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Thank you so much! It has 34 levels in total.

Hey, thank you so much! Now that you say about rotating the gizmo thing I feel a bit stupid because I was thinking a lot about a better way to communicate where the player is and where they will go to and I didn't think about rotating it, lmao! I added the cube eventually, this gizmo changed quite a bit during development, but rotating it does make a lot of sense! Thanks for playing my game and your ideas!

Excuse me, sub 2 minutes????????????

Whoa, thank you so much! I also really like Pokemon and never noticed how their puzzle mechanics could make for good puzzles, not until I played your game to be honest. I think it's because they never actually advanced it, I mean, they always kept things at a surface level, most modern games these days are afraid to deeply explore their own mechanics because they want no hardship or frustration in them, which is understandable but is also a bit sad, at least in my opinion.

Also, the crackling on the audio of your game, do you know exactly what causes it? I'm asking because I've struggled a lot with it previously and I feel like it's either ignorance on my part about audio (I know very little about it) and Godot, given how I've only seen this problem in Godot games but I'm not sure. Now that I'm asking it I feel weird, like, if you knew how to fix it the game probably wouldn't have it, but eh, no harm in trying. I think my game might even have this crackling in some points in it, I'm not 100% sure and I absolutely despise it, I have a history with it, hahahaha, all I know is I have to keep the volume under 0db but that's not enough.

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Thank you for the kind words! Means a lot to me coming from one of the creators of one of my favorite games of this jam! And yeah, dragging the ball was a little annoying, during development it had a ton of problems, and fixing them caused the ball to get released constantly while dragging it. At least it's not a big deal, won't cause you to lose the game or anything, it's just annoying. Getting the difficulty curve right was hard too, I didn't wanted the game to be easy enough that puzzles would solve themselves if you kept messing around randomly but I also didn't wanted them to be super hard, and achieving it was hard, I was lucky I had friends and time to play test it a bit.

Try this, it worked with another commenter.

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Yeah, nothing like a fresh mind playing through our games to show us the flaws of our puzzles, I know how it feels. Air tight game design is a myth, hahaha! Still, I think no matter what idea the player comes up with (the intended one or the one I did), they will feel good about it because the game didn't told them what to do, I think the joy of discovery is one of the strongest emotions games can tap into but it got lost on most big titles today due to the necessity to cater to everyone and don't make nobody confused. I really like those games that don't outright tell what you're supposed to do, being subtle is difficult and I commend your attempt at doing it.

Phew, took me some time but it was totally worth it! Played, rated and left a comment with my thoughts on every game submitted! I'm amazed at people's creativity, we've got all those different interpretations of the theme and gameplay ideas, I'm truly impressed. 

I wanted to shout out One Simple Observation and Lost in Parallels. Choosing which games to call out here was hard, but in the end I thought these two were the ones. If you haven't checked them, go play them, they're really well made and feel like finished games. And hey, while I'm at it, go check out To Shed New Light as well, that's my game and I'm super proud of it, me and my friend worked very hard on it!

 That's it, just wanted to say I had tons of fun playing what you all cooked up and call out these games. Congratulations everyone, keep on being awesome!

Oof, getting covid in the middle of the game jam is rough. Luckily I'm vaccinated and even still I don't even leave the house (which now that I think about it I don't even know which is worse, hahaha). You had everything so well animated, the game looked very charming, not gonna lie. Maybe it will turn into an awesome game once you finish it, but for what you finished, you did a pretty good job!

Wow, at first I imagined I needed what was inside the chest to get through the bird, but then I had this awesome idea of throwing the seed to the other side of the river. I needed the river to freeze over on winter in order to do this, so to me it made perfect sense and I thought it was the intended way and that maybe the crying hamster wouldn't be the end of the game.

Very cute. I loved the walk cycle animation, very cute with the dust quickly gathering behind the hamster. I managed to get to the credits but I didn't figured out how to open the chest the fish gave me, was there a way to do so?  I also really liked how you explained the whole game without using words, I think it's always much more effective to do so this way, well done. I don't know what else to say, it's a short game with a simple message and charm, good job!

Interesting game. The jumping mechanic was very fitting for a frog but if your mouse leaves the game window the game gets confused and you'll have to charge the jump again, but other than that the jump is very polished, it's snappy and feels good to leap huge distances while gobbling up huge amounts of dragonflies. Having the frog swim back to a lily pad while eating any dragonflies on the way is feels okay too, but I feel like jumping around was the only thing you had going on, maybe a score system and a leaderboard would fit the game really well? But yeah, this is a game jam and no game will truly feel finished in just one month. Good job!

