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i go copy of SUPER BENBO QUEST THE ADVENTURE OF BENBO QUEST, BUT ANIME GIRL IS NOT LOOKING AS SHE USED TO  :(((((((( WY LOOKING LIKE TAT????!!!! is my game broked, can me get a now one??????????


my bad for taking so long to reply, honestly if you want to play a more update version of this, you can enter the discord server and sing up to alpha testing

this version of the game is extremely outdated, and the modern versions of it are completely different, the game is on closed alpha by now, it's honestly a bit awkward to read reviews on this outdated jam version.

i manage to run it on a celeron 847 with SandyBridge HD, so yes an i5 2430m can easily run it.

all of those are set up for a while now, i haven't change a setting build my apk files now fail to install on mobile, even tho they worked lik a carm the dozens of times i tried to export them before, well i will probably figure out what is going on sooner or later

exporting to android is a bit of a pain even in Godot it's doesn't work half of the time, i had exporter to android multiple times but to this day i still have it causing me headaches.

this is so dumb, but i had too much fun with it

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looks like an PS1 game and i love it, would be nice to see some PS1 shaders on it

you need to make an mobile port for this one

hey it's galo, can you add me in my new discord account? i lost my old one

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hey man it's galo, can you add me on my new discord? i lost my old one.


great game

the passwod puzzle was the only one i disled

the rest is great

why are my shoots going to the wrong place?

navegador nao deixa eu baixar, nem sei por que

bloqueado pelo navegador


lembra o minigame de pescar peixe do jak and daxter so que jogavel

obrigado , o tema era chaves do tempo ou algo assim, a idea e que ia ter duas linhas temporais, mas nao tive tempo de criar dois tiles set, um para o passado e um para o futuro

thank, i appreciate the feedback i will take it in consideration with the next level desings

thanks : D

this was propositional, there is a Easter egg hidden outside map boundaries, well i guess no body found it yet
also thanks : D

should paste this on the jam main page would attract more people, and add to the jam title that there is a prize, would ge tons of people 

i didn't had much of an idea of how to implement the translation mechanic during the jam, so it ended up as a crude simplistic visual novel, next time i will make a couple of endings and some interesting puzzle the player has to solve

it wasn't a specially good game I just wanted to see if I could make a function dialogue system

i think its just hs to be multyplayer, there is not a whole lot of detail about this jam tbh

so the menbers can organize themselves and talk to each other?

thanks i will try to tight the controls up, and try to make the music less repetitive

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i might do an update improving the controls

i might do a balance patch on it, and change a bit the character physics

the graphics are amazing, i can't believe this was done in only 30 days, but the gameplay should had taken more polish, but i'm still impressed with the graphical quality

the graphics are amazing, i can't believe this was done in only 30 days, but the gameplay should had taken more polish, but i'm still impressed with the graphical quality

o thanks, i had no idea

something similar to gamejolts api would be great, i could develop a plugin for it on godot

i'm shocked this game was made in only 10 days