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Damn. This is like Satryn but on some really heavy crack

I'm just impressed how everything is still so readable despite being so visually chaotic lol. Well done

Thanks for playing and making the vid :)

Fantastic game. Congrats to your entire team. Let it be from a presentation standpoint or otherwise

Didn't really expect the game to have as good a sense of tension as it has. Really great job there.

Spoilers for the story ( Though this is just my interpretation ) :

I'm guessing this moon used to be earth until it got covered completely by water and what we saw was the remains of it ? ( Something like the movie " Waterworld " maybe )

The only questions I have left are who was that alien and what the heck was the hand in the end

Still, really interesting story that had me hooked

I've been waiting for this

Yo. Thanks for playing and for making the vid :)

Thanks for playing and for making the vid

Cool game lol. The visuals are off the charts oof. The gameplay loop is solid. The upgrades were cool additions as well

However, I'm not really a fan of how some of the enemy types were handled.

Apart from the enemies in the last wave who shoot at you, none of the enemy types really changed things up. As a result, the game ended up being kinda repetitive and mostly easy.

Though, If the other enemy types did act differently, then I guess I killed them too quickly lol.

The boss ( I'm assuming it was a boss anyway ) was also kinda disappointing since it went down in like a second or so ( The enemy that shoots in 4 directions ).

Still, this is a very well made and very polished game. Very well done on this one

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Cool little game lol. Chainsawing the tomatoes was oddly satisfying tbh, though it could have used more juice ( pun intended )

I think the game could have benefitted from everything being more faster tbh. Let it be the player or the tomatoes.

The artwork for the game was fantastic though. Loved the animations and the sprites as a whole. Also loved the music as well.

All in all, it's a cool little game which also got a bit of a chuckle out of me lol

Really great game y'all made here.

The presentation as a whole is off the charts oof. The graphics are amazing and so is the audio as a whole.

The general gameplay loop is fun as well, although I have one major problem with it....
I'm not really a fan of how much it relies on randomness

Or rather more specifically, I wasn't really a fan of the random chance of whether or not you'll find a pink orb after shooting an alien or a barrel. Most of my deaths were because I was searching for a pink orb but couldn't find one in time. 

Still, the game is very fun regardless. Great job on this

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Cool little beat-em-up

Loved the overall personality of the game frankly. That guy getting yeet-ed into the water gave me a good chuckle. Along with the ending tbh

I kinda wish the combat had a little more to it besides button mashing your way out, but the number of enemies did force me to dodge around quite a bit

The brute enemy type was a cool addition as well to mix things up, however, it felt like the normal enemy with just a slightly bigger attack radius. It could have used some sort of different behaviour to really make it add to the general combat

Though the best thing about this game is definitely the audio as a whole, and the environments. They really go a long way in making this feel like a proper old-school styled beat-em-up. Well done there.

The final boss was cool as well, though I wish the hitboxes on his bullets were more defined tbh. I guess this game's only real issue is that it can be somewhat repetitive, but for what it is, and how much you managed in the time of the jam, it's a damn good job

Amazing game. I love how the dash crash became more and more necessary to do damage as the missions went on. Primarily because of how mobile and agressive the ships became.

Was there a little bit of auto-aim on the canon balls ? If so then it's definitely appreciated kek.

Love the ship designs and the overall visual design here. Very clean and very easily seen indicators. You've sorta mastered this now lol. Boss designs are also really great ( as usual kek )

I honestly have no complaints. Maybe the default ship speed could be reduced a minor amount, but honestly, that's just me trying to really nitpick the game. Really great job on this one

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Damn. Great game

I don't remember the exact wave I reached ( I know it was above 10 ), but I reached the blue enemy with the black aura. And was he tea-bagging me ? lol

I have a few issues though. In the chaos of things, I felt like it was a little too hard to tell whether I was doing posture damage to an enemy, or if they were outright blocking me, or if they were doing damage to me. Basically, I felt like there was too much visual stimuli at a time, so some things kinda felt lost to me to the point that I ended up button mashing quite a lot lol.

