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Destination Reached!

I've played and rated to all the games you posted here. ALL of you have made great games. You can be proud of you!

Good luck for the ratings and see you soon! :D

Pretty nice game!

There is a good global gamefeel, and a lot a juicy effect (screenshake, particles, etc.). I think you can add even more juicy. :p

Good job! :)

Cool game!

Nice graphics, sound effects, music fit well and the design is simple but very addictive.

Good job! :)

Nice alternative to the chess.

Hope to see an AI version later!

Good job! :)

Cool game! Reminds me INK a lot (another game with the exact same design but with a cube).

There's a good learning curve and a good amount of levels for a jam.

Good job! :)

Pretty cool game!

The collision with the pedestrians is very brutal (in the good way). And love the fact that you have to wait to go to the desired direction.

Sometimes, a car behind me just crashed on my car and I have an unfair feeling. Maybe there's a way to avoid these situations too much.

Good job! :)

It's a really original concept!

Really love the idea of 1D puzzle game.

Sometimes it's a bit hard to read what you exactly do. Some colors blinks and fades didn't help to read the actions.

Love your voice too. Cryptic and creepy at the same time (Creeptic ? :D)

Good job! :)

Finished and wow! I'm impressed!

This is a really polished puzzle game. And there's a lot of levels for a 48h entry.

Simple concept but a lot of potential in puzzles and it's pretty addictive.

Hope you'll get featured in video!

Great job! :D

Concept is really cool you have good ideas.

I'm stuck at level "Red is reset". Sadly a bit too hard for me. ^^'

My 2 cents : I think you need to choose if you want a frenetic puzzle game (with short limited time) or dexterity puzzle game. Both seems complicated. Same for the transitions.

- If you want a die and retry, your level transitions are a bit too slow. Instead of big black screen with text, you can add a footer text like VVVVVV.

- If you want a dexterity puzzle game, you can enlarge timers or remove them to let the players experiment with your environment. You can even let them choose when to skip to another character with a right click button. 

About the controls, I don't think the mouse is the real problem. Perhaps you can improve your gamefeel by using another reference frame for your movement offsets (I don't which one yet but with some little experiments you can find something).

Despite all of this, I think you did a really good work and your game looks really promising.

Good job! :)

Finished (with all secrets found)!

This was pretty cool!

At first, I thought it was a bit small. But then I got used to size of elements and I've got a lot of fun discovering new objects and find all secrets of the game. Dragon's fire is brutal, and it gives a good oppression feeling.

There's some tweaks to do about the platforming physics and sometimes the timing with dragon is a bit short. Despite all this, it's a good entry and there's a lot content.

Good job! :)

Thanks for the answer about the "making of", it was really instructive.

I don't know if "isometric controls" is the basic words for that, but what I mean is to move your player to the North East or North West when you push the up button for example. When I wanted to move in your game, I needed to push two button simultaneously to move to the right direction (or making some zigzag which was not very productive XD). It's like project your input axes into your game coordinate system (or camera axes if you prefer). I don't know if it will work, maybe it will be too weird for the player, but I would give it a try. 

And you'll probably right. It could be better with analog controls. :)

This was really fun! And i'm impressed by the amount of content you produced in 48h.

Loved the way you used your main mechanic. And you adapt the "no" duration to the longer of the text and the decision to make, it's cool!

I got killed by the cop the first time. Then the second run was... really fun and weird I guess?

I'm a bit curious: did you inspire from series characters? Some characters reminds me something (Morgan from Chuck?)

Cool concept!

The character movement are a bit too quick for me and I didn't get I can change weapon at first. Perhaps the "Restart" button may be renamed to "Change" with a warning popup about the rollback stats?

Good job by the way! :)

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Pretty addictive game!

We also brainstormed about the only one second to execute action. You have found a good way to fit the theme.

Perhaps with some juicy and a little story to tell (like Wario Ware) you can do deeper and create a full retailed game.

Good job! :)

Pretty nice game with well executed mechanics. Graphics are really cute.

It's a bit short but hey it's a jam and I hope the players will see the potential of your game. 

In the first level the warrior could stay stuck. Perhaps you can add a quick restart key or a better quick button (entering to a submenu to restart for your kind of game is a bit long).

Good job! :D 

Nice rogue game!

The art is charming and the idea of combining all stats into only one is really interesting.

Your boss is a bit hard to master and depends on a lot of the stats the player collected. It's easier with the gun for example.

I think you can go deeper with that concept: doors that require currency to skip a part of the level for example. You can play a lot with your players by letting them the possibility to gain time by taking risks with that currency system.

Good job by the way! :)

Pretty nice arcade game! Love the way you get quickly surrounded and you need to dodge every enemies / projectiles nearby, it gives me a shooter feeling.

The art is so cute and there's a lot a special effects everywhere.

The autoaim when the spear is nearby is pretty cool too.

Perhaps you can improve and add more juicy like screenshake when the spear lands on ground + a little special effect to make a better impact.

Good job! ! :)

Nice game!

The AI is good (the little jump before killing you is subtle) and the feedbacks are good.

With some juicy effects (screen shakes, some slowmotions, etc.), it could be a good arcade game.

Good job! :)

Nice game!

Love the creepy atmosphere. It works very well.

