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Yeah it takes a couple of tries before you get used to it. No we didnt try that but that would probably get insanse since you would just go faster and faster after every swing XD

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Wow, sounds like a crazy bug, never got that one, do you know what you did?

I feel like this would be so much easier and more fun with a friend, unfourunately I dont have one with me right now T_T. Good job though fellow godot dev!

Menues and visuals are very polished. I got stuck on level 4, I have no idea how to get over that huge wall, I also managed to get a bug where the turtle was moving left continously even if I restarted the level. I got another bug after moving the abilities that made me unable to jump even if I had the jump ability on my character.

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Cool idea but you have to make the hitboxes for everything smaller, it's very annoying to die when you you just barely touch water thorns. Look at how celeste does it for example. Anyways good job, very cute game :D

Damn really? If I knew that I woulda continued :P

Moving as fast as you can in one direction should not reset the character, that makes you not wanna go fast, and that's not fun. Other than that it's a neat idea.

3min 8sec

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I like that the ammo and hp is connected, played through more than I would've thought (gave up at the one with thee slimes at the bottom in encapsulated spaces and then one and two stacked like a ladder on top). Really annoying that you can't play immediately upon respawn though, probably some loading going on but you would really like to be able to play as soon as the character respawns and not have to wait 1 second. Good job!

It was fun until you spawned on a death zone, very annyoing, but up until that I enjoyed it a lot!

Got 17!

The tutorial text overlapped itself so it was impossible to read it which made it take some time to understand the game, and I got stuck on the third level, it was scrolling but the characters got stuck in the beginning without dying and they couldnt move.

Happy to hear it!

Amazing presentation and very original, but It's a bit hard knowing which way the aliens will move, sometimes they stay on one orb when they could go to another one and sometimes they dont, other than that I like it!

Wow, so few points at such a high level, I really wanna see your playstyle XD

Thank you so much!!

Fun! Highest I got was 250, don't know if there is supposed to be more enemies after a while, but I couldnt find any.

You gain momentum by swinging back and forth so if you get the hang of that it shouldnt be too hard to reach higher places :)

Could use a "undo" button, but other than that great work!

Art really needs to be on point with this type of game so that you can conclude what derives from what, you're almost there but some mixes are very hard to discover. Good job!

So hard!

So hard!

Cute! A little janky but it works!


Oh no, I gotta shoot the doggies :(

Beat all levels, the game could really use a maximize button so that you can see what's going on xD, other than that good job!

The most I could save was three :D

A little bit janky but works better if you fullscreen the small window. Reminds me of Not Tetris!

Very original, got 10 out of 10 spirits with me!

Yeah I tried a bunch of stuff but I never seemed to hurt him, I thought chaining two guys together into him would work but the chain would always break before I could attach them both

Interesting take on the stealth game genre, it's like reverse stealth! Would've been nice with a mini map or something though so you could tell where the pedestrians are, but this was just fine for 48hrs!! Good job

Couldnt load the game

Good game, but I couldn't beat the final level, did not figure out how to damage the green golem :(

Very cool game, got stuck for a while on level 5 but after that it was smooth sailing through all of the levels! Beautiful art too! The only downside was the background song :D

Damn, that got hard fast! Best I got qas 40

Amazing stuff, should've limite how many things you can use more though. Almost cleared every level with less than required

"rocket" controls are definitely not there, i only got it to move with the mouse. Best score I got was 2100

a lot of files missing

start screen doesn't work

.pck is missing