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BIT RAT : Singularity

A hand-pixeled story-driven cyberpunk puzzler · By [bucket drum games]

Thread for comments, questions, feedback, etc!

A topic by [bucket drum games] created Jan 18, 2018 Views: 295 Replies: 8
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Hey again! This thread is for anything you'd like to share (publicly,  as is the nature of these types of forums) about BIT RAT: Singularity.

Find a bug? Love the puzzles? Hate the story? Have an idea for a mechanical tweak? Let us know -- or you can always email us at bucketdrumgames [at] We'd love to know what you think, and will be working hard to incorporate feedback into the full game.

In the meantime, thanks so much again for your support!

- bryan / Nick / [bucket drum games]


Talked to you guys at MagFest, really awesome to see this on the front page of!


Thanks! We're really thrilled to be here too! Hope you enjoy it. If you get a chance and you're so inclined, we're also always grateful for ratings/reviews!


Took three days, but I finished the final level (so far!)  Excellent challenges and the developing storyline made this game feel less like a progressive puzzle and more like a thriller where you unearth a bit more of the story with each victory.  Some of the conversations were hard to follow, given the limited perspective, but they revealed their secrets in an realistic fashion.  Too bad MINOS coudn't communicate in its own way with the characters -- maybe in a future episode?

Thanks for a fun game, and I look forward to see what comes next!


Thanks so much, Carl! Awesome that you made it through. And great to hear the narrative maintains good tension. We're still tweaking dialogue and mailserver entries as we go, so hopefully we can improve continuity between some of the threads. And we've definitely got some ideas on the table for how to get MINOS interacting with the rest of the game's cast!

If you get a chance and are so inclined, we also really appreciate folks leaving us a rating/review on the game's main page. Thanks again!

Will do!


I noticed the Server Transfer shown in the teaser isn't in the singularity game, but that's ok, still great game overall!


Ha, good catch! We're saving a handful of mechanics for the full game, but we couldn't resist using transfers for visual flair in the teaser.

Also thanks so much for your feedback and kind words! FYI, quicksaves are definitely on our to-do-list, as is more flexible control/key mapping.


Just a bit of additional context, the trailer on our website was mainly put together to accompany playable in-progress demo builds of BIT RAT for various events last year. This was before we decided to release the first part of the game as Singularity, so there are some levels and other stuff shown briefly in the trailer that you won't see in Singularity but will see in the full game.

Thanks for playing and commenting! It's honestly inspiring whenever someone enjoys the game enough to play through to the end, I know we didn't make it easy!

-Nick [bucket drum games]