Definitely a game that deserved its own category, congratulations to everyone involved. Art direction was amazing, animation and art was also really good, I really like the details, the flowers blooming as we walk through, the falling snow, the animated baby drawings,  the clouds and smoke, small graphical details like this that we often have to work a lot on to make them look good and that we always feel like no one will notice (at least I have this nagging feeling when I'm working on those, as a VFX/shader guy myself). The music is amazing, couldn't fit this atmosphere better even if you tried. I did had some trouble with the gameplay though, not being able to do short hops didn't mesh well with the tight platforming it required, especially when paired with the slipperiness of the character. We also couldn't safely move to the edges without sliding down, it felt like the character had a round hitbox that could slip through those edges. It was also weird how you didn't need to step on the clouds before their timer would start to cause them to poof away, you just need to touch them even from underneath, so if you misjudge the reach of your jump and manage to get there, they're almost out of time to be solid. Not sure if any of those were intentional to make the game more difficult, but they did caught me off guard, not sure if it's the best way to go when making a platformer. But all of these problems pale in comparison to everything else you got right. Congratulations again everybody, you did an amazing job!

I got to 190k points and I was only hit once. Eventually I figured I could keep going without getting touched unless the game changed, but it kept going for so long without any changes that I thought it wouldn't happen. I think it controls great, the slight drift felt really good to dodge bullets with, and the visuals and feedback are amazing. Lots of explosions, shiny bullets, rat clusters moving about, the visual clarity and juicing are top notch, I can tell how much work you put into these areas of the game. But yeah, it got repetitive and easy very quickly. I also didn't see the theme of the game jam there as well, but the game is still solid and easy to build up on. Good job!

Got stuck at the second boss fight too, she would ask for 2 chocolate milkshakes, I would give it to her, she would disappear (I assumed defeated?) and I couldn't leave the room. I clicked retry a couple of times but it always ended the same way, always after delivering the 2 chocolate shakes. I'm also a bit confused at why those were boss fights, can you fail at them? The first one didn't seemed to fight back, and from what I understood, nothing happened if you kept the milkshake lady waiting as well. But other than that, I think the controls were nice, the character would slide just a little bit when trying to stop running, giving some Super Mario World feel to it. I like the music and the pixel art too, but the gameplay and the levels felt unfinished, but that's somewhat to be expected from a game jam. Nothing in the game felt broken on a game design level, you just need to finish it and maybe add a bit more polish. Good job!

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I didn't understood what was going on very well or how it related to the description to be honest, hahaha! But I like controlling a sausage with shades cultivating youtube videos, art and university essays on a very small confined space. Could become very cool once you finish, I like the use of symbolism, like planting the stuff you have to do and how it takes care and work, or maybe how you could let entertainment and procrastination out of control and they start to overgrow and take over your already small 3x3 grid, if that makes sense. Maybe I'm the one reading too much into it and imagining how it could look like if it was finished? Perhaps, hahaha!

Puzzles are solid at that ice part. My favorite puzzle was the one made by your friend Moe, I can see how their Mario Kart skills came in handy to make us suffer, hahaha! It was difficult, but playing 5D chess and planning where each stone needed to be in order for everything to just fit together in the end is very rewarding. The music was also really good but I had a lot of crackling from it, it was probably clipping. I think the last level a was bit of a let down, everything prior to it was about thinking and planning your moves, and then the last level was about looking around moving slowly and carefully not to fall. Weird change of pace, I guess? The whole game also reminded me a lot of the Pokemon caves, all of the mechanics and even the tile based movement and are present there, except maybe for the interaction of pushing stones on the ice. Solid entry overall, good job!

I didn't quite understand what was the link between the camera and what was being built on the bridge for us to step on, I would just move the camera and watch what was in front of me to judge if I could make the jumps or not. Not being able to move diagonally and not having jump height control was a bit odd when we were tasked to make those precision jumps, but luckily the jumps weren't super demanding, at least not enough to be frustrating in my opinion. Other than that, I like the aesthetic of the rooms and the dialogue, reminds me a lot of Portal. Good job!

