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Into CTRLView game page

Fight Viruses To Get Back Into CTRL!
Submitted by ReaOfSunshine, Nicholas Hinton, Dalton Chancellor (@telemachry) — 7 minutes, 22 seconds before the deadline
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Ranked from 45 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

How does your game fit the theme?
You are literally out of the CTRL key

Did your team create the art for this game during the 48 hour time slot?


We created all art during the game jam

Did your team create the audio for this game during the 48 hour time slot?


We used pre-existing audio

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Pretty nice game. Using the keyboard as the level has been explored that much. Though, I did make a tower defence game around the concept last year. My main points of critique are the none skippable score screen, and the wall of text instructions.


I absolutely love the art style! However, I couldn't get past the first level, because for whatever reason it doesn't recognize my shift key. I really wish that I could play this.


That's so weird! I assume your shift key works in other games?


Great job with this! Really loved the art and animations and effects overall, they were super cool. The music was paired really well even though you didnt make it yourself. The gameplay was really interesting, typing all characters on your keyboard to play through the game. I wish there was a greater incentive to kill enemies aside from just score. It felt easiest just to make a beeline for the CTRL key. Maybe needing to find keys to unlock the way first or have to destroy a certain number of enemies before you could leave. Health also always felt not that important since you got it all back for the next level. Also the score tallying up and down took a really long time, so a way to skip would be nice. But Im just nit-picking, this was really great and I was very impressed! Awesome job!


I love the art style and animations.  The player feedback when moving is great!  The animation on the keyboard after you finish a level is really nice as well.  Good work!


Really great job designing the game! It's intuitive and the graphics are really nice.

Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

Hey friends! I played through your game and tried to give helpful feedback. The vod is here:

(The music balance is bad at the start but it's resolved partway through)

One thing I didn't think to say is that also I think the aesthetic and mechanics do match the theming very well, which leads to it feeling like a cohesive experience. Good job!


Really like the presentation of this game, pretty original concept and solid execution, had a good bit of fun playing through it!


Everything about this game is solid, the concept and its implementation were super original and fun. Some elements like the things that popped up on the keys were confusing and having death reset the whole game was a bit frustrating. The art, sound, and gameplay were all super coherent, good job!


This was a really pretty game, I loved the ending rainbow animation on the keyboard. This was a unique way of controlling character movement and I enjoyed playing it. The game was very polished and there weren't any bugs that I could find in it. It played really well, good job!


SUPER CREATIVE! Oh woops capslock was still on after playing the game. Well done!


Fun and nicely presented, though I died once because I have a different keyboard layout.


Oh no! What keyboard layout do you have?

I'm thinking about adding keyboard options in a future version of this game.  We didn't have the time to implement it this go around unfortunately


This is so much fun! I love the creativity here. I just kept playing and playing. You should keep developing this into a full experience.


Waiting for points took waaay to long, got to around 7k points, is there an end, or does it loop infinitely?


There's an end to the game, sorry the points take so long! We're kinda annoyed about that, because we sat down and solved that issue 15 minutes before the deadline and uploaded a build. Apparently didn't take it 🙄


This was pretty fun! I concur with Pinauna Studios; the point counting became a little tedious to wait for. Great art though!!


"Do you want to turn on Sticky Keys? Do you want to turn on Sticky Keys? Do you want to turn on Sticky Keys? Do you want to turn on Sticky Keys? Do you want to turn on Sticky Keys?"

hehehehe. This was still fun anyway.


Neat idea and was fun to play! A little confusing sometimes, but otherwise pretty good


The idea is cool, and presentation is great. I loved the song! Although it seemed to have many mechanics, they didn't seem flashed out to me, I just kept racing to the CTRL key, and key mashing any enemies I found. Other problem I had, was that sometimes the point counting tooke too long, so I trid to finish each level with a smaller score? haha

Overall, super fun and cool project, well done!


I like this idea for controls a lot!


Very nice concept! I like how sometimes enemies pop up and you need to figure out how to face them!


Such a cool idea! And brilliantly executed! 5 stars!