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Hey, sorry I couldn't respond earlier. Of course you can distribute it via Postmaster! Please, do put a link to Steam and/or the Nintendo Switch eShop as well if you can, the more people playing this game, the merrier!

The jam version. I'll check out this updated version later then.

Oh my god these optimizations were insane!!! I was so confused watching you bomb the goal from offscreen, I wasn't understanding until the message popped up, very cool!!

My favorite puzzle mechanic of the jam so far! I think the idea behind the game is amazing and it has the potential to be polished into a pretty good game. My only complaint is that it is very difficult to tell which color is going to show up where  when you turn, at least I took way too long to understand it a little bit and I still think I don't fully grasp it. Perhaps more levels to ease in that mechanic or some more UI element could help? I also didn't knew about bringing stuff from one world to the next, I had to read it on the tips of the page. Not a deal breaker by any means, it's just not ideal.

Either way, great job. The game is pretty engaging as is, a pretty cool mechanic and nice challenging levels to use them.

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My game is a platformer with quite a few cool movement tech, has nice speedrunning potential.

Add another victim to this man's list cause I just died from a heart attack, lmao!

Initially, I would complain that the character took too much space on the screen and that there was almost nothing on the map for us to explore, and that the trees were all too spread apart and it took too long to find them and this was probably the only reason why we needed the arrow pointing to the next objectives, but everything made more sense in the end. So yeah, nothing too bad, but I'd say these are the top things for you to improve if you want to turn this game into something more.

Oh, by the way, I really liked the 3D pixel graphics there, it matched the 2D pixel art of the beginning. The chromatic aberration post processing looked nice on a mostly black and white game like yours, the  shadows with them looked great overall. Congratulations, great game!

I love the puzzles, you got a pretty nice tutorial and pretty challenging puzzles, got me hooked till the end, I love it! I do think sometimes it gets a little too much, it's pretty hard juggling all the colors together, like a Rubik's cube where you finish some part and get scared of messing it up while you try to get the rest in place, but as a whole the levels allowed you some experimentation without horrible consequences, sometimes you could just walk around without thinking too much about what you were doing and then you'll figure it out.

I also really love the graphics, you turned additive blending into gameplay which gave you a nice excuse to mess around with shaders! That overlay on top of the chonky pixels looked cool, let you differentiate from the typical pixel art games and allowed you to mess around with color animations and pixel movement without having them break the pixel aesthetic too much, pretty smooth! Sound effects were also cool, fit the pixel/old monitor aesthetic very well. I just kinda missed music, I think it was the only ingredient to top of a great cake.

But yeah, definitely one of the my favorite games so far, great job!

Wow, pretty cool game! I really like the idea. I got the low resolution bug, not only it decreases resolution it also changes the aspect ratio to 1. Didn't detract that much from the experience though, the only part where detail was important was the credits at the end. I like that you included a sprint button, made exploration smoother overall, although the jump was a bit unwieldy I think exploring the labyrinth was fine. I really liked the mechanic of non-euclidian stuff, with a little bit of creativity you could make some puzzles with it if you wanted to expand the game, but for a game jam you did nice environments, with good lighting and a sense of getting lost and mind blows when we realize where each place leads to. Really cool game, one of my favorites here, I love exploration games! Thank you for making it!

Thank you! I tried to not give away the mechanics right away, taking some time to understand everything was part of the plan. At least I personally like games like this, that trust the player to figure things out. Thanks for playing my game!

Hahaha, thank you! Yeah, only play for as long as you're having fun!

