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Recently, I've noticed that I've become so stuck in my own thoughts that I don't end up making progress with game development. 

I've released four titles, and have about six prototypes on my computer.  When I try to work on a project, I worry that there won't be interest in it, that there is some fatal bug I never noticed, or that it will be poorly recieved. I worry to the point that I stop working. So many ideas are thrown out because I'd never have the skills or resources to make it happen.

My first game was released in April. It had an interesting concept, but the execution was terrible. People thought it was stilted and awkward.

My second project, a quiz, did much better. People are playing it every day. It has a very clear niche that was underserved at the time I made the quiz. I have no way to translate this sucess into other projects.

My third project was a game jam game made in a few days. People liked it, except that my unclear instructions and a game-crippling bug broke the game's main feature.

My fourth project was a game for a game jam that I finished months after the jam ended. It has 28 views. Although there might be people who like this game, they haven't found it.

I never thought that publishing a game would give me instant sucess. In fact, when people started commenting on my first game, I was shocked. I thought nobody would notice it. I have to work hard to build success and learn new things.

Right now, I'm trying to change my worrying ways. I'm working on a game jam game with another person. I'm trying to spend less time refreshing the analytics page and worrying if an idea is doomed. Hopefully, this will improve my attitude and I can create more games.


It's an awesome feeling, isn't it?

This game is really cute, but I couldn't get the Fun level up at all, even when playing. Was that just bad RNG?

I didn't notice any errors, and I'm an English Literature student.

This is a cute little game! I like the simplicity of the joke, and all of the different endings you can get. I only wish the screen was a bit clearer - initially, I had a difficult time telling what was going on, or even where the arrow was.

Thank you!

Making a game in an hour sounds like erratic fun, especially if the game is based on one of my favorite bands. Is there a chance that something like this could happen at any point in the future?

I'm pretty sure an HTML file will play in the browser if you upload a zipped file.

This jam existed? I'm almost glad I didn't know about it. Otherwise, I would have been furious that I was away and couldn't make a game.

This rocks. Awesome work. "Press space to cry" feels like it's on par with "press F to pay respects." I only wish that crying more could switch the song so it wasn't just Helena.

Aww, that's sweet, LordSandwich. I'm glad you enjoyed the game, and it brought some memories back. That pebble story is adorable. ^_^

I am going on vacation. I won't be back until after ratings are over. I will be camping in the middle of nowhere, which means it's going to be hard to rate games.

So, in this thread, let's post the game that you or your team made and a game some other people made that you think deserves more attention.

My game:

The Last Thing That We Do Together is a visual novel about breaking up with someone. You have one choice point. Please read the description before playing - there are bugs.

A Game I Think More People Should See:

That's What She Said is a comedy game with only one joke. It's goofy, polished, and fun.

I hope you all have a fun time with the rest of the jam.

So I'm posting here because I want to play all of these games after it's over! (I'll be on vacation for a few days.)


This is not a game I would have played under normal circumstances. I'm not usually a shooter person. That means I'm not very good at the game at all.

The movement speed is quite fast.  While the enemies look good, the world seems a bit barren. I do like the way the guns feel.

I think that many people would have fun with this game, and I am not one of them.

Were the colours inspired by the ZX Spectrum?

Aw, thank you!

And, followed!

This title is very fun and strategic. I like having to think about everything before I do it. I would love to play more of this.

My short visual novel only has 6 ratings, but I've been posting it around so it might have more when you see it.

Then I guess the low resolution is tricking my brain.

Thanks for the fun game.

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I really like this game. It challenges your memory both after you've turned your flashlight on and after you've returned to the level.  I'm going to plat more of this once the jam is over.

Edit: I found this game on one of the review for review boards.

This game is really fun! I like the strategy involved with the game. Trying to plan your moves around your enemy's moves is great! I did get a bit stuck once I'd finished the first level. How do you move to the next one?

On a side note, the picture of the engineer looks like my grandma in the 1940s. Where did you find those photos?

The Last Thing That We Do Together is a short visual novel where you only have one chance to choose something. There is a bug where if you don't input a verb and a noun, the game reacts in unexpected ways.

Your game looks cool. I'll check it out.

You're welcome! 

Looks like nobody can launch it.

There are six people saying they can not run the game. You have not responded to them. I must give the game all ones because I have no way to rate a game I can't play.

This is a very fun game! Controling Mr. Pilgrim is nice, and you put quite a bit of juice in this package. The pixel art looks very nice. Turning feels solid. I never felt bored while playing it.

I didn't really feel the consequences of choosing between the chain saw and the boombox. I could see zombies, put the boombox down, kill the zombies, and pick it back up. There might have been more conflict if I had gone the correct way... I think I got lost part way through.

I just played it! It's great!

These all look fun. I'll have to check out them all. 

The Last Thing That We Do Together is mine. It should take about 10 minutes to play in full. There's a bug in which the game breaks if you do not write something from the verb list (in the description), so please keep that in mind.

If this wasn't part of a game jam, I don't think I would have played it. I don't usually play bullet hell games. However, this was really fun. The controls were smooth, the enemy patterns are varied, and the interaction between your bullets and the enemy bullets is a great touch. The only addition I can really think of is a bit more "juice" when you hit the enemy.

This feels like a game that could see a real release. Thanks for the fun time!

This really flips the expectations of a platformer on its head. It adds an interesting puzzling & timing element that Mark Brown likes so much. I like how resetting lets you restart the game right away. It's a very fun experience. I might play more once the ratings period is over.

I think it's their death sound. It's a grunting noise.

Thanks. I have your game downloaded. I'll play it soon.

Thank you. I will edit the game page.

Thanks so much! I was thinking of exploring the concept more. I did play with it in a previous game of mine, but that game turned into an awkward mess.

Sorry about that. In order to get the game to behave, you'll need to input two words: one from the verb list and one from the noun list. Typing a noun on its own works too, although in an unintentional way.

What is there to fix? I thought bigger ships earned more money.

I found this game from your post and subsequent conversation on the thread "Since Everyone else is making a rate-for-rate post". It looked like it would be a very interesting game.

It is! For a 48 hour game, there's quite a bit of "juice" with the dimension-switching mechanic. The game looked great. It's definitely fun to play, even though I couldn't get very far in it because I'm not great at platformers. The only time I didn't like it was when I had difficulty judging where the areas that could kill the player were in the world the player starts in. Maybe you could use a dithering pattern to make it stand out.

I'm not sure if you've seen mine yet, but if you haven't, could you please check out "The Last Thing that We Do Together"? It's a visual novel in which there is only one choice point. The choice point is in the style of an adventure game, where players must input a verb and a noun.  It's simple and short, with about ten minutes of play time.