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Thanks for checking it out! Yea I quite liked the concept, but, yea I think it'd have to be really expanded upon and reworked in many ways to really feel good, who knows, maybe one day I'll come back to it.

Really dig the visual style and overall presentation, definitely took a minute to figure out what was going on and get a handle on the controls, but, when I did it was a lot of fun, nice job!

Weird, wacky, slightly disturbing,and bizarre in the right kind of way haha. A funny take on the theme and quite a bit of fun to play!

First off, great work, very fun, very difficult, and creating a procedural dungeon generator in 48hrs is insane, and other than lacking a menu of some kind this game is quite polished, big fan of the artwork. Other than the afforementioned menu, I do feel like perhaps the player should have some added level of control even just a little bit, be it perhaps a short dodge mechanic on a timer, or the ability to hold down one of the mouse buttons to halve-movement, something along those lines I think would help a lot especially when wielding the missle (or heavy?) gun. Seriously impressive work, and great entry!

Man this game gets deep fast, really captures the essence of the dark days that mental illness can often bring. The art is fantastic, the expressions tell a tale in of themselves, and I quite liked the setup of trying to tend your emotions like a garden, I would say that perhaps clarity of player action would help a bit, as it feels a bit like as the player you are doing something wrong or not understanding a gameplay mechanic, rather than conveying the sort of message that the "right" choices don't always lead to a good outcome. But, man I struggled to rate this game's level of "fun" XD Seriously though, great job, not only on an interesting game, but, a really interesting depiction of the struggles with mental illness!

This is quite a bit of fun, I really like the idea of seamlessly progressing (or regressing) through levels, that's pretty unique and the game is definitely chaotic. Well done!

You guys nailed the art, to a slightly horrifying degree, really makes you feel bad killing any of the animals, very difficult to make it all the way through with zero deaths, took me more than a few tries haha, I was real invested. Excellent job!

Thanks man! Really glad to hear people have been liking the wacky theme I went with, and yea definitely could use a tutorial at a minimum, if I continue working on the project varied landscapes would be a great edition!

Quite like the visual style, solid presentation, and a good core mechanic, the wrapping screen helps a lot to alieviate issues that many "lose  input as you go" games have struggled with this jam. The only things I'd mainly say are one, the powerups spawn far too infrequently, and two, I feel like there need's to be something more going on, the pace feels to slow to be a survival-styled bullet hell, and yet other than the powerups the player has no meaningfull interaction with the enemies who just sort of wander about themselves. Perhaps a mechanic to lure enemies into damaging each other, would add some risk/reward gameplay to it while keeping the slower more strategic pace. Overall, quite a solid entry and there's definitely a lot of places you could take this project!

Interesting concept, I quite like the risk/reward mechanic built in to leveling up the characters, having a bit more view of your surroundings would be a welcome change, as well as having the characters with directional attacks face in the direction of their last movement and attack that way rather than reverting towards facing down. Overall, a solid entry!

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it, and yea it definitely needs an intro bit of some kind and a proper menu system, was in a mad dash in the last ten minutes to throw together any kind of menu XD  And that's not a bad idea, could be pretty interesting.

Fun overall idea and solid presentation, though actually putting out the fires seems to work at random? Not sure whether it's a bug or oddly specific angles required, either way could use a bit more consistency, then I think you could have a pretty fun little arcade game on your hands!

Really just a fantastic game, definitely want to see this expanded upon!

Just a very nice experience, love the presentation of the art and sound, particularly the art, something about style and shadows really worked. Only thing of note was that if you map a key to a specific control you can't remap it, it'd be nice to be able to do that for at least unused keys. Otherwise really enjoyed it, the core platformer gameplay feels great!

Wow, not quite sure what to say about this game, it is a very deep experience, and a fantastic take on the theme. Well done!

Fun little platformer, the core gameplay is a bit rough, the physics are a bit glitchy especially with the jump pads, and not being able to turn your character or pick up things from the left is a bit odd, but, it is entirely functional, and I enjoyed exploring about and finding the two different endings, I could see this idea being expanded upon. Solid entry!

