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Really nice. Love the 1-bit art and mechanics at play though it definitely needs more to give the player some challenge. Maybe faster enemies or enemies which can only be killed in the dark when not in range of the light or enemies which have to be killed when in range etc.
Rather nice in it's current form though 

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Awesome. Except it desperately needs a proper tutorial. Still not sure how to actually do a hurricane drift

Edit : tried it a few more times and almost reached the end of the second stage on the beach lol. I honestly feel a separate button for doing a hurricane drift would be better. Maybe a double tap of the up arrow or something like that because aiming with left and right arrow and then trying to do a hurricane as well isn't really too intuitive. Amazing none the less and probably one of the most crazy games ever though lol

That bug is webgl related. Not too much I can really do about it

Got 22 so far as my highest. Really great game

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There's a bug where if you fall out of the map for a certain amount of time the game will crash. I've fixed it for a later update but for now you will need to refresh the page if it feels like the game isn't responding

Any other issues, just press R to reset the level

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Frantic AF and fun. Survived roughly 1 min and 5 seconds for now. Definitely coming back for more. Love this

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Great vid man :). Thanks for playing and for making this vid

Also, I forgot to mention,

The sound design is so brutal and satisfying lol. That music though, my gawd. Did you make that music or did you get it from elsewhere ?

Really fun and brutal arcade game. I felt that the movement speed of the van could've been increased a little but it was still cool and funny lol.

Sounds more like a feature tbh lol

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That's a pretty nice time :)

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(for v0.5)
Damn, the game's more intense and explosive than ever lol. Though I have a few qualms.

I honestly don't like the grenadiers. The game's level design means that they cause a lot of cheap deaths since you may not even notice the grenade or that there's just not enough space to move around.

The new visual style is epic, but it kinda feels like there's too much. Maybe a subjective thing but I kinda preferred the earlier style since it was a little less visually crowded

It's also a lot easier to get stuck on  props now because of the sheer number of them lol.

The kick is heavier than ever though. Love that the throw animations are faster as well.

I have ideas for more levels but I can't really say for sure when there would be more updates

Just saw the video. Thanks for playing :)

I never thought of that actually but now that I do think about it, it's definitely possible lol. I'll look into that

Lol. I'll add it to the list of stuff to fix if and when I get back to this

Which is why I said more or less lol

Unfortunately yeah, it still happens. Not entirely sure yet on how to fix it. I'll try and look into it

Amazing aesthetics and presentation in general. The turtles were so cute btw lol. There are some neat ideas and scenarios here, especially that one with the moving platforms and octopi. The idea of joining together with the animals is cool as well. Can even lead to some fancy speedruns tbh lol.

I did have some issues though. Like others pointed out, losing your heath if you miss an animal seems a little too punishing as sometimes you even have to wait for animals to come close enough. And because their behaviour seems to be a little random at times it could be a little frustrating.

Another thing I found frustrating was that while the camera was transitioning between levels, I could still move. This would result in me either colliding with some of the animals or falling into the holes or the water when I couldn't see them.

Still though, it's a cool game none the less and an awesome entry. Great job

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Neat submission man. Loved the 2.5D aesthetic btw lol. The artwork was amazing. Are these handrawn ? Huge props for the art if they are but even then, amazing. Loved them either way. The concept is rather cool as well and was quite addictive if I'm being honest. Being both the dungeon master and dungeon explorer was really cool. Especially loved the little nudge-like animations during the fights. Thoe sound effects for the enemies had me laughing as well lol.

I would have probably been playing this a lot more but unfortunately, a lot of bugs and issues hampered my playthrough quite a bit. I think some people may have already mentioned these but I'll say what they were for me. 

During some of the fights, sometimes enemies would be turned on their side in the beginning which looked weird. Also I'm guessing this was a result of balancing issues but in two of my runs I basically did not have space to put a section of the dungeon to connect to the end. 

A count for the number of moves left during the action phase would have been helpful as well lol. Still though for 48 hours, what's here is absolutely amazing. Great entry overall.

Nice and fun idea and execution. Weaving a web out of the flies was damn fun. Though I kinda wish that other flies would get caught in the web or a mechanic similiar to it. Having other flies break the web felt a little unwanted tbh. It was also annoying when you shoot a web and it doesn't hit a fly. Still though, the game is definitely fun for what it is. Great entry

Hey, thanks for playing and for the video :)

Always love games where you play as a villain or monster or something lol. This was really cool and fun. Sucking their blood while aiming them at other scientists was fun AF lol.

Sound design and pixel art were amazing as well. Loved the monster's art as well. I felt that the monster's tentacle was a little too out of place in comparison to the rest of him though. The scientists looked cool as well, loved their sprite for when they were being leached by the tentacle.

My major complaint was that scientists would sometimes get knocked towards me and this would usually always end in an instakill. The tentacle would also sometimes not grab on to the scientists sometimes as well.

