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The Seahorse

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Damn, that got hard fast! Best I got qas 40

Amazing stuff, should've limite how many things you can use more though. Almost cleared every level with less than required

"rocket" controls are definitely not there, i only got it to move with the mouse. Best score I got was 2100

a lot of files missing

start screen doesn't work

.pck is missing

.pck is missing, don't think anyone could play it

ooo, phasing through enemies is a really good idea! The teleporter was mainly supposed to be used in more puzzle like levels but we never had the time to make them 😄. Although, to get some crates tou’ll need the teleporter

Insane idea, love it!

Good but too short, I WANT MORE!

Too many ways to fall over

win 64 version "requires a java runtime environment" when I click it

Dunno why but reminds me of Baba is you

One of the better games for the jam but there is a LOT of bugs and sometimes after a game over the screen goes black which makes me have to start over, pretty annoying

I don't know how this wont win...

5000 is pretty good!

Best I got was 86, good game!

Pretty good concept, i like it!

I should've read "you can't escape" before I played, now I'm mad that there's no goal :(

That was actually pretty fun :D

Damn, those extra levels were hard!

Waiting for points took waaay to long, got to around 7k points, is there an end, or does it loop infinitely?

I did, I guess it's just hard getting used to old looking graphics :D

Very unique and cool concept, would have liked a bigger screen though

Yeah we pushed making levels to the very end of the jam so the last two levels weren't playtested at all so they might be a little tough :D

Wait a minute, I recognize these sprites..... THE GODOT TUTORIAL!!!

Ooo, then you only had like one level left to complete the game, SO CLOSE!

Gratz on your first game! An indicator for when the hero is going to shoot (similar to what the terrorists have) would have been helpful

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Is there a goal? Or is the goal to survive for as long as possible? Best I could do was 7410

Damn, this is hard, but addicting! Best I could do was 140.

Very cool idea once you get the hang of it, a short tutorial (or just a easier beginning) would've been helpful though

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What? You can interpret the theme however you want, I think "out of control" fits this game very well, there is an alarm going 24/7, how is that not "out of control"?

I would've liked more challenging levels, this was just way too easy. Otherwise good!

Hard to understand why you die, otherwise very cute!

That's actually a really good idea!

Cute idea, 50 cars is a little much though.


Yes we thought about that but when we put it in the bottom right or left corner you couldn't see the map so we decided that top left was the right answer. With more time we probably would've come up with a better solution

I played the game for a solid 5-10 minutes but I have to be honest and say, I have no idea what I was doing. Are you supposed to become something else than the rat? I didn't really understand the objective of the game (even though it was described in the beginning and in the pause menu)