You've got good 3D graphics here, well done! I opened a door that apparently led to outside the house, but as I stepped out I just fell onto the infinite abyss below, as there was actually no ground outside the house, had to restart the game. Normally, I would say that the lack of music hurts most games here, but your game is an exception. The lack of music just made it a little bit more spookier. The house had a very weird maze-like "wrong" architecture. Rooms were empty, not even tables, chairs, rugs... There was nothing to see anywhere. Nothing was moving, no one other than you was in the house, no ambient sound, no crickets, no sound of your own footsteps or even your shadow, nothing. The silence was deafening, everything about the house felt wrong. I was expecting a jump scare, not gonna lie. But it all kinda fell flat when I approached the pumpkin and the game ended suddenly and I was reminded that this was a game jam. I couldn't tell if all of those things I described were intentional or if they were all a happy accident caused by the lack of time and resources to finish the game. Anyway, I think you got something that could be improved upon with some work. Maybe the more sound effects, lighting and ambiance could go a long way on improve atmosphere. Right now, it felt like those creepy old source engine maps, which is a completely different can of worms that I'm not sure was the exact thing you were going for with this game. Well done, though!

Very good! Very creative mechanic you got there, the possibilities for more levels and mechanics are endless. I also absolutely adored how the music kept getting new instruments and tracks layered on top of the previous ones as you advance levels. The graphics were simple and effective, with each level having completely different colors from the previous ones, which makes the visual clarity really good. I didn't had many problems as I played it, it controls well, looks good, sounds even better and the main mechanic is brilliant. Amazing job!

I'm back, I booted up windows to play your game. I really liked your interpretation of the theme! The levels changing while you're not looking is a very interesting concept for puzzles and interesting level design and interactivity, kinda reminded me of Outer Wilds a little bit. I'm not so sure about the controls, the way how the character jumps the moment it touches the ground if you're holding space turned out to be a liability to me, especially during the moving platform segments and the lack of jump height control made those unintentional jumps even worse. I also felt like the jump was a bit unresponsive, each time I tried to sprint and jump off the edge of a platform the jump wouldn't register and I would just fall through, but that can be fixed with a coyote jump timer. The lack of sound effects and music was a little let down too, but I think the main mechanic of having the level change when you're not looking made up for it, that's a really cool foundation to build upon. Good job!

Nice puzzles! At first, I thought tile based movement and not being able to turn around without moving was a weird decision, but then I realized this restriction made for much more interesting puzzles, as you needed room in order to do stuff and had to plan your every movement more carefully. I think the biggest gripe I had was that the screen was too small, increasing the viewport there would be cool, or just giving us a fullscreen option would be even better. Maybe on the downloaded versions we can maximize the window and this problem is gone? Other than that, getting used to the rhythm of the game and calculating how long it takes for projectile felt weird on a puzzle focused game but it could be much worse, I guess it's just a matter of getting used to. All of these are very easy to fix with some polish though, you have a good foundation for a game there. Good job!

Yeah, couldn't go past levels 3 and 4, jumping with up is very uncomfortable, at least to me. As others have stated, wall jumping with up feels even more weird. I really like the mechanic though, the idea of going through the platforming levels by stepping at as few platforms as possibles makes for a nice puzzle creation. I also like the painting like background, it's a shame I couldn't see it all. Good job though!

Oof, that took some work! You got a nice game there. I felt like the controls were a bit rough for the precise platforming it required though. The lack of height jump control felt not so great, especially when trying to jump over spikes, you had to go all the way up and come to a sudden halt while the level kept advancing. Having no acceleration was also weird especially in the air, you would jump, let go of the the right button and the character would come to a sudden halt like it had no momentum, which would sometimes cause you to want to go a couple pixels forward and quickly tapping forward would cause it to move way more than expected because he would instantly move at full speed. But the biggest gripe I had with the controls was having to jump with up. Jumping with up is always uncomfortable to me, but in this case, doing wall jumps with up was especially uncomfortable. Eventually I figured out I could move with the arrows and jump with W and then suddenly I felt way better and started going somewhere in this game. But yeah, other than that, I think you nailed the other aspects, especially the graphics. The parallax of the city, the VFX, the neon colors, I can tell you put a lot of effort into making this game look good and it paid off, well done!

Hurrr durrr Godot can't make 3D games, hahahah! Beautiful game, I'm happy we've got our share of 3D games in this game jam. I really like your post processing effects, the level transitions and the effects when getting a diamond looked really good. Your glass shader is also really interesting with a blur effect and some nice level of specular reflection too, great job! I'm not sure about the square particle effects, they looked way more stylized than the rest of the game, but since they were everywhere I'm assuming it was a deliberate stylistic decision. Music and voice overs were really good,

About the rest of the game I would say you did a great job overall, usually those physics based controls can get frustrating pretty quick but you nailed the level design to not make it so. I didn't had many problems, once I stepped into the wind/antigravity thing that was under a piston and it killed me by just touching the piston above even though I wasn't being squished by it, thought it was unintuitive. There was also a point where the carried boxes got stuck on the level and the delivery building wouldn't register them, I think I suicided to make them reappear floating above me again. The restart button doesn't actually restart the level though, it just respawns you back to the last checkpoint, I wanted to respawn back at the beginning at some point. Oh, and the saving system behaves weirdly, it kept deleting the progress of some levels, each time I re-completed a level it would forget a different one, not sure what was going on there. But these gripes are mostly a polish thing, the one thing we don't have time for in a game jam, the game concept itself didn't had many problems that I could think of. Good job!

