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One button GTA
Submitted by Bionic Ape (@Bionic_Ape) — 1 hour, 56 minutes before the deadline
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Adherence to the Theme#374.6634.663

Ranked from 83 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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What a fun and clever idea! I really like the controlled chaos of it all! <3 
I'll follow you! I look forward to seeing what else you create!


Thanks for your kind words, I'm following you too.


Pretty cool game!

The collision with the pedestrians is very brutal (in the good way). And love the fact that you have to wait to go to the desired direction.

Sometimes, a car behind me just crashed on my car and I have an unfair feeling. Maybe there's a way to avoid these situations too much.

Good job! :)


Thanks for your review!! 


After a slow and kind of unbalanced difficulty/learning progression the game got much more interesting and creative after around level 5-6. The first few levels are good hidden tutorials though for sure. Definitely had to put my inner GTA to one side for this one! Great job!


Thanks, I did enjoy yours. 


So this got real super fast. I've never played a driving game that simulated the anxiety of actually driving so well. This was a well designed game. I had a ton of fun! My favorite part was seeing how many flips I could do after a crash.

If you have time please play and rate my game:


Great job!
I had as much fun trying to cause accidents than trying to prevent them!

Also, not only you made a driving game with one button, but you also made one where you actually have to drive slowly and carefully. Talk about being original!


This was really fun! I'll admit I was skeptical at first but once it ramped up in level 6 it was very enjoyable. 

The only annoying part was when an ai randomly crashed at an intersection so I couldn't pass, it happened a couple of times for me. 

Other than that it's a great idea executed very well.


Thanks and sorry to hear that. I couldn't test the AI much.

Submitted (2 edits) (+1)

An interesting driving game. Felt a little odd at first but soon got used to having no control but for acceleration~
Nice work!
(EDIT: sorry for double post, bugged on me)




Awesome! Creative and fun! I loved to play! Congratulations


Thanks for your kind words 


Creative and fun! Congrats

So, for some reason, when I run this my PC wants me to put on my VR headset. IDK if that was your intention, but I suspect doing so would not end well. That said, if you want VR feedback, lemme know. I can see clearly about 30 metres, and it's an OG Vive, so... OMMV. o.o

ION, I love this, but I sooooo do not have the patience for it, heh. Needs... plus de la vitesse!

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

No, I don't ask for VR Headset, I don't even have one myself, it might be an Unreal Engine's default feature. Thanks for the feedback and for playing it! I will definitely look into it.

If you want a screenie, lemme know, I can send it over :) Prod me on the Discord.


Simple and engaging


Thanks for playing it!


Nice one, it feels fun cruising around and the game truly shines later on with the "timed" intersections later on, it's a clever take on the theme for sure, i'd say since you have the "Only One" aspect in your controls, you could have the player be able to take some damage instead of a one hit death, and have maybe some penalties on a timer or score when you hit other cars or people, this could mix things up a bit and add some fun, also nice to have included an options menu for scalability ^^

It felt pretty solid and i enjoyed it, you say One button GTA, but it also feels kinda like a One button Reverse Carmageddon :p (both are fine by my book )

Congrats dude :)


Thanks for your review!

Please notice the new cover :D :

PS:I just downloaded yours.


Thanks for the DL be sure to give me your feedback afterwards :)

:O Epic now your game description is complete :p


Gameplay become interesting after level 6, although it is kinda difficulty spike.


Thanks for your review and your meme! 


clever use of assets...  ingenious thought behind game play!!

you deserve more... hope it gets under top 14 games in jam..

try and rate mine... 


Wow, thanks for the review. I can't play today but I promise I will do as soon as possible. 

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Thanks for your review and your wishes. I hope so too.

I just downloaded yours. 

None all the 3d assets were created during the jam but all the code, including the vehicle physics and the AI, was created exclusively during the Jam. I did used the Unreal's AI Framework, but I created all the Tasks and Services. Also, I didn't use Unreal's Vehicle Physics, I implemented mine to bypass wheels friction that made it impossible to behave like this "cartoon-ish" physics.

I implemented it in C++ and making use of the NVidia PhysX engine, accessible through UE4. I'd like to do a postmortem some time.

The turning system is a spline that updates the PhysX body Constraints, so it's the same speed but it turns to keep the movement ni a sigle plane, when it leaves, the car is forced to use that constraint until it has an accident that the constraint is removed so the car can move freely.

The vehicle implementation is very similar to this:

After reading the first para...i think you might have misunderstood me... i am not blaming you for using assets from x,y,z sources but i meant to praise you the way you have used them to cut short time and used all in integration to build a good game in 2 days of exceptional... 


Yes, I know that you didn't, sorry if it felt like it. You might have been one of the best and kindest reviews so far. I wanted to provide more information in case someone misunderstands you since I have no time to do a proper postmortem yet.


This is a super funny and creative idea that made me laugh a lot. 

Level 6 drove me a bit crazy, because of the complex labyrinth. Sometimes I stopped on a cross-walk and pedestrians walked slowy into my car and died immediately. On the one hand it was funny especially in combination with the sound and the cool ragdoll. On the other hand it was a bit annoying because I immediately lost and had to restart.

I was also a bit irritaded by the slogan. "One Button GTA" would for me be: you could just drive over the pedrestians and go really rampage. In the game I had to strictly follow the real traffic rules. Consider breaking those and create some funny moments with that.

But anyway: Good job you did here, and totally fits the theme. 

Here's the link to my game if you would like to play it as well. It's a turn based strategy game


Wow, many thanks for your review. I can't play yours today but I promise I will do as soon as possible. 


Love it! Just loved! Laughed through out the whole game! Great job with this!


Thanks, I'm so so happy 😊 


Me ha gustado mucho, muy bueno el contador de dirección a partir del nivel 6, hace que sea difícil encontrar la salida. Muy bien ejecutada la idea de uno solo. La música es muy agradable. Bravo!!! 


Gracias 👍 


I like the steering mechanic, and using your only button to throttle is cool! But not being able to brake, but having hitting a pedestrian fail you the level seems pretty harsh, expecially since they are hard to see if they pop up right after a crossing. The turnarounds sped me into pedestrians or other cars pretty often, which seemed odd.

The rest is really cool though!


Turning system seems pretty complex, good job, I like it!


Thanks for playing it 

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