Just played and rated your game, pretty cool! This is mine:

I love these exploration games with an emphasis on atmosphere, so this one is right up my alley! It took me a super long time to press Escape and see the menu teaching how to read the incantation and that I could hold F to make the maggots go away (which, by the way, they were tanking my FPS really bad). Once I got everything I still not managed to finish the game, I checked twice or thrice where the position of the pieces where (I thought I was meant to put them in the square they were found in the city, where the city gate meant the little gap in the puzzle square) but it didn't worked. I rotated everything and it still didn't worked. Oh well, these things happen I guess? But yeah, my main complaint would be how much the maggots were tanking performance, I don't know if they stop us from doing anything but I would make them go away everytime because of performance only. But I really liked everything else, the crazy villagers, the crow sounds, the look of the protagonist also makes me think of someone from a Lovecraft book, it's all pretty neat! I also liked how you made stuff like walls and furtniture transparent if they were in between the camera and the protagonist, nice touch!

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And that's why playtest is important, even better when the playtester is a level designer. Love the suggestion, thank you very much!!!

Hey, thank you for playing! Yeah, the bouncing grenades made it difficult to hit the gnomes with, but the bouncing mechanic was important so I had to make do with it. While I played I relied mostly on landmines to kill them but that's why you need playtesters, right? I could have easily solved this problem by making the gnomes taller, or tweaking the arc of the grenades. Oh well, lesson learned I guess. Thanks for bringing this to my attention!

Hey, thank you for the kindness! On this level I put the stash under that thin hole with spikes to signal that you can throw grenades down, and hopefully it would've hinted that that's the same thing you have to do to climb that wall you speak of. What you gotta do is jump, throw a grenade down and it will bounce back up and hit you, giving you a double jump. More like an infinite jump actually because you can keep doing it ad infinitum and never touch the ground again, hahaha! But yeah, if you didn't got the hint I should've eased in or make better levels, I try to teach the techniques through level design but it's very hard to do, you fail once and the player is gonna get stuck and feeling lost. But hey, thank you for checking my game out!

Alan Wake 3 looking good, huh? Hahaha, cool game! I like the post processing effects you put in, made the game look very good, it really fit that security camera style. The game itself was super simple, the gameplay is like if you had a melee weapon that instead of needing to swing to deal damage it's always active there dealing damage. Main critique I would have is that it's very small, the enemies are always the same and it gets old kinda quickly but for a game jam you polished it very well. It's a good basis to improve upon, good job!

Hey, cool game! Was there a way to put the cup back on the counter? I finished it with it still on my hand, lmao! Very short game, I like the overall message, and I like Godot open on the game's computer as well, hahah! Biggest complaint I would give are maybe the repeating textures on the walls and the floor, seeing how the game has these long walls and floor it gets pretty noticeable. It's not a big deal though, good job!

Cute game! It's funny to see the Boxboi's reaction to the weirdness happening around. Game was very simple, very small also which is probably my main criticism, not much variation other than the black background and the gray bricks with the very simple design of the box. The jump also had no height control, which isnt a big deal given the game didn't really require any precision (the only part with platforming was optional) and it was mostly about the funny stuff going on, not the movement. So yeah, a game being small isn't really a big deal, especially in a game jam. Good job overall!

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Very cool, pretty well put together! I love the graphics style, pixelated 3D is something I really think looks cool, and it's not simple to make look good given how low resolution tends to mess up the details on the models, but everything in this game looked crisp, good job! My main critique would be the movement system, I didn't see the game losing anything by just allowing the player to move freely through the environment, there were some spots where left/right cycled between some targets that weren't exactly to the left or to the right of where you clicked, sometimes we spun around 180 degrees when from one side but 90 to the other, it just felt a little disorienting. It isn't a big deal for your game in particular, it's not like we had any mechanic that required any precise movement. Oh yeah, on the password part I typed it in but I didn't knew I had to press the empty button as like a "confirm" button, I just thought I put in the wrong password and tried going back up to check on the password again but the elevator wouldn't take me back up. Turns out the password was right, but if someone really does forget the password that could be a problem.

But yeah, other than that I think you nailed the atmosphere and polish. No glitches, cool story, very well executed art style and for a game jam game that's really all that matters. Great job, thanks for making this cool game!