The audio is amazing though. The music is great. I know I said there was too much visual stimuli, but DAYUM, the game feel is on point here. All the hits are impactful AF both visually and audio wise. I love how distinguishable the audio clip for posture breaking is.

I also feel like you unlock too many moves tbh. Probably just a skill issue from me, but I felt like if you unlocked moves at a slower pace it would be easier to learn them. Maybe instead of unlocking moves every time you die, you get minor stat buffs or something sometimes. I mostly just learnt how to do some of the initial moves and wolf's spinning head kick move or whatever it was because it was cool AF. If I did any other move, it was either cus I button mashed or got lucky kek. But again, this is probably just a skill issue from me. I can imagine other people pulling off some crazy stuff with the fighting engine you made here. oof

And as a suggestion, since the combat is primarily offense based, maybe you could have it such that performing successful combos on enemies allows you to regain structure or something like that.

None the less, this is an absolutely amazing game, especially for this resolution. Big fan of the wave that chucked 10 of those red guys at me lol. 

Great use of the colour switch mechanic. I managed to only get this far though lol. Definitely playing this more and will try to get further.

I love how the different variations of colour swtiching you were able to create here, let it be needing to switch quickly between colours to take out the same cell, or needing to switch to be more strategic and only take out certain cells in a row.

I think the cells that shoot bombs at you afterwards could use a little more time before the bombs explode. I also feel like the section where they come at you really quickly and they're kinda structured like a big tetris block was a little too unbalanced tbh and could have been slightly more slower, but otherwise, this is absolutely amazing. Well done

Cool game. Could definitely use a more forgiving hitbox on the player though.

And also maybe an indicator for the explosion radius of the bomb

But otherwise, it's definitely got cool mechanics and art. Great work on this

You can press F to kick as well

Amazing little arcade game

I think all this really needs is an extra way to speed up getting fuel for your hose apart from driving the firetruck.

Maybe having the jewels give you back some fuel when you collect them would keep things a little better pacing wise since having to go back to the firetruck every few seconds felt slightly annoying at times.

But otherwise, amazingly fun game lol. 

Thanks for playing and making the vid :)

Got a score of 866 lol. Great little variation of snake

Played the post jam version. Absolutely amazing and hilarious game lol.

I guess the pathfinding of the skeletons could be a little better, but honestly, this is a really good game lol. Something that I'll probably play again and again from time to time

Thanks for playing and making the vid :)

Severely cool beat-em-up. Wish I found this during the jam.

Love the mechanics at play here and how switching characters isn't just a gimmick or something

Also love love how the enemy variety forces you to switch as well since certain enemies are damageable only in certain ways.

I think my only complaint is really that stamina and strength drain a little too fast. Maybe if you had it where doing successful attacks as one of the characters would re-fill the strength and stamina of the other, that could make it better.

As it stands though, incredible game

Pretty good little adventure game. Definitely gave a cool sense of uneasiness throughout it

Really cool little puzzle game lol. I was able to solve till level 7, but after that my brain melted lol. The first multiple cursor puzzle was doable. But after that I couldn't lol.

Simple mechanices polished to a T here. Love the level design as well.

But what I love most is the aesthetic and the art around the level oof. It feels rough in the most beautiful way possible.
Difficulty curve for the levels I played definitely feels great. None of it felt unfair. Great entry 

Phenomenal entry.

I guess this game's biggest problem is that it really needed a tutorial or something because I was stumped for quite a while about how it actually works.

That, and that it was kinda easy in that I got a score of 13200 and stopped after that mostly because we were at a stalemate kek. But that's not really a big issue anyway lol.

Great mechanics here. I have no qualms there

And that music ( oh gawd the music ). Gave me huge " into the breach " vibes but is still a banger none the less.

