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This is a nice idea for the gamejam with really pretty art. I had fun playing it and it was really nicely polished. Great job!

Great game, it was fun trying to work out how to move and not burn myself :)

This was a really well polished game with great game feel. I've not seen this idea yet this jam with the player going back and forth between levels. Great job! It worked really well.

Thanks so much, we found that the game could get quite addicting whilst we were playtesting it. This is a really good sign! We're glad you enjoyed it. That's some good feedback, and if we continue to work on this game we're defintitely going to take this into account.

Thanks, we wanted to add some more minigames so that the game always felt fresh, but there's only so much you can do in 48 hours! We're really glad you enjoyed it.

Thanks so much, we're really glad you liked it :)

Thanks so much! We were really trying to go for the out of control theme in the gameplay. Great game by the way, it was a lot of fun!

Thanks so much, we're really happy with how the art turned out and we're glad you liked it. That's an interesting idea, and if we were to continue working on this we'd definitely consider it!

Thank you! We appreciate your feedback and glad you liked it.

This was a really polished, well crafted game. I liked the introduction tutorial scene, and then it got out of control quickly. The control scheme was easy to pick up and I really appreciated the little messages at the start with how to control the boat. The art is simple but works really well and I really liked this game. Great job!

haha this was a really fun game. Extremely frustrating but a lot of fun, and when I was able to coax my cat across the finish line to finish in first place I was so proud. There was also a surprising amount of skill involved, even though it seems like it's almost random. I had a great time playing it. Great job!

The characters in this game were all very adorable. Normally I'm not the kind of person that goes after this style of game but i really enjoyed this one. Putting the theme of the jam into the story rather than the gameplay is a bold choice and it really worked out well. Good job!

This was a really nice game and a cool twist on the theme. I enjoy playing the games that don't put the theme in the mechanic, but rather the story or the themes. It's really great to see something like this and the painting was really nice and relaxing. I laughed quite a bit when I saw the TV show that you get angry at. Great job!

This was a really interesting game with smart mechanics. I had a lot of fun trying to decide if it was worth it to place down certain powerups that I know the main character would get hurt trying to reach. It was a real fun struggle of trying to balance his life. Good job!

I really enjoyed it when I'd get spooked by an alien coming to close to me, spamming my gun at it, and accidently creating an absolute giant of an alien. This was a fun time to play; great job!

This was a very nice game with a really smart mechanic. I enjoyed getting frustrated when the main character wouldn't just notice me and start following me, or he'd get distracted by one of the other enemies. It was a great time!

Thanks! Yes, if we had more time we would have most likely focused on balancing as certain combinations of the minigames are certainly more challenging that others. Its not just you who has had trouble with the seasoning and we have realised that we can improve on the interface to better instruct players. Currently, the colour of the 's' and 'p' on the salt and pepper grinders indicates either season (green) or don't season (red). Glad to hear you enjoyed however!

This game fits really well with the theme for this jam. I always felt out of control, although it didn't feel unfair. The art style and sound design really complimented the game as well. This was really hard but I had a great time playing it.

This is a very simple but cool idea. Maybe there's a limit to how much I'd play this before getting a little infuriated, but that;s part of the fun! Great job with the audio and graphics too!

Really great potential here! I got a little confused at times as others have said, but the concept is cool. It works well as a game and I could see this being polished. Good job!

Thanks for your feedback. Yes, we hope that the intense feeling of being out of control is something that everyone who plays can agree on!

This is a fun game to play and it has a cool concept, fitting for the theme. It feels quite addictive and satisfying to play and the presentation is good. I like the subtle colour palette. Great job!

This game looks and feels great. It reminds me of Tron. Didn't have a hard time understanding what to do unlike quite a number of other entries. It has an interesting concept too. Great job!

Great job with this game! I only played singleplayer but it was fun. Quite an original concept too in comparison to a lot of entries. Well done.

This was a really unique entry for the jam and I had fun playing it. It took a while to work out exactly what the cards did, and as others have pointed out a quick explanation of what each card did would have been nice, although I got the hang of it eventually. I really liked the implementation of the pinball mechanic as well. Great job!

I've seen a few games this jam that have the mechanic where you can't decide which actions you get to do, but this is certainly the most unique implementation of that core idea. Combining that with the Crypt of the Necrodancer style acting on the beat was really smart and was a lot of fun to play. The level design was really great for only 48 hours as well. Good job!

Haha that's a smart way to play the game. We didn't intend for it to be multiplayer but a few people have said that it works well as one, so we may have to think about that in the future! We're planning on uploading a slightly improved version after the gamejam has ended, with little quality of life improvements, so keep an eye out for that if you want. It's really nice to hear that you want to keep playing our little game. Thanks so much!

Thanks so much, it's great to see people playing our game and being able to get such high scores! The feedback is really helpful as well and we've already got a build that has little fixes such as the text being difficult to read. Once the jam is over it'll be uploaded. Thank again!

Thank you so much for the compliments. We love that you loved our game :)

This is an excellent looking game, massive congrats to whoever did the art for this one. I could feel a lot of inspiration from other games, such as Grow Home's movement scheme and art style, but also a QWOP inspiration in the unusual control scheme that works really well. The sneezing did get me, especially when the flamingo decided that it did not want to sneeze, causing me a mini heart-attack :) Great job!

This was a fun take on the theme of the jam this year. I haven't played anything where you have to hurt yourself in order to deal damage. The sound effects were very good and really added to the game. It was a good time trying to build up enough demons in order to make my rage count the most. As a full game with more varied enemies and level design, this would work really really well, but this was great for a jam entry. Great job!

This is a very nice game. It was very frustrating when the cat would stop following me but then I suppose that's the point of the jam haha. It was very fun and the art style and sound design workeed very well, helping it with its vibe. Good job!

This was a really challenging game but I had a great time playing it. It almost felt like typing of the dead, and I wonder if using words rather than letters would work, although it was great as it was. From the first level I thought it was going to be rather easy but I was definitely wrong as I entered the third level and the barriers kept on breaking. Great job!

I've not played a deck-strategy game this jam and this was really refreshing. I enjoyed playing through it very much and really liked the fact that you have to play your cards in order to refresh them. It forced me to really think about my positioning and what the enemies were going to do. This would work really well as a full game, with varied enemies and cards; I'd definitely play it. Great job!

This is a great game and I haven't seen a game made this jam with RPGmaker, it's impressive and certainly not something I'd attempt. I liked how the demons shifted around which defintely makes it very chaotic and helps make it an out of control game. Since the patterns are predictable as well it made the game feel fair rather than truly out of control, which I liked. It seems from the other comments these are recurring characters so I'll have to check out your other games! Great job!

This is an impecable game that I had a load of fun playing. I haven't seen this mechanic done at all this jam and I really wish I had thought of it. It's an extremely original idea and the puzzles are so well done. I know how hard it is to design puzzles in such a short amount of time and I have mad respect for the quality here. Excellent job! This is definitely a highlight of the jam for me.

This was an excellent little game. The art style was impecible and I had a lot of fun trying to create as many enemies I could possibly handle until I couldn't take it any more and then letting off my special ability. It's extremely well polished as well, with great audio to accompany it. Amazing job!

Thank you! Glad you like it.

Thanks! Much appreciated.

This was a really unique idea for a game jam and I had a load of fun playing it. I haven't seen a game this jam that had the mechanic of having to leave your body in order to attack the enemies. It got very hard and very fun when I had to start really thinking about the best positioning of my body so that when it was uninhabited I wouldn't die immediately. Excellent job!