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Hey! Thanks for checking in! Sorry, no updates yet. I've been really busy with work and other things (also the GMTK jam burnt me out a little haha) , so I haven't had a chance to work on this game as much as I'd like.

New stuff is in the works! (although I don't have an ETA on it. I have a lot of open tasks to smooth out the early game in addition to adding new content).
Sorry I've been kind of off-the-grid. Thanks again for checking in!

Thanks so much for playing! Sorry for the insanely late response. Glad you liked the music transitions and the basic gameplay.

For controls, I'm planning on letting people rebind the controls, but that's in the works for the future. I'll keep the default controls in mind and see if other people have similar feedback on Z/X vs Q/W and whatnot. Controller support is also enabled in this build.

Allowing people to control the screenshake is definitely on the list of accessibility options, thanks for letting me know it was a little intense.

Haha sorry that the lightning platforming section felt like a bit much. I wanted a non-combat section where you're forced to parry lightning to let the player know "oh I can parry ANYTHING". That said, I sort of forgot that it's also the first platforming section. I like the idea of breaking the flow of combat a little with more platforming/less-intense sections, so I'll keep that in mind and try that out as I continue.

I agree the difficulty curve is a little intense, definitely still a work in progress so I'll keep tuning and refining that part. As for the parry being a gimmick: I actually want the core gameplay to revolve entirely around the reflect/parry, so that's the main reason why it's so hammered in at the beginning.

That said, it needs to feel fair, and I think it feels really bad to miss a parry by a tiny bit, which is what probably happens to most people on their first time through. I think delaying the attack to allow the player to parry on the beat is a good way to make the parry feel a little easier. Perhaps lengthening the window as well could work. 

Glad you made it to the sniper (and glad you found the assist modes useful!). The second phase is definitely a little insane, especially for a first boss. If I can come up with an elegant way to nerf it, I probably will. The sniper is the last thing in the current build right now, so you've seen everything I have to show you for now.

As for the lack of story: The story is in progress! I've written a lot of the story already, but I'm still looking for elegant ways to introduce it to the player. I think it'll help a lot with breaking up the flow of combat, but it's still in the works. I'm trying to iron out gameplay before I invest too much in the story.

As for 'which weapon to use', I like your suggestions. I think the core of your suggestion is to make it visually clear that an attack is unavoidable (MUST be parried), vs which enemies / attacks can just be fought conventionally. 

One design I've been thinking about is to allow for 3 levels/degrees of player skill expression:
Level 1 player skill is just attack enemies, and run away / dodge enemy attacks (low risk, keep yourself out of harms way, low reward).
Level 2 is attack enemies, and parry attacks when they attack (put yourself in harms way, high risk, get rewarded by parrying enemies which deals tons of damage / stuns depending on the enemy).
Level 3 is parry attacks WHILE you yourself attack the enemy (put yourself in harms way and time parries while also attacking for maximum reward).

I think the issue right now is some enemies REQUIRE you to be experienced enough to use level 2 skill expression, which is kind of unfair for new players who are just getting used to the parry. I think the solution to this is to keep unavoidable attacks (things that MUST be parried) to an absolute minimum early and make them very visually distinct from other attacks. I also want to emphasize to the player that parrying is the MOST EFFECTIVE way to play. I still need to iterate on this though, so thank you for your suggestions.

Thanks again for playing, and thank you for the wall of text! 


Hi! Thanks for making this post, I feel like posts like this are the reason people played my game at all haha. I played One Rhino and left a comment on the page, great work!

If you get a chance, feel free to try my game, AAA_GROOVE:

It's a one-button rhythm side-scroller. Everything in the game is synced to the music, including the hazards!

Wow, I was not expecting that ending. Definitely a great way to make a very brutal point about endangerment. I love the abruptness of both the (spoilers) poacher attack and the ending for "finding your family". It makes the point hit so much harder. Awesome job!

Thank you so much!!!

Thanks for playing! Yeah the manager's a real piece of work haha

Thanks a ton! Also thanks for noticing that spike mechanic! I was really psyched to implement that, it felt like a nice quality-of-life thing that people would appreciate. Also your game is awesome!

