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A puzzle game with a twist!
Submitted by dzamani (@dzamanikord), Hey it's me, Andre, cAyou, Graygzou — 4 hours, 21 minutes before the deadline
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Hey there, I played through your game in this video at 8:40


Great video my man! And thank you kindly for giving our game a shot! I'm so glad you persevered until the last level!!! You're a blast to watch playing!


Great work! This was a lot of fun to figure out!


dude, your game was a lot of fun too! I'm so glad you enjoyed our game :)


Neat concept, I really enjoyed the simplicity, yet there was enough variation to keep me interested to play for quite some time.

Maybe a one action back function would've been nice as I sometimes clicked instead of held the button down and had to restart.


I like this! Nice job and good interpretation of the theme! One thing I would suggest, perhaps a button that would let you undo your previous move?


You're 100% right! Although at first it feels good to make people stumble when trying to figuring out a level, I don't want to have people rage when not being able to correct a little oopsie poopsie of a mistake xD


Finished and wow! I'm impressed!

This is a really polished puzzle game. And there's a lot of levels for a 48h entry.

Simple concept but a lot of potential in puzzles and it's pretty addictive.

Hope you'll get featured in video!

Great job! :D


Not the best levels: pacing isn't great, order wasn't either and some bugs made everything a bit random.

Nonetheless those points are nearly all fixed within our next update thanks to all the feedbacks we got.

Happy you enjoyed the game!


Feels and looks nice, great idea and execution in general!


Happy you liked it!


Really awesome idea! I feel like the levels got a bit more redundant as they went on. But the core mechanic is super clever! This is super well-polished too for a game jam. But one thing, all this polish but I couldn't find a restart level button! I really like the idea though. Very well done. 


Glad you enjoyed it!

The restart button is "R" on the keyboard or "Select" on the gamepad, next version will have that info inside the game and not just on


Great animations and atmosphere for the game in such a short time! The design of the game is okay,  there are a lot of levels but some parts don't feel as strong as others. At the start there were levels that have the same solution. Towards the end the levels had a lot of redundant space, some levels I'm sure I solved in unintended ways aswell. Which is not a bad thing, but if you are trying to teach the player a specific mechanic then it falls flat. The enemies would benefit from some indication as to which direction they move in. I was able to do the entire game in about 8-10 mins. At the end I was stuck on this. I assume this was the end of the game.

Anyway, Really nice job for such a short amount of time! The game feels really polished and has great feedback for the player in terms of when I've used up my input, etc.

Please check out mine!
Its also a puzzle game and I fail in level design in a lot of places!


Glad you went through all the levels we made (we didn't implement the ending loop haha).

Level design was rushed on the last hours so all your points are valid and already taking in account for our next update.

About the enemies indications I suggest you look here that's what you should see if there wasn't a bug with the WebGL build which isn't on standalone.

Anyway thanks for playing, I will check out your game in a few minutes!


Yep that fixes the enemy issue, and its good that you guys recognize the design flaws, I'd love to play the finished version! There were a lot of mechanics in play so I understand why level design was pushed off to the end. 


I really liked this game, played through the first levels and enjoyed everything about it!


Very nice! I'm not exactly a fan of puzzle games, but this was pretty fun to play nevertheless! I've seen this idea of limiting the times you can use directional keys, a few times, but this has been the best of the bunch so far, as far as graphics, effects and music goes!

Great work!

Developer (1 edit)

Happy you liked it, the next version will be even more polished!


This was fun, I loved the soundtrack had me bobbing along quite a lot during the game. 

The holding keys to move mechanic was very well done, some of the levels were quite a challenge due to the restrictions. 

Regardless do you plan for a full release?


We are preparing an update with the feedbacks we received but not sure about a real full release yet.

Glad you enjoyed playing our game!


Level design was fun, art fit the music and feel. The mechanic of only being able to use the buttons once plus the 'reset' item was very original.
The last level was just challenging enough for this kind of a job window. Theme showed through very well. 
I wish there was a way to know where the teleporter would take you before going into it. 
Great job!

I think you'll like the game my team and I came up with. Looking forward to your feedback!


Thanks for the feedback lfishe20 !
Indeed thanks for pointing that out !
We already plan on doing something like that, to know exactly where the cube will land if you release the key. :)

I will take a look at your game. You baited me too much ;)


Great job, Good game design, nice take on the theme!!!


