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I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong but I literally can't super jump even once. I've been trying for 5 minutes straight (I seem to be stuck near the start because of this) but no dice.. I'm pretty sure I understand the concept (jump when landing from a roll-jump) but I just can't get it to happen. 

I've tried pressing it early, I've tried pressing it late; I've tried spamming the jump button, it's just not happening! :/

Is there any chance this is some weird input bug? I'm on win7. This game looks so amazing, I'd really love to play it but this seems impossible for some reason. ;-;

lol.. okay after posting I tried again for a while, this time spamming all buttons chaotically, and something happened! This allowed me to try some experiments and I've figured out what's happening (sort of): just pressing X doesn't do it. Instead, when I land I seem to have to press *backwards* (run direction) and X. This is the only way to trigger the super jump as far as I've found, simply holding down doesn't work.

Okay I'm an idiot: my problem was that I was holding the down key the whole time. I guess this should be obvious, but anyway if I let go of down when I hit X on landing, it works.. hooray! Sorry about that -- I'm going to leave this thread instead of deleting it in case it helps anyone else that's dumb like me ;)