This is a really good puzzle game! The part where you use the arrow key buttons as a barrier is an incredible "a ha!" moment. I wish the bots were a tiny bit faster, it made testing out different strategies feel a little slow. That said, I think that the way you executed this concept was excellent. 

I think this game is the best take I've seen on the "single-use" mechanic so far. Well done!

Thanks for playing! I played your game and left a comment as well!

Really nice work! It's a simple concept but I think it's one that's definitely worth exploring more. I would have liked to see a little more variation in the level design; it felt like levels blended together a little.I didn't really notice too much of a difference between each room aside from the hand rotation speed increasing and a few books moving around.

That said, I think you have the start to a very solid game here. Nice job!

Thanks a ton! Also LOL I'm glad you liked the "only one who can do this' part, I had a ton of fun writing the dialogue for this game.

Thanks so much for playing! I'm really glad you liked it.

Thanks! I tried out your game and it was also awesome!

This idea is really fantastic. The green light/solid shadow mechanic in particular is incredibly innovative, I don't think I've seen anything like it, awesome job!

I wish there was a way to scroll through the level and see what lights were coming up; it felt like for some of the longer levels it would take me a few tries to just see that there was a light coming up that I needed to click. It also felt like the double jump was a little unresponsive, but that might just be me being bad.

There's a lot of really great design here. I really like the mechanic of turning a green light off, and then immediately turning it back on once the shadows are beneficial to you. Excellent work!

Hi! Thanks for making this post, I'll check your game out when I get back from work. If you get a chance, feel free to try out my game:

It's a one-button rhythm side scroller! If you could give feedback on the how fair the hazards feel relative to the mobility restrictions, that would be cool. That's something I was stressing out about.

Hi! I played through "only one truth", it was really really funny! Great work! I left a comment and rating on the page.

If you get a chance, feel free to try out my game: It's a one-button rhythm sidescroller!

The tone the game sets really early on is excellent. I'm met with a question that should never have been asked, and answers that are either nonsense, gibberish, or both. That tone makes it all the more hilarious when I choose a joke/nonsense answer because I think "this is what the game wants, right?" and immediately get hit with "what is wrong with you?" LOL. Also the "settings" joke was incredible, I only found out about it due to other commenters but it's a hilarious little easter egg.

Great job!

Hi! I gave your game a try and left a comment on the page, great work with Sheepherd Dog!

My game currently has somewhere around 24 ratings, I'd love if you gave it a try:

It's a one-button rhythm game!

This is an incredibly polished game, nice work! It looks like a lot of of great art (and very cute music) went into this project. I really like the simplicity of the game: One room, one objective (one dog); it all makes the game very approachable. Also I suck at herding sheep haha, I always missed just one of the 16 sheep.

Great job!

Hi! I finished IT'S MINE (it was excellent! Very cheeky ending as well). I rated it and left a comment, nice work!

If you get a chance, feel free to check out my game:

It's a one-button rhythm game!

Great work! This is an excellent take on the theme. I think others already mentioned, but the web version was almost unplayable for me due to lag (the download version played very smoothly). The juice in this game is amazing (the screenshake and freezeframe upon hitting the monster is excellent).

I know this is just me being bad, but it felt like most of my deaths were due to clicking a little to early (while the bullet was red). It would be awesome if there was a sound effect that played as soon as the bullet turns from red to black, just to make it a little easier to time your mouse clicks.

Awesome job! Again, this is a really cool take on the theme.

Nice work! I don't usually see co-op games submitted to jams like this, so this is definitely a unique idea. I'd love a solo-mode, where I could just use the same controls and swap between the characters with a single button instead of having to swap controls each time (since only one character can move at a time anyway). Starting over from the beginning with each death was pretty brutal, but the game overall is a cool concept. Keep it up!


Holy crap this is so funny! Honestly I totally SHOULD fix this for the post-jam version, but it's also one of the most hilarious bugs I've ever seen. Thanks for catching this!

