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Pursuing Pixels

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Hey there CapBear!  This was one of my favorite entries from the jam, and such an awesome take on the theme!

Your game was one of the top rated entries, and was selected as a prize winner!  Just reach out to Kevin (aka me, haha) at pursuingpixels (at) gmail (dot) com

Thanks so much for jamming with us, and for making such a radical game!  :D

heck yeah!  belated congrats on the launch!  so stoked to see that game get some more love!  :D

Yoooo, had no idea you made a full version of this — dunno how I missed it, but heck to the yessss!  :D

hey there PixelSlop!  For this jam, you’re welcome to use any assets you already have — like  art, code, music, etc. —  but, the game itself should be something new that was started after the jam began. 

hahah, I love it!  Pollywog monsters would be such a wild theme… 🐸

super stoked to have you, and can’t wait to kick off this jam soooooooon!  :D

Hahah, you definitely came to the right place!  Heck yeah!  :D

Can’t wait for next month as well!?! 🐸💜✨

oooooh, I like a lot of these!  :D

ooooh, nice list here for sure!  I’m so mad because I actually had a theme in my head a few weeks back that felt perfect (at least in that specific moment, haha) — and I’ve somehow managed to completely let it slip my mind!

So this is definitely helping me both jog my memory a bit, but also giving me some fresh ideas! 💜

One thing I do know is that the theme is gonna start with a ‘P’ of course, haha — but that’s what the thesaurus is for!  :D

I strongly recommend the software antimicro!  It’s helped me rig up a setup so that I can play the games that don’t offer controller support — it’s been a game changer, for me!

this looks so cool and TASTY!  :D

Holy heck — this is so good milkman!  :D

best of luck finding a team!  I’m sharing in the discord now!

Any style you like should be fine!  :D

heck yeah!!  Hope you find some folks to jam with! 💜✨

best of luck finding a team!  :D

no problem!  Good luck!! 💜

The game has to be made during the jam period and focused on the theme to be qualified.

best of luck finding a team!!  :D

The game can be in any art style you want to use!  💜

Best of luck with finding a crew!! 💜✨

heck to the freaking YES

that means the world!  :D

Such a great little game and concept — don't know if you have plans to expand this at all, but it's definitely got some legs!  Love the little tune and the B&W style and silky-smooth animations!

So good and so much fun!!  :D

fun fun fun!! :D

i got notified on the main page of itchio... 

but i'll wait :D

You have no idea how much this truly means!! :D

So happy that we’ve been able to help you find some cool games—and speaking of…I’ve only honestly heard of a small handful of these (morphcat games is sooooo good!), but I’ve definitely got myself a nice and healthy list of games to add to the (never-ending and ever-growing) backlog & wishlist!!

seriously—thanks so much for putting so much time, thought, effort, and energy into this reply!!🙏

hopefully some other folks will take the plunge on some of these games as well!! Now… go and play some Monolith!!👾👾👾

it was my pleasure :)

There aren't a ton of Day One purchases for me these days, but Akurra will be one, no doubt! :D

A top-5 PICO-8 game for me without even thinking about it!


I could not possibly be more excited for a video game!  What a great introduction! :D

Damn, this demo is absolutely fantastic! :D

What a clever & vibey little game! :D

A super addictive little arcade game!  Really tough to put this one down! :D

A brilliant and charming little arcade game! :D

This is one of the most addictive shmups on the PICO-8!

Kultisti does it (once) again!

One of the best puzzle platformers around...period!