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Cool game! It could definitely use some polish, but well done :)

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I love stuff like this! I played until I ran out of new messages (I wish they would repeat instead of becoming blank) and had a lot of fun with it. The balancing is way off, though. I would recommend reducing the frequency of messages a bit, or at least not sending them until a few modules have been built. In my first playthrough, I got bombarded by messages before I even knew I could buy anything and ended up with negative credits. I'm also not too sure how the module pricing works, but I know that the modules are too cheap and should ramp up in price the more you get. The buttons are also a bit buggy. Still, this is one of my favorite games of the jam and I hope you continue to work on it :D

Nice! The power scaling is very satisfying. At one point, the upgrade screen didn't disappear after I chose my upgrade so I ended up dying. Besides a few bugs, the gameplay is solid and balanced.

Interesting game! The concept is very good but there are a lot of blind jumps or times when swapping between day and night causes you to instantly die. Nonetheless, well done :)

Good level design! There are a few unfair/unpredictable parts near the end, but besides that, I think that this is a fun experience. Well done :)

I really like the aesthetic, but I don't really see the connection to the theme.

Great puzzles, and good use of the jam limitations and color palette! The ending was kinda ruined for me because I was somehow spotted on the same frame that I reached the final door ;)

I couldn't quite figure it out, but this is a really interesting puzzle concept :)

Awesome! You should definitely add more content and release this as a full game.

Great game! The art and gameplay are really good. I like that the goose destroys the buildings because it makes the fight unique and surprising, but it also doesn't seem to have any real weakness. It punishes you for building up your defenses beforehand since everything gets instantly obliterated when it spawns. There definitely needs to be some balance changes, but this is still a lot of fun :)

Nice! Very good level design, I wish there were more levels though. Well done :)

Cool! I'm glad you included arrows so that I didn't have to rely on the coordinates lol.

Interesting idea, but like others have said, you really should do one game jam at a time.

A solid endless jumper. It seems like the theme was an afterthought though because it doesn't impact the gameplay at all, and is really only mentioned once in the instructions.

Nice! I think that the driving segments are a bit too easy and too long, but the idea is great, and the graphics are pretty good too. Well done :)

Unfortunately, I doomed us all. Very ambitious jam game! The patterns hurt my head a bit, and I'm really bad at mazes (especially because everything looks the same in this one), but the payoff was pretty good. Well done :)

Very dreamlike. A bit broken, but I see what you were going for. Well done!

Nice aesthetics! I'm not too sure what's going on, but then again I'm not an eggplant fan.

Congrats on your first game! I think I'm a bit confused by the mechanics, though. On the 5th and 6th levels, it seems like there are invisible obstacles and invisible platforms that I couldn't quite figure out.

This is very solid! The gameplay is great - I like that there's a lot to focus on. This would be a good challenge if balanced correctly. The game is accessible but way too easy, in my opinion. I ended up quitting at the 5-minute mark because I thought it would never end. But, with a bit of polish, I can see this being a successful mobile game. Well done :)

Very interesting mechanic and you made a good puzzle out of it! There's definitely a lot of potential here.

I really like the puzzle mechanic! Well done :)

Took me a while to get into because I don't drink coffee, but once I got the hang of it I had a lot of fun! The liquid graphics are very impressive, especially given the color palette restrictions. I'm glad you went with dithering instead of shading because the final result is perfect. Well done :D

Very cool! The gameplay is fun and the graphics are impressive. The level design really encourages exploration. The difficulty doesn't scale though, so it's easy to play forever. Well done :)

Nice! I beat it in 86 seconds. Feels very retro but atmospheric. Well done :)

Vibey, short but fun! I do think that it would be nice to see somewhere the letters that I've already typed, but this isn't super necessary because of the simplicity of the puzzles. Well done :)

Nice! I'm intrigued by the name and think the game would have a unique and interesting story if you finish it. The combat is unplayable though, because of the hitboxes.

Cool puzzles, but it definitely needs a more thorough tutorial, and I wish it was 1-bit. Still, well done!

I'm amazed at how much you were able to simplify fighting gameplay, and the art is fantastic too! Felt like I was at an arcade losing all my quarters to a cheating AI. Well done :)

This is awesome! Very creative and polished. I think that the pacing is a bit slow and there's not a whole lot of gameplay, but the concept is just so good. You could definitely add new types of enemies and guns for content, but still, this is a perfect game jam entry. Well done :)

Woah this is very interesting. The visuals and effects are pretty impressive! Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure you can survive forever by staying in the bunker, and it seems to be the best strategy since the tanks can't hit you. I definitely see what you were going for though, and the leaderboards are a good touch.

Nice! I know I'm not greaaat at math but this still seems a bit unbalanced haha. My highscore was 21. The text moves a bit too fast for me. I also think that having the balls fall after being sliced added to the confusion because there ended up being a lot on the screen. Still, I think this is a good concept and can be polished and taken further!

Cool! The movement speed is a bit intense but it's not bad because of the solid level design. But, the game seems to crash when I die on the second level.

Great idea, music, and sound effects!

A very polished trip. I had fun running around in it.

I reallllly wish this was longer, it's so interesting. Incredible.

Well done!

Nice job! I think the concept is interesting, but just not for me. I gave up on the last level. I think it would be an improvement if certain furniture slowed you down rather than stopping you. For example, maybe the bed and couches can be slowly climbed over whereas stuff like tables and the TV stop you. Nonetheless, this is definitely a good entry and creative take on the theme :)

Great game! I actually forgot I was playing a jam game for a second there. Most of the levels didn't really feel like puzzles though because there was only one path you could follow. Level 11 though - very clever.