into the floor so initially I thought it was safe/hiding like Watermelon.. that's not the case. :)

ah okay, thanks! That makes a lot more sense. :

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I really don't understand the shooting-while-in-check rules: sometimes I'm allowed to shoot and it kills the thing that was checking me (good); other times it's not allowed, and instead I lose a shield (bad). I can't see any feedback wrt which one is going to happen, but it feels really bad when it doesn't let me shoot -- why not let me shoot either way *and* steal a shield? That way it's consistent. (Or am I missing something? I understand that it will let me shoot if I would kill the thing, but since whether I kill the thing or not involves random chance, how does the game (or the player) know which will result??)

Also, it seems like when I'm in checkmate (no souls, no safe moves, no possible kills) I still have to click three times to burn through shields and die.. why? If I'm in checkmate, ie there's no solution, it should just kill me -- the current behaviour feels weird/awkward and makes me think I'm missing something. Am I?

Anyway, really fun and interesting game! :)

This game is *amazing*!! Just as fun as Disc Room, but with a totally fresh flavour. So many nice little design ideas. I'm hoping there's a secret 7th fruit that unlocks once I've 100%'d the rest of them. ;)

Imbroglio communityCreated a new topic uh..

Kudos on releasing a game, but you maybe should have considered Googling first because there's been an iOS game by the same name since 2016. (Also it's one of the best strategy/puzzle games of all time, by one of the best game developers of all time, who sometimes works in a sokoban-adjacent genre, so you really ought to have known about it! ;)

Cheers :)

Owyn's Adventure communityCreated a new topic Fun game!

But, a sad story: I found all of the train pieces (the game congratulated me), then entered the pit to the lab, and died shortly afterwards (IIRC a mole killed me). I respawned by the lab-pit entrance and continued on until I found the train-set thing, which claimed I was missing the last piece!!

In hindsight, I guess dying made me lose that last piece? I sort of wish they were permanent pickups, or anyway that there was some sort of UI to let me know I lost it. As it stands I don't think I can backtrack to get that last missing piece... alas. :(

I really liked the range of moving platforms/switches though, simple and charming :)


no worries... I definitely understand how much effort something like that is! And I do find it sort of charming that SokPop games are all shorter bite-sized things with no saving, like NES carts. I just don't usually have more than 30min at a time to play games these days, alas ;-;

This game is *amazing*, however.. is there really no way to save? I played for an hour, found the compass, cutlass, shovel, metal ship, but then I had to stop. And now I have to start again?! whyyyyy ;-;

(seriously though, this game is incredible. A really fantastic style!)

I don't know if the non-saving thing is intended or just due to the fact that the game crashes when I select "quit".

Okay I'm an idiot: my problem was that I was holding the down key the whole time. I guess this should be obvious, but anyway if I let go of down when I hit X on landing, it works.. hooray! Sorry about that -- I'm going to leave this thread instead of deleting it in case it helps anyone else that's dumb like me ;)

lol.. okay after posting I tried again for a while, this time spamming all buttons chaotically, and something happened! This allowed me to try some experiments and I've figured out what's happening (sort of): just pressing X doesn't do it. Instead, when I land I seem to have to press *backwards* (run direction) and X. This is the only way to trigger the super jump as far as I've found, simply holding down doesn't work.

I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong but I literally can't super jump even once. I've been trying for 5 minutes straight (I seem to be stuck near the start because of this) but no dice.. I'm pretty sure I understand the concept (jump when landing from a roll-jump) but I just can't get it to happen. 

I've tried pressing it early, I've tried pressing it late; I've tried spamming the jump button, it's just not happening! :/

Is there any chance this is some weird input bug? I'm on win7. This game looks so amazing, I'd really love to play it but this seems impossible for some reason. ;-;

Lovely style and idea.. I can't find the 5th sheep though! ;-;