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Go look up the Gallus crater!


Nice work. I had to replay to perfect all of the levels.

Very fun! I like the roguelike elements. The goofy art style made everything fun.

Beautiful game! I love the pixel art. It's simple but tricky to play. I was wondering if someone would do Orpheus.

If the game ends with him looking back I will have feelings.

I feel so bad about having to dock points due to the game not functioning correctly. The game concept is clever. Great use of theme. Beautiful art.

This is beautiful! I hope the judges give you the recognition you deserve. I know very little about the fauna of North Carolina, but this is a soothing, fun game.

Hey, there. It seems like your game download doesn't work. If you zipped the whole folver, posted ion another page, and let us know, some folks might still wasn't to play it. It looks like this is your fist game.

Very creative entry. It reminds me a bit of Steven's Sausage Roll for some reason. I like the art and the music, but it was a bit tricky to figure out how the snowball rolling worked.

I thought that too, but if you roll around in the snow, you get more power... unless a piece's collision bugs out.

Thank you for the difficulty slider!

This was an amusing game, but tricky to figure out. How are people getting scores in the thousands.?

IT's really cool to see someone using the 3D extension. I like the creativity on display here. Your title is eyecatching and your gameplay is fun.

Neat idea! I love how your graphics were stylishly simple. It was a bit tricky to tell when a kid had just been consumed by a lion.

Neat Gameplay! I love the visial style you used. It's like FNAF, but you didn't copy anything directly.

How are you prioritizing which ones you play?

Do the symbols finish scrolling?

It could absolutely be a bug. The audio was the last thing I did.

Thanks for the comment!

Thank you for making the game touch screen compatable!

This was a very fun puzzle game. The art was easy to interpret.


Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I wish I could have made more levels.

Fixed it. Sorry.

This is a fun game! It is simple to learn and hard to master.

The music sounds very loud, like you tested it with the volume turned down by mistake. Fortunately, when the game resets the music seems to stop.

Great work. I hope you keep at it.

Very nice! I didn't know scratch could make something like this. Having checkpoints would make it easier, but the rage game crowd would love this.

A fun, tricky little game!

Hilarious, wonderful goofy game. I hope you get the recognition you deserve. This almost has a 90s cartoon vibe.

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OMG that's great. It's probably a bug with the way Gdevelop handles instances.

And I cry. 10/10.

It's a really good-looking game. The gameplay loops are engaging. You could definitely expand this into Papers Please meets FTL.

Does the game softlock once you run out of passengers, or did I keep getting bad dice rolls where none of the planets had people?

Charming and relaxing. Great work.

Great take on the theme! Solving the puzzles was entertaining. I could definitely see myself playing through more of it.

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Thanks, Mikel! Yeah, I dropped the ball on level layouts. I did want to do more with them, particularly with more moving objects, and not having the last level's gimmick be... that.

Ralph is a good dog.

I figured it out! Use left mouse button to set a target, then press spacebar to have pizza drop there. The dog will run to that area, stopping or pushing people in the way. He can be hit by cars, but I don't think they hurt him.

A great, relaxing puzzle game! I enjoyed the challenge.

Funky! The art style reminds me of early flash games. Tricky but good.

What a fun concept! It's like QWOP!

By the way, I don't mean for your art score to be low, but since it was all made by other people I don't think you get marked on that category.

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Amazing work. I'm still confused by the gameplay loop, but I'm sure more experienced gamers would find this fun. The art is stunning. The music is beautiful.

Sorry for the triple post!

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This game is hilarious on a gameplay level and incredible on a technical level. How do I know? Because I have a GDveleop project for a pet simulation game that barely counts as functional and you've made a whole game in ten days. Wait, seven! You started on day three!

I love the goofy tone that this game has. It was fun trying to figure out the gameplay. The ending was cheap in a way that matched the rest of the experience. Yeah, you could add more complexity, but do you need to?

Actually, yeah, you might want more stuff to do.

It's quite fun! Reading the instructions is definitely important. Things made a lot more sense after I understood what the red X was. That's a me problem.

Silly question: is there a method to count how many units long the roads are?