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For a game made in 1 hour, this is a seriously-addicting and well-made game loop. Amazing job on it.

My only gripe is that it can be a little hard to differentiate the parts of the snake which are enlarged now and you can't move over with the parts that you can

But again, the quality and design of this game is still amazing for such a short time lol

Yo. That's still a good score. Thanks for playing :)

It never comes up blank actually lol. Thanks for play though :)

Great puzzle design and mechanics here. Loved the presentation as well, beautifully minimalist in all the right ways. Made it till level 15 lol, though puzzle games aren't usually my thing so my skill with them isn't too great lol. Regardless, phenomenal entry and great work overall

Can't deny the originality in the mechanics. Well done there. I felt like the only thing holding this game back is that it's art isn't too consistent. Apart from that though, great puzzle design overall.

Died with a score of 29 because I get a little cocky around there lol

Awesome little arcade game. Loved the cohesiveness of the pallete and the idea. It constantly kept me on the edge of my seat. One thing I love is that it definitely relies more heavily on skill despite the randomness. I didn't really go for the items too many times, though I imagine for actually making it through the game longer, you need to collect them to ensure that the time to get to a safe position is actually possible. Loved the juice in the game as well, especially when the die hits the ball.

I honestly don't have any complaints, it's a great game loop which has been well realised and is balanced damn well.

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Amazing work on this. Love the mechanics in play and how they all coalesce well together. All the game really needs is an undo button and you could sell it as is lol. Presentation is extremely tight, simple and to the point. Really don't have any complaints apart from things relying a little too heavily on rng. Apart from that though, phenomenal work on this entry

Thanks for the feedback. The character does have two legs actually lol. There was also a solid dark line under both his legs, but I felt it didn't really look nice tbh. This way it aids in the 2.5D effect lol.

Either way though, thank you for the feedback and for playing :)

Thank you :)

Thanks for making this video :)

Yo, this is pog AF. Any chance for a downloadable version for windows ?

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Really fun little arcade game. Simple and to the point. The presentation was great, especially the different forms for the dice. Also love the music for when you die lol.  Love how the cards act as obstacles, but also to re-direct you. Also liked how hitting an enemy die results in pushing you a little further and also helps with the combo meter. I felt like an indicator for whether or not my speed was enough to hurt another die would have been helpful though since it can be hard to tell if you'll take damage or not when slowing down. I also felt that the sound for indicating the strength of a roll was a little too annoying. Apart from this though, fantastic entry overall

I'll keep this in mind. Thank you for playing :)

honestly, yes lol. I did find the first one hard as well. Though take my opinion with a grain of salt because puzzle games aren't usually my thing XD

This is a great concept. Loved how unconventional the weapons were. Each one was useful in their own way, though apart from using the blow weapon on blue enemies, I usually just kept rolling until I got bite and then stuck with that. I felt that the bullets were way too small and also kinda blended into the board game environments, would definitely help if the colour of the bullets contrasted with the boards. This made it way too hard to see them or even dodge sometimes. Was definitely a problem especially during the snake boss. I couldn't beat monopoly though lol. Felt like there were too many enemies. Or maybe I just need to get better lol. None the less, great concept and game

I got till the 4th board. Wonderful entry lol. I found the 2nd and 3rd boards fairly simple, while the 1 st and 4th were harder lol. This game really does require you to think ahead quite a lot. I love how the indicators for the tiles on the board were self explantory ( the tile for additiona movement wasn't too self explantory, but you explained it well with the ghost anyway ). The presentation as a whole is fantastic and the atmosphere was great. Seriously good  mechanics here which lead to some cool puzzles. I guess my only real complaint is that you can sort of brute force things. 

But frankly, that's just a nitpick at best. Superb job on this

you can press R to restart. It's mentioned when you lose as well

The projectile dice reduce the timer further. Thanks for playing :)

Cool to see a run and gun in this jam lol. Loved the overall presentation and the art. I found the sniper had too long a delay to really be useful. The same goes for the grenades shot from the grenade launcher. The pistol and the machine gun were the most useful primarily because of their rate of fire. I got till wave 4, though I'm not really a fan of the number of enemies thrown at the player in later waves. The only defensive option you have is your jump, and when there are a lot of enemies and bullets being thrown at you, there isn't really any place you can jump to.

