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The presentation is pretty great overall and I like the concept, the tutorial while pretty decent could be a bit more in-depth and helpful, maybe add hints to the first few levels? Otherwise I'd say maybe the puzzles are a bit on the easy side, it'd also be interesting to perhaps have some levels where your limited to just two or even one of the eyes and have to build out more complex sequences, speaking of which was it your intention to allow people to record actions to the eyes even after moving or using one of them? It seems like it wouldn't be? But, who knows, allowed for some interesting solutions, but, perhaps cheated the design a bit? All in all it's a fairly decent puzzler and I think with some polish and some tweaks it could be pretty great. Nice work!

This is a really interesting idea and take on the theme! I enjoyed playing it, though it'd be nice to have an indicator for where asteroids are coming from and where they are going to hit on the planets so you have a better idea of if the turrets are covering you or not. Otherwise, it's just a pretty good (albeit stressful haha) strategy game, great work!

Haha this was a blast! Took me a bit to figure out what was going on and the camera (much like in my game) could use some work, but, the music tracks were fun, unique, and overall it was just a fun game. Nice work!

That was excellent! What a unique and charming tale and in a way fairly moving as well. This is a fantastic entry!

This is a super creative puzzle game, a tutorial would be nice, though I didn't find anything too terribly difficult to pick up, some things just click with random people I guess. But, man the whole game just feels shockingly polished and well designed, this is definitely up there on my top games this jam. Well done!

This is a really unique game, at first, I wasn't quite sure where the challenge was until I realized hitting already attached ghosts could set them free, which quickly grew into quite the challenge to build out properly aligned "friendship structures" haha! It was a pretty fun challenge and the artwork is great! Nice job!

Ah okay, that's a very cool mechanic, I look forward to seeing how it progresses!

I really like this take on the theme with circuitry and all that, definitely unique, though I'm not sure how much "game" there is here, which is fine, with some relaxing and chill music and some chiller sound fx you could make a fun experience of just slowing lighting up an entire circuit board or even have the lightbulbs represent stars in the night sky or something, if the intention is to be a puzzle game though, I'd say you have to look at the challenge you're presenting people with, in this case there's nothing to "figure out" you just rotate the things till they light up, unless I was really missing something. Anyway, overall it's alright, quite original, and has pretty solid presentation and visuals, a solid entry.

I think this is actually one of my favorite games from this jam, it's a very simple idea, but, it works very well, the mechanic is smooth, addictive, and it has both that flow state where everything is going well and then suddenly you realize the ball is closer than you thought and it's too late, or it's behind your head and you just accept your fate knowing it's all over.

This somehow really captures the tension of a lethal paddle ball and if that doesn't sell you on it I don't know what will. Great job!

The character designs, overall artwork, concept and gameplay are all pretty good. The arena could definitely use some tweaks to the visuals though just to help separate background and foreground, right now it all sort of bleeds together, it never directly hindered gameplay, but, as more enemies spawned in it became a lot to visually deal with. The UI similarly is a bit much, I think scaling it down or simply just positioning differently would help a decent amount, as would zooming the camera out a bit. All in all it's a pretty fun game though and an impressive 48hr showing, nice work!

This is a super interesting tower defense game, really like the idea of it, not sure I entirely grasp what makes towers power up, but, the idea of basically bouncing a single or limited number of beams strategically around the map is fantastic! I'd definitely like to see it expanded upon, great job!

An adorable theme and solid concept, the game controls well enough and I like how the levels are designed, though the physics and the way blocks are joined together could definitely use a bit of work, with a bit of polish though I think you'll have a pretty good puzzle game on your hands, nice job!

Man, this game is a wild ride, that opening text/tutorial is fantastic, I mean very weird, but, fantastic, and that's probably a good description of the game in general, it's bizarre and wacky, but, it is quite a lot of fun and the presentation is just excellent, really impressive for 48hrs. I don't have any feedback that other people haven't already touched on in one way or another so, yea, great entry, and fantastic work!

