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I love the face animations.  Gameplay was a bit repetitive, but it was still fun.  Good work!

This was so much fun!  I loved that you would upgrade your sled and weapons between runs.  I really enjoyed this!  

This was fun.  I feel like some SFX or camera shake would really help.  James has a nice tutorial on camera shake you should check out.

Oh man I was really excited to play this one.  Shame there's only an intro and no game.

This was fun.  The tire skid effect is great and the game has a nice feel.  It's hard to understand what to do.  Are you supposed to hit everything?  I also had a few runs where nothing loaded except for the car and there were no obstacles.   Nice touch adding a leaderboard.

This was a fun play through.  I feel down a pit in level 2 and couldn't get out so I had to restart from the beginning.

I love the audio in this game!!  Good work

This was fun.  I like the way the white dots chase you.  It would help to have more clearly defined boundaries.  I kept running into the right side wall because it was invisible. 

I love the look of this game.  Some the the food items look similar which was confusing.  But good job completing the game!

Well done!  I never play games like this, but really enjoyed it.  This was such a pleasant way to spend 15 minutes.  Thank you!

This game is sick.  The presentation is top notch.  The gameplay is just difficult enough to make you want to play more but not too difficult to make you stop playing.   The art design is great.  The whole package is amazing.  Great work!

This was a pleasant gameplay experience.  I finished in 3rd but it says I came in 5th.  And i kept clipping though the fence.  I loved the horse designs though.  Good work.

I love it!!  At the start I felt like the gameplay was a bit repetitive, but then the game reveals itself, and it's wonderful. Thank you for making this game.  I really enjoyed it! 

15 games!  That's so impressive.  Great work.  This was a lot of fun.  At first it's quite difficult, but gets easier the more you play which is great.  Some of the games are much harder than others.  I found the Flow Swim to be extremely difficult just to finish.  And I couldn't get too far in The Push.  I think the juggle events are the best.  I did soft lock twice which was a bummer.  If you don't metal in the long jump it just freezes.  But overall this was a lot of fun, and a ton of gameplay.  I also really like the humor in it.  Great work!  Also thanks for hosting this jam!  And being a great teacher!

This is so much fun.  I love the art style.  The attack animations are great.  The story is silly.  I really enjoyed it.  I feel some sound effects would have really elevated this.  Great work.  I enjoyed it.

Ha!  This game was kinda fun.  I love the character design.  I enjoyed watching the people go around and hoping they would use the things I put out.  This is a strange game, but I really like it.

I found it hard to read instructions while tying to play.  Since the player doesn't stop moving, it's hard to play and read.  Also the UI covers some of the text making it even harder to read. 

The controls are a bit tricky.  I wish you could stand still on a moving platform and move with it.  I wasn't sure what the sparks did for you.  I was also getting stuck on platform edges.  It looks cute and I enjoyed the opening scene.

The coding side is confusing.  Are you supposed to avoid everything?  I like some of the sound effects.  And you can really build up some good momentum and fly around which was fun.  

The text is so small I really struggled to even read the directions.  I'm an old man and my eye's aren't what they used to be.  I wish I could have tried it out, it looks interesting, but man my eyes are killing me right now.

I was a bit confused as to what to do in this game.  I liked the art and animations.  The landing roll was cool and the idea was a bit out there and I like that.

This is fun.  The animations are really nice and I liked the controls.  I wasn't totally sure what the yellow lines on the walls meant.  But this is a great first jam game!!  Nice work.

Love it!  The subtle animations are a nice tough.  The player feedback is great.  It's simple yet addictive.  Great work!

I updated the controls.  Thanks for the feedback!

This was a lot of fun!  I enjoyed building a little house around the player so he wouldn't do something silly like jump off the edge.  Great work.  This was a lot of fun, and one of the most original games I played in this jam.

This was a lot of fun.  I love high speed racing games!  Great job.

I love the art style and animations.  The player feedback when moving is great!  The animation on the keyboard after you finish a level is really nice as well.  Good work!

Fun game.  The random controls didn't really do anything the help the gameplay.  But nice work!

Fun platfomer.  I didn't see how this fit into the theme, but maybe I just didn't get far enough into the game.

Great game.  The art and design is really nice.  And the gameplay loop is fun.  I wish there was a win or lose condition.  If you could get to another level that had more holes in different locations that would be great.  But otherwise I really enjoyed it.

This game looks great, but it feels like something that was already in development that was just submitted to the jam.  How does it fit the theme?  I fell through the ground and was glitched out almost immediately.  It also feels like there isn't much to do.  You walk around until you find out you need an item, start over and grab that item.  I clearly didn't understand this game.

Game looks and feels amazing.  Sadly the gameplay is a bit frustrating.  Having to cycle through the glitches just to get the one you need is a bit tedious, but having to replay the previous level after you die is really frustrating.  But it looks and feels great, and a few tweaks to the core gameplay loop would make this a lot of fun.

I love the art style and player animations.  Shame you weren't able to get a proper version of the game done for the jam.  I'm not sure if it's a bug or not, but I love how fast the player moves.

Nice platformer.  I'm not sure how this fits the theme of the jam.  Some audio feedback would be helpful as well.  I wish there was a keyboard button for shoot.  How are you expected to move with arrows, jump with space, and shoot with the mouse?  You need 3 hands.  But it was still fun to play.  Nice work!

Good work!  The art, animation and feedback is great.  It's hard to understand really what's happening.  And it also felt a bit odd to be playing as an angry person who is double fisting guns and shooting everything around him.  Without the ability to aim, it just felt like I was controlling a lunatic on a shooting spree. 

I love the art work.  I'm not quite sure how this fits the theme of the jam, but good work!

I like the song, and the SFX.  The art is cool too.  I found the gameplay to be lacking.  And I'm also not quite sure how this fits into the theme.  But good job!

From a programming point of view, this is really impressive!  I'm sure this was not easy to build.  I agree with the rest of the comments here that it lacks feedback and presentation.  But it's rather impressive, and I like the idea.

Congrats on making a game!!  Well done.  Also I didn't find any bugs which is a huge accomplishment.   I liked the art as well.  It looked really unique. Great work.

Hi.  Thanks for playing!  You can switch lanes with the up and down keys.  You just can't switch lanes in the air.