Interesting game overall, though I think perhaps the player loses a bit too much control, having some way to influence movement, like a dodge on some sort of timer would still leave the player mostly at the mercy of random movement, but, give them a moment of control to allow them to dodge the turret shots or get out of a swarm of enemies. Definitely liked the presentation, there's a nice weight to the actions and impacts in the game. Solid entry!

Pretty tought but solid platformer, the level design is great, well built around the water mechanic and a great difficult curve, only thing I'd mention like a few others have is the dying when swimming down, perhaps the ground spikes when swimming could have their collision zones toned down just a bit as well. But, overall awesome job, would definitely like to see more of this!

Not only a very original take on the prompt, but, a very original puzzle game as well, well defined and clear cut rules and I love how much visual and auditory feedback there is throughout the entire thing, really helps with how mindbending the puzzles get. Really great job!

Super impressive project for a jam, and just a very fun game overall, pretty solid puzzle design, though it would be nice if the robot executed the program a bit faster. Great entry!

Really cool concept, an interesting semi-idle game. Nice job!

This is a ridiculously clever idea, the best take on rewiring/swapping controls that I've seen, really like the stacking mechanic, and pretty solid level design to go along with it. Excellent entry!

Had a lot of fun playing through this game, great take on the theme and solid presentation!

Yea either expanding the world a bit to give you a farther view ahead or slowing it down would help a lot, it also doesn't help that objects can spawn anywhere on the globe even right on top of you, definitely something to look into if I continue with the project. Thanks for checking it out, glad you liked it!

Awesome concept and execution, really cool online interaction with other players, and  very impressive for 48hrs, fantastic entry!

Really fun collection of multitasking mini-games, definitely quite a difficult challenge! Fun take on the theme and I liked the presentation, it has quite a fun style!

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!

Really like the presentation of this game, pretty original concept and solid execution, had a good bit of fun playing through it!

Awesome idea and take on the theme! Really enjoyable to play as well, I quite like the varied human / zombie transformations makes for an interesting dynamic, honestly I could see a pretty cool mobile game coming from this!

Thanks! Yea I was planning a whole short cutscene opening or at least a quick description of how to play, but, I completely ran out of time, the start menu is proof of that, I added that in the last couple minutes before the jam closed haha

My gosh this game is so trippy, definitely fits the theme quite well haha. The rotation could stand to be a bit more predictable or perhaps stabilized(?) but, overall a very fun concept!

Haha love the holy hand grenade addition, the angelic accompaniment is great XD Had quite a bit of fun with the game, and the presentation works quite well for it. Nice job!

Impressive getting two gamemodes up and running for the jam, both are pretty fun in their own right, though both could use with a steeper difficulty curve, the first one especially. Pretty solid entry with a really great presentation, loved the artwork!

Awesome concept and take on the theme! Definitely quite a good challenge to try and stay in control!

Haha thanks! Glad to know my wacky concept was memorable XD

I would believe it, obstacles spawn randomly across the surface of the planet and there's a limit to the number, so it would be possible for it to cap out and you to find an uninterrupted line, definitely something to modify in the future if I continue work on the project. Thanks for checking it out!

Thanks! And yea and indicator of some sort is good idea, glad you liked the voice over, that was a completely random decision to add late into the second night (at which point my sanity was certainly questionable haha)

Thank you! Yea you're right on the money with a difference between the raising and lowering terrain, they both move the vacuum differently, but, with more time the plan would have been to make them more unique!

Absolutely nailed the presentation and style, really interesting idea, haha man it's one heck of a challenge just trying to remember what keys do what on the fly as you're trying to reorient them, much less also platform. Definitely need some solid multitasking skills to get it done, but, it's a good challenge. A great entry!

Super impressive work! Great take on the theme and a platformer, great fundamental mechanics and fantastic level design!