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I got stuck at level 14 and when I looked up a walkthrough, it turned out the methode doesn't work in the webplayer. It also seams like there are 5 other levels that have been removed. The methode is to stack two guys on top of each other, let the bottom one jump, switch to the guy on top and have him jump at nearly the same time. Though I did really enjoy the puzzles in the other levels and good job on the fact that you couldn't progress untill you had figured out the new methode required to complete each level.

Making the screen all fuzzy when you slow down or fail a lot doesn't really make it any easier and it already is pretty damn hard to begin with. I only knew there was some way to slow stuff down, because a YouTuber accidentally figured out how to do it. Even if you know where to look for the infograph, nobody will understand that holding down the left mouse button slows down time.

It sure is a fun game, managed to get all the way to 6 medals.

Great game! I managed to get all levels to 3 starts, except for level 13 & 24. A couple of the levels after 13 did feel kinda easy, so you might want to change the order up a bit.

Great video, glad you liked the game and thank you the feedback. I forgot to mention that you can't fire when a gun is reloading. That's why the gun didn't fire at 2:45.

It's a bit difficult to wrap your head around, because you have to rewind the levels. I think it would be easier if you could switch between batteries, but I suppose it is meant to be difficult. I only managed to get to the third level. Perhaps you can add a little number indicating the current level and a level select menu.

  • I played it in the webplayer, it was a little unresponsive but that was probably because of that.
  • The art looks great, but it's not clear to me where I'm supposed to go to.
  • What is the advantage of aiming and then shooting, instead of always having the guy aim?
  • I think some gun recoil would make the shooting more interesting.
  • I would make the mouth red, because I didn't recognize the guy as human.
  • The audio clip isn't all that long, perhaps add a couple more clips and switch between them.
  • A main menu and options menu would also be appreciated.

I think the game has a great art style and orginal mechanic, though I would pick a different sound for the shooting. I would also add a number somewhere in a corner to indicate the level and a menu where you can select a level. Perhaps also change the hold esc to just tap esc to return to the main menu. I made it to the level in the picture below, but I don't really have an indication of whether that is almost at the end or somewhere in the middle.

Pixo Runner community · Created a new topic Feedback

I played all three of your levels a couple of times, here's some feedback:

  • Good variety of enemies, but sometimes unpredictable to where they move (especially in the spaceship level).
  • I also thought the animations looked great.
  • Maybe take the distance walked into account for the score. Right now upgrades are only unlocked through coins, either increase the amount of coins spawned or convert distance walked into coins. I would also increase the amount of coins in general.
  • Perhaps also add some text at the start saying "Click to start" or start the guy running rightaway.

Hello fello gamers, this is my first time posting to this community. Yesterday I released Narrow Field of View (N-FOV) and I would love to hear some feedback on the game from you guys. The game is a top down shooter with a narrow field of view. There are three different enemy characters: Aggressive, Tactical and Scared. The goal of the game is to kill all the enemies in the level as fast as possible.

Thank you for taking the time to play the game!

Made it to level 3, where there is an enemy that has a static purple border, instead of it being a png. Also if you stand next to a wall, walk towards the wall and fire the shotgun, you glitch through the wall. In addition to the health not going back up to the maximum health (maybe intentional).

Don't know if you're going to update the game, but here's some feedback:

  • Good way of implementing the idea that was mentioned on stream.
  • When the game start, it isn't clear that you can start controlling the snake right away.
  • When the snake is of the screen you can change direction and never return to the game screen again. The problem is that there are several movements of the snake off screen, before it appears back on the screen.
  • The snake also doesn't immediately change direction. (first head turns, then he starts moving in the other direction).
  • On camera change skybox to solid color, on maximizing the webplayer you can see the skybox.

I don't know if you guys plan to update the game, but here's some feedback:

  • Mood of the game was well done.
  • Controls are a bit confusing. I would have gone for W-up, S-down, A-left, D-right and I also thought that I was supposed to return back to the surface.
  • It states new game instead of continue on the main menu, after you have already played the game before. Also the buttons on the main menu are really small.
  • You can only pause on the surface and not underwater.
  • The energy just decreases at a constant rate regardless of whether you move normal or turbo or not at all.
  • Instead of having a narrow area underneath the boat were the objects spawn on load, spawn objects around the submarine (outside of the screen) depending on the depth. You can also just move outside of the area, avoid all the enemies and get to your desired depth.
  • When flipping, the sub and torch flip seperate from each other. Also you can "dive" to a positive depth.
  • There was no win screen or something, when you dare to buy the upgrade.

I laughed at the win screen and the let it go character. I did notice that the pig talking about "this is my brother and this is blabla" didn't actually display them in the game. Also the transition between characters was quite abrupt, especially since you made a video about scene transitions.

Are you going to make a video explaining how you did the animations?

Not clear how to:

  • Find the codes for the doors
  • Use the radio
  • Unlock the safe

Also the easter egg didn't do anything.

Here's some feedback:

  • The coins, score and pasajeros UI are overlaying the main menu.
  • When you select a different car the right button goes to the most expensive car, instead of the cheapest car.
  • What do the blue stripes mean?

