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Oh! I didn't realize there was a hole in the skull.

I'm so sorry, but the bus casually phasing through the walls is a very funny bug.

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This is a neat little project!

Heads up: The uncompressed file is 1.87 GB of data, mostly because Unreal Engine can only handle uncompressed audio files.

Well made! It does function.

Very fun! I'm not sure how I got to the last area. I initially thought there was a bug.

Awesome job! This is a fun take on the prompt.

Is the critical flaw that you're unable to move the bus after crashing into a wall? Because I can't move the bus after crashing into a wall.


This is great! I haven't played a lot of beat-em-ups, so I'm not used to all of their conventions. Still, I was able to get all the way to the last level.

I've tried, but something funky is going on with my Discord account. I'm in the server but it won't let me post anything.

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Thanks so much! How would you like to be credited?

I'm making a "verisimulator" about running the towing company. At this point, everything works the way I'd like it to. I just have to add a bit of polish. Any ideas?

Would I be able to request a piece of relaxing music, in the style of elevator or waiting room music? I'm making a verisimulator, and was hoping to play music during the "mandatory enforced break time".

Thanks so much!

Thank you!

A bussing playthrough? Thank you so much! I will edit this tommorow when I watch this because I need sleep.

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This is a really fun game. I've played several different times, as I had some trouble figuring out how restoring stamina worked and ended up wildly bankrupt. On my latest save, I bought the break room and had the manager as soon as possible. That worked. I look forward to seeing what comes next. My biggest complaint is that it's difficult to recognise which staffer is working on which project.

No problem!

The menu was mostly pre-built by Ren'py. The only thing I added was a font option. Thanks for playing it.

Aw,  drat. Thanks for playing anyway.

This is so much fun! I love the creativity here. I just kept playing and playing. You should keep developing this into a full experience.

This game is hilarious! I love everything about it. The gameplay is great. The sounds are cute. The dialogue is entertaining. The only reason I'm not giving it full marks is that I'm not sure it fits the spirit of the theme. 

This is cute! I love how it controls. It's too difficult for me to play well. but I love how it feels and the persentation.

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This is a good idea, and with the right execution, it could be entertaining. Unfortunately, in this state, it's not fun to play. The kids seem to behave completely randomly, switching states with no tells. It's hard to see where you are if there are too many kids crying in one area. It can be tough to tell which child you're picking up. It might need extra 'juice' to make everything feel good. The sounds are irritating. It definitely fits the theme.

You could try making it full screen.

It's very good now!

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I'm sorry. I wasn't clear enough.

I do not think Weirt Adventure is similar to It. How is Weirt inspired by It?

Estoy interesado en el desarrollo del juego. ¿Qué inspiró la historia?

This is really good work. It captures the original well.

This is very fun! I definitely wasn't expecting a rhythm game in this jam.

The text that starts with "You bought Ichem Abbey in 1918, only to receive the news that your son had been disabled and retired" goes off the end of the screen. There's no way to continue past that point. I like it so far. Please patch this.

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What does this have to do with the novel It?  The only mildly similar thing I can see is that they both have clowns at one point. I tried looking up the character names, but I don't get any results. Maybe this is a story someone in the Loser's Club tells at one point...

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This is quite fun! I think it might benifit from a screen explaining how Luxin works. Even with the wiki page, I had trouble figuring out what the attacks mean.The sound is great and the sprites are adorable. I would definitely play a full version of this game.

Yes. I'm working on implementing that in the next version of the program.

Thank you so much!

Thanks! It wouldn't have been as good without your art skills. Get better soon.

This is a good concept, but I feel like you could do more with the idea. Only having six questions for each candidate made me feel like the characters were barely explored. This works with the hiring AI reducing the candidates to numbers, but I think you could have used interactions with the other candidates to add more depth. In the game's current form, they didn't seem to add anything substantial.

The 3D graphics were neat, but the main room being on an angle was distracting in a strange way. That might just be me.

The concept definitely deserves more exploration. Good work.

I know the jam is over, but I'd still like to present the game Touha and I made. Please play Making New Golden Days if you have time.