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Submitted by chrono741 — 6 hours, 42 minutes before the deadline
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Adherence to the Theme#9003.6963.696

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With no limitation on the amount of grab you can do, this game is really easy. You could limit the amount of grab, or give the player a rating based on the amount of grab they use to make it more interesting. Goob job on finishing the game!


Nice game! It would probably be more interesting if you add some form of hazard.


Hey there! Its an interesting idea you got there, but I personnaly think the pace of your game is too slow... The levels are bit easy and movement speed of the arm is also a bit slow too. You also could have added more gameplay features, like letting mid-air, or making the player fall if hanged on the ceiling, etc. Apart from these details, is a fun little game you have here! Great job!

Would love if you could check mine out too! Or not, no pressure ;)


It's like 'getting over it' but with slinky arms xD Not super hard but that made it a fun relaxing experience, nice job!


Hey there, I played through your game at the start of this video 


I like the simplicity of the game. I think it's a little bit easy, but fun!


Pretty fun game! Liked the sound effects and the visuals. But a lot can be added.


This would make a very good mobile game, if you vary up the level design and add some enemies you could make it much for engaging for the player.

Very well done.


Nice game! I like how the difficulty is moderated by speed of the "heading pointer"!

Fun little game. Very to the point, fit the theme well.
I'm glad you put the number of moves at the end, that's a metric we didn't have time to get into our puzzle game. Maybe showing the moves per level to take it one step deeper?
I did find myself long for a faster air travel speed, but that's just because I kept over shooting the level. 
Great job!

I would have hoped to see more mechanics at work here to give the game a little more variation and difficulty, but I will say you did a fantastic job of fitting the theme. 36 moves!


Short and interesting game. You went with 'only one button' so it fits 100% the theme. I like how you show us the total of clicks at the end of the game, but I would interesting if it was linked with some score or something. I can see this game fitting well on a mobile device.

I would love if you checked my game too, if you haven't already!


Really nice work! It's a simple concept but I think it's one that's definitely worth exploring more. I would have liked to see a little more variation in the level design; it felt like levels blended together a little.I didn't really notice too much of a difference between each room aside from the hand rotation speed increasing and a few books moving around.

That said, I think you have the start to a very solid game here. Nice job!


Simple and fun !


43 moves ! It reminds me of the "Getting over it" game :) I like the fact that the movement takes some time, just enough to think "No, no, no ! Don't go that faaaar". Simple and neat one button game with an unsettling atmosphere. Well done for the overall !

63 moves! I liked the background assets the most as they're pretty nicely done. The gameplay is simple enough but there could be a bit more challenge such as waiting for enemies to pass by in exchange of tight corridors


It's an odd game with fine and gross idea. But from my point of view it lacks some restrictions and punishment for players. Yes, the main goal to beat the game with minimal number of moves, but it's not enough, as the levels looks similar and nothing forces you to play better. Some additional mechanics and rules could make this game better.


96 moves! It was pretty enjoyable, although the few times I just missed a ledge and pulled myself ALL THE WAY back across the level was a bit frustrating. With a bit more level variation this could be really cool, and would work great on a phone.

- Joe


Cleared it in 69 moves :smirk:. 

I enjoyed it! It works well. The books with the little snot/slime was a fun setting. For me the arm could have been faster, and it would have been nice if the rotation restarted not at the top but in the angle you fired the arm :), would allow for smoother traversal of the levels.


A fun game! I like the idea and the theme, although I feel music is too dark compared to visuals and gets very repetitive. The slime is very cute and is a great choice of character for this mechanic! I also like the usage of a pencil as a host for level number.

If you'd like to check ours:

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