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Cool idea! My guy always got killed by the first zombie, so there wasn't much collaboration. There were also some issues with the inventory. Finally, I'd recommend decreasing the zombie spawn rate so that I get time to open up some chests and maybe get my teammate geared up before the onslaught. Still, well done :)

Very interesting, I don't see many scratch games. Well done :)

Very nice! This doesn't stand out much in terms of creativity, but it is still fun and extremely polished (I lost track of time playing this). Well done :)

This is a really cool idea! There's not a whole lot to this game, but you make up for it with the polish. I'd recommend adding some sort of leaderboard, maybe time-based. Well done :)

This is pretty fun! The balancing is a bit off, as it seems the game doesn't get harder (and it's actually quite hard to die because of how often the healer heals). But this is definitely something that can be expanded on in the future. Consider adding some more classes like a mage or a king. Well done :)

This is an interesting puzzle game! The gravity mechanic was glitchy for me at times, specifically when changing the gravity of the cake. But the mechanics are solid. Well done :)

Nice! I thought the setup was really good and I wish that there was more to the gameplay. Also, my turrets stopped aiming properly at one point which made them pretty pointless. Regardless, well done :)

I really like the idea of tracking targets for the AI to go after! Around 50, the AI completely disappeared though, leaving me pretty hopeless. Still, the visuals and gameplay were pretty solid. Well done :)

This is a really good idea! It's quite difficult to collaborate with the AI, but it's a fun challenge. Well done :)

Using AI for sprite generation is great, but you could've made better use of this idea by adding more things to the game. In my opinion, the variety of objects in the game is too limited to really show the potential. But still, good job!

Neat concept! I don't think I really figured everything out because I never found a use for the arrows or a way to really increase my efficiency, but I learned enough to make it through all the levels. My one piece of feedback would be to replace the very wordy tutorial with a quick in-game demonstration of how the first level works. From watching the bots move around and pick up ingredients, I would've known almost exactly how to play without reading anything. Other than that though, this game has a lot of polish and potential. Well done :)

I really like the artwork!

This is a lot of fun, and I got to about round 15. Unfortunately, the lag got too much, and when I upgraded my gun high enough, shooting it would cut off the audio. Besides the lag, everything felt very polished. Well done :)

This is fun! The difficulty of each level was definitely unbalanced, but if the levels are random that is to be expected. To make it easier, you could allow the player to rotate held objects. Well done :)

This is pretty cool. Since it's an SCP game, I did expect to be spooked. Still, the story and graphics are well made. I was pretty surprised to get a bad ending from not remembering the password. In that case, it might be a good idea to keep the password on the screen longer or make it something less arbitrary. Well done!

This is fun! I got to around 14000. Interestingly, I reached the 8000 goal without discovering that you could place down food. Also, it's pretty funny how BurdenBot clears out the entire farm as fast as possible when set to sell :]

Very short interesting platformer - the aesthetic is nice!

I like puzzles like this! I think that you should make this longer, as there's a lot of potential for other components that the player can connect :]

This is really cool! The concept of customizing the robots for different purposes is very fun. Unfortunately, it took a lot to get the game to work and it seemed that I had to close the game and reopen it after each try. I hope that you can iron out all the bugs after the jam because this has a lot of potential :)

This is awesome!! I'm surprised at how many upgrades you were able to implement and how balanced the whole game is in general. I really hope that you polish this up after the jam ends.

The only downside for me was the graphics, so I thought I'd offer a few recommendations. I noticed that you are using Godot: look into themes. They're an easy way to change up your buttons and GUI from Godot's default gray style. Regarding the lag, I suggest decreasing the number of drops from the enemies. It looks like they drop up to 5 each, but you could achieve the same thing by making them only drop 1 piece that gives more xp. Also, make the magnetized speed faster than the player because outrunning the drops seemed to cause most of the lag.

Anyways, keep me posted if you ever update this - it's a lot of fun :]

Some nice arcade fun! I thought the screen shake was a bit too intense at times, though.

