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Audio still doesn't work.

Hi Karim, thanks for the feedback. I didn't have a lot of time to make a good music track. Though there was a toggle in the optionsmenu to turn the music off.

I quite like some of the fonts used in the game. Can you provide me with the names of fonts used in the game?

I got stuck at the second screen after you either scrifice vision or two hearts. I thought it was very interesting that you sacrifice a heart at each checkpoint.

Most of the sounds didn't play because of a bug with the audio. I have fixed the bug in the v1.1 update, thanks for letting me know.

Are you now making it into a full game with Size Matters or did someone steal your idea?

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  • I really don't like the key bindings, just let me jump with the w instead of the spacebar.
  • Also if you skip a couple of lines from mr beast, the audio from his voice stops working.
  • Just seperate the pc and mac files, it takes ages to download such a large zip file.
  • The video at start up is also laggy and just let me skip the cutscene at the beginning of the level.
  • The sound at the mainmenu for selecting things is really high pitch.
  • It is not very clear how you can get past the Stefansson statue.
  • At the part just after the statue the second jump up is really hard to pull off.
  • After getting up there I don't know where to go. (just found out that you need to collect 399 coins and destroy the broken bridge part)
  • The enemies between the start and the epic store are buggy after reloading from the checkpoint at the epic store. They could hit me eventhough I was standing on the otherside of a box, I think it partially glitched into the box.
  • Maybe the enemies can just die by one attack, now it just becomes frustrating.
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The controls are way to sensitive in both the web player and the windows build. They also feel unresponsive in the windows build. In the web player I did manage to complete the first couple of levels; but the movement while in the air is really slow, making some levels nearly impossible to complete. Also there was no sound in the web player or the windows build.

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Alright thank you, but isn't it kind of odd that the solution in the walkthrough doesn't work in the webplayer? I tried it again and your method is really hard to pull of (so unlikely the intended solution). I found that if you stack two guys on top of each other and quickly press the up key mutliple times, the stack of them moves up indefinitely.

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I wasn't very good at the game, but I saw some YouTuber who were pretty good at it. I thought that maybe the guys on the left only move to the right and vice versa, creating a possible loop hole; but you guys were ahead of me and I couldn't outsmart the game. Maybe the game is easier using a controller, but I only played it with a keyboard. The only minor issues I have are the controls of the menus (just let me use my mouse) and maybe the jump can be binded to the spacebar.

I made it to level 17 Going Outside. It's impressive that you came up with so many actions.

Hey, that's pretty good! My has score was $6529.

Quite a funny game, but it wasn't clear that you should press to turn the pullers into repulsers.

Yeah I tried to recreate the bug again as well, but I didn't encounter it again either.

I think it's an interesting game. For me it wasn't very clear how far the guy moves for one move block, it would have also been nice if you could see which block was currently being executed. Some minor annoyances were that the blocks disappeared each time it resets and that you can't remove a block once it has been placed.

It's quite nice, but for me there was to little variety between the levels. Also if you complete a level and click replay (instead of next) and than go back to the level selecter, the next level is still locked.

It's unclear how to get/make the tools. The controls are very clunky with WASD, just let me use my mouse with the menus.

It looks cool in the gif, but what button do I press to start?

I made it to the 4th level, than there were just to many knifes. You are good at art and focus on that, so maybe you can try a code heavy game for a challenge.

It was a bit hard to see which size a box was, but other than that it was a great game.

I would rather not give away the solution completely, but input to the power of 3 is the same as input * input * input. So you should use the input block multiple times, also the while block doesn't work. This is the last level, so good job on making it to the last level!

The code blocks are scaled separately from the rest, but are supposed to be the same size as the grey blocks. So if you change the scaling or resolution setting of your pc, the blocks will be the same size as the grey blocks.

Thanks for the Jam Jonas. I have used the feedback to improve the game and I've also added additional levels. Let me if you were able to beat them too.

Thank you for feedback. You can now click on the exclamation marks to get feedback on what is wrong about the placed blocks. EqualSigns will also appear if you place the correct block in the first colomn.

I have just updated the game and I think it will now be a lot more clear to new players. EqualSigns will appear if you place the correct block in the first colomn. You can also click on the exclamation marks to get feedback on what is wrong about the placed blocks.

Hi Karim, I have updated the game. I think it will now be a lot more clear to new player. EqualSigns will appear if you place the correct block in the first colomn. You can also click on the exclamation marks to get feedback on what is wrong about the placed blocks.

I got the exe to work, but I have some questions about things that were not clear to me:

  • Do you have to use all the blocks?
  • Do all blocks need to have four connections (turn white)?
  • Which button do you need to press to test if you did it right?
  • How does the connecting with the gray line work? Can the bottom port of one only connect to the top of another block and the left port only to the right port?

I think it would be a lot more interesting if you had to choose between two people. Maybe let them both do their story and then you kill the one who you think isn't innocent.

Oh yes thank, that did the trick. The ship were a bit to uncontrollable and it was to hard to move to the checkpoints. I also got stuck in one of the triangle obstacles. Maybe you can make it more of a move from A to B game and definitely think about the controls of the ship.

I don't use Gamemaker Studio 2 myself, but I think you can do it using the steps in this article

I guess Walk is a good title for a game that is a walking simulator. After having played every game entry I can say that this game was the easiest to understand, compared to pretty much all the other games that were very hard to understand (including my own).

The balloon part was great. I thought that there was supposed to be sound in the game, but I didn't hear anything. I also didn't understand what the yellow disks were for.

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So yeah. I'll start off by saying that suicide is not a joke. I don't what the other guy thought of it, but reading the comment from Jonas I can confirm that it isn't clear that you are supposed to move the black walls, that the walls kill you and that you move using the arrow keys. I also managed to get to the boss fight, but it's just to annoying that you get restarted all the way back to the begin every time you die.

When you start the game just build like 3 or 4 parks to get the meter going. Then just check what the people want every 15-30 second and build that.

I think the main issues are that you don't earn money, the city doesn't look any different and there is very little interaction with the game. You just ask what the people want every once in a while and build it.

It wasn't clear to me how to interact with things, other than to shoot at enemies which then exploded.

It is kind of annoying that the border of the level are invisible. I also didn't know there actually were healthpack, because I didn't run into any.

Maybe the monsters can sometimes add dirt back to the level.

The game doesn't seem to detect my input. What is this game about?

I can't make the window go full screen. I also can't continue in the level with all of the rows of clipboards.

Can you upload a webplayer?

I think it would have been more creative if the words itself interact with each other. It wasn't very clear how the conversations interact with each other. There were also a couple of spelling errors.