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I think you need to tell the player some things, mainly what does the final pod even look like and how much time do I have before everything explodes. A restart button would have been nice as well

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So first of all, amazing work on the atmosphere(I even turned my lights on o.O). However I kind of didn't know if it was actualy possible to get help and I didn't really understand what my commands did. From what I understand the black screen is a game over, but perhaps it could have said something like "conection lost" to give some more feedback.

All in all I would still say this is overall a great experience

PS: Man I think it's really creepy if games know your name XD

even though my city grew out of control, the game had a very calm atmosphere. This was a very nice experience, great work!

Fun little idea. I had trouble with the controls, but got used to it by the end. Just like eating with chopsticks ^^

That is very true XD

Cool idea, but it's lack of feedback makes it not that exeiting  to play. 

Man I really like the game idea, but to me the slippery controls just make it so frustrating.  If this choice was driven by the out of control theme, you should concider updating that after the jam. Because then I could see this game being much fun, Great work!

Well, not beeing able to win is part of the message of the game. I am sorry about the audio though, I don't know what caused that issue.

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I liked the idea, but I think it would have been even cooler if the projectiles could travel across the screens and you would have to watch out for that as well (As in you would be able to hit yourself).

It was cool to blast enemies to the beat. I also liked the musik and presentation.

Visuals and presentation are great. However, no matter how hard I try I can't win, even though it looks like you should be able to. Perhaps I missed something or thats the point.

Nice game. The best part is definetly the pixel art. 

I enjoyed this one, but perhaps zooming the view out a bit would be helpful.

Having a differenty keyboard layout made the game slightliy confusing, but it was fun anyways. good job!

Fun and nicely presented, though I died once because I have a different keyboard layout.

The idea of tasks stacking up and things getting out of control is very relatable and you executed it pretty well with this game. Nice job!

I kept clicking on the "click here" here part, but nothing happened. Is it possible to win this game?

But besides that it fits the theme quite well and is nicely presented.

Funny idea. However I think the camera and the fact that you are just kind of thrown in the game, make for a somewhat confusing experience at first. 

Nice game. I enjoyed the gameplay Idea.

I didn't really know what was going on, but things definetly felt like they were getting out of control XD

I really enjoyed the idea. There where so fun moments where I planed to get over an obstacle by turning into a werwolf, but was denied by something I overlooked. So it fits the out of control theme well!

Nice idea. Perhaps it would have been interesting if getting hit once doen't crash the car, but makes you lose even more control.

I'm not really seeing the out of control aspect here. The Pong paddle was quite out of control though ^^

I really enjoyed the idea. Though that first climb was very frustrating.

The idea is pretty entertaining. Sadly there are only two actual conversations to have and having to wait for a right moment, wasn't exactly giving me the feeling of losing control. Perhaps it would be more fun if the text and your cursor are moving randomly. Then you would have to try to wrestle the mouse to the right answer.

It was still fun overall

Very funny representation of the class getting out of control

I've had fun playing this game. I also think it fits the theme well!

Fun Idea.  Are you supposed to be able to ride through walls though?  

Nice game, but I felt like I've had as much control as when playing normal asteroid. This one is missing some originality. 

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After having played some games here are some pointless awards:

Gave me a good laugh: "Only One Download"

Had the most interesting mechanic(does not mean it fit the theme): "Rift Tactics"

was my favorite execution of the theme: "Polychrome"

felt the most satisfying to play: "Flight Of The Electrodud"

Potato Salad: "Party Talk Simulator"

Best card game: "One Card Income"

Best "multiple characters at once": "Quatro"

Best "only one dimension": "Where is my 2nd dimension, gentlemen?"

Best multiplayer: ""

Best "you can only see a part of the screen": "InFAILtration"

I obviously didn't have time to play every game, so I'm sorry if I didn't get to play yours. 

It would be great if you can give these games and their creators some love.

This is defenetly a very unique experience ^^

I played yours, would you like to take a look at mine ?

This one is hard :P But I really like the artstyle.

This one is fun.

I really liked the simple yet very cute artstyle.

Damn I didn't realise the queen piece could be so intimidating. Though I don't get why it's also unbeatable. This is a really good game by the way.

This one was pretty cool, though I think the slimes move a bit to fast for me to properly react.

I liked this game.

Nice Idea. The game is a bit to slow for my taste.