That was an interesting game, for sure! One thing I really liked was your use of the 2D shadows to hide monsters behind the barrels and crates, the zombies in the final level coming from behind the darkness as you came close with your lantern was pretty cool to witness! Which, by the way, I think you did a good job with the atmosphere as well, the way the game moved at slow pace and you had to fix/clean the floor while you kept hearing the wood cracking or what sounded a lot like steps, pretty spooky! You also managed to make quite a bit of content for a game jam game, keep it up!

My main critiques would be: that I felt like the animation needs some work, the blob has one frame to indicate it's about to attack but it really doesn't look like a wind up. It took me a while to understand how its attack worked, but once I did I just didn't got hit anymore. Also, was there any reason to turn off the lantern? As it is I don't see why it needs to have a button to turn it on/off, just leave it on. Lastly, I also felt like there was too much to clean up in most levels, it just made them drag on a bit too much. I liked how in the first level the lamps would just break as you approach them, fixing these made more sense and helped create atmosphere but most of the time I felt like that mechanic wasn't the peak of the gameplay loop.

But yeah, I think this game is above average. Thanks for making it, and good luck!

Hey, I'm glad you liked my game, thanks for checking it out! And yeah, you're right about the losing progress part, funny thing is that looking back now the system I implemented to change/restart levels would have been almost trivial to also implement a checkpoint feature for when you die. Lesson learned, I'll keep that in mind in my next game, thanks for bringing that problem to my attention!

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You can have different licenses for each different file/folder in your project. Github can generate license files for you as well, but it's good practice to put on your all the licenses you have too, for example you can look at my repository to see how you can license everything correctly, just beware because my assets are all creative commons, so take care not to use the same licenses I did.

There are a bunch of open source licenses, the MIT is the simplest and easiest one to use, it just requires the users to keep the license file if they take your code. Another famous one is the GPL-2.0, which requires the user to also publish their work under the same license if they use your code. If you want to have full rights over your art and music, you should probably make them proprietary and write your legal notice with your conditions.

I swear, sometimes I think we Latin Americans have to deal with poor living conditions to balance out how capable we are on other stuff we do, we work too hard. Didn't knew this was happening in Cuba, much love from Brazil.

First, the ones that got few ratings somehow:

  • Lost, by ToyMakersCreation
    I don't know how this one haven't popped off yet, it's really good. Simple and short, and full on the weirdo side. I really like weirdo games, the experimental front is kinda dominated by us indies and I really appreciate it.
  • Noise Shift, by arrowmaster1252
    More weirdo experimental game. This one is extremely bold, and I love games that go against known wisdom and try to make different stuff work. I can't help but appreciate the work it takes to make the graphics and sound of this game, just give it a try!
  • Coral Rain, by Michael Grieshofer
    This game is huge, like, hours long huge!! It's a full fledged metroidvania, with good art, music, atmosphere and gameplay. You could fool me this is a game being sold on Steam, if I didn't find it here I wouldn't believe you it's a game jam game. I haven't even finished it actually, but metroidvania fans or exploration fans would certainly appreciate this game.

Now, some games that have quite a few ratings already but I wanted to shout them out because I think they're awesome:

  • Dream Door, by UselessWizard
    I don't know why this one stuck with me to be real, maybe it's the combination of being weirdo + exploration + atmospheric that I like. It's a bit janky otherwise, but I think it hit the right notes it needed to hit, cause it got stuck in my mind.
  • Hungry Outcast, by LapoLinguini
    Narrative heavy game. Short and extremely well polished, congratulations to the creator! The writing is especially good here, the creator achieved a pretty good atmosphere to fit the writing, it's really good, if you haven't played it yet, give it a go!
  • What My Soul Still Renders, by G. Carbonell
    Another writing masterpiece. Play it and behold the cyberpunk dystopia we are getting into in just a couple of years. Simple gameplay loop with trippy graphics and sad vibes, very well polished. Give it a go if you vibe with this kind of story!

Last comment about my overall experience with the games so far: How are you guys so good at writing?

