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Twin stick needler
Submitted by Yongmin Park (@yongminparks) — 4 hours, 5 minutes before the deadline
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Adherence to the Theme#6004.0244.024

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Really nice idea. I liked the trail effect.


Nice game! Lots of room to add more levels if you intend to continue development.


Too short.


Nice little game! The visuals and music really make it pop, but the core gameplay here is good too. I enjoyed how the button to throw the needle was just the right thumbstick instead of a separate button, that's smart. I would say the AI is a little basic and the needle controls a little strange sometimes, but otherwise fantastic work. Nice job.


You can make it more clear that you control the needle with the arrows and move with wasd. To me it seemed like you could control the guy with wasd or the arrow keys. The game also doesn't work with a ps4 controller. Though I don't know if it does work fine with an xbox controller.


I love the concept! It feels very cool to control the needle, and being able to move your character at the same time adds lots of depth. It would have been great to have some puzzles as well as the combat, such as trying to thread the needle through a tight winding space, or trying to hit multiple switches in one 'flight' of the needle. 5 stars!


I liked this game and the visuals :D There is an idea that would have been cool to implement : it's that the return of the sword also hurts enemies!

I also made a little video compilation of games from the game jam and you're in it :


Very fun. It's tough at first with a keyboard but I got the hang of it. It would be great to see this type of combat expanded into a larger game.


Lots of single bullet games on here, but this is by the far the most unique one I have played.

Love the character designs. Controlling the needle was a ton of fun, I only wish the song was a bit longer and the hit-boxes more forgiving.


Love the style of this and it seems like it could be pretty fun if there was a bit more to do.


whoaaa, I loved this game! I'd really like for you guys to continue, couse I want to play more levels. I felt very sneaky to control the needle behind cover. Very original idea and great execution!


The theme is spot on and the RC needle mechanic is plenty of fun, but I'm curious how it would play like if the needle had 360-degree movement. Regardless, this is easily one of the standouts.


dude i loved it i replayed it 3 times haha i like how you feel you are getting better the more you play.


Very neat concept, and the controls with a keyboard feel great! I think some better level design and making hits more impactful (more screenshake for example) can really boost the quality. I can see this being an excellent rougelike!


One of my favorites of the jam for sure. Would love to see how this idea could expand given a full development. Upgrades, different weapons that control differently (but still in the separated dual-stick fashion). Fantastic idea with near-perfect execution, nice!


The controller support is a bit weird when trying to control the needle, and the rooms get a bit repetitive when the only challenge is that "there's more enemies". 

That being said, this is super fun! Trying to make the most of the needle is interesting, and the art/particles are nice. 

Also you used Godot for this. I see you are a man of culture as well.

(also also is this a Guardians of the Galaxy reference?)


Interesting twist on the "only one shot" idea. Have to agree with tesselode though: That the controls are limited to 8-ways even when using a controller is a bit disappointing. :( Also the game currently is very easy: enemies are rather passive and you can simply stand behind a corner and kill them one by one. Would have preferred more aggressive foes that force you into moving. But even then, the game suffers from a big problem: while moving the needle around is a lot of fun, shooting it it straight is the most reliable way to hit enemies. Even though that's boring. Bonus points for using Godot!

My game: (playable in browser, not mobile friendly)

Developer (4 edits)

About "Straight shooting" is the one of the most -wanted-to-hear feedback I was looking forward. Though the case that I had in my mind was more of a situation that player can quickly snap the right stick or tap a button to use the needle as a melee weapon.  Because of this, I wanted to add another layer of control to attack, but it seems to break the simple twin stick movement. I implemented the solutions like you need to fly the needle longer enough to speed up to impale enemies. Yet it made the game less intuitive and less speedy. I think I can still try another adjustment to the mechanic to fix the game as I intended. Thanks for the feedback.


My first thought after finishing this game was: I want more! This concept is really cool and I want to see it expand with more possible cool combos. I felt reminded of Yondu's arrow of Guardians of the Galaxy.  The music and graphics add to the experience. Great job :)

PS: Of course I would like your rating on my game as well ;) 


Best "only one bullet" implementation I have tried so far. The only critique  is that the controlls for the arrow feels a bit weird, And nice clean art!


i like the idea, but i think there's some subtle design choices that get in the way of the mechanic being really cool. i played the game with a controller, and it's disappointing that the movement and aiming is only 8-directional - the aiming in particular would be a lot more interesting with smooth analog movement. i also found it unintuitive how every enemy took more than one hit to kill, despite the dramatic blood particles.

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