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Very nice visuals - that sky is beautiful!

For the first time, I might take my game to a full release. People seemed to really like the proof of concept but not so much the execution, and I'm pretty passionate about this idea. I think that with about six months of work, I could have something in early-access. Plus, this game jam helped me get a lot of playtesting great suggestions!

This is great! It is a bit confusing at the start, but it begins to make sense later on. Additionally, it is pretty long, but I was consistently entertained by the banana names, and I was constantly discovering new mechanics (such as the healer banana) throughout the playthrough. Well done :)

I like the idea! I had an issue where I could not lose hearts (or I was doing it wrong haha). Maybe a more interactive tutorial could help. Other than that, this is really neat :)

This is pretty fun! Even though the idea itself isn't innovative, it is extremely well made and polished. My only criticism would be that the levels all felt a bit samey. Usually, the solution is to throw yourself into every spike. I wish there were more interesting mechanics (such as the boss fight) throughout the levels, but I know it can be tough during a game jam. Nonetheless, I had a good time playing this :)

This is neat, and you definitely nailed the atmosphere! But, it seems like the game is easier the less you fail, which sort of goes against the theme. It also may be too easy, because I got to the end without ever dying. Overall, I had a fun time playing this :)

LOL this is pretty funny. I really enjoyed the dialogue and overall tone of the game :)

This is really cool! It reminded me of the Zero-G Cave from Outer Wilds. I thought the controls were unconventional but actually made the experience pretty unique. The space sounds were perfect, too. Overall, I had a good time with this :D 

I really like the native piece idea - maybe the player can bring some of their own pieces to the game that Alien has to learn... Thanks for playing!

Hello everyone, hope your having a fun jam! I'm having a great time playing all your creations and leaving feedback. I've rated about 50 so far, and I've noticed that Jonas' community is especially talented and kind, and I've had some very interesting discussions about game design/mechanics with some of you. 

But, I'm a bit surprised by the small amount of ratings I've received. The ratings I have received have been extremely constructive and helpful though, so this is mainly a question of marketing the game. My theory is that having "chess" in the name turns people away. If you're wondering, here's my entry Alien Chess

Is there anything I could do to get more ratings? Could you highlight some entries that you think had especially good marketing? Even if your feedback doesn't pertain to my game, feel free to post it below for others to see :)

The first story was very hard for me. The second one was pretty similar in difficulty, and the last one was incredibly easy and I beat it on my second or third try. I wouldn't say the level is too hard in general, but rather time-consuming, which tends to work against games in a game jam. It wouldn't hurt to remove an option from the first level to make it a bit quicker to beat.

Awesome! The only problem is that the ghost can sometimes clip or be stuck on the floor. Other than that, I really like this mechanic. I especially like the level design in the first level, where you could fall all the way back to the beginning. It reminded me a bit of Getting Over It in that sense :)

This is cool! I actually enjoyed the movement and that there was no limit to the momentum. Of course, it is missing basic mechanics such as coyote time. But in my opinion, the real problem is the level design. It's not necessarily bad, but it is incredibly difficult with the movement you implemented. It is very precision platformy, and there are no easier sections leading up to it. I played up until the trampolines (that part feels impossible haha), and had a pretty fun experience :)

This is interesting, and the idea is very cool! A tutorial would be great (even just a block of text), but other than that I enjoyed it :)

LOL this is hilarious! One my of favorite aspects of the game is the art style - very well done! It feels incredibly goofy, and the gameplay is smooth and interesting. My one complaint, however, is how much the rolling text slows down the game. It felt like at least 30 seconds between me dying and being able to retry the level, which sort of breaks the immersion in this fast-paced game. Overall, well done :)

Haha cool! This is a very creative concept and use of the theme :)

Pretty fun, but very difficult! Later levels seemed near impossible because of the amount of fruit and the lack of salt. Otherwise, this is neat :)

