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Zip along the filament, avoiding obstacles.
Submitted by teamwintergreen — 8 hours, 18 minutes before the deadline
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Adherence to the Theme#8793.7143.714

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I really liked the game, but the later levels got quite painful. It felt like the gmae was intentionally trying to hurt me, especially the curvy level that was unnecessarily long. Then the last level felt straight up unfair; the physics were so chaotic, that it felt like trial and error. But I really did enjoy this game. The early levels were awesome, and I kind of wish the later ones were designed like that; they were fair, they had some gimmicks but weren't too long to be painful. So overall good job, but the later level design hurt a bit.

"Curly" was the second level we created and I think we were both still in that "heheh it's fun zooming around the curves" phase.

And the last one...yeah. It really needs two or three levels of tutorializing. There's just no good way to learn the techniques and yeah, it feels like random chance otherwise. And then going forward is so touchy that I still fail it at least half the time even knowing what to do. I thought about making the tail longer to slow it down a little, but we were near the end of the jam and I wasn't sure it would be a simple fix.

So yup. Typical game jam misjudging-the-difficulty stuff. Thanks for playing!


This game is definately difficult, but rewarding! Interesting concept! As everyone else said, level 3 is a bit tricky without knowing what to look for. Overall though this was a fun experience. Theme was met and met well! Great job!

Thanks! I keep getting distracted from actually trying Slime Castle: I'll go do that now.

Haha, actually I think Slime Castle is nearly as difficult: I died 150 times and spent nearly an hour on it? Fun though.


Boy, was this game hard to play...
Had fun though, prolly because you can move between levels, and come back later.
Also, loved the fact that you had to come back after collecting the "treasure", as I always wondered how characters in movies/games went back after finishing their mission. (Hope you get what I'm trying to say!)


That was fun! Also very difficult, haha. Maybe this should be one of those games where you can play the levels in any order if you get completely stuck so you don't give up on the entire game but can just move on to a different level in the meantime and come back to the trickier one later. 😛But I pushed through! Great use of the theme. Given that it was difficult just to avoid obstacles I wonder if I wouldn't have preferred constant speed and instant stopping without any acceleration involved. Really cool entry! Good job!


Thanks for the feedback! You can use page up and page down to pass difficult levels. I'm sorry we didn't make that clear. Thanks for playing!



That third level .... I thought the game was broken lol. Had to look through the feedback and saw you'd said it was on purpose, so gave it another go! 

Bit of a risk with using a glitch like that for a level as some people (myself included) will naturally assume it's a game bug so therefore - the game is borked. I would have stopped there if I hadn't seen the feedback saying it's actually meant to do that.

Cool game though, the fact you can just zoom off the end of the line scared me a few times but it didn't make me fail so, it was alright in the end :D One of the better puzzle games I have played so far!


Thanks for the feedback! I enjoyed seeing the ball zooming off or bouncing around, so I decided to keep it even when winning. Sorry about the confusing third level. I saw the behavior and thought to myself that I could turn it into a mechanic/level. I only used it in the one level, but because it was one of the easier levels, it ended up at the beginning; I hadn't considered people would think the game is completely broken. I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for playing and giving it a second chance!



At first I wasn't sure what was going on with the 3rd level
This is one of the best puzzle games I've played in this jam


Yeah, level 3 is built around a physics glitch. It's not a bug, it's a feature! :) I wasn't quite sure about that myself, but Philippe made the level and it's fun once you figure out what's going on.

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Talk about the critical path through the level, lol. I did not intend to play the whole game, but I was so close on so many attempts, before you know it...

Haha, sweet! Thanks for playing!

I had your submission on my list of interesting-looking games but haven't gotten to trying it yet.

Submitted (1 edit)

i really like the core idea! my favorite levels were the ones with another physics object attached the the player. a lot of these levels are about precise timing; i'd like to see levels that are more puzzle-oriented, or a balance of puzzle and action. honestly i wish i was making this game, because i find the core mechanic inspiring, and there's a lot to explore here!

Haha, so exactly the opposite of Darkjeeling, who didn't like the swinging levels. Yeah, I'd love to make a whole set of levels about swinging another object around (maybe even with the path-follower being invulnerable or having no collisions). It's a neat mechanic once you start figuring out how to use it.

Re: you making the game: it's in LOVE2D (Lua-based 2D game engine), so you can probably unzip the .exe to find the source files (I know 7-zip will do it, but probably other zip utilities will as well?). We didn't open-source it, but personal use falls under fair-use AFAIK. Post-jam I'd love to build a level editor. The paths are just Bezier curves so that would be fairly easy.

Do you have a game in the jam?


I do have a game!


Hey! Awesome idea and awesome game. Played trough all levels. Loved the puzzly elements. Kind of hated the last and the whale tail one, because it feels like its more or less luck based XD But awesome to see you did try so much things. Would love to see more ariety one the difficult. All levels were kind of the same difficulty.

Thanks for making this game.

Yeah, the swinging probably needs 8 or 10 levels just to teach you how to use it. But we were basically both sitting there throwing together whatever level ideas came to mind.

More difficulty: yeah, maybe post-jam. It's not too hard to make levels so we might well make more later.

You don't have a game in the jam, you're just rating? Thanks for playing!

--Josh (member of Team Wintergreen)

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Sounds good! Would love to see more.

I was in a team and made this game: (Dont know how to link it to my account, though :D)

Ah, yeah, I should have thought of that, since I'm rating from my personal account rather than the team one. I'll have to try it out.