Couldn't play the game, it wouldn't jump, it would just slightly shake the screen instead when I pressed spacebar. Maybe because I had to run it with wine, I'm on a Linux system.

I really like the idea of this game, but there should be check points of some kind. I got to a point where I broke platform, fell and advancing became impossible. Had to restart and try again, and then I clipped inside a rock and couldn't move anymore. Restarted again and I got through the previous part, but later on a huge chunk broke instantly when I landed and I fell and couldn't advance anymore, so I got tired of restarting. Those games based on physics controls are always difficult in the beginning, but your level design gave us enough space to maneuver around, the only problem I really had was having to restart over from the start when I broke too much of the level.  Other than that, you have a really good foundation of a game, nice lighting and particle effects too, and the physics works well enough. Good job!

Hahahaha, very good! The changing of level out of nowhere caught me off guard, but I loved it. The lack of control over when and how it changes is something I found very interesting, led to some nice adaptation on the moment. I didn't knew we had double jump from the start, but eventually I realized each time we're hit, we recover our double jump and that made the game instantly easier. I thought getting hit by the candies meant death, but turns out they just push you slightly out of your trajectory, which could mean death if you couldn't double jump and get back on track, turns out you can use them as makeshift platforms, kinda. Ended up beating it in 2 minutes. The animations were very good, the jumping had a lot of animation frames, the exploding pumpkins were nicely animated as well, the variety of pumpkins was also a nice touch. Backgrounds were very colorful as well, along with everything else which is usually good but I felt a bit overwhelmed by the amount of colors on the candy level, it is not visually clear what is going on at each part of the screen, especially because we're on a timer to the next switch that we don't know when is going to happen. I really like this game overall, the way you incorporate the the theme on the gameplay is really good. Great job!

I loved the narration and the ending, hahahaha. I took way too long to realize logs aren't planks, visually they look very much like one another, I was starting to think the game was broken when I couldn't make the axe. The last level required a lot of materials too, having to wander about to find stuff to mine while dropping your stuff in order to make room for more materials was unexpected. I think the game got hurt a little by not having any sound or music, the lack of music and visual appeal on the last level made exploring it a bit lacking, but figuring out the recipes was cool. Good job!

Multiple different puzzles, that's really cool! I really like the music too, but the sound effects felt a little odd sometimes, like when I was holding the stones it kept spamming the sound effect, not sure if it was intended. Going fullscreen didn't seem to work as I thought too, the screen just kinda got filled with trees instead of having the sprites actually become bigger. These puzzle/mini game compilation type of games can be super fun, I think your puzzles were really good there, simple and effective, although I think they could be a little bit harder but that's just me. Good job!

Got to the 4th level before giving up, I think the platforms move way too fast compared to how fast the character moves. That 3rd level was already very difficult, it might have been much easier for you, you made the level and knew where the platforms were and where the boat was going to go to, but I didn't know any of that, there was not enough time to look around, find where I'm supposed to jump to, shoot the enemies and jump back to the boat, it moved way too fast, felt like I was set up to die in order to find out where I had to go before I had an actual chance. The 4th level had no indication that the water was coming as well. Not sure also how I feel about the controls, not being able to control jump height felt weird on those platforming sections, especially on the 4th level. The bow was very interesting though, the way you had to charge it up first and couldn't keep the charge meant you had to anticipate each shot, although those super fast pig enemies were a bit relentless to fight with such a slow way of shooting. The power ups felt awesome though, blasting and rocketing with the explosive arrows felt great, and the machine gun power up was the best one to kill enemies. I also think they lasted for too little time, especially the first explosive shot power up you get on the first level, there's barely enough time to pick it up, realize you have, like, 5 seconds before it runs out to read the tutorial message and do the bomb launch twice. All of those things could be ironed out with some polish, but I understand this is a game jam. Very cool game overall, very easy to improve upon, you have a nice foundation already. Good job!

Couldn't keep playing for too long, it would always crash at some point during wave 2, probably because I need to use wine in order to play it, maybe you should have uploaded a Linux build? I think it plays nice, the bullets are big and colorful, kiting the enemies feels good, although their AI is to just move in the direction of the player, which makes the gameplay somewhat repetitive. I also feel like there is little indication of what you can go through and what you can't, like, water is the only thing that's okay but everything else always surprised me when it stopped me from moving. I also felt like the game got hurt a little by not having music, but I can understand you, it's a game jam after all.