None the less though, this is still a cool entry. Well done

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Always admirable the type of games and the level of quality that you guys are able to put out for jams. Love the concept, although having the tiles which the dice faces get replaced by be randomised on death seems a little easy to exploit. Probably leads to more than one solution per level, but if the hay ends up being in the list, I kept retrying levels until I got an order I could work with.

Though I won't lie, you guys put out some amazing stuff and this is no different. Fantastic entry with top-notch presentation

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It was actually lol. I wanted to ensure that people had to actually time their stomps right so that they wouldn't get hit by dice while stomping. Thanks for playing :)

Getting till 10 is still a good score though lol. Thanks for playing :)

ngl, decent enough idea for a clicker lol

That's a good score though. Thanks for playing :)

That's a good score yo. Thanks for playing :)

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Fantastic entry. The presentation was amazing overall. I managed to get to the final boss and died lol. I'm a little divided on how the mechanics work though since it depends heavily on randomisation and the dice. I'm not really a fan of having a random ability be chosen since it may not even be what I really need at that moment. Although, I love how re-rolling reduces the die amount. Though even this heavily depends on the amount rolled from the die initially.

I did manage to get till the final boss where I died lol. It's crazy how much content you packed in this. I also feel like the healers are a little too OP though. Overall though, this is a really good entry and it truly is incredible that you managed to get all this done in 2 days lol. Amazing work

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Really addictive little arcade game. The presentation was nice and tight as well. The auto aim took a bit of getting used to and I feel that the distance for it to kick in is a little too short. I also feel like the damage done by the normal pistol is a little too less. Apart from that though, great game overall.

I became a real dice in the end lol. Awesome game. The visuals are damn pleasing and the music was a bop. The wall jump might be a little hard to pull off, but it's still fun. The level design here is great, especially the part towards the end with the dice to get the 4th and 5th jumps. My only complaint is that the actual relation to the theme is a little loose, but it doesn't take away from the fact that this is a damn well made game. Great job overall

Great concept which you guys have executed beautifully. Presentation was great and the actual game itself was damn funny tbh lol.  I kinda wish the dice which landed outside the pan disappeared after a while for the sake of performance, and that we had more control over whether the dice actually landed on the correct side because I felt that it landed right only because of luck.

But either way, probably one of the funniest games of the jam lol. Yeet-ing the dice all over the place was damn fun. Great job all around.

Amazing puzzle design on display here. I was able to get till level 10, but then my brain started to hurt lol. The presentation is really great though. Simplicity at its' absolute best. The sfx and music were pleasant to hear and the sprites were nice and chunky. The main character as well and the final splash animation had a nice squishy quality to them ( no pun intended ). 

The usage of the theme might be a little light, but it's definitely a well executed and designed usage. Apart from that though, it took me a little while to understan the intracies of the yellow arrows. Either way, this is a damn good entry.

hm... yes .... gaem

Amazing presentation and polish on this one. Love the mechanics in play and the overall idea. I do have some complaints though. Didn't like how re-rolling a die would sometimes give me back a red one. While the area which covers where you can click is a good idea and even causes you to re-roll sometimes since re-rolling bounces it out of the way, there were times where even after bouncing it, it still remained within that area because of the angle at which it was moving.

Despite that though, you've created a lot of content for this game and it is all really fantastic. Amazing job on this

High score was 1300 so far.

I honestly have zero complaints. Great use of the theme and great mechanics. I also love how jumping on a cube while it's falling is the same as shooting it. Amazing presentation as well. The enemy designs were also damn good and unique to each other. A great game overall

Pog af game

Loved the presentation as a whole. Music was an absolute bop and the art was amazing. I love how even though you move randomly, you can still direct yourself with the dodge. Not really a fan of not being able to aim since it can be kinda frustrating to get a good shot in. Though the dodge does help with that as well. Overall though, it's an amazing little arcade game

Highest score so far I guess lol. Great job

It's a good score man lol. Thanks for playing :)

That's a good score man. Thanks for playing :)

It's definitely a good score lol. Thanks for playing

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Awesome little game. One of the few game jam games I've seen actually try and tell a story so well, simple and damn effective.

Combat is great and the music actually set the mood beautifully, though hitboxes seem a little hard to tell at times. The final boss seemed a little too easy with the axe.

But either way, phenomenal amount of polish and gameplay for a jam game. Amazing job on this

Thanks for playing and making the vid :)