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Rate our crab rave and we'll rate your game!

A topic by Saltosion created Aug 10, 2019 Views: 184 Replies: 15
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We made this delightful, juicy crab rave for this jam, but we've only 4 ratings, even though we've rated 23 ourselves ;; Now, since itch doesn't have the Ludum Dare karma system, we'll do this the old fashioned way: rate our game, and we'll rate yours! You can comment on the rating page, or here, we'll be rating everyone who appears on either :) 


- Neon & Teascade

PS. We've gotten 10 ratings, thanks everyone! While ratings are still appreciated (and we will continue rating yours as well), we're quite fine with the current amount :)

You have nice game, I hope that more people try it!


Alright you like DOS-ish games and cherries ?

Rate :

Game :

Here's hoping you enjoy.........and maybe get addicted ;)


Here's mine! Super proud of my work on this one, hope you enjoy 


Hi! I will play yours tomorrow.

 You can play mine here:


Only 4 ratings?! I'm sure we can help with that :D I'll play it now! Here is mine too - please leave a rating/comment if you play :)

Your game is fun! The lot of gore is impressive hahaha I gonna rate it now :D

Here is our game, a 8bit roguelike were all the values are calculated using Only one stat of the character. 

Have fun!



My game is called Room. 

It's a desktop puzzle game where you need to use the clues from the computer to escape the room. You got only one chance to do this. If u fail solving the puzzle the first and only time... The application won't open again.


Just played and rated! I hope you get more ratings before the end. Anyways, here's mine: :)



Yeah gory game, playing it right now!

In the mean time here is our game, "The Only NeOne" a Grid based puzzle game where you clear levels by reaching the exit by only pressing and holding your input keys ONCE. Study the enemy's patterns, keep track of your paths you take and figure out how to reach the exit!

You will find the game here:

We would love to hear your feedbacks!


Already rated yours, ours is playable in browser and have few ratings.

We would appreciate if you find some time to rate it :) 


Will play your game once I get home!

My game is called One Shot In The Chamber, a wave based survival game where you must fight off hordes of enemies with the catch being, you have only one bullet. Fortunately, the bullet is magic and you can summon it back to you or teleport to it. Using this unique ability, you must survive as long as possible in the chamber. Here is a screenshot of the game and the link to the game page:


Hi. I am going to play/rate your game. Hopes rate for mine as well. Appreciate. (•̀•́) و ̑̑ 



Here is mine -




Alright, Ill be checking out your game! Here's mine, You have One Shot: