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I'm on Linux and your game freezes within a few seconds of gameplay when playing via Wine v8.9. Please address this issue

you're right, it was a one time issue

As above

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This is incredibly cute. 
I drew fanart <3

Can you upload the first chapter to Steam as well?

Other than posting the occasional progress screenshot, not much. Just observing fans talk about the game can be a good experience

that's alright I can volunteer my services as a mod and I've been scouring the wastes of itch and steam looking for a game exactly in this state to do exactly this for for a very long time.

ha. But seriously consider making a discord. You're starting to attract people to your work, and collecting them into a personal space is very critical at this stage. I come from the ashes of an old fandom ready to seed a new one, and I know an inspired work when I see it.

Side note there has to be a reward for stocking up bottles of booze at some point in the late game like a collectible

I haven't even gotten to the part where I tell Winston about Sundown (if that dialogue exists at all yet), and I haven't managed to win the Saloon shootout with the bullets Winston gives you. Haven't even figured out where Ronald and Carl are mentioned as mentioned by another commenter here.So I still. Haven't found all the options yet, and remain in awe of the game's complexity.

Have you considered making a discord? It would help you grow your fandom, and you have something genuinely inspiring.

I was thoroughly impressed. I've finished two playthroughs and still haven't found all the routes yet.

I absolutely love how all the sprites are animated to be both interactable and blend fluidly into the scene.

So. I am a scouter for a publisher called Pineapple Works who specializes in crowdfunding, marketing, and console porting. If these are things you would like I can put you in touch.

Are ya kidding?

Placeholder sprites are one of the few legitimate use cases of AI art imo. You can get something approximating what you want and use it as a reference for when you commision an illustrator. 

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After getting 13 cards, i then exited the girls dorm as a girl, then the game froze here; and no, pressing ESC did not work

This is incredible.

Ive played this a while back but my mind keeps remembering this for the sheer amount of humor packed into the character interactions.

I have some connections with a publisher if you are interested. But by all means, keep working on it. I wanna see what's next for Clair and the boars and the... gerbils (?) hamsters (?) Idk they're just cute.

And here's a gremlin:

Antiviruses will block random compiled programs it doesn't recognize like that. There should be a button that says "Trust and run anyway".

Alternatively you can run it via Steam

Im running your game via Wine and it crashes on startup for me:

action number 1
of Draw Event
for object obj_logo_splash:
Trying to use non-existing surface.
at gml_Object_obj_logo_splash_Draw_75
gml_Object_obj_logo_splash_Draw_75 (line -1)

 Here's the output from Wine:

Looks like we have another dev who thought they could click "export to linux" in their game engine's IDE without testing anything.
Anyway, your build crashes on startup, and yes i did chmod+x first.
I tried running the windows version via Wine, but both of them are German

Dampftraum_V1.5.1_WIP_LINUX]$ ./Dampftraum 
[0908/] Cannot open ZIP from file handle 3
[0908/] Cannot open ZIP from file handle 3
[941942:941942:0908/] execv /home/relma2/Games/Dampftraum_V1.5.1_WIP_LINUX/chrome_crashpad_handler: Permission denied (13)
#0 0x7f5d3cd51bb3 (/home/relma2/Games/Dampftraum_V1.5.1_WIP_LINUX/lib/
#1 0x7f5d3cd64cf0 (/home/relma2/Games/Dampftraum_V1.5.1_WIP_LINUX/lib/
#2 0x7f5d3cd65b8a (/home/relma2/Games/Dampftraum_V1.5.1_WIP_LINUX/lib/
#3 0x7f5d3d926cdf (/home/relma2/Games/Dampftraum_V1.5.1_WIP_LINUX/lib/
#4 0x7f5d3d91c3e0 (/home/relma2/Games/Dampftraum_V1.5.1_WIP_LINUX/lib/
#5 0x7f5d3f5e8b9a (/home/relma2/Games/Dampftraum_V1.5.1_WIP_LINUX/lib/
#6 0x7f5d3f5e1dde (/home/relma2/Games/Dampftraum_V1.5.1_WIP_LINUX/lib/
#7 0x7f5d39244d10 (/home/relma2/Games/Dampftraum_V1.5.1_WIP_LINUX/lib/
#8 0x7f5d3c8c8043 (/home/relma2/Games/Dampftraum_V1.5.1_WIP_LINUX/lib/
#9 0x7f5d3c8c6119 (/home/relma2/Games/Dampftraum_V1.5.1_WIP_LINUX/lib/
#10 0x7f5d3c8c627a (/home/relma2/Games/Dampftraum_V1.5.1_WIP_LINUX/lib/
#11 0x7f5d392431e7 (/home/relma2/Games/Dampftraum_V1.5.1_WIP_LINUX/lib/
#12 0x7f5d36e8f2d0 (/usr/lib/

