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To complete level 9 try to create a path that almost completely surrounds both towers; kinda like an egg shape. For minimizing the amount of keys, connect the starting keys together using the "caps" key.

Yeah, you're spot on.

Yeah, pretty interesting.

Okay, v2 is already a lot better. Now I made it to level 5. In level 4, the control panels for the turrets are quite hard to hit. Quite a few times I destroyed a fishbowl in the process. Maybe the collider can be a bit bigger. Regarding the platforming in level 5, could you implement grace jumping? The camera movement is a bit weird as well, because in the other levels the y-axis is locked. Perhaps the y pos can only change on the up/down platformers, not when you're jumping.


You can use the art provided by this asset pack for personal and commercial use.

You cannot redistribute this asset pack."

Just for clarification I did play the version with "fixed" in the title.

Such an awesome game, just a shame of the bugs. After getting a fatal bug for the third time, I just had to stop. There also seems to be an issue when you try to place a building on a tile where there was previously a building (which has been destroyed).

Interesting story and nice art, but I would have liked some more gameplay. Maybe watering the plants?

Probably a decent mobile game, but not really suited for computers. Though, I do like that the pit falls out when you die.

What are the controls of the game? Like, how do you pick up the weapon?

Have a look at Time.timeScale:

I like the art, but there isn't enough feedback to make it engaging. Perhaps you can add some more impact effects. Also, at one point I had a different weapon (shotgun), but then it switched back to the default weapon again.

Pretty funny, but also quite clunky. Perhaps you could explain the controls in game (move the x and then press space when the x is over an item). I liked that the store changed, but I didn't understand how the savings and debt meters worked.

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Oh before the button changes to exit game, there is a start game option. Now, I got to the level shown in the preview video. I managed to get the two monoliths shown, but I couldn't find the third one. The concept is interesting, but puzzles are a bit difficult. Maybe you can add a couple of easier ones.

I can't figure out how to start the game from the main menu. Changing the size of the trees doesn't change anything. Also, you might want to mention that the island can be rotated with the RMB.

Hey, good that you're continuing with the game. Here's my feedback:

  • At first it was a little weird since you've changed the controls. I prefer the hold setup. In which case, you could have him drop from the rope by pressing space.
  • Displaying the controls was good. Why did you remove that? You should just show it only the first time the player goes down. Or was it hidden because I already had some gems?
  • I would like the jump with W as well, since you're not using it for something else anyway.
  • It is still too difficult to get the gems far down. The flare falls down and it is very dark. Maybe flares can be shot into the wall? It would nice if the rope could glow as well.
  • Perhaps also make it so that you can shoot the start and end point of the rope. So, that the starting point is not constraint to where you're standing.

Thanks Jacob!

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Pretty interesting, though some of the artifacts are at very hard to reach spots. I managed to collect four of them. There are quite a few annoying things though; like the controls being shown everytime, very long animation of the artifact wall and the timer.

Hello friend,

I've a made a variant on tic-tac-toe in which you can take an opponent's spot by winning a coin flip. It's more fun than the classic version, because there is now also an element of chance. You can play against the computer or against someone sitting next to you (local multiplayer). Oh yeah, did I mention that you can play it in the browser? No downloads or installs required. Anyway, I would really appreciate some feedback.


Looks really good guys! Any idea when it would be finished? Like in the order of 1 year or several years.

I'm stunned that Brackeys included this in his list of the best games. It's just a clone of Donut County.

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Nice game. The in-world tutorial paper is great, the colorwheel is especially usefull. Though, it does get a bit overwhelming. I stopped on level 8. Also, the movement needs to be more tight.

Well done guys, the difficulty curve is on point. Though, some of the levels at the start are quite similar.

Great art and sound. I like the exploration using the map. Though, I couldn't figure out how to interact with the monolith (see the picture below).

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Once I got the hang of it, the game was alright. However, it suddenly ended after reaching 30 turns (?). I was wondering whether or not you guys did any playtesting. Since the UI is pretty obscure, and the optionsmenu and quit button don't work. Though, I didn't have the cursor issue that the other players mention.

The concept is interesting, but in the first part it's a bit hard to know in which direction you have to go. The hard transition and restarts could also be improved.

The most I got was 4 kills. The amount of fuel you get per kill is way too little. I would prefer the jetpack to just refill when you land.

Pretty nice, though it did crash once.

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The game is definitely one of the best I've played out of this jam. Though, I do agree with the remarks made by Darenn Keller. Most of the men are needed to gather strawberries, meaning that you'll never take that much risk. If the strawberry yield is better (always two or more), I could focus more on exploration.

Congrats on getting exactly the same score as me XD

Wait, all of those tiles are placed randomly. But how do you then control the difficulty? Have you made some pathfinding system that determines how many tiles are needed with the generated layout?

If I'm honest, I never paid much attention to the timer or score. Instead I just tried to complete each round as quickly as possible, because I didn't know how realistic your estimates were for the available time. From the screenshots I now see that there is a bar at the top indicating the time. That is pretty usefull (better than just a number), but perhaps make it a different colour. Maybe also move the bar to the bottom and the other UI (text) to the top.

So, what were the controls mapped to?

Nice and calming game. I really liked the smooth transitions in and out of gameplay. Though, I wasn't sure what the red arrows stand for. The highest score I got was 244.

Pretty decent art. I quite like how the enemies grab your arm and then slow down your movement, instead of them just killing you. Though, the restarting of the level is quite abrupt.

The art is really great, I especially like the boat and the water. Hunting for treasure was also pretty fun.

I found round 3 to be a bit hard, but kept going until round 8. I guess that the levels are hand crafted and the orientation of each tile is randomly decided when the level is loaded. I really liked the concept of the game, what was your inspiration?

The concept is alright. I'm not sure if you guys made all of the art or just used assets, but the music is pretty nice. I found the burried chest, but I couldn't figure out what the code was. I also wanted to mention that it runs really well on my low spec laptop.

Pretty ridiculous with the massive weapons XD. The guns are so big you can shoot past an enemy standing close to you. Though, I did notice that enemies can't do damage to other enemies which is a bit unrealistic.

Nice art and well executed mood. Some sound would be great as well. I hope you will keep working on this game, the story is pretty interesting but a bit hard to follow.

I actually like the clashing artstyles, it's pretty funny. It's nice that enemies don't instantly kill you. Though, I wasn't able to find all of the pearls/sea shells.