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Quite hard to play, but it has that QWOP charm. The 3D/2D graphical style is very neat as well.

Nice - if hard - game :)

First of all, I really like the idea, and the slow motion is amazing. That said, the mouse sensitivity is through the roof, which made playing very hard, even though I put my Windows mouse sensitivity to the lowest setting. But ignoring that, I did really enjoy the game!

I really love the idea, and the aesthetic works really well. Having to type out long commands, and a few annoyances (backspace removing the whole input, not being able to start typing right after the one before) made the game's pace really slow, so I didn't reach the end. A few annoyances aside, I really like this game, it is well presented and a good idea.

Clever idea! I would've preferred if the characters were a bit faster and the jumps a bit tighter, but that kind of polish is understandable to not have in such a short jam. The pixel art is very good!

Wow, this is hard as nails! I really love the mechanic, and the effects make the game feel really good. I  don't really have any constructive criticism, this is just great!

Very nice! I'm not exactly a fan of puzzle games, but this was pretty fun to play nevertheless! I've seen this idea of limiting the times you can use directional keys, a few times, but this has been the best of the bunch so far, as far as graphics, effects and music goes!

Great work!

What a clever idea! I really like the visual style and animations as well, great job on those. The music got a bit repetitive after a while, but that's really my only complaint: very clever idea, well executed. Good job.

Sadly can't really comment on the quality of the mystery, as I'm quite bad at these and didn't really "get" the clues, but I can say that you've really nailed the atmosphere! I quite liked clicking around in the menus, and the mouse click is a great touch :)

What delightful sprites :) I really like the aesthetic, and the roguelike experience certainly is solid. Well executed idea, and a good idea at that!

First of all: what a first impression. Great music in the background, delightful bloops as sound effects, and an overall very polished feel in the main menu. Good start. (I write this before having started the game.)

Hot dog! What a fantastic design! I really like the concept, and the game feels really polished. This is just, straight up, a really fun game. The turrets are maybe a bit too much, I'd prefer more environmental dangers, if you know what I mean? But again, what a great game.

What excellent aesthetics! Even with relatively simple sprites, the game looks really good because of how coherent the visual style is, and the animations and particle effects are excellent. I'm not sure if I missed something about the attacking, but I ended up doing this left-right dance to attack the enemies, and I thought that was a pretty clever way of doing attacks without attacking animations.

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What a weird bug! I'm not exactly sure what causes that yet, but I re-built a version with the resolution dialogue* so you can try the game in windowed mode and possibly a more squarish resolution, if that'd fix it:

* Unity is deprecating the resolution dialogue, which is why it was disabled in the first place. Sadly, we didn't have time to implement a resolution changer in-game!

PS. Sorry about the Google Drive link, but since the voting is still going on, itch won't let me upload a new file for the game ^^'

Pretty neat idea! I'm not great at chess to begin with, but with polish, this could turn into a really fun game :) (Also AI would be greatly appreciated!)

That was amazing! I loved the idea, and the graphics! I did find one issue, which was that if you look closely enough, you can figure out which way the floor goes (you can see black squares even when the floor isn't visible) but the time limit definitely decreases the viability of this strategy. I loved playing it! I got 1930 points too :)

Great idea! A little hard at first, the platforms seem to dissapear a little too quickly, but when I got a grasp of it, it was pretty satisfying to jump up and up, well, until I fell at least :P Very well fits the theme!

Very fun idea! I also loved the art, music and effects, very fun experience. The only downside was that taking pictures felt a little confusing at first and a little too hard when I finally understood it :)

We're working on it (almost) as we speak! One of the ideas to really take it over the top was to add a gun launcher that shoots guns that shoot around for a while and then explode :D

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We made this delightful, juicy crab rave for this jam, but we've only 4 ratings, even though we've rated 23 ourselves ;; Now, since itch doesn't have the Ludum Dare karma system, we'll do this the old fashioned way: rate our game, and we'll rate yours! You can comment on the rating page, or here, we'll be rating everyone who appears on either :) 


- Neon & Teascade

PS. We've gotten 10 ratings, thanks everyone! While ratings are still appreciated (and we will continue rating yours as well), we're quite fine with the current amount :)

I like the passive background sounds, they really make the atmosphere! The zombie roars and the gun sound are a bit loud and in need of variation (shooting 5 times in a row sounds very... repeaty), but hey, jam limits are jam limits :) The idea is very neat, reminded me a bit of Diablo and its imitators.

This is super good. It's hard to describe, but the game's design and controls are just really intuitive: I didn't see any controls tips (though I didn't read your game page or the About menu either, so I probably just missed it), but it took  very little trial and error to get a pretty good handle on the game, and this really weird mechanic was pretty intuitive to use after a while! Big props on the design here. The robots look really really cool as well, the animations are excellent, and the music drove the game well. Overall, probably the best submission I've seen. Really good work. Here's ours, we've only got 3, and, OP, you're actually one of them! :D But here's to everyone else browsing this thread, hi, please rate our game, it's really juicy and fun :3 -N

What a cute aesthetic! I like the idea as well, trying to predict how all the four blobs will fly as you jump, and then facepalming when one of the blob did hit something. If there's anything to criticize, maybe the platforms' sometimes weird hitbox? Sometimes the blobs hit a corner when jumping from below at a corner, I think. The jump physics could be a bit tighter, but I think that's more a personal preference thing. Really good submission. Our game is pretty juicy! I'll go check out your game now :)

Pretty fun but pretty short. Especially with the autojump and no-jumping areas this little puzzle game definitely has potential.

Pretty fun overall. I liked the little sounds and overall how it played. It got pretty hard pretty quickly though.

I really like the art and effects, and the gameplay is fun and straight-to-the point :)

Good concept, but the game could've used an instant reset button ^^' Considering most of the game is trial & error, the reset-transitions should be a lot faster, but otherwise, the  game was pretty interesting.

Very fun iteration of crocodile dentist! I loved the animations, sounds and overall pretty fun to play, though I don't see how it adheres to the theme.

Interesting idea! I like the visual design and the music, and the mechanic is pretty cool as well, even if simple. 

Also, as the earlier comment said, you should zip up the .exe and the .pck to a .zip file so the game runs from one download, and works in the desktop client :)

This game is heccin good. I rate 5/5. Very good animations, the only one building at a time is pretty clever and brings very unexpected difficulties. Overall, just very very good.

Very fun and original game, but it's a little buggy; here's a few bugs I found:

- When holding shoot button while in the air, you aren't able to aim the bow anymore or shoot when you let go

- At some points the key just doesn't drop

Otherwise, very fun!

What an interesting and fun game. And slightly infurating: levels 7 and 9 (I think, the one with the first button and the last one, in any case) felt very pixel-perfect in their jumps, I had to keep retrying those for like 10 minutes! However, I really like the concept and the graphics, excellent entry.

It was pretty confusing, didn't really understand what was I supposed to do and the information on the itch page of this game didn't really help. Original if nothing else at least!

It was pretty fun to play, and the animations were pretty neat, but I failed very quickly since I wasn't sure what to do.

It was alright, although I don't condone on using pokemon sprites as is. A few points:

- The parts of dialogue I saw were pretty funny ("nick hasn't programmed ai yet" and, I assume the placeholder dialog for characters that don't have dialogue)

- The battle looked pretty neat, but wasn't very original exactly

- When I tried to enter a cave, I faced a fatal error

Cute sprites! I'm not sure if there's a win state, but the game seemed to play well. The pace could've been faster for my taste, and the enemies probably should try to seek the player from behind walls, but otherwise, good stuff.