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This is great! I got a B on the first level and C on the boss. In terms of level design, I really preferred the boss. The rival level felt pretty short. It might even be a good idea to make every level bossesque. The artwork, music, cutscenes, everything - very well done.

You've absolutely nailed the retro aesthetic in terms of visuals, sound, and gameplay. There's also a lot of content and variety in the levels!

Everything I need to prototype my chess game. Thanks a bunch!

I really like this! The style is great, and there's a surprising amount of content.

Simple, fun, minesweeper. I also really like how you embedded it into the page - aesthetic!

Cool prototype! However, I never figured out how to craft anything. Also, when the player dies, they never respawn (even after going back to the menu).

I got 64! And I would have kept going if 3 arcades didn't merge into 1 and prevent me from progressing. But alas, it happens. You actually minimized the bugs fairly well. Because of the progression and the way the game is paced (4 arcades per level) the bugs were hardly noticeable once I found the right distance to push the machines from. So, besides the clipping problems, I'd say this is a success. Well done :)

The background though - played for 5 minutes and I feel like I just ascended beyond the plane of existence. Trippy. Oh, the game? Yeah cool stuff but a bit too easy.

I got 606. Definitely interesting - especially the aesthetics. Well done!

I got 22. Easy to learn, difficult to master. Great concept! Aesthetic wise, it could have been a bit less simple and more polished. But,  creating good mechanics is the hard part of game design and you nailed it, so well done :)

After a few attempts, I managed to get 771 (is that any good?). Well done! I'm a big fan of multi-stage games like this. It also worked exceptionally well with my touch screen :)

I got 18,284. This is a very interesting idea and a well executed one, too. The only thing that felt off was the difficulty (it turned from regular 2048 to bullet hell in an instant) but that's typically hard to nail first time without play-testers. That said, the mechanics and controls were near perfect - this could even work as a fun mobile game :)

I got 5:15. I like this! Weirdly, I never got any obstacles/hazards to spawn. It seems randomized, so I'm not sure if that's intentional. Besides that, everything worked smoothly. I'm surprised how much this tweak to 2048 completely changed the gameplay and strategy. It will be very interesting to see how streamers speedrun this.

Thanks for playing!

Thank you!

Simple, clean, polished - well done!

This is great! There is a lot of strategy and interesting ideas here.

Super creative and original idea. It is challenging, but it's also physics so I understand. The game itself is very polished and easy to use (a cool tool for wave experimentation). Cool!

I played until level 19. It's a cool concept but the progression is too slow. It may feel different in a multiplayer environment, but against the AI it is grindy and unfulfilling. On the other hand, the aesthetics: perfect (besides the mouse sprite issue). The evolutions felt unique and powerful as well. Nicely done!

Interesting. 5 minutes seems odd to me, though, considering I ran out of wood within the first minute. Also, the first wood I merged immediately got stuck on the fence. The  idea of pushing around and merging physics objects though is very appealing, and I'm sure that with some polish, this would make a fun mobile app.

Good controls and clean design. I like the self-imposed console limitations - they really made this game feel from an arcade.

I got 167 in normal mode. Very simple, clean, and fun - would be perfect for a mobile app. The arrows are mind-melting, but the difficulty scaling is perfect. Well done!

I got 31. Interesting take on snake!

Looks great and easy to use - will keep this bookmarked for sure. Thanks for sharing!

I got 8. The gameplay is fun, though not very thematic. Also, the assets don't seem to fit well together, mostly because of the inconsistent pixel size (unnecessary for placeholder assets, but still worth noting - and of course I'm just being nitpicky). Overall, this is a short but enjoyable game!

Very nice visuals - that sky is beautiful!

For the first time, I might take my game to a full release. People seemed to really like the proof of concept but not so much the execution, and I'm pretty passionate about this idea. I think that with about six months of work, I could have something in early-access. Plus, this game jam helped me get a lot of playtesting great suggestions!

This is great! It is a bit confusing at the start, but it begins to make sense later on. Additionally, it is pretty long, but I was consistently entertained by the banana names, and I was constantly discovering new mechanics (such as the healer banana) throughout the playthrough. Well done :)

I like the idea! I had an issue where I could not lose hearts (or I was doing it wrong haha). Maybe a more interactive tutorial could help. Other than that, this is really neat :)

This is pretty fun! Even though the idea itself isn't innovative, it is extremely well made and polished. My only criticism would be that the levels all felt a bit samey. Usually, the solution is to throw yourself into every spike. I wish there were more interesting mechanics (such as the boss fight) throughout the levels, but I know it can be tough during a game jam. Nonetheless, I had a good time playing this :)

This is neat, and you definitely nailed the atmosphere! But, it seems like the game is easier the less you fail, which sort of goes against the theme. It also may be too easy, because I got to the end without ever dying. Overall, I had a fun time playing this :)

LOL this is pretty funny. I really enjoyed the dialogue and overall tone of the game :)

This is really cool! It reminded me of the Zero-G Cave from Outer Wilds. I thought the controls were unconventional but actually made the experience pretty unique. The space sounds were perfect, too. Overall, I had a good time with this :D 

I really like the native piece idea - maybe the player can bring some of their own pieces to the game that Alien has to learn... Thanks for playing!

Hello everyone, hope your having a fun jam! I'm having a great time playing all your creations and leaving feedback. I've rated about 50 so far, and I've noticed that Jonas' community is especially talented and kind, and I've had some very interesting discussions about game design/mechanics with some of you. 

But, I'm a bit surprised by the small amount of ratings I've received. The ratings I have received have been extremely constructive and helpful though, so this is mainly a question of marketing the game. My theory is that having "chess" in the name turns people away. If you're wondering, here's my entry Alien Chess

Is there anything I could do to get more ratings? Could you highlight some entries that you think had especially good marketing? Even if your feedback doesn't pertain to my game, feel free to post it below for others to see :)

The first story was very hard for me. The second one was pretty similar in difficulty, and the last one was incredibly easy and I beat it on my second or third try. I wouldn't say the level is too hard in general, but rather time-consuming, which tends to work against games in a game jam. It wouldn't hurt to remove an option from the first level to make it a bit quicker to beat.

Awesome! The only problem is that the ghost can sometimes clip or be stuck on the floor. Other than that, I really like this mechanic. I especially like the level design in the first level, where you could fall all the way back to the beginning. It reminded me a bit of Getting Over It in that sense :)

This is cool! I actually enjoyed the movement and that there was no limit to the momentum. Of course, it is missing basic mechanics such as coyote time. But in my opinion, the real problem is the level design. It's not necessarily bad, but it is incredibly difficult with the movement you implemented. It is very precision platformy, and there are no easier sections leading up to it. I played up until the trampolines (that part feels impossible haha), and had a pretty fun experience :)