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The game is in english but we can add a section to translate the controls and a description page too

Cactus Hero Is a roguelike I'm working on. I'm a programmer, so the weird-looking art is mine, and the better art is from bundles and other sites, everything legal. So If you wanna join I'm more than happy to say welcome.

Muchas gracias por descargar el juego. Lamentablemente, el juego sólo se puede jugar con 2 a 4 jugadores , pero mantente al pendiente estamos implementando controles para 2 jugadores en un teclado

Interesting concept, is a good platformer. I know that the frog jumps every X time but you could add an animation to be aware when it will jump. 

Cool concept, but I think it would be better if you have another way of building the path, OR if your goal is to let the player build skill to get used to this mechanic that's valid too. Also, add a win and lose condition

Yeah, Only had time to implement the dungeon generator code, but thanks for trying it out

Cool game


I think the fight system will improve if you give the player some room to try to figure out the next move. The way the npcs defend after I pick a position of the sword is a little frustrating


I tried to run the  Title file, but I doesn't do anything. Do I need a program to run it???

Yeah, that's the overall conclusion,  next time I'll be more careful with level design instead of programming gun that didn't made the final cut. Thanks for playing it

Good job, Is really fun to play

Cool concept

Fun game!!!

it becomes unplayable after a while, you master the theme!!!

You won't pass the final boss just running. for the rest of the dungeon you can

An eggcellent game!!!



Dude you nail the minit style, nice take on the theme

Already done!!! Show some love to mine!!!


Good level design, Tricky Mechanic, maybe it will help to add more visuals to get which direction you are aiming at. Good job!!!

Simple and engaging


Cute Game!!!


Chill vibe, Good Job!!!


Good job. Nice One shooter, Check mine!!!


Really funny


It looks great

Great Level Design, the whole thing feels complete.  Nice job!!! 


Done!!! Also, you gave a lot to think for mine. Thanks!!!

Awesome gameplay , you game a lot to think for the next iteration of my one bullet shooter

Great job, Good game design, nice take on the theme!!!