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I like this idea a lot. It's unique and feels very experimental in the best way possible. I imagine the "one dimension" switching could lead to some very unorthodox types of puzzle designs.

That ending took me by surprise. Very clever way to think outside the box for the theme. Nicely done!

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A top-down shooter where you only got one bouncing projectile that can be fired in 8-directions and has to be regained to fire again.

First time submitting something for jam here. Enjoy!

Really like the cute Game Boy aesthetics. The grapple remind me of the hookshot from the Zelda series, except it's in a side-scroller. Very cool memorable game!

Hi! I made a game called Uniblast.

Check it out if you got the time!

It feels like a fresh concept for a platformer and the clean visuals mesh really well with spooky sound design. Well done! ^^

Check out mine:

Wanted to make a shooter where you constantly switch between feeling powerful and vulnerable.

Rate & comment and I'll do the same! ;)

Love the presentation and think this is a genius way of combining 2D and 3D visuals. I think it fits theme nicely as well. One room and one power cell that can only be used at one terminal at a time. It probably wouldn't hurt to bump up the difficulty a notch though.

Impressive work nonetheless! (15★)

It's one of those single bullet type of games, but it will bounce around indefinitely like in breakout.

Cleared in 50 moves!  :D

Really neat one-button game with timing based gameplay. Tried to complete it in as few moves as possible.

4 ratings here. I'd like more feedback on this one. It only takes like 2-3 minutes to play through.

The theme is spot on and the RC needle mechanic is plenty of fun, but I'm curious how it would play like if the needle had 360-degree movement. Regardless, this is easily one of the standouts.

Very fun combination of golfing and platforming. I like the sound effect that adapts to your height and speed. It's a nice touch! :D

Very clever idea and well-executed. Gave it 5/5/5. I think this concept has a lot of potential.

Short, sweet and sticks to the theme. The gameplay is giving me some Hotline Miami vibes. Well done! :)

Here is my entry. A simple top-down shooter where you have a single bouncing projectile that has to be regained to fire again. Can you complete all six levels?