The presentation is pretty great, got a nice tutorial (though telling the player what button to actually continue on past the tutorial again would be helpful), and it's a fun concept, though the enemies do all seem to kill themselves instantly in the first couple mazes, after that you start seeing them do their thing as you run around looking for spikes. It's a fun time and an impressive accomplishment in 48hrs, nice job!

This is actually lot of crazy fun, it'd be cool to see a bit more too it, and also it really took me a minute as apparently for me in fullscreen mode this game breaks weirdly, everything is crazy sluggish and slow-paced, thought that was just how the game was built at first, part of the challenge or something and was very confused, but, no, put it into windowed and we were off to the races! Nice work!

"There can only be one!" I quite like the concept and the presentation is decent, the timer and sound that goes along with definitely needs a change, perhaps doing away with it entirely and instead making your parallel selves increasingly aggressive as time goes on? I also think that perhaps merging with your other selves is a bit too easy especially since it makes the game easier as you do it, what I originally thought you'd have to do is sort of mimic the motions and stay "synced" up with them for a short while till you merged, not sure if that'd be fun, but, I think that or some other added challenge would be cool to have. All in all it's a fairly fun game, nice job!

Looks good and is pretty fun once you figure it out, though as a few people have noted a tutorial would go a long way, I was pretty confused myself for a hot minute. That and enemies becoming nearly too small to see but can still hit you. Overall I quite like the idea and when it works it works quite well, a little bit of polish and I think you'll have yourself a very fun little game!

This is a really cool take on the theme, love the concept of both needing to avoid but also use your enemy to succeed. Although, the game could use a bit more explanation of some of the in-game mechanics, when I first came across the "call" function, the item on the ground that told me about it I thought was like a phone lying on the ground, had no idea I could just yell at the monster and was mighty confused about how to complete that level till I discovered I could just walk by the monster without ever activating it. But, once you actually figure out what's going on, it's a really solid puzzle-thriller, you did quite a good job of building up that tense atmosphere. Seriously well done!

The art is awesome and the concept is really cool, but, it's unfortunately fairly broken, I only managed to make it through one of the levels proper, I was super glad there was a level select button so I could at least see them all and get an idea for the kind of stuff you were aiming to do, it just didn't function. The block sliding is wildly inconsistent and hard to maneuver, the blocks you pick up often start sliding on their own or drift apart while hooked together, a number of the pads for connecting blocks simply didn't activate. But, hey that's the sort of stuff that happens with a jam, it's a crazy short time to try and get something up and running, and it seems like you really went for it, the art certainly speaks to it and I think the overall sort of world, characters, and core mechanic could make for an awesome puzzle game, it'd be awesome to see it developed out further!

Wow, this is really good! The core mechanic is great, the characters are adorable, the overall presentation is very polished, and the gameplay feels pretty good too, only things I'd say would be that the in-between level UI obviously needs a bit, and it'd very really nice if the robot wasn't stopped by the alien when jumping to better serve as a sort of double jump / platform. Well done!

The presentation is great, from graphics to the truly incredible voice acting XD, the gameplay is super simple but works quite well, it's intuitive enough I think, yea not too much to say the game just oozes character and is pretty hilarious. Great work!

The presentation is nice, though having some sort of grid either superimposed over the ground or as an actual part of the visuals would help a lot in knowing where you can actually move to. Otherwise it's a pretty fun and relaxed game, feels a bit odd to say that when you play as a flame setting fire to everything, but, you managed it haha! A pretty solid entry, nice work!

I really like the graphics and style you went with for this project, it really compliments the gameplay concept which is super neat, but, doesn't quite stick the landing imo, it's like on the verge of being really good, but, something is tripping it up, and I think what's missing perhaps is a feeling of flow. The ability to lock the characters down provides the potential for a lot of cool explosive movements, but, needing to switch between characters and press a button to stick or unstick them one by one really stopped that from happening, perhaps each one's "stickability" could be tied to a separate button that could be activated regardless of which one you were currently controlling. Now I, of course, can't say with certainty, but, given the functionality that seems present in the game, I think this could make for some really fun and wild interactions and possibilities. 

