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Ok so Im on your Linux version, and Im already noticing some wonkiness in the controls.

For starters, the grab/throw mechanic was really hard to figure out, as was how to drop objects. A written tutorial with signs would be good

Second, the character slides around when moving waaay too much, leving for frustrating parts where you fall all the way down to the bottom. 

The projectile bounces are infinite, meaning that it bounces around for too long and goes to who knows where offscreen, making it impossible to track the object. I'd suggest limiting the number of bounces/capping the distance travelled.

Lastly, controller support. Explicitly defined twin-stick controlling is badly needed due to the whole aiming where you throw bit. 

And here's the log output, if thats useful:

this version of the game is extremely outdated, and the modern versions of it are completely different, the game is on closed alpha by now, it's honestly a bit awkward to read reviews on this outdated jam version.

my bad for taking so long to reply, honestly if you want to play a more update version of this, you can enter the discord server and sing up to alpha testing