Thanks Os009 for the feedback !

Glad you liked it ! :)

Submitted (1 edit) (+3)

Well polished, many seem to have used this design concept as well like you.


Thanks for playing it and the feedback !

Indeed I saw a couple of games that use the theme like that. But, to my opinion, the extra mechanics added and the design in term of camera/perspective make it unique :)


I loved it, my only issue was with timing your motion. As it was, if you wanted to go somewhere, you had to time it pretty well, and if you over or under shoot, then you need to restart. I think it would be neat if you can press the direction multiple times, but once you press a different direction, you can't use it anymore. That way, if you want to get to a certain point, you can press the forwards button multiple times to get to the precise location. This wouldn't affect the puzzle of the game, just allow you to do more complex manoeuvres. Still though, super cool game, good job on the graphics.


Thank you for your feedback!

That's exactly what we want to try next, my only issue is that it's a bit harder to explain at first, so we will have to find a good way to introduce it.


Thanks for playing !

I know what you mean. It's pretty frustating when it happens.

But I think your solution will break how we decided to include the theme in our game.If you can go in each direction many times there is no more "only one" :(

We will highlight the next square the player will go on to fix this issue :)


Fun game with a lot of content - I was surprised to see new ideas being introduced when I thought I was nearing the end of the game! Good job :)


Thanks for your nice comment !

Our biggest fear was to bored the player quickly with only the main mechanic. That's why we decided to add some extras during the progression.

Glad you liked it ;)


Yeah I remember someone during the brainstorm challenged us with this design asking "can you make at least one fun level without any extra mechanic, just with the base loop?" and we were like "damn we need at least one extra mechanic, let's make some!" ^^


This is a very nice puzzle game! The game mechanics fit's to the theme, are also solid and well introduced. The difficulty of the levels builds up slowly but make you think. The presentation is great and feels good. Well, overall it's a great entry.

But I think there are few small things, which could benefit from small changes. Like, it would be helpful if the portals would have numbers or some kind of indicators to see how they are related. Without this information it was just try and error, which felt like work than playing a puzzle game.

The movement it self felt not quite precise. An indicator on which tile the cube would stop at releasing the key, would help a lot.

But, however this is a great game! Well done and keep it up!


Thanks for taking the time to play and review our game !

Indeed you point some great issues this version have. We've already worked on a better version to fix those and help the player focus more on the puzzle part ! :)

Glad you still liked it !

Submitted (1 edit) (+3)

Great looking forward to a new version :)

If you may like you could check out our game as well, we would appreciate to get a feedback from fellow puzzle developers :)


I will take a look!


This game looks pretty polished! I think this executes the "each button only once"-idea pretty well, there are just two things I did not enjoy too much:

  • You need to hold the button. This makes some levels tedious since you held the button a tiny bit too long or too short and ended up on the wrong space. Simply marking off keys when you change directions would also work, while making this game accessible for people with tremors, who might not be able to hold a key down.
  • The conveyorbelts. They did not move me tile by tile, and made getting off at precise points really hard. Also I think you messed up the level order on them, since the easy "explainy" level came after the harder one, but that stuff happens.

All in all, I enjoyed this game a lot! Great job!


Thank you for your clear review! Your two points are valuable for sure! We have a lot of things we want to try to reduce the frustration related to missing a position on the grid and having to reset the level.

And the conveyorbelts are kinda broken on the version we uploaded, fixing it on time was too complicated but we will polish that mechanic for the eventual post-jam builds :) (and we messed up the level order a bit haha)


Very fun and original game! I like it a lot! Its definetely a very interesting take on the theme. The mechanic is very original and has great potential. But the levels coud have been better reordered, as I didn't feel like it becale more and more difficult. And the fact that you can reset your moves, I personnaly think goes against the theme just a little bit. Other than that, this is game is great! The music, effects, art and models fits perfectly with what you tried to achieved (the neon style). Great job with this!


Our "justification" for the theme comes from the fact that you can't have more than one direction at a time, meaning that if you still have the right direction available for example and collect the refill item, you still have only one right direction. But I guess that's questionable haha :D

Thank you for your review, it's highly appreciated!


Great game! The theme and idea is really interesting and fun. Nice work!The effects are nice and the style is pretty neat. One of my top ratings :)


Thanks a lot for taking the time to rate and write a review :)

Happy to see you liked it !

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