All in all, it's a solid entry with great presentation, and I think it really does have the potential to be so much fun!

The presentation of this one is off the charts, the sound fx especially complimenting the graphics and effects exceptionally well, it just has that "oomph" if you will. As far as gameplay, it's fairly fun, a bit difficult to get a hang of and the tutorial could use some work (as if I'm one to talk given my games tutorial lol), but, once you do it starts to feel pretty good, and again, the sound of asteroids or ships colliding with each other after having slowly been tethered in is so satisfying. Well done!

Haha man I was gonna come here and compare it to a Mario Party minigame except cooperative and here everyone is saying the same thing XD It really is quite a bit of fun and the presentation is great! Definitely difficult, but, that really just works in its favor. Great entry! Nice work!

Love the idea, the execution is pretty fun, and the presentation is great! Though its flow is a bit broken up. 

The idea of laying out your shots in greater and greater number and then unleashing a salvo before the enemies send it back at you is a fantastic idea, but, with all the shots moving in one direction and enemies coming from all directions I feel it sort of de-incentivizes the player from actually building up long chains, perhaps instead shots could fire off in the direction of the closest enemy or launch out away from the player, the first would probably feel better from a power perspective, but, could be a bit much depending on what you're going for with the feel of the game, the second would have more strategy to it, but, also require more from the player to really get a lot out of it.

Though if firing in a singular direction is the real aim and feel, perhaps instead the projectiles could fire in the opposite direction to your dash, sort of launching them back away from you, as currently if enemies get too close there is not really a way to deal with them, this may also make the projectiles feel like they are being launched with more force due to the player sort of being "knocked back".

All in all, I think the concept is spectacular and it'd be really cool to see where you'd take it if you plan on continuing to develop it. Great entry and fantastic work!

This is a great concept, liked the introduction of moving the sphere separately from the cube in order to activate / deactivate switches and the like, some pretty decent puzzles. The switches and collisions in general can be a bit inconsistent and wonky, but, it all functions, this is actually quite an impressive showing for 48hrs, well done!

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A great take on a golf game, the unique way you hit the balls, and the fact that you never really stop moving makes for quite the challenge. Definitely difficult to get the hang of, and I can't say the constant crashing helps with that haha, but, it's more than fun enough to make up for it, the presentation is solid and effective and the menus are a really nice extra bit of polish. Overall a pretty good time. Nice work!

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Well I have to give it to you, the whole concept of this may be a bit much for me, but, it is certainly unique and original, and the different abilities present in the characters create an interesting challenge in terms of gameplay and design, the physics are a bit wonky and overall gameplay could use some tightening up and polish, but, there are some clever level design and challenges in here. Overall it's a pretty solid game, so well done!

I really like this whole concept, having the "ammo" between characters linked and each having multiple unique abilities makes for a pretty dynamic gameplay loop! I think perhaps some of the enemy attacks might be a bit much in how accurate they are or how big some of the wizard aoe's are, but, all in all it's a pretty fun game. Nice job!

Two words "Big Slime". This rotund madlad carried my team through so many areas, absolutely stomping out the competition, maybe a bit too hard... Haha I had quite a bit of fun with this game, though it would be nice to be able to see the results of fusions you've already tried in a third column, or have the ability to back out of a fusion rather than run with it in the case of a failed one as you have no real chance of succeeding so it sorta just puts off your next actual run. Definitely would be cool to see the monsters in color and perhaps to have a bit more depth to the combat, though there is something nice about a classic "rock-paper-scissors". Great work!

