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After having played some games here are some pointless awards:

Gave me a good laugh: "Only One Download"

Had the most interesting mechanic(does not mean it fit the theme): "Rift Tactics"

was my favorite execution of the theme: "Polychrome"

felt the most satisfying to play: "Flight Of The Electrodud"

Potato Salad: "Party Talk Simulator"

Best card game: "One Card Income"

Best "multiple characters at once": "Quatro"

Best "only one dimension": "Where is my 2nd dimension, gentlemen?"

Best multiplayer: ""

Best "you can only see a part of the screen": "InFAILtration"

I obviously didn't have time to play every game, so I'm sorry if I didn't get to play yours. 

It would be great if you can give these games and their creators some love.

This is defenetly a very unique experience ^^

I played yours, would you like to take a look at mine ?

This one is hard :P But I really like the artstyle.

This one is fun.

I really liked the simple yet very cute artstyle.

Damn I didn't realise the queen piece could be so intimidating. Though I don't get why it's also unbeatable. This is a really good game by the way.

This one was pretty cool, though I think the slimes move a bit to fast for me to properly react.

I liked this game.

Nice Idea. The game is a bit to slow for my taste.

This game is pretty tough. 

I have a few ideas how the game could be improved:

1. add some way to indicate health

2. I would like it if I could keep an empty weapon so I get to choose when to throw it

3. I don't know if this is a bug but the screen shake when I'm shooting is pretty wierd

Still, good work!

This is a very enjoyable game.

fun little game you created there.

Nice game! It would probably be more interesting if you add some form of hazard.

cute little game. I like it!

Would be nice if you would explain the mechanic a bit more ingame. However the idea is still pretty good, even if the timer is somewhat broken :D

so did I ^^

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This one is fun. I also liked the artwork. But I feel like having only one card bottlenecks the potential.

Interesting idea. I feel like the game would be more interesting if the changing of the platforms would happen automatically(Perhaps the player presses enter once and then it just keeps going).

This is a cool game.

Nice game! You had some well designed puzzles.

This one has great combo potential. I like it

This one is truly amazing, great job! But the "only one" theme fell a bit short in my opinion.

This one was good, but I didn't always know where to go. 

This one has a lot of potential to be a great coop game.

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This one was a blast! (pun absolutely intended)

This game is hard

This one was cool, but the "only one" isn't really a part of the gameplay

took me a game over to find out that the goal is not to uncover the whole screen XD.  

But apart from me being a moron, the idea is nice. 

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This one is simple, but also really fun! Great work! The game actually reminds me of one of my older projects ^^

This is a truly original entry in the "only one dimension" category. Well done!

This one was fun.

This is a pretty cool concept!

nice work!

Really fun idea.

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You know how this goes, I have some more hours to spare,

so post your games here if you want me to take a look at (and rate) them.

In return, a look and a rate at my game is highly appreciated:

Best of luck to all of you!

As much fun as it is hard. great work!

from the feedback I got my game seemed to be percived as original. 

It's about playing three games at once with only one button

I looked at yours, now perhaps you want to look at mine 

It's about playing three games at once with one button

I like it. Thanks a lot for taking the time!