Dear developers, here's some clarification as to why I didn't really like the game:

  • Putting the boxes into the truck felt like a chore. I would suggest something more in the lines of the game Rainforest. So rather than having a timer, have a couple of conveyor belts and a finite amount of boxes. Then you have to put as many as you can into the truck.
  • I am not sure if this is possible, but I would suggest turning off the collision between the guy and the boxes. And maybe also turn off the collision between the box the guy is holding and the truck.
  • The truck really felt like it was on rails, perhaps your college driving the truck can sometimes be drunk and as result be driving poorly making it harder to hit stuff.
  • I would be pretty pissed if someone broke my windows, but you get no response from the residents.
  • Also I don't know if this is a bug, but the backdoors of the truck opened up and a bunch of the boxes fell out.
  • To end on a positive note, I did like the randomizing of the town. Perhaps you can add dead end streets and roundabouts.
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Yes thank you, I did manage to complete all the levels. Level 9 was much harder than level 10 though, because of the timing of the first dragon. I also found that you can't walk over the dirt wall next to the exit door (level 9) and it did seem like there was a really small deviation in timing between the creaters whenever you restart. In addition to the knight sometimes getting stuck for a few second when hitting the large dirt block in level 7 (when changing direction before going to the platform with the snake at the beginning).

Great game, I made it to level 6. Most levels did have quiet a learning curve to figure out how get past certain parts. In level 6 you have to jump really close to the first spikes inorder to make the jump and in is nearly impossible to get the knight to turn around after you collect the first gem (so when you collect the jump, go back down and need to turn around because you can't make the jump over the lava and spikes).

I would recommend starting with an oxygen meter, some kind of instructions and treasures.

You can't actually move left with A, that's why I touched his balls so many times.

Great game man, I got stuck at the part with the robot shooting at you. The player robot comes jumping into the scene and get's blocked by the single block above the beam, which makes him jump at the right momement. Unless you put the jump function in at exactly the right moment.

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Good game Tim, just 10 minutes to the deadline. I did find that if you die, sometimes upon restart the guy start spinning. Also, the coins don't have any influence in the game.

Awesome man, here's some feedback:

  • It take to long to become visable by standing still.
  • The jumping doesn't always respond.
  • Thomas takes quite a while to change direction.

Maybe add a counter for how many asteroids you have swollen and a pointer to where the sun is.

  • The art looks good
  • I thing being able to aim with the mouse would be better, than firing in the direction the guy is facing.
  • It's just to dark at the start to see the monsters.
  • Maybe add that you have to protect the bunker, so that you can't just run away from the monsters.
  • It's not clear at which distance the monsters can attack you and do damage.
  • 2/5 would be my rating
  • Hold the spacebar to go up at the yellow beam, you can also use the arrow keys to move. Press E when you get to the pilar with the red square (doesn't change colour).
  • I got stuck at the row of yellow beams, if you go down it resets you to the top of the cliff. But the space in between the beams is to large to go from one to the other.
  • The buttons don't change appearance when you highlight them.
  • It is pretty hard to get on to the moving platformers and if you stand underneath them, you glitch through them. Instead of that the platform simply stops moving.
  • The sound is turned of by default.
  • I would rate it 2/5, but the ratings are turned off and I didn't submit to Brackeys Jam.
De-light community · Created a new topic Feedback
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  • Definitely an unique game.
  • All buttons have an one second delay before anything happens.
  • You have to be really precise for the level select menu and also click in the right spot.
  • It's not really clear which squares need to be in the shadow and which ones in the light. I get that they light up once you're correct, but it just makes it more of struggle.
  • It would be better if you didn't have to hold the left mouse button, just click to be pick up and click again to place. This could make the whole moving the light up and down with the scroll wheel, a lot easier. Or make the light move up and down using Shift and Ctrl.
  • All of the quit and back buttons are not framed properly in the game.
  • The back button doesn't work in the credits.

Record of 44 seconds, the main issue is the weird aspect ratio. I also found that if you get blocked, but manage to get back on track, the character doesn't speed up until he's in the middle of the screen again.

Not bad for your first game, here are some points of feedback:

  • The jumping sound gets annoying
  • Quite limited variety of obstacles
  • Hard to see whether or not you're moving, when there are no obstacles in sight
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Good looking game man, but it is not clear that only the boxes move through the portals. You did explain a lot with the little hints, so I guess this one sliped through. In the end I got stuck on level 8. It would also be nice if the portal points in the direction of the button you press, so point left if you press left arrow, point right if press right arrow. Rather than having use the buttons to only change 90 degrees at a time.

There was also a bug that I encountered, in the level were you unlock the portal, if you restart the level after picking up the machine. It is already unlocked, before you pick it up again on your next attempt.

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Cool game, but you messed up on the controls:

  • Move left and right with left & right arrows or A & D
  • Jump with up arrow or W
  • Dash with same controls left and right + Shift
  • Shoot with spacebar

Perhaps also add a health bar in the boss fights. Though I do really like the font you're using on this page, could you tell me what it's called?

Couldn't load mono, is there a file missing?

"An exception has occurred, but exception handling has been disabled in this build. If you are the developer of this content, enable exceptions in your project WebGL player settings to be able to catch the exception or see the stack trace." -Chrome