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One Bullet left in the Chamber. Made for the GMTK Game Jam 2019!
Submitted by UltraSkull1000 (@MacRuman) — 36 minutes, 23 seconds before the deadline
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Nice idea! I included it in my GMTK Game Jam 2019 compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)


First of all, I really like the idea, and the slow motion is amazing. That said, the mouse sensitivity is through the roof, which made playing very hard, even though I put my Windows mouse sensitivity to the lowest setting. But ignoring that, I did really enjoy the game!


Simple, fun.


Reminds me in a way of superhot, I loved that game and therefore loved yours. 

If you work on this more you could release it as a full game, would be pretty sweet.


Definitely one of the more fun takes on the whole "one shot" thing! The sensitivity was insanely high to the point of being unplayable, but thankfully I could adjust the DPI on my mouse on the fly to compensate and so I could play the game alright. As others have said I do wish I could tell what the enemy was doing so I could plan and respond more effectively. Did a good job with the art and level design for such a short time frame, though, and I'd be keen to try a more refined post-jam version. 


One of the most unique twist on the one-bullet game! 

Quite nice! But mouse sensitivity was way too high for me. 

I would also try to format the  Number from the Total Run Time


Interesting one-bullet game. The sensitivity made it unplayable for me and the fact the enemies could shoot me when I was behind them was a bit annoying.

Would play again if the controls were improved.


The sensitivity is definitely the main issue people have been having, and I'm currently working on a post-jam version that will have improved controls and better animations. The enemies were originally intended to face you as long as they could see you, and in the post jam version will have this fix. 


@NunoRibeiro has it right. Fresh new game in a genre that is still very new.  The sensitivity difference didn't bug me as much with the time constraint. My small critique is the first bar level may need some refinement. 

Thank you and good job!


Your game impressed me! I have seen many game with the mechanic 'only one bullet', but your game still feels fresh.  I think that's because in most games simillar to yours, we have to pick the bullet up to reuse it, but in your game we truly only have one bullet and if we want more, we need to play well and use our brain. It fits in theme 100%.However, the game has to high sensitivity (you could let us choose, it would be better) and sometimes the enemies shoot us even when they are not looking at us (that bothered me a litte but). Also, I really liked the visuals and the music. Good job!


Thanks for your feedback! I am working on a post-jam version of the game that will have adjustable sensitivity and better enemy AI, along with a few other tweaks to improve the experience.


The only one shot mechanic is well executed and it's a good idea. I really like the slowmotion momentum effect.

I don't know if it's because I was on a train but it was a bit hard to get familiar with the controls on the first levels (I've got my mouse don't worry :p).

Good job! :D

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Very cool game! Like @eldskald said, the mouse sensitivity is high and the feedback is slow, it makes the game more challenging and frustrating.
Great job at making this game in 48 hours!

Check out our game if you haven't I would really appreciate it!



Hi there! That was a very good entry you have there. I do think that the mouse sensitivity is a bit too high, and that the feedback is a bit low. Like, if you die to someone you didn't see, you have no idea what happened. And there was times I got trapped between the dead robots standing in a doorway, for example, or that I just clipped through the floor and fell into the endless void below.

But yeah, the concept is really good. With some tweaks to the controls and the feedback, you can ship something very unique with this project!


It feels wrong to take away a point for originality when it's like SUPERHOT, because SUPERHOT was such an original masterpiece, and this is a great twist on it... however it is a lot like superhot. Shooting things in slow motion, lining up your shots for penetration, the colour scheme, the brief all caps messages, all give a very SUPERHOTy feel.

I think the big challenge for me was that it feels terrible to lose a run because you have no bullets and you just have to sit there and wait (or restart). It's fine because runs can be restarted so quickly, but it feels like there needs to be some way to salvage the run. Maybe a hidden bullet or something (which would significantly slow down the run to acquire, but could still get a win)

Overall great entry. 9/10


You had great idea. The gameplay could be really fun but first the sensitivity is way to high. Second thing is that the enemies could give more info about when they will actually shoot. I still enjoyed the game. BIg plus for making so many levels. Good work!


Nice concept and nice low poly art. The implementation is really well done but it takes some trial and error in some levels since I sometimes get killed without knowing the source that shoot me and the scene is crowded. I hope if you can add a review mode after being killed to show how things went till the player died or at least allow the player to look around a little bit after his death. Overall, it is great and well polished and I totally had fun with it.


suuuuuppppppppppppppeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrr hhhhhhhhhhhhhoooooooooooootttttttttt


Not really. People keep making the comparison because time slows down when you jump, however, isn't it the opposite way around in Super Hot? Moving quickly speeds up time and moving slowly or not at all slows down time in Super Hot. 

well ok still hot game 


Certainly xD


Nice game with a good core design. I like the combo system and how it connected with adding new bullets. Levels are pretty challenging and fun. Nevertheless, there are some problems.

  1. There's no simple feedback about the enemies shooting states. It really frustrates me, as I can't think my actions in advance.
  2. Mouse sensitivity is too high.

Both are pretty common complaints about the game so far. Before I uploaded the game the shooting state for the enemies had broken and I had no time left to fix it (they're supposed to face the player and show a particle effect at their blaster). Also, in the post jam version of the game I will be adding a sensitivity control for the mouse, as that was an oversight in the jam version (I just set it to match my mouse's default settings and forgot to make it adjustable)

Submitted (2 edits) (+1)

I like the graphics a lot. I feels very satisfying to perform head shots because of those cool explosions and floating text. 

Sometimes, I wasn't sure why I died because robots would look in one direction and shoot at me in another. 

Also, controls were a bit too sensitive. I think you should add settings for that.


Yeah part of the Enemy's shooting state failed in the uploaded version of the game; They're supposed to rotate to face your position if they see you and your last known position if they can't. In the post-jam version of the game I will be adding sensitivity adjustments ;)


Alright game, big issue is the controls were very sensitive, it felt like gliding on ice and trying to get through doors ad such was a pain


The controls are probably the most common complaint at the moment xD. I will be making a post-jam version with improved controls and adjustable sensitivity.


Hard but enjoyable! It was really cool to hit combos, and of course, I appreciate the speed run timer ;)

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