None the less, a simple and fun game and a great entry to the jam. My high score so far is 145

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The presentation is really cool overall. The graphics are great and the audio is fitting. The concept is really neat as well and it fits the jam nicely. However, I feel like there are some issues which need to be pointed out.

The game is in serious need of balancing. It takes a little too long to get new stage coaches and it can be a little too tedious between waves. Some sort of indicator of the range of a gun on the stage coach would be very helpful so that you know if you really need to move yet or not.  An indicator for the amount of health enemies have left would also help and enable you to prioritise movement a little more.

This might have just been me but I also felt that the tutorial was a little lacking if I'm being honest. Took me a few reads to fully understand it (Tbh, maybe ignore this comment, I'm probably dumb lol).

Regardless though, this was a good entry. For 48 hours, what's here is awesome. Great job none the less

Congrats on this. Probably the highest recorded score so far :)

Noted for later. Thanks for telling me :)

Really cool aesthetic and idea. Having to use the bathroom as well was a cool and funny mechanic as well. Having to dodge the cops was a little annoying though since I wasn't entirely sure how far I was from them. I think some shadows would have worked in judging the distance between various characters. Still though, it's a cool concept and was fun

Beautiful design and amazing presentation overall. Not exactly much else to say. I suppose a little more focus on the tutorials would have been nice. Maybe just a hint or two, but otherwise, it was really fun with great and simple presentation. Great job

For 48 hours, this game looks really detailed and cool. The core idea is neat and could definitely lead to some nice puzzles. Unfortunately like most other people I honestly couldn't do anything post level 2. For what the game is though, it's nice. And that blob model was awesome lol

Absolutely love the main mechanic of this game man. The amount of dynamism it offers is seriously mad. I have two main gripes though. As Cam pointed out, I too got stuck on the walls a few times which made things very annoying sometimes since I couldn't aim in the right direction.

This also may have been just me, but I regularly got confused about whether I had to press left or right to rotate in the direction I wanted to. Still though, awesome entry.

Awesome art. Loved the bullet hell patterns as well. The concept was neat but because death wasn't really a penalty, you could basically just swing the sun without ever needing to switch to the moon, and as a result your strategy for every boss pretty much remains the same. Still though, for what the game is, it's rather good and an awesome job for a game jam entry.

Absolutely amazing. Everything from the actual mechanics to the implementation of the theme. The presentation was top-notch and the idea was really cool. Loved how enemies would also be joined together. The strategy of having to decide when to eject a ship and give yourself more mobility back along with the burst of bullets to clear the screen was really cool and something I had to keep in mind constantly. This led to a really engaging gameplay loop and was bloody fun.
My only gripe is that for all the juice which is currently present in the game, enemies don't really react to being shot, including the boss at the end, who's death felt a little anti-climactic. None the less, this was an awesome game. Really great work on this entry

Really fun man lol. I got uptil the puppet master but I'll definitely play more.I loved how every encounter felt unique and had it's own mechanic ( The puppet master and copy robot in particular lol ). Mechanics were simple and easy to grasp and led to a lot of on-the-fly thinking. Presentation was simple and top-notch as always.
My only gripe is that I felt I won or lost out of luck sometimes. Still a great game

High score so far is 22390. This so much fun lol. Great music and sound choices. Made the game feel intense and meaty AF.  Loved the juice you added to the game and the simple aesthetic. Really made it cool and easy to guage what's going on.  Loved the mechanics and powerups in play, I would try and move all the normal player clones into one section so that I could move them all easily together as sort of a blob and then direct the inverted guys however I can lol. A player can probably come up with some cool strategies for this and that's awesome. On a side note, the infinite ammo powerup is satifying AF lol

One thing I did not like was that there was no way of telling the health of any of your characters. Granted due to the game's fast paced nature you probably wouldn't have time to even look at your character's heath but it was a little annoying when I pretty much died out of the blue. It's still a very fun game though. Great job on this

Hmm, I guess I will then

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I think it's 90-ish lol

Is that a pun wrt this game ? XD

Also, that's quite a lot of praise either way. Thank you :)

Really cool mechanics in this one. Loved having a combination of carrying a bomb away from the center and using that portion of the rope I've broken off to stop a bullet from a tank. Some awesome ideas in this game. The aesthetic is simple and it looks cool. Loved how the rope looks as well. Great job overall on this

Nice calming and rather fun. Nothing much wrong here with this game. The puzzles were nice and were mostly easily solvable. Good job

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This was so much fun dude. Loved the aesthetic and general gameplay. I felt the jump could have been a little higher or faster cus it seemed a little hard to judge if I'd hit a janitor or car in later levels since they were moving more faster. Also, the hitboxes for both of them could be a little more forgiving. None the less, this was a cool game. I got to level 5. I'ma try and get to a higher level

A little unweildy at first,but so much fun once you get the hang of it. Having to direct the tail into areas was cool and the added difficulty with having to shoot any surrounding spaceships was challenging.  And of course the presentation was nice and minimal. Well done on this