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Blood And GoreView game page

Bloody violent shoot em up. CW: Very Bloody and Gory Violence
Submitted by Neon Tea — 1 hour, 35 minutes before the deadline
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Adherence to the Theme#16192.7332.733

Ranked from 15 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Haha. I don't know why I receive the warning before playing. While Really impressed and real SHOOTING game. Your game have a sense of professional art skillful. You must love RPG game very much. 


We need moar crabs!

Not much to say for improvements on this game that isn't obvious like we would want more content (guns, crabs, etc.) and maybe a dash action ?

Cool game!


This is really cool! I like the art and the gore of course. The concept of dying of boredom is really interesting and I haven't seen it done before. Nice job :)


It's fun, and gore! Hahaha that rocks! Perhaps it need a bit of polish on the graphics, but its normal given the time

Nice work! 


Hmmmm, I'm trying to play this but I just get a blank flickering screen over the game. The level loads for about a second and then it goes blank and flickers. Here is what I'm seeing:

Most likely an issue with my resolution as it's 21:9 and Unitys default stuff kinda sucks for non-16:9. I'll try again in a bit but I won't rate it until I can play it properly as it's not fair on you :)

Developer (1 edit)

What a weird bug! I'm not exactly sure what causes that yet, but I re-built a version with the resolution dialogue* so you can try the game in windowed mode and possibly a more squarish resolution, if that'd fix it:

* Unity is deprecating the resolution dialogue, which is why it was disabled in the first place. Sadly, we didn't have time to implement a resolution changer in-game!

PS. Sorry about the Google Drive link, but since the voting is still going on, itch won't let me upload a new file for the game ^^'


I imagine it's a resolution issue. I've had a few Unity games go crazy on me during this jam so, it's not just you! I'll be more than happy to give that go a play in the morning (heading to bed now) and then I will leave you a rating, thanks for the build!


Had a lot of fun. The juice on the gore is the perfect amount, I really liked pushing around the body parts after. 

I just think the time limit needs to be a bit longer and have the enemy attacks be telegraphed a bit and you're good.


I've honestly wanted to make a game of a similiar style.......where attacking enemies gets you health( or in your case..time) . Nice to see that you guys did it. Except I felt that the amount of health regained wasn't as much as it really should be which kind of lead to frustration.

The humor is a nice touch,and as the title says it's very bloody and gory. Nothing like a lot of blood violence to make you feel better :)

In it's current state, it's decent at best......... but if you guys could work on it more, maybe make things VERY over the might have a good game on your hands.

The pixel art is rather nice as well :)


We're working on it (almost) as we speak! One of the ideas to really take it over the top was to add a gun launcher that shoots guns that shoot around for a while and then explode :D


Most definitely over the top :D

Please do it :)


I really like the pixelated blood explosions. Some sort of dash movement might be a nice addition!

This is the game my team worked on:


It is look beutyful, si like some watch but i enjoy. Thank for this game!


Juicy! :3
Add an option where there is no time limit, because it gets very frustrating to die all the time in the middle of a fight, because the time runs out, even though I smash all the crabs. :D


Yes! That was actually kind of a mistake, we didn't really have time to playtest and balance the numbers so the game would be easier, but that's one of the first things to patch in for the version to be published after the jam


Great, can't wait! :)