This is great! I spent a lot of time on this game (especially the first story) but had a lot of fun. I liked that each story was extremely different, even in terms of gameplay but still followed the basic mechanic. The art and sound, too, are very well done :)

I liked this! Typically, I don't like mazes, but this one somehow felt well designed. I did not feel like I kept getting stuck in dead ends, and the maps really helped :)

I used the same algorithm he did! Except I repurposed it for my game... and somehow made it worse :P

This is a quick, fun experience! It would be nice if there were more steps required to stop the bomb because it was quite short, but nonetheless this is neat :)

Pretty good idea. The problem is that there is no other option than to kill everyone, so there is really no choice involved (which is disappointing, because my first instinct was to not kill everyone). However, I really liked the art style and retro feel - you nailed it!

Haha pretty cool! It is very short and easy though, but that's to be expected from a game jam :)

LMAOOOOO yes very good.

Neat, simplistic puzzle game! This game has a cool aesthetic, and some interesting puzzles :)

A game, and a nicely designed one at that :) The gameplay is very intuitive, and it feels like a lot of polish went into the movement, levels, and overall look of the game!

This is a cool concept! I think that the ghost moved way too slow and the ball itself does not control too well for a platformer game. However, the ghost mechanic is very neat, and I can see potential :)

This is a cool idea! However, there is no real reason to progress the pieces forward - it seemed to work fine to just bring the same piece forwards and backward and wait for the AI to do something crazy. One way I would combat this would be to make pawns work as they do in normal chess - they only move forward, and they promote at the end. But nonetheless, this is very impressive for the jam (especially the AI) and it was nice to see another chess entry :D

Haha fun idea! I do think it was a bit too short, but overall this did a good job at demonstrating the mechanic :)

This is awesome! The environment makes the game feel very open and polished. I've played many cloning games during this jam, but this one is especially innovative with the shape mechanic. Unfortunately, I had to quit because I was having a lot of problems getting the bodies to move down the conveyer belts. But in all, good game :)

This is pretty neat! I'm a big fan of the space aesthetic and effects :)

For some reason, I cannot progress past the first level even after jumping over both spikes :(

This is a pretty cool idea! My main criticisms are the bullet sound (which forced me to turn the game volume down because it was so unbearable) and the fact that losing to the final boss is so devastating. It took me at least 5 minutes to get to the final boss, just to be instantly killed and sent back to the beginning. Additionally, as others have said, the F4TE would be impossible to beat without exploiting a glitch. That being said, I still had a fun time killing all the enemy types and getting 1500 points :)

I really liked the concept! Unfortunately, I couldn't block the bullets, but it was fun trying haha :)

This is cool! I like how many levels there are, and this is very well polished. My only criticism would be the levels felt somewhat out of order in terms of difficulty (the stack 4 level haha), but I understand that in a game jam there is not a lot of time for play-testing. Overall, great game :)

This is an interesting puzzle game! I liked that the entire map is visible at once rather than split into separate levels. However, as others said, the controls were difficult to understand, and I would have to rotate my camera a lot to make sure my car would move where I wanted. It may be better if the road/grass tiles were clickable instead. Other than that, I really enjoyed this :)

It's neat! However, the main mechanic does not make too much sense, because "progressing" the drop rate really just seems like making the game harder (why make the game harder when the player can't even keep up with the current drop rate?). Overall, I'm not sure how much the theme was considered when making this game, but it is a cool entry nonetheless :)

The ending threw me off-guard haha! This is very neat, but I do have some slight criticisms. For one, you should make the XP gained based on the amount of bullets that hit the boss rather than the amount of damage dealt because damage upgrades are also basically XP upgrades. Additionally, the ground tiles are nauseating at high speeds (which can be fixed by making the tiles bigger). Other than that, this was fun. I especially enjoyed the boss' bullet patterns - they felt fun to dodge :)

This is a unique idea! The problem is that there is really no incentive to keep beating the same level over and over again. It would be cool if some places in the level unlocked shortcuts or gave the player the ability to move faster. Nice entry, though :)

Spikes good