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Third Minima

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Fun little puzzle game! Lots of charm to it, but found the movement sound particularly satsifying.

Fun and addicting! Nice job!

Glad you enjoyed all the references and puns!

Yes, we should have written intros to suggest each npcs temperament before you question them. In the second 2 acts you can talk to everyone twice but accidentally only set it to once on the first round.

Great feedback, didn't even think about this but you're right, needs a faster roll! Thanks!

Thank you! Yes the dice sides are hard to read, maybe numbers labeled on the side would've been clearer..

Thank you! Guess rpgs tend to just let you pick your options for a reason... Maybe we could have applied the dice on the npc side instead to make their mood more unpredictable?

Thanks! The hope was that you could manage your uncertainty by weighting your guesses on tone to go multiple ways, but it does feel odd not to have control of it like you might in other rpgs. I think we needed the option to ask multiple times in phase 1 to make this work better too.

 I agree on the die size, might have favored the art framing more than the visibility to the detriment of being able to read it well. We could have also had a pop up indicating the result for more clarity, maybe with a question in the matching tone from Dean. Thank you!

Thank you! I'm glad you played it more than once and noticed how many options there were!

Nicely done! Fun and well polished!

Clever game!

I've never written dialogue so fast! Glad you liked it!

Thank you, glad you enjoyed it! It was a busy 48 hours!

Thank you! Sorry about the performance issues, we should've included an exe! Once the jam judging is over we can add it for you!

Love the artwork! Very cute. Overall just a well polished game. Nicely done!

Cute game! Did crash on me while playing, though.

Very challenging! This was very enjoyable! Love the little touches like the animation on the character.

Thanks again!

Thank you, glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks! Would have benefitted from a few more rounds of playtesting and iteration, and I agree a score would help make progress more tangible and gameplay more compelling.

Thanks, sorry you had control issues, the false perspective is hard to navigate.

Thank you, it was fun to make! Can you count the surreal artist references :D ? The character was based on a sensory homunculus, fun little twist to make it feel 'in your head'. I agree on the enemies, definitely important to set those apart.

Thanks for playing and your kind words!

Cool game! Perhaps a bit simple, but it's fun. The biggest issue for me was I felt the shortest height you can jump was still too high sometimes. I lost a fair bit of chain by unintentionally overjumping the arrows.

Graphics, audio, and just the overall presentation are all excellent. Well done!

Very cool game! Also very hard! It's got a fun and satisfying mechanic, and while the graphics are a bit simple, they do have a certain pleasantness about them. Just need to tone down the difficulty a bit.

Will reiterate what others have said in that I had no idea what to do until I checked the game page. That being said, it's a pretty clever idea once you understand what to do and how to play. I didn't have as much trouble tossing the phone around as some of the others, but I will agree that it's not as easy as it could be. The writing is nice and the overall presentation is pretty good, though the game's relationship to the theme is perhaps a bit weak. Overall, though, phone golfing is pretty fun!

Could use some music, but overall a well made game with a fun twist! Would've loved to have seen some more enemy variety to really mix it up, but of course there's only so much you can do in 48 hours. Nicely done.

Nice graphics and audio. Has the right amount of quirkiness to it. Not sure I fully understood what to do, though. I did play it through, and I think I got a pretty good ending, but I'm still not quite sure how I did it.

Very cool game and well polished! You nailed the presentation.

As a suggestion, some of the collision rects feel a bit aggressive to me, or maybe it's the player is slightly large. I'm not certain, but the collisions sometimes feel just a pixel or so off from what I'd expect.

It's also frustrating to have to start from the beginning when you run out of hearts. A checkpoint system, or even just leaving the level as-is and going back to the beginning would be a nice feature when dying so you don't have to repeat areas.

Overall, though, it's an excellently made game. Well done!

Very original concept! Found the instructions text a bit hard to read and the music loop could have been a bit longer, but it's a well made game. Good job!

Needs a way to replay without having to refresh the browser, but overall a neat game with some nice graphics!

Thank you! Not sure what the issue was with audio, the popping wasn't there before export. Guess next time we'll just have to finish earlier to test the export more. :)

Thank you! I agree the color palette is a bit too restricted, maybe playing with wider range or a flashing shader or effect like you say would help them feel more threatening. Definitely agree on the movement: we learned why 3d perspective games use 3d perspective assets and not sprites for everything, collisions were a pain to get right.

Thanks for all your feedback!

That's a good point, thanks for playing!

Interesting, were you standing over one of the yellow icons when you tried to use the item? Thanks for the feedback!

Thank you!

Neat game with some decent graphics and sound, but I did find the game a bit hard to control.

Very cool game! Idea is a really original and I liked the combination of puzzle solving with more active enemy combat. Looks and sounds great as well. Good job!

Interesting idea but the game needs more feedback as to what's going on. No idea whose turn it is unless you watch the health bars to see what's moved and not certain what the different attacks do. Neat concept, just needs a bit more work.

This was so much fun! You really played to your strengths, broke some fourth walls and carried it all through with humor. Good strategy, and nice work.