The crown throw is simple and addictive. I think it's easier to throw it horizontally in your level design because it's easier to predict the movements.

Good job! :D

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This was a very original experience.

How does it works exactly? Raycasting? Lighting ? Shader parameter?

I'm currently stuck at the level you have on your last screenshot. But I will try to finish it for sure.

Good job! :)

Edit: I'm almost forgot, I think the controls can be improved by using pseudo isometric directions when the main character is moved.  :)

Interesting game. Love the aesthetic and the atmosphere.

The narration based on the texts on the walls is a really good idea. Perhaps you can fade them (like Edith Finch) using the distance of the player.

I think you can do a small full retailed game with a good story based on this concept.
Good job! :)

How the dead revival mechanic works? I'm sorry but I didn't catch the point with the theme... Nah just kidding, this is a good idea. :)

Nice concept by the way and curious if you want to do a post jam version.

Excellent entry! This is so polished, there is even grass animation when the main character move on it.

Your magic arrow works so well. And there is so much content for a 48h game, really impressive.

Great job! :D 

OMG! I LOVE the concept. Please make a real game with that. I'm pretty sure a lot of people will buy it. This is a really really fun.

I'm a bit curious. How many variations of "beep" do you detect?
Great Job! :D

This is brillant! Really! I don't have much to say!

 - The main character is cute and represents the knight chess very well.
 - Love the way the others chess pieces became the enemies of the game.
 - The level design is soooo coool.
 I hope you will get featured in video.

 Great job! :)

Nice concept! There's a good base for an automatic RPG. Here's some thoughts :

- The damage could be automatic with a dps system (instead of going back and forward with your sword).
- Enemies movement are a bit hard to predict. A little anticipation feedback (ex: arrow direction) may help.
- I like the upgrade system. It's fun, easy to use and give a good progression feeling.
- 10 seconds penalty has no impact for now. It's because the time does not matter. You can add ranking, par or medal system to challenge player about their score.

Good job by the way! :)

Wow! It's very original to play a plane with only one engine and I liked that. With some tweaks and more juicy effects, it could be a really solid simulation experience.

Good job! :)

Pretty nice concept. With some juicy effects it could be a really solid arcade game.

You can also add a 2-player coop and/or competitive mode if you want to add some diversity.

Good job by the way! :)

Pretty nice concept. I love the aesthetic and music fits entirely.

It's also very addictive. I'm stuck at level 10 but I will continue and finish the game (there's an impressive amount of levels for a 48h entry).

Good job! :D

Cool concept. Could be great if the platformer controls was a bit more polished. It's a bit hard to know when the character can jump.

The ghosts effects are an interesting feedback.

With some checkpoints, it could be a really solid game.

Good job! :)

Cool Game! The axe throw mechanic is simple and addictive. I like the bouncing effect, it gives some strategy to play with your opponents.

Good job! :)

The only one shot mechanic is well executed and it's a good idea. I really like the slowmotion momentum effect.

I don't know if it's because I was on a train but it was a bit hard to get familiar with the controls on the first levels (I've got my mouse don't worry :p).

Good job! :D

Very great game!

You worked a lot on the atmosphere => background sound effects, refined UI, etc. And this is impressive for a jam entry.

Agreed about your limitation of "one window at once". This force to focus on the hints of the opened window and it's important.

According to theme, the ONLY ONE chance is brutal but it's interesting and give a lot a challenge.

I got free... but I cheated (I don't tell how to keep the surprise for the others). I really wanted to know where was my mistake. :p

Great job! :D

Hi H_Labs, thanks for your feedback :)

At least, it made you feel something and that's exactly what we were aiming for : lost, self-conscious, amused and thrilled.

I prefer you saying that than saying "I didn't felt a thing on your game" ;)

Hi Dzamani,

Thanks for the feedbacks.

Yeah, we thought about adding quickly the Unity postprocess stack just to add some grains and vignetting. Also, we wanted to have a better "turn off" animation. However, it's more by lack of time that we couldn't polish that part as much. We focused on having multiple screens and as much levels as possible :)

43 moves ! It reminds me of the "Getting over it" game :) I like the fact that the movement takes some time, just enough to think "No, no, no ! Don't go that faaaar". Simple and neat one button game with an unsettling atmosphere. Well done for the overall !

Hi Joe, Thanks for your comment.
Characters were designed first in color, then split by color in multiple sprites  and turned white.
We colorize them back in editor (Unity) part by part using sprite color.

Wow! This is a very solid game!

This is so polished and there is so much levels with very good ideas. I'm very impressed. I have not finished all the levels (currently stuck on 21) but I will for sure!

Love the pacing of your level series too. Once an hard level finished, you give a reward with a little simple level. It's a very good idea.

I have to ask: is it hard to design puzzles like that with only one shape? What's your process?

With a little relaxing music, it would be perfect!

Great job! Hope you will get featured! :D

Hey everyone! Arche from Kitty Factory team.

Tomorrow I will take a long ride on a train and I need some... activity? :p

It's the perfect opportunity to play and rate your downloadable games (on Windows). Feel free to post a link of your game and I will do my best to play it on the train and give you my feedback when I will reach my destination.

Of course you can also help us to fire some bad employees and tell us your story by playing to our little game Office Intruders

I'm waiting for your games! See you soon! :)