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Very cool game. I had a lot of fun with it. The physics puzzles were well designed and it's incredibly cute.

My game is here, if you care to try it:

Thanks. :)

Your game was fun but I found it too difficult. Clicking on draw card also spends money even when there's no room for a new card. I think it's a good idea that could work well with some balancing and I enjoyed my time with it.

My game is here:

I'm interested to hear how well people are able to manage battery usage and if they are able to complete it.

I played your game. It's an interesting take on the one-button idea. Almost felt like a rhythm game.

My game is here if you're interested:

This is a beautiful and satisfying game.

Very fun. It's tough at first with a keyboard but I got the hang of it. It would be great to see this type of combat expanded into a larger game.

Really outstanding. The only complaint I have would be that the controls could be improved. Perhaps having mouse aim or using analog sticks would help. The quick restarts make this very forgiving so it wasn't a big issue.

I like the art and music. An interesting idea that could be expanded. Unfortunately it's easy to get into a fail state if you drop the plant past the branch or drop it off the level.

Very funny and well made.

I like the concept. Short but fun.

I like the idea and the presentation is very good. Enemies catch you a little easily and where doors are could be made more visible.

Nice concept. Fun for what is there.

A great idea exceptionally well executed. A bit too difficult. I could only just get past the first boss and didn't beat it. Checkpoints at the end of each level and health pickups might help.

A fun short game. Adding a faint grid might make it a little easier.