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Great idea, but the puzzles are way too difficult.

Great take on the theme! I made it to 2-3. In the browser build in Chrome, I noticed that the movement would quite often glitch out. There seems to be an issue when you start the next move, while the previous walk animation hasn't finished yet.

Good idea, but the gameplay is a bit simple. Perhaps there can be more strategy around the track layout and avoiding the train yourself. I made it to 20 days.

Pretty cool game, but the levels are a bit annoying. Though, your post on ludum dare was really inspiring. I made it to level 6.

Pretty cool game! Though, it does get a bit laggy when there are a lot of enemies. Also, in the last level I was often getting stuck on walls resulting in a game over. When the game restarts, it doesn't reset your input or something; the guy keeps moving even though you're not pressing a key.

I actually had an idea around trains as well, but more centred around stealth and I had to cut a bunch since I spent so much time on procedural world gen; lesson learned I guess.

That was way more fun than I had expected. Though, the carrot shooting could be refined a bit; aiming is currently a bit clunky. Also, carrots sometimes spawn on tiles with trees, so you can't pick them up. When I died (game over) I was able to revive him. I'm not sure if that was intentional, but otherwise that is a much appreciated bug.

Alright thanks, looks like he also had some trouble with it.

It's pretty interesting to explore this beautiful world, but the jump height needs to be a bit bigger to make it easier to move around. Also, the borders between green, blue, red, etc background could be blended so that they are a lot smoother.

Great entry! Though, I couldn't solve level 7. I don't really have any remarks.

Okay, I'd also add more feedback. Like the guy saying: "I need to hoe the land first", and "Now I can sow those seeds located at [I couldn't figure out where they were stored]".

Pretty decent, especially for a first game. I would considering changing movement with AD/arrows instead of the hook, but that's up to you guys. Though, I'd recommend making the automatic lane switch happen a bit sooner, because now the player is always too late if there's an obstacle.

Those are some great puzzles! Though, the one with the river running down the centre was too difficult for me. The game kinda has a Baba is You vibe to it; which you were probably going for. Being able to revert moves using Z would be a nice addition, as well as not having to solve every puzzle. That way the overworld also gets utilized a bit more.

Very impressive, well done! Some minor suggestions would be: to allow for jumping with W and then climbing with E, restart with R, and maybe some hints. I couldn't figure out the H-shaped level with the two jumppads in the I-parts.

There is quite a lot of depth, but this does add a lot of complexity. So, an interactive tutorial is really a must. Eventually I could figure out how to plow the land and how to water it, but I still didn't know how to seed it.

Yeah, I agree with the other feedback you received. Some effect when you miss would be useful.

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The game is quite engaing, but I wish there were more checkpoints. It just gets tedious having to redo parts, when the gameplay and level design are pretty simplistic.

Pretty cool mechanic. Though, I wasn't a fan of the camera shakeyness and my soldiers died quite quickly. I was only able to get a bit past the blue gate, before I had run out of money and soldiers.

That was great, I killed 113 goblins! Though, some levels were a lot harder than others. I liked that each weapon was quite destinct in their use cases, but some half transparent image of the previous swing would be very useful.

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That was great, good job man! I especially like how to the level changes, though I'm not the only one. However, the game did buffer every second which resulted in stuttery movement of the player and platforms. [turns out this was because I had another browser game running in the background]

Pretty cool with the 2D assets in a 3D world. Though, enemies randomly breaking right in front of you is quite annoying. The game is also only beatable in at least two runs. Since you start all the way in the back, and the next time you start at your finish position.

The procedural gen is impressive, it really looks hand made. Though, you might mean that you're randomly connecting pre-made bits (like Spelunky). I would change space to be jump. Since players instinctively press space to jump, not to restart.

Pretty cool idea, but I don't think the online system works well for game jams. I also noticed that the movement was quite slippery, making it hard to do precise movement.

Pretty cool how you used the assets. The mechanics weren't too difficult to pick up, but maybe it would have made more sense if the three small monsters turn into the large monster. That way the game is a little less unforgiving as well.

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Pretty cool combat mechanics. Though, I noticed that my knights were still taking damage even though I was doing block moves with the shield knight. The game was pretty difficult, maybe have some smaller encounters first. Binding one key to one knight would also make switching between them less confusing. Btw, I don't think these assets were part of the art pack.

The WebGL build didn't load in Chrome, so I downloaded the game. It's a bit unusual to walk to the left, but it was doable. Though, I couldn't get past the part where the world turns orange-white. The game would really benefit from sound.

It's pretty useful that the enemies leave trails so that you can see their movement. Though, I would've liked more control over wielding in the hook (like hold down to move) or for it to move faster. Perhaps making the movement physics based (ie add gravity) could be interesting. Faster respawning would be nice as well. The trigger for unlocking the allies could be bigger as well, now you have to come in from a very specific position.

Some kind of explanation of what all of the symbols mean would be great. You could do this using tooltips, like Gatlink suggests. That way there is no need for a giant text wall. Overall, I did quite enjoy the game once I understood all of the stuff.

Good submission my dude. Though, it took a while to realise that the next turn button meant that your pieces wouldn't attack (if you clicked it right after placing new pieces).

The main music game is nice, but don't understand why there is a hub world. Does it serve some kind of purpose? It was a bit unclear what the game was about, due to the hub world. The tutorial text also covers the door of your house, which makes it harder to spot the exit.

That was a whack of fun, I managed to get almost 10k! I did notice that the placement of the holes seemed to be predetermined. You could create a bit more variety by making it random (but in a controlled matter).

I too was pacified. Pretty cool how later on the villagers sent out archers. I think being able to destroy buildings would add a lot of depth. Since, the villagers then have to choose between rebuilding and attack the player.

Thanks, those are some great suggestions!

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, I wanted the trains to have their own schedule, scenery in between the stations, and some survival when you need to wait a night for the next train. I just ran out of time, and had to cut a lot of stuff.

No, I managed to destroy the robot. I was referring to the part after that.

Nice and short game. Though, I wish it had some sfx's. I also didn't release that you could kill enemies. There is also a bug with the horizontal moving ones, that results in their path getting shortened while you don't get killed.

This game is tha bomb! Though, I couldn't pull of the end part of the level with the robot on the ceiling. I guess you have to throw two bombs in at the same time, but it was just too difficult.

Seems interesting, but I just can't wrap my head around how it works.

It's unusual how you have to pick up the ammo, which threw me off at first but it does make the game more engaging. Though, the gameplay is a bit repetitive. Maybe you can add the ability to influence the path of the transport truck.

Nice game jf1x! Does jf1x have some kind of special meaning? The game was pretty enjoyable, though the end part with the net dragged on for a bit too long.