Hey, thank you for playing my game! Yeah, I needed to improve the learning curve of the game. In particular I wanted to have the whole game be a bit like a tutorial, you know, Portal style, where I don't teach it directly I just use level design to make people realize how each mechanic work but doing that effectively requires a lot of playtesting and I just didn't had this luxury on a game jam schedule. I'll get good eventually, I hope, hahaha! I'm happy you enjoyed it!

Oh my god, I love it! Feels like one of those dreams you wake up like "the f was that??", hahaha! I really like how to the point you went with this, created a nice wrongness atmosphere, no music, very few simple assets, you just made it all work and there's nothing to complain about them. Even the game mechanics, which there are almost none just served the purpose of creating that unique experience, you just look and move around in a 3D space, you just didn't need fancy mechanics. You don't even writing and dialogue, this game is minimalism to the extreme and I feel like if you decided to add more things to the game it might have had detracted from it, unless maybe you decided to keep going after the supposed ending? But yeah, games like yours are very rare, you should be very proud. Good job!

Hey, good job making that game! It's short and sweet, and extremely effective. Haven't encountered many bugs, there was this one time where it felt like I had controller drift, the character kept going right slowly when I stopped walking, and going left was slower too. Other than that, not being able to shoot up or down was a bit annoying but I guess it was part of the challenge? Other than that, I think you executed the mechanics pretty well, you're trying to protect the zombies while the zombies are trying to kill you and it makes for a nice dynamic. It would have been funnier if the other human bullets wouldn't hit you but that would take away from the challenge, but it's funny to me how the guys with knives won't hurt you even if you touch them. The graphics and sound effects are extremely simple too, you used them very well and created an aesthetic, good job! Reminds me of very old arcade games, hahaha!

Hey there, I decided to give your game another chance since I saw so little of it. I found out what I was supposed to do, I had to go up some one-way platform that I thought was a ceiling and got another ability, I think it was the double jump? Anyway I played for hours, kept running around in circles until I eventually found some new ability, rinse and repeat and I still haven't finished the game. This game is huge and I'm amazed at how much you work you've done!

I think I have better feedback now:

  • It's too easy to get lost for three reasons that add up together: the map is too open (you can move in every single direction), there is no minimap and every zone looks the same. Whenever I got a new ability I could remember some place I saw previously that could probably use that ability, the problem was remembering how to get to that place. This was why I really spun around in circles for way too long before finding those places I knew I saw earlier. Having a minimap would really help, or at least making more well delimited zones that look different instead of this one big square, trying to remember where something was could be literally in any point of it.
  • Some challenges it wasn't clear when I could do them or needed an upgrade. There are a lot of points where you can just barely make it with some specific set of abilities and I didn't knew if I just had to keep trying or if I had to go back to running around in circles hoping to find something I missed. There were a lot of bubbles you could barely reach with a double jump, some places that required the surf ability that you also could barely get to the walls, and some platforms you could barely reach with one fuel pack, after the second these diminish.

I got stuck after finding the surf in the ground ability, which I honestly don't know what it's meant to do. I only got 2 fuel packs and I don't know how long the game is supposed to go, it says in your page that you couldn't finish it but the screenshots show you with 5 fuel packs. There were a lot of places I couldn't reach so I know I haven't seen everything.

I wanted to play your game again because I knew there was way more to see and I felt like you love metroidvanias, and I love them too. I think you get what's important: ambiance, good art and good music, and above all, exploration. So yeah, good job. You really did a lot in a short period of time.

Oh man, I've been playing around with raylib the past few months and I can truly appreciate the work it takes to make a game like this one you did. I'm not there yet, but I will be one day, hopefully! Now, something I like about the game is that since it's an idle game I literally just left it there running and went to play other games from the game jam and when I came back, I got the max house ending. I also got the "die by stability" ending previously, didn't got the remaining ending, I'm assuming it's die by money? My main critique though would be that there isn't a lot of depth to it, I'm not sure there is a best strategy or combination of mods, the amount of stability they got from each mod seemed to be random everytime I got a new subject so I was just getting each mod at least once and then picking combinations I thought would look cool on my aberration, hahaha. But at the same time that's kinda the point of idle games, right? It shouldn't require a lot from the player. Anyway, for a game jam game I love what you did, you went full programmer nerd mode and I completely love it! Good job!

