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an astonishingly deep work about family, trauma and intimacy. it's rare to find art that so deftly portrays the difficulties those who have been abused and ostracized face connecting even with each other. this is a game rich with that sorrow, and spoke to a deep part of me that has felt Fallow since i was very young.

if that describes you as well, take heart. this game's thematic conclusion may imply that the intimacy you crave will forever be out of reach, but it isn't true. trauma makes things hard, yes, and ada rook certainly understands that better than many, but true connection is not impossible. even if the walls trauma has built around you seem impenetrable, they can be dismantled. it is possible to heal.

i didn't know that ada rook had a background as a professional musician until i'd almost finished the game but it certainly comes through in the game's impeccably tense, aching and beautiful soundtrack. and the sealed door provides access to almost an entire additional game, a wide and bewildering world where dreams, memories and the physical interweave to add incredible depth to isabelline's already breathtaking, heartbreaking story. don't neglect to find the combination. (there's no secret ending in there though, at least not one that i found)

my only criticism of the game is that some of the puzzles are too hard, the answers gated behind unintuitive tricks and secrets. if you find yourself stuck in alburn manor, remember that the direction of your movements also matters.

i can't recommend this game enough to anyone queer and/or trans, anyone who's ever felt like they didn't fit in the world, anyone who's been abused in the broad sense or the specific sense. just be aware that the ending might awaken a pain in you that you thought you'd forgotten. ideally, play it with someone you love.

this mentality is destroying indie gaming. measuring worth in quantity of experience over quality makes no sense when it comes to art.

this game gave me dopamine (solving puzzles, making mans fall down), oxytocin (girls being in love) AND serotonin (general satisfaction with life from knowing that this game exists) so thanks for the brain chemicals

absolutely brutalized me. bawling in bed with the lights out at 1am playing this game. the way the narrative unfolds bit (heh) by bit is devastatingly effective, and the simplicity of the game's presentation belies the depth of its emotional themes. dr. signal's strange machine honestly helped me find my hope in the dying world we're living in now; no small feat. i can't wait to see what you do with these narrative design chops next.

give me the spun glass body

This game is one of those perfect little experiences where all the pieces fit so seamlessly together that it's impossible to imagine them separately. Of course I did have to play it twice because I couldn't help myself but to jump into the ocean at the end and sink to the bottom of the skybox. Recommended!

only played exit's route so far but that content alone gives this game 5 stars from me. originally paid nothing to download it; after trying it i had to come back and drop $10. extremely high quality and creative erotica!

Sick! Looking forward to the full release!

I just finished Singularity and adored it! One question, one bit of feedback: Is there a way to rescue the rats who are trapped? It seemed like there were hints in the dialogue about that but I couldn't figure anything out. My only other frustration was that you automatically release your host human when using the error buffer! I get that you don't want players to be able to abuse the feature, but it sometimes left me in situations where i accidentally turned a conduit the wrong way, and the typo cost me a huge amount of work to rebuild my connection to the host's starting chamber. Is there a happy medium to be found? For instance, undoing moves doesn't release the host as long as those moves are in the chamber the host currently occupies? Just a thought. Thanks for your great work!

beautiful and soothing to play, thank you for this. if i had any feedback, it would be that the rush version feels like it's missing a musical cue that you're closing in on the 2 minute mark, although this affects my enjoyment only slightly. excellent musicpack!

gwen's route made me laugh til i cried. thanks for the dopamine

i like this game's concept and aesthetic a lot but i feel like it suffers from a lack of interface feedback. having a "gutter" between tiles that doesn't respond to clicking makes gameplay more frustrating, as does the pause when the board is refilling during which my clicks are also ignored. finally there's no way to deselect a tile i've accidentally clicked without selecting another tile, which leads to accidental swapping. 

if the controls had a bit of polish i could see myself coming back to this game a lot. let me know if you ever make any of these changes and i'd be happy to try it again and leave a rating!

the game made me promise not to play the game anymore so i guess i'm done. kind of a weird conclusion to the story but my word is my bond.

Hmm. I tried to get the screenshot but the game finally did reset. I'll send you a shot if it happens again?

I've gotten stuck at Ending A, even hard refreshing won't let me restart the game.