Update: I got a pc with a real gpu, and it looks pretty. After the first boss with the cubes, i got to the door that required three cubes to open and then it just booted me to the main menu resetting all my progress and making me start over from the beginning. 

This game is like. Platformer drills. Something that trains one specific gamer skill until you have mastered it, and nothing else. 

Fascinating concept, like doing your platformer "homework" here makes you better at the entire genre.

Please compile your game for Linux. Its been a pain getting it to run via WINE.


Please also upload your early access build to Steam. Id love to consolidate all my EA stuff in one place

It looks pretty, but the framerate drops like a brick from the word go rendering it unplayable. In addition, the vertical ledges that you can jump over kinda become black rectangles when moving.

Here's my system info, though you should probably optimize this more generally

OS: Manjaro Linux x86_64
CPU: Intel i5-8265U (8) @ 3.900GHz
GPU: Intel WhiskeyLake-U GT2 [UHD Graphics 620]
Host: 10YM004SUS ThinkCentre M630e
Wiine Version: 7.12-staging

Hi, Please add controller support. In particular, I'd like the dash direction to be controlled with the right stick and, if the rightstick is "pressed", to use the jump button to charge the dash


Where is your download link? I can't see the button to play your demo.

Can you add Linux support? 

Well. This game works better via WINE than the native Linux version, though it will take continuous testing to ensure it stays that way. 

I progressed a while and found no major issues, but that snake boss is way too hard and I couldn't get past it.

manjaro 5.17 

i think its because there are asset files missing, but im not sure

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Your game crashes on startup after pressing "New game" on linux

Ok so Im on your Linux version, and Im already noticing some wonkiness in the controls.

For starters, the grab/throw mechanic was really hard to figure out, as was how to drop objects. A written tutorial with signs would be good

Second, the character slides around when moving waaay too much, leving for frustrating parts where you fall all the way down to the bottom. 

The projectile bounces are infinite, meaning that it bounces around for too long and goes to who knows where offscreen, making it impossible to track the object. I'd suggest limiting the number of bounces/capping the distance travelled.

Lastly, controller support. Explicitly defined twin-stick controlling is badly needed due to the whole aiming where you throw bit. 

And here's the log output, if thats useful:

And mac/Linux support

Wow, thank you! This would explain why Bottles/Lutris/Steam sometimes give different errors. 

Reject gUI, return to terminal


Please compile your game for Linux. Thank you.

What configuration/Wine version did you use? Its not working for me


Please compile your game for Linux. Thank you.

Well this is clearly a "this person is learning how to code" game, but keep at it. you can only improve from here :)

Ok. So. I found a softlock on the menu

  1. Enter a Name and Select Confirm
  2. Click "New Game" again
  3. Enter the same name in the text box
  4. Name will say its been taken, and you cant press the play button unless you enter a different string every time

I think this means you cant load save files from the menu.

I got it to run in wine but the framerate drops like a brick.

Hardware intel i5, 16gb ram

Thank you; I'm on Manjaro.
Its likely that theres some OS-specific stuff in yur code.
What engine are you on?