Thanks so much for playing, and for all the kind words! I'm really glad you liked my implementation of the theme (and the 1 dollar thing haha). 

I've been putting together a list of things to add/fix for a post jam version, so I'll definitely fix the "collecting money after time is up" and the "no restart" functionality, thanks for catching those!

I definitely wanted this game to have no "failure-state", since I thought that'd break the flow of the game too much. I'm glad you agreed with that design choice. Thanks again for playing!

Wow this was excellent! I love the single-use dash/jump mechanics, and the resetting and time-stop portions are also excellent. It's incredibly satisfying to bounce, jump, and dash all in a chain with coin resets in between.

It felt a little tough for me to consistently perform an action right out of time-stop. For example, it felt difficult to freeze time, then choose "Jump", and then actually jump immediately afterwards (often times I would dash instead). This happened to me a lot on the "Coin Reflexes" level.  know this is just my fault for being bad, but I think this is tied to the fact that the "change power" button  while time is stopped is the same as the "Use power" button when time is moving.

All that said, I really like this game. It's very satisfying to play, and the levels are all crafted in a way that feels really fair and tests all aspects of the design. Great work!

Hi! I gave your game a try, and I LOVE the idea behind it. I will definitely be forcing my friends to 1v1 me in your game. We love RNG duels like this, and I'm looking forward to the rising tension (Single player was cool but I totally agree that the local 1v1 is the core of your game). 

If you get a chance, feel free to check out my game:

It's a one-button rhythm game. 

Oh man this is such an awesome concept. I haven't gotten a chance to play this with my friends yet but I 100% will soon. I tried the single player mode and I just love the balance of trying to go for that clutch 30% shot versus being a weenie and going for a safer play. Will report back with more once I get my friends to play with me, but great job!

This is such a unique and honestly hilarious take on the theme.

Solid work! The idea here is pretty cool, I like that you can see the main character the whole time (allowing you to focus your light on the terrain and the enemies). Like some of the other commenters mentioned, the controls feel a little unresponsive. It felt like my jump button presses would only go through about half the time. Additionally, movement was quite slippery, making some of the more precise sections a little too tough.

That said, I think this is a great start. Keep it up!

Thanks a ton for playing, and for the kind words!

Thanks so much! I'm glad you liked the music AND the greedy management haha.

Whoah I've never heard of the "Tafl" genre of games, this is really cool. I'll definitely check out Hnefatafl.

Yes, I made aaa_groove! Haha glad you liked it!

I'm using chrome, I agree it's likely some kind of focus issue. I thought it would go away if I clicked in the window, but for some reason it still persists even if I click in the window.

Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it. I checked out your game and left a comment (spoilers: I thought your game was amazing!)

Wow, this game is incredible! I don't think I've ever seen a game like this before. I think this game has a ton of potential outside of this jam, so I'd love to see it made into a full game! Every encounter was like a fine tactical puzzle. Sometimes it felt like I lucked out due to the AI choosing a suboptimal move, but that's still fine. I don't have any constructive criticisms. This game looks and feels great to play! Great work!

Oh man I was really really excited by this concept! I think I'm in the majority when I say WE NEED MORE! The idea was great and finally figuring out how to get to the end was really satisfying. I'd love to see more of this game.

I like that it wasn't fully explained that you could (SPOILERS) ride the arrow. Figuring that out felt really really good. Great job!

I LOVE THIS! One button control for a driving game is brilliant. It's wacky and it's different and very fun. One of the funniest things was just barely missing a turn and thinking "well it's time to GO FOR A LOOP". I got 3 minutes 8 seconds if you're wondering.

I liked that I could restart at checkpoints, although it was a little disorienting to be rotated to what seemed like an arbitrary direction when I hit R. 

Again I really love this idea. Although the controls were quite slippery, it felt like that was intentional given the roughness of the terrain. Great job!

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it!

This is a really cool puzzle game. I know it would have changed the design, but I expected to be able to switch back and forth between clones. That said, I think this idea was executed well. I loved baiting enemies onto switches, so I'm glad that was one of the core puzzle mechanics.

Nice work!