Amazing visuals, this game extremely stylish, well done! Got great writing too, what hurts me the most is that we're probably all gonna see it way sooner than 2100 😭 Anyway, gameplaywise I was a bit confused on how to play, I had to restart to read again that explanation at the start menu after the first couple of scenes of me confused not understanding what was happening. I think an indication for if your health/fame/sanity was going to increase/decrease after each option would be great too, trying to deduce from the scene wouldn't always work. But yeah, these are just small details that we don't pickup during a game jam, especially without playtest so I think it's a sign of pretty well done job. Thanks for making this game, I'm sure it's going to pop off!

Thank you so much for playing! I'm happy you noticed the variations in the bombs and explosion sounds! Personally I'm just bad at art, so I tried making up for it by adding these small polish details and I'm happy someone noticed. And don't worry about being bad, there's been quite a few people saying they got stuck at some point too so maybe I'm the one who's bad at level design, hahaha! I really wanted the game to not be too hard but I also don't wanted to give away the answer to the puzzles instantly, so I had to just ease them in with good level design which is pretty difficult.

But hey, if you wanna know the answer to that pole on the 3rd level, try not landing straight into it, instead of getting height to land on it, get height to put a landmine on top of it.

Hey, thank you so much for playing! I'm glad you liked it! Yeah, I tried to polish the mechanics to the maximum, it was necessary for the puzzles to work. If you want a tip for beating that 4th level, try using the grenade to do a "wall jump". If you throw a grenade when you're right next to a wall, it will bounce into you and explode instantly.

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My plan was to do that, I've uploaded HTML5 games before but this one in particular there was so little time left when I uploaded it that I wasn't willing to risk messing it up when uploading a binary was much safer. But yeah, 100% agree with that take, I just feel dumb for not having done that myself.

There's a wall behind you on that chasm, right? Just toss it right at that wall.

Thank you for being so nice! I'm sure you're gonna do well in the game jam too, everybody seems to be loving your game from the comments you're getting. You're pretty good too, you know what's important in your game and you executed it pretty well. It's the only game in your profile, if it's your first game jam you're leagues better than me, hahaha!

You have to use the grenade to jump over that chasm, the landmine sends up while the grenade sends you diagonally, but requires a wall. You don't need to retry it of course, I'm already grateful to you for playing it, just saying cause you seem like you wanted to see more of it ;)

But yeah, the game can be a little difficult but solving it is mostly a puzzle, it's not so much about precision actually. But yeah, thank you for playing my game!

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Wow, thank you so much for the kind words! No, that thing you described was 100% unintended, thanks for bringing this to my attention! It was important to me that whatever replaced jumping shouldn't work too close to a jump, for example, I thought about letting the player throw a grenade down even on the ground to instantly be sent up, but that's just jumping except you have to push two buttons instead of one.  What you discovered is literally the same thing, hahaha!

Thank you for playing my game, glad you liked it!

Hey there, just played and rated your game! Here is a link to mine:

Just played and rated your game! Here is mine:

Damn, I like the graphics and the VFX, you put all the post processing effects ever, hahaha! Did the score meant anything in the end? I managed to get to the end on easy, medium but then I went to hard and those pink broke five of the screens, so I managed to get to the end with just the blue screen but I still got 100% on everything, even though I didn't even reached the end of the level on that blue screen and every other screen just broke. I think splitting your attention between 6 screens is a little too much, especially when you get those pink prompts. The exclamation warning would also block the incoming button too, which was weird. But yeah, other than that I can tell there was a lot of effort put in on the visuals. Good job, thanks for making this game!