This one has so much character, the little sounds the cubes make when jumping and falling are incredible, and though their haunting soulless eyes certainly give hesitation, they are still fairly cute. Overall the presentation is quite good, and I like the concept a lot as well, though I do think that somehow some more oomph has to be given to both building momentum and using it, I liked when I finally got it, but, it wasn't terribly intuitive or repeatable and takes a fair bit to build proper momentum as well. All in all I had a fair bit of fun with it and it'd be cool to see it developed out. Nice work!

This is some top-tier feedback! Yea I currently have some enemy variety in the works with one or two completed along with their new cannon types being acquirable by the player to mix things up, the camera is definitely an issue I'm currently working on addressing, planning on testing out both a rotating camera as well as one that moves depending on the player's position on the map to try and figure out what is the best option for the gameplay that's already present. Thanks for taking the time to check it out!

Like others have mentioned the aesthetics and overall design and quite good, and the feel of weight is captured really well, but, with no real way to judge arc or force it's more of a challenge of repeating shots and levels over and over until either you get lucky or you memorize angles and shot strengths, the shot strength meter also seems maybe inconsistent? Definitely, the overshot strength is a bit odd where the meter is filled up but still charging, the sound effects work properly so maybe just a UI issue?

This game really does capture a golf feel, with the whole planning your shots and sort of "par" system that limits how many you have, be an arc indicator, freeing up how many shots people can take but scoring them based on how many it took, I'm not quite sure, but, I feel there needs to be something to help with the feeling of randomness you have when you launch a shot (though really just fixing the UI of the charge and perhaps making the charge a bit more linear would go a long way).

Overall I still had a ton of fun playing it and again the aesthetics are great, it'd be cool to see this taken further, whether more in the "golf" direction or even diverting to a different kind of puzzle system, perhaps at some point manage multiple of these launched weights? Anyway, it's a solid entry, nice work!

This is a pretty great game, it is a very polished experience and its presentation is fantastic! I would say that the gameplay needs a bit more of an explanation as it definitely took me a bit to figure out what I was supposed to and then how I was dying (extended legs and hat hitting objects) and then got really confused when you pass the extended bits through small gaps as I had no idea the piston arm didn't have collision either, also the boxes should perhaps be shaded to make them appear pushed back a bit, they look like they are directly in the foreground and are obstacles you'll collide with.

With that said, once you get a handle on the controls and gameplay, it is super fun and clever and I love the style and theme you went with, a piston-powered jousting knight, just fantastic! Great job!

Wow this is an incredibly polished and impressive entry, quite the 48hr accomplishment, honestly the only criticism I can even come up with is that the soul tether gets stuck pretty easily on objects and corners which makes the mazes you move it through at times a little bit of a pain as well as just getting stuck as you're platforming about. But, man, using the different powerups all feel great, especially like the explosive shrooms when you start chaining rocket jumps together. Not much else to say, but, bravo and well done!

Quite a charming game aesthetically and it's quite fun as well, though I am a bit confused on what the numbers on the cards actually mean, my best guess is it's the "strength" of the card, how much damage it will do (or in the case of shields protect from), but, perhaps unimplemented mana? A bit more of an explanation on the mechanics would not go unappreciated. All in all pretty enjoyable, nice work!

Like another commenter pointed out definitely feels like one of those rage games that could end up popular on Twitch, it controls well, looks good, and feels pretty polished in general, unfortunately not my kind of game so I can't speak too much more on it in detail, but, it is a well-executed and very solid entry, well done!

This game has an adorable artstyle and really solid overall presentation, I enjoyed the mechanics of not only swapping between characters, but, combining them as well, it's a great concept and it'd be cool to see it developed out further. Nice work!

This is a hilarious concept and take on the theme, a fair bit of fun, but, man it is the presentation that shines, especially the graphics, I'd love to see more stuff with these kinds of graphics, it's just such a fun and compelling style! The physics are definitely a bit janky and it's easy to get stuck on things, but, it almost doesn't even matter, it's just a joy. Great work!

Also the "GuilloTeam" what an incredible pun, respect.