You guys are probably going to win again lol. Congrats on this

Highest time I was able to get was 2 mins 30 seconds lol

Cool little game. The voice acting actually surprised me lol. The sense of humour in general definitely gave this game a good personality as well.

I liked the various types of balls present. However, I'm not a fan of the hole slowing down when you get hit by a ball. It felt like the game was kicking me while I was down.

I also felt like the visual style of the game wasn't as cohesive as it could have been, but frankly it also aided in the humour so there's that lol. 

Definitely a cool entry overall

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Ended up playing this for a long time lol. 

Well done on this one. I don't really have any complaints apart from one major one and some things which are basically suggestions more than anything else.

I kinda wish your normal attack did more than just build up the meter for your card attack. I know it does damage if you have the card for it, but still. It kinda feels like busy work until you can finally do some damage.

Since you already have the system in place for it, keep the system where a player comes back to life after spending some of their score or money maybe. But then once their score or money runs in the negatives, the run ends.

Now wrt this, you could have your attack build up a combo count or something similiar which increases your points or money depending on how much it is which helps in both buying items and also keeping some amount for reviving if you die.

And if all else, you can also have an option for an easy mode or something similiar to what you have now where you can come back no matter what.

Anyway, love everything about this game lol. The cards that add abilities to your cards on offer make every card useful in some way or the other. The various starting styles also encourage replayability a lot and are just honestly cool. For now I only did a few runs with both gunslinger and brawler, but I'm definitely trying some of the other ones lol.

Love both the bosses and the various enemy types. You honestly make some of the best boss fights on itch io. 

However, this leads to my main complaint

While I love the overall visual design and aesthetic, I feel like it's overly busy at times. There were many times where I lost the player, enemies and some of my abilities since they're all pretty much the same colour.

I know you kept whatever's important to be seen by the player a more brighter shade of white, but it kinda makes it impossible to discern things at times. I really feel that enemies should be a different colour in general to make it more easier to notice them. Otherwise, maybe adding some more red in general to their sprites would help. Or just making the background a darker shade and removing the bright circle around enemies would help.

But other than that. Amazing game in all honesty. It's polished AF in it's current state and is just really fun.

I was playing the download version lol

Great game here. Amazing presentation and great mechanics

Could definitely have done without some of the random spikes in difficulty in certain levels though lol.

I think my biggest problem was when the platform gets the frog's jump ability. It really needed some sort of indicator for it's trajectory.

Though on the flip side it resulted in a moment where the platform basically lifted me up by jumping all over the place lol.

This game definitely has some very well designed puzzles though, that's for sure. The amount of player expression here for a jam game is kinda amazing ngl. Really great entry and congrats to your team

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Cool entry. I played the downloadable version btw

The overall presentation is cool. Loved how when an enemy is spawned, you have those large red circle effects to show where they spawned

Although I'm not really a fan of how the timer under the player ship was handled. I think it really needed a background bar or something since I couldn't really tell at times how many parts of it were left until a very large amount of it was gone.

I love how you had objectives which ensured that there were some ships that you had to leave alone and not take over because you had to destroy them. However, I have no clue how to damage ships with speedster. Unfortunately I couldn't make it past wave 3 cus I couldn't get it to attack properly.

I'm also not a fan of how you can die between waves because the timer for the ship doesn't stop, which means your health will reduce no matter what and there aren't any ships around for you to take over and stop it.

But none the less, this is still a cool execution of this concept. Cool game regardless

Great concept. Love the presentation as a whole as well. I got till 5 pilots

I guess the game's biggest problem was that it really needed a tutorial. I wasn't sure what raiding an area actually did. Unless it was to get a monster closer to the ship so that you could shoot the ship more easily.

Along with that, I was mostly just randomly clicking on monsters. Most of the time if the ship got shot, it was because I sorta got lucky.

Regardless, this is some awesome execution of this concept

Great little game. I managed to get till the normal level 6, but couldn't make it past the storm version of level 2.

