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The platforming of this feels really good, I also really enjoyed all the art, as well as the retro screen. Very polished!

the art style was absolutely wonderful; I really felt as though the health bar was so angry that the player wasn't healing himself (which is fair I was too :D). I really enjoyed playing and trying to get a high score!

I thought it might be a basic opposite of uno, but this was an extremely well thought out card game (which could defninitely be a real card game with some tweaks) that I had a blast playing. Also it goes without saying that the art in this game was absolutely delightful, the 3 characters had really cute designs!

Absolutely loved the art and the sound design in this game! The opening cinematic was giving me major nostalgia for early naughties flash games. Good job!

A fun puzzle game, I enjoyed the little shake at the start of the level where I could work out what I was going to be controlling :D

ah no that wasn't meant to be an insult. It was really funny actually watching everything fly everywhere!

I've seen games this jam that cover a similar vein with handing out quests but I really like what this one brings, it feels really polished and that thought has been put in. I really like the way the bar keep actually says what the quest is based on the combination; that must be quite a few different possibilities you had to code for!

Man's creativity truly knows no bounds - turns out getting an egg into a frying pan is god tier difficulty

Wow, a 48 hour game jam and you come up with an idea that not only fits the theme, but could easily become a really fun card game irl, I am jealous of your talent! The mechanics were tight and the ruleset was quick to pick up. I'm sure that there is a lot of potential nuance the further you go with it.

Wow! This is great being your second ever game. I enjoyed trying to work out what the algorithm is for whether a player dies or succeeds.

A really tight core mechanic with amazing puzzle design. The mechanics are minimalistic which really worked well since it gave the design of each of the levels a chance to shine!

Now I understand why my plants are dying. I loved the controls for this, really intuitive and the way the plants grow a little bit when I select them made it really easy to not look down at my keyboard. Also, was the gardener based on the main character from One Piece? Having such a weirdly buff gardener with an open shirt was really funny :)

Fabulous art style! I loved the little attention to detail with the way the cat's eyes track the player. With such a small area to run around in and having such a large head it was a difficult game! We really liked that though and had fun competing to see who got the higher time :D

One of the more creative ideas I've seen this jam! Once I realised I could place the blocks with a space in between them I was really trying to eek out distance. The base concept for the game was simple, solid, and fun, and everything else added on top of it accentuated the core mechanics. Stunning job!

Thank you very much! After seeing how good your game is, we take the compliment doubly so!

Thank you so much that's such a nice comment! We really wanted to make sure the player knew when their ability was activated, when they were hit etc. If we had more time I'd just want to pack as many different ghosts in as possible :D

Haha thank you, we had a lot of fun making all the ghosts and animations! It's always a struggle to get the game balance right in such a short time. If we were working on this for longer I think more ghosts but maybe less health each to make it a bit more bullet hell-y.

How are people defeating the dragon? This game is so hard, but in a great way. I love the mechanics of it, and it really works for the shorter arcade game style. I loved the art and the sound design as well. It's very addicting, I may be playing this game a lot over the next few days because I really want that dragon dead ahaha.

Poor Tim. I gotta say trying to do this with just a track pad made it a lot harder; I enoyed the challenge though! The art style was really nice and minimalistic, did you base it on anything?

Does he place randomly or is he actively trying to lose? I couldn't tell, but I found it so hard to not accidently win sometimes. At one point I was happy because I thought I had let him win but I didn't realise I accidently got three in a row. I am a fool ahaha. Good job!

Ha! What a wonderful concept. I really liked the pun of calling it the garbage collector, and I loved the spawning in animation for the enemies being the unity object symbol. The hero was getting stuck since all the enemies were crowding around him but having him track the items was a really smart way to get him out of the way so I could chomp on his leftovers. Very smart!

The art used for this jam was wonderfly done. The knight's flowy walk cycle and the villain's jump animation were _so_ smooth. I struggled when we were both on the single wide walkway but I had a blast. Thank you!

Those birds were heat seeking missiles ahaha! I didn't expect them to move so quickly I got quite a fright. Good Job!

A very fun relaxing game - it was like Papers Please but without the constant stress. The art style was really cute and I had a lovely time playing it!

This was a really fun (and really hard) game! It took me a minute to work exactly what I was supposed to be doing but once I worked it out I was having a really fun time trying to make progress. The restarting being nice and quick made it easy to keep retrying which I definitely did. I was SO proud of myself for getting past the 2 fire demons and the healer and that's a feeling I know every developer wants the players of their games to have that feeling so congratulations! It really combined turn based combat with a puzzle game; love it!

This is one of the most unique ideas I have seen in this jam so far, from the first level I was already enjoying it. I am envious of your team being able to make such good puzzle levels in only 48 hours and I still wanted more at the end of the game. With more than 48 hours of work I can see this being a full game. Love it!

Came for the game, stayed for the crows. It was a simple mechanic, with some tight platforming that felt really nice. I almost want to play again to see what happens if I tell the ghost I don't want to be friends (that would be mean though). Loved the game!

Thanks! We had a great time making each of the ghosts

Thank you! It was hard to get the balance between too easy and too hard in such a short time.

Thank you so much that's such a nice comment! I'm glad you hate the speedy ghosts, they were a last minute addition but they turned out to be so needed :)

The font is Venice Classic; the font files are all available on my GitHub page for the game!

The ambience in this game is really nice. I was struggling to find the cop because I didn't realise how fast they were going; when they passed by the corner of my screen during the lightning I was actually really spooked because of how fast he was moving. Good job!

Loved this game, were more and more of my tile spawning as the levels went on? It got so hard later on! :)

Very fun idea, I liked working out how the different characters work!

Love the presentation! Really nice style and the puzzles were really nicely done (I could never come up with those puzzles in 48 hours :D)

An interesting take on the theme; I like it! :)

This is a nice idea for the gamejam with really pretty art. I had fun playing it and it was really nicely polished. Great job!

Great game, it was fun trying to work out how to move and not burn myself :)

This was a really well polished game with great game feel. I've not seen this idea yet this jam with the player going back and forth between levels. Great job! It worked really well.

Thanks so much, we found that the game could get quite addicting whilst we were playtesting it. This is a really good sign! We're glad you enjoyed it. That's some good feedback, and if we continue to work on this game we're defintitely going to take this into account.