This is pretty funny lol. The AI never helped me get bonus points so they definitely live up to their name!

This is fun! Building up an army of AI was really satisfying, and the music was great too (one of the few jam games that made me turn my volume up instead of down). The graphics are simple but effective - all the bullets stand out from the background and all the bosses are unique. Overall, it's clear that a lot of effort went into this. Well done :)

Nice! It's a unique idea for an incremental game, but there definitely needs to be something to spend the coins on.

I made it to 470 and only stopped to prevent my laptop from blowing up haha. You should really have a spawn cap when putting so many enemies into one room. Also, there really isn't that much content. Other than that this is pretty entertaining!

This is so much fun - I ended with around 2500 but I have no idea how you managed to make it into the 3000s! Everything looks super polished, with the exception of some particle effects which looked out of place to me. Also, the AI stopped talking to me after a while which was disappointing. But in all, this is probably the most addicting game that I've played so far in the jam. Well done :]

Really cool concept, but despite everything I tried I couldn't get anything other than the tutorial level working. The colors on the boxes wouldn't show up on level two and beyond, instead showing up as black.

This is very creative and a lot of fun! I definitely think that you should make this endless (maybe zoom out the screen as the snake size increases) because it's somewhat disappointing that the game ends right as things are becoming chaotic. Great job :)

Good idea and the boss fight was definitely worth it! However, the platforming does feel a bit weird to me (I had to watch the video on how to pass the impossible jump), and having to go back and talk to the robots after dying multiple times seemed to really halt the gameplay. Instead of having to die several times before the robot will acknowledge it and solve it, maybe just seeing the impossible gap/wall/spikes should be enough. Otherwise, this is really fun :]

This is a good idea and the aesthetic is great! Unfortunately, I ran into too many issues to finish the game. I felt the combat was flawed in a few ways, but specifically the aiming (I'm also an advocate for unlimited ammo in games like this because shooting is fun, but that's subjective). The AI was also fairly useless since their damage output was so low. Also, the game seems very against exploration, which I find frustrating in space-themed games. I just landed on some unknown planet in some unknown place in the universe, let me look around haha :]

Still, this is very well done!

This is simple but fun! The graphics and sound were pretty much perfect. My only suggestion would be to give the AI gun a bit more functionality. Maybe it could occasionally transform into different types of guns or a melee weapon - this would really change up the play style. Otherwise, this game is very polished and enjoyable :]

Really nice puzzle game! It's clear that a lot of thought and polish went into this overall. I especially liked the details of the lab :]

There's been a lot of jam games about the player controlling movement and AI controlling shooting, so it's neat to see a game in which this is reversed! I do think that this game suffers from a balancing problem, though. The enemies only need a second or so to destroy the player once they appear on the screen, which can feel unfair. I recommend zooming the camera out a bit to give the player a chance to see them coming. This would also allow the player to keep aiming and shooting while the AI is on autopilot. Nonetheless, well done :]

This is a good idea, but there really wasn't enough tutorial to get me through it (even on the page). I still think that a lot can be done to make the game feel more intuitive so that a tutorial is less necessary. Maybe, for example, the arrows can be put directly onto the road. Still, this shows potential and already has a great presentation :)

Using an AI to make a game is an interesting idea and I've seen it a few times throughout this jam! I will say that it would be nice if the AI could make changes based on feedback given through playtesting. Also, sometimes it took too long for the AI to make any changes. Still, well done :)

This is pretty fun! Unfortunately, I couldn't figure out how to get all the screws. Was the robot supposed to go beyond the ramp? I was a bit confused about that. Otherwise, this is interesting and could make a good puzzle game if it were polished :]

I'm having the same issue. Everything else on the screen works, such as the language selection and quit button.

There's not a whole lot to it, and all of the difficulties feel the same. I'd recommend adding some sort of timer to make things more difficult. Surprisingly wholesome :]

Simple and clever. The aesthetic is great, too. I do wish that there was more to do, though. Well done :)