I don't really have any complaints with this one. Level design is great, the game is polished well and the mechanic itself is fun to mess around with. Great job on this

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Really great concept and execution. Presentation as a whole on this is fantastic

I like how it was mentioned next to your stats what an item does. Arranging them was definitely tense

However, I feel like the game relies a little too much on randomness. It was kinda impossible to plan ahead at times ( imo ). Unfortunately in the chaos of things it's hard to tell what you really need or not. Maybe everything was moving a little too fast.

On top of that, I tried 5 times and I never really managed to beat the second enemy lol. Most probably just a skill issue on my part, but if I'm being honest, I feel like the second enemy does WAY too much damage sometimes. If not that, then I feel like the  crystals should give you more health cus I feel like the amount they give is way too small.

I also feel like there should have been some sort of indicator for when an enemy was going to appear, because I didn't look at the text events at the bottom at all tbh because of all the chaos lol.

Honestly, take everything I've said here with a grain of salt because all of it might just be a giant skill issue on my part lol

Like I said, I really love the concept, and I absolutely love how snappy the actual grid and item management here feels. The atmosphere created through the sfx and music as well also feel just as tense as the overall gameplay loop. But I feel like the game really needs balancing. Regardless of it all though, this is definitely an awesome job for something made in two days, especially for this sort of concept.

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Got till 21 humans. Cool little arcade game.

The music stopping and the fish getting reeled up was weirdly funny tbh lol. Love the overall presentation as well.

However, I'm not really a fan of how the timer for the minigame is random for every fish though. I think it would work better if it starts slowly for the first few fish and progessively gets faster as you eat fishermen.

And this is more of a nitpick rather than a complaint, but I didn't really notice the timer in the lower right until I played through the game a few more times lol.

Regardless, this was a damn fun little arcade game. Great entry

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This game should honestly be tagged as a horror game ngl

Love how almost every puzzle could be completed with more than one solution to trap the snake. The sound effects and music definitely set the mood damn well.

About the only thing I could nitpick is that maybe the game could have had a better tutorial since I forgot that space did anything, but apart from that I have no complaints on this one. Cool execution of this concept

Amazing concept and execution here. I guess if I had to nitpick, I'd say that the sawblade is a little more annoying than it should be, but still though, very great and funny little experience

While I feel like the implementation of the theme here is a bit weak, this is an absolutely amazing game presentation wise.

The atmosphere is great and it did manage to spook me quite a bit.

Especially love the screenshake to denote how close the monster is to you

I did get kinda lost when searching for the computer for the 4th door, but the compass helped me there. Good entry

Really  great and bloody game of golf lol.  Presentation was amazing. Love that little 2.5D animation of the headcrab transitioning between levels lol.

I guess my only real complaint is that the position of enemys would make aiming slightly more harder at times than it needs to be, but that's a nitpick at best. Wonderful entry

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Ended up with a score of 36k. Cool little idea, even though it felt more like a normal tower defense game mechanically.

It also got kinda impossible to spawn creatures towards the end when the enemies kinda clumped up to the point that they covered the entire area and I couldn't click.

Still, it's a really good game with some amazing presentation overall.

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Nah, it mostly just gets harder because I felt that this one enemy type was dynamic enough to have more than one of it lol.

I did want to add another enemy type, but I ran out of time and decided I'd just polish what was already there. Thanks for playing and for the feedback :)

Awesome concept and presentation, however I feel like it relies a little too much on randomness.  Not being able to remove dungeon pieces was also kinda frustrating since I accidentally placed quite a few, though this may interfere with the timer.

I also feel like maybe the timer should have been extended a little after placing a main path because there was usually no time remaining to actually place tiles to get to other items in the level if they weren't already in my main path.

Also this seems to be a bug, but the game still kept count of the number floors I travelled after I died.

The music was great and didn't get old tbh. I also loved the art of the game. The game as a whole did have a very pleasant feel to it overall.