Overall, I think you nailed the shooting and the bullet hell despite the hiccups above. Good job!

Stop right there criminal scum! You can't make beautiful 3D games with Godot, that's scientifically proven to be a fact! Jokes aside, I really like the aesthetic there. I myself have experimented a lot with those outline shaders but you did a little bit more than just outlines with the post processing. That's some nice effort into creating atmosphere and style, that's great art direction there!

Gameplaywise, I feel like you got a thing going with the mechanics there but the game ended before you could fully explore them. I also felt like the moving directions were a bit weird because our keyboard is up, down, left, right but the character only moves in the diagonals, like, each time I tried to move I would press a button first as guess to then move in the direction I actually wanted, but that's not a big deal since the game doesn't require reflexes and precise movement. Perhaps if it was longer I could get used to it.

But yeah, that's a really cool game you got  there, good job!

Hey, thank you so much! I had one friend try the mac build and he had no problems, it's a shame you're having problems. It always bugs me that on every game jam people upload only windows versions, forcing me (I use Linux, mostly) to use wine and hope for the game not to break, or to just boot up a windows system. I can try the windows and Linux builds of my game but since I don't have a mac and don't want to be this guy that doesn't upload builds for the other systems, I have to rely on Godot's OSX build without testing it myself. Thanks for your report, though, I might put something about it on the game page.

Really cool entry. The fact that it takes real headlines directly from the internet means it is basically infinite, which is great for this type of game. From a game design perspective I'm a little divided, like, it's just scramble except you have the computer to tell you when you put a letter in its place, which allows you to scramble literally all the letters, forcing us to start each puzzle by trying out blind guesses before we can actually deduce anything, which leaves a lot to luck at the start. I don't know, maybe I'm dumb and if you read the news a lot you can guess a word by category and number of letters alone? I'm pretty sure experience helps with that blind luck at the beginning.

I also like the visuals, you took some effort to make it look like old school newspaper, that's very nice (although I'm not gonna lie I would love a dark theme, hahaha). You also counted the time and swaps it took to solve each puzzle, which kinda implied that you kept our performance somewhere, but I couldn't find it anywhere. Good job, very cool take on the theme and scramble overall.

Very chill game to tune off to. There were some bugs, the fish bar sometimes spawns outside the fish slider thing, you could walk outside of bounds and cross the rivers this way and eventually I clipped inside the river and got stuck in it, which was the point in which I had to stop. I also found some things to be a bit unintuitive, like how the fish started to slide into infinity instead of going inside the backpack, eventually I assumed it was because my backpack was full (even though it was only half filled visually), and quitting the menus was a bit weird, some menus and fish prompts would stack up on top of each other. It was also a bit unintuitive how the supposedly best bait wasn't at all the best (the first bait slows the green bar to a crawl, it's the best bait) even though its stats say so, and there is no indication to how do we get to spawn the kind carp (I'm supposing it exists, since I didn't see it). I assumed it was just a very low chance of spawning him, which meant I had to keep grinding for it while emptying my backpack, which isn't a great gameplay loop for my taste at least. I remember I was thinking that maybe I had to have one fish of each kind on my inventory in order to spawn it, so I started looking for each different type of fish but I never managed to find pike again after I gave it all to the bridge guy until I got stuck in the river.

But yeah, other than those hiccups, you have a very chill game. I really like the nature of this game, Harvest Moon was one of my favorite memories growing up. The music is cool, graphics are nice and it feels good to play. Great job, thanks for making this game!

Hey, thank you! It's been a couple of months since the last patch.

Slingshotting yourself was undoubtedly fun in here. Physics controls are usually clunky (I got PTSD from my own game, lmao), but you managed to make them cool here, congratulations! I really enjoyed jumping across the levels, but I think the camera was a bit lacking, as we couldn't see much further ahead. Perhaps zooming out and putting a range to where you could click? Still, very good game overall. I even did found the old spider design hidden in the last playground, just because I really had fun slinging around. Great job!

That's something new and different, I'll give you that! I think making it 3D made things more complicated, it was hard to judge where the hand was due to depth perception and perspective. It had so many parts it was nigh impossible to predict where things will be, you had to run, see where the spirits where at a very specific turn, and then reposition them. Things get absurdly complicated at the point where you have 3 spirits, though. But of course, this is a 48 hrs game jam and you came up with a neat prototype, because all of these things can be tweaked and polished. Good job!