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Thank you! I definitely wish we had a bit more time left to balance some of the numbers, but I'm glad you still liked it :)

Yeah the page is a bit finicky, but I'm glad you enjoyed the music! Our musicians really nailed it :D

Thanks! Our artists worked so hard, they'll definitely appreciate that

Thanks for reviewing!

Glad you liked it so much :D

Why is this not more highly rated?! The intro and outro cinematic dialogues are great, and this is one of the few game jam games that actual made me want to keep playing a level until I could beat it rather than just not finish. I would absolutely love to see an extended and polished up version of this!!

Fun game! I love the visual style and had a blast with this. I'd love to see more in the future

I love this! Just the relaxation needed after a game jam crunch! My only question is how it relates to the theme, but, well, it just sounds so nice.

A spectacularly fun little game that I'd love to see expanded out!

Nice simple little game! I think it is a fun sort of "bullet hell"-ish game. The only complaint I have is that the player ships feel a tad too slow

Fun little tech demo. I feel like if you extended this out and polished it into a full game it would have real potential!

Fun little game!

Fun little game to play! My only complain is that the art style between the dream and non-dream levels is a bit non-cohesive, but otherwise great

Neat little game. I feel like if it was polished for a bit longer it could be a truly awesome experience!

Thank you so much!

Thank you!

Fun game, but I feel as if the difficulty ramped up way too fast. Would love to see a version of this refined further!

I was disappointed that it seemed so easy at first, but the levels got harder and my fears were relieved. Good mechanics and overall a good little game!

Simple. To the point. I love the style and I love the simple puzzle gameplay! I could totally see this on an old handheld

Yeah we had the UI working on our screens, but when the time crunch came, we didn't have enough time left to properly set up scaling. Glad you had fun :D

Interesting concept and I had fun jumping around!

Interesting concept but the controls are a bit hard to manage, particularly with no forward momentum.

Haha! We wanted to play into the hilarity of taking an idiom too literally XD Glad you enjoyed it!

Neat idea and was fun to play! A little confusing sometimes, but otherwise pretty good

Yes indeed, I think the tutorial is definitely something we could have better polished. Thanks for playing :D

I like the idea here, and particularly hard parts it was fun! I do wish a few of the phyiscs glitches were fixed, but I think this could be an interesting game to see expanded

This was a fun game to play, and it's neat to sort of "see the other side of the screen" for a platformer. For the most part it was fun, but my suggestion would be to have a little icon of the next coming block, as it got frustrating to fail because I didn't have blocks that would allow me to continue. 

I bet dogs would enjoy herding the cats ;) Glad you had fun and the music is definitely a blast!

Glad you liked the audio, our composers really jammed hard! As for the tutorial, we agree we could definitely sharpen it.

Yes, if we had more time we definitely would have polished up the tutorial a bit. As for the cats leaving the trap area, try using the catnip bomb (right mouse click) to keep them attracted :D

I think this is a very neat concept that could be expanded further! The song was nice, but I think too loud, as it became noticeably repetitive and a bit grating; however, lowering the volume could solve that easily. I noticed a bug where you can not take "damage" by sliding right or left when a you are about to get hit. I would love to see this expanded and polished more!