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When the game launched on Steam last year, we made a couple of posts on Reddit to market the game, usually Godot, Linux and other FOSS related communities, or maybe some Brazillian communities as well. A guy from Pineapple Works contacted me there asking if we would like the game ported. They handled the porting process completely. As far as I know, you need contract with Nintendo, in which they send you a dev kit and their SDK and you're under NDA to not share it. They basically made their own Godot export template, and maintain a Godot branch as well. You can contact them if you want more information!

You deserve the exposure as well ;)

Your name is also on the credits, of course.

Hey, thank you for your kind words! It means a lot to us! So, about the splash screen, it isn't us, the original creators, who are doing the porting, it's the folks at Pineapple Works that worked on it. Judging by how they approached us wanting to get Godot games on the Switch and that they love the FOSS community, I really doubt they're gonna take it off.

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Hey, thanks for playing! Yeah, shooting and sucking more jellyfishes is a lot easier with the controller. Locking the angles was a bit like an inheritance from the first control scheme, in which you shot with the arrows in the same manner of The Binding of Isaac. But controlling the character was so awkward that I changed to mouse and decided to keep the locked angles to make it easier to shoot down. I realize now I could have kept the recoil launches locked, but not the aiming themselves. I also think the wall jump mechanic is way harder than I thought during development. That's the thing about game jams, you have the ideas, prototype them, people play them and find the problems for you. Thanks for checking out my game!

Here is my high score, took some attempts. Now, dropping my nice guy act, f** you, f** this game, 10/10, would rage again. Great job =)

What I love about those arcade style game jam games are how effective they are despite being simple. At the beginning, I found controlling the car a little weird, if you jump too high, you start to bounce and have less control, the shots are slow... But then you just quickly get used to those hurdles. You get close to those suckers and shoot them in the face, doomguy style. You jump less as you get a feel for the hitboxes and let the shields rebuild. You take advantage of the bumps to go high and take down the enemies at the top.  The only thing I disliked was having to jump with up but maybe it's just me? I think this game would be great on an arcade. Good job!

Wow, that was an innovative puzzle mechanic! I really liked this one. I think you did tutorials very well and the game greatly benefited from it. The simple mechanic had depth enough for you to teach advanced techniques as the levels go on and even though it's a game jam, you pumped out so many levels! It has all the elements that compose a great game design, well done! If I would point out something negative, it would be some difficulty spikes across a few specific levels. On them, it doesn't feel like solving a puzzle, it feels more like tinkering with milimetric position changes or experimentation until you randomly stumble across a solution. The nature of gravitational physics means a very small change on the starting conditions might result on completely different outcomes, and this becomes very apparent when you feel lost on this game. I guess it's the curse of innovating, you'll never perfect your creation when you're the first to do it. But well done anyway, one of the best puzzle games of this jam. Solid 5 stars on innovation for you. Great job!

Tmj kkkkk

Imaginei que fossem brasileiros também, tentei jogar todos os jogos brasileiros. Fiquei feliz que os que joguei ficaram bem bonitos, o de vocês em especial tá bem atmosférico, eu percebi que o som dos passos muda com o lugar que você pisa, tá bem daora. Pessoalmente eu acho mais difícil acertar a atmosfera, acho que cada um joga com os talentos que tem, né?

Hey, thank you for checking my game! I will play and rate yours tomorrow, I'm on an airport, so I can't do it now.

Beautiful! I loved the cymbals SFX for when you hit something or when the mushrooms despawned. Graphics were also next level, one of these games that prove that art direction beats technology/manpower by a large margin. Gameplay was very good too, it was simple and easy to polish. If I am to point a negative, I would say that the attack range was a bit short considering the speed at which the enemies moved, especially the spear ones. I didn't managed to kill any, I just bypassed them. I would say that the jump height was a bit short too, but it wasn't a problem during gameplay. Congratulations, solid submission! Good job!

Hey, thank you! And wow, I never thought about the accessibility issues with the clicking. Personally I hate button mashing of any kind, I only made it this way because I needed the charged shot, so it wasn't actually about the challenge, it was more about the controls. Maybe I could have used the mouse wheel button? That's definitely something to consider the next game or on this one, if I decide to keep developing it. Thank you for playing it!

Oh wow, I think you got the mood right. The shapes moving between the trees, the music and the darkness were spot on! But for the gameplay, I just couldn't understand what was happening for a long time, I started blasting randomly and heard the sounds, see the number rising and I understood things were dying, I just couldn't see what or where. Eventually I managed to see some shapes moving, but the screen was so small and everything is black, and the shapes move really fast too. I never managed to spot a shape and shoot it by reaction, I think I just managed to shoot things randomly. You say it's your first game, so congratulations on getting mood and ambience right! Good job!

Thank you! Funny thing is, your game was one of the very few I've played that was not made in either Godot or Unity, yet one of the very few that had a Linux build, at least in the end. There were even some games marked as supporting Linux yet there was only a .exe on the downloads. I've seen some mac users complaining about it too, but so far I think I'm the only one complaining about the lack of Linux builds. Come on devs, if your engine allows exporting to mac and linux, do it! Better than emulating it with wine and have it crashing, I think...

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First of all, thank you all for being awesome! Lots of folks being helpful around, giving good criticism and talking about other people's games, this one is definitely the coolest community in a game jam I've been in. Now, we're on the last week of rating games. So far, I've played more than 30 games and wanted to share a few who flew under the radar.

Young Moon, Yuna and the Moonstealers, Moon Blob, and Defense of Novalunis are either innovative games in their gameplay and level design or are either extremely polished games that I think completely flew under the radar, given how many ratings they got. For the Moon is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky and Moonlight Sonata are weird experimental games that really stuck with me, and I think they deserve more love.

Lastly, if you want more ratings in your own game, rate my game and comment on it that I will play, rate and comment on yours as well!

Thank you everyone, and have fun!

Wow, that flew under the radar completely. Even if it wasn't an online multiplayer game, it would still be a solid entry above a lot of the others. The sheer amount of different AIs and character abilities alone make for huge amounts of coding and debugging to do, let alone net coding. And then, there are the animations, SFX, VFX, music and textures, which are other huge amounts of work on their own. Doing all of that in a month is a moonshot plan to me. Good job! Now, to point out negatives in the game, they are mostly about nitpicks, like how some enemies can kite you from behind the fire barrier and the lack of a tutorial and feedback. All of which are usually achieved by having more time to polish, but I just can't really put any weight on those given everything else the game already has. Solid entry, no doubt. Great job!

Wow, was that an attempt at a souls-like in a game jam? Hahaha, that was a good entry! The bosses were both very different and fun, I really liked it overall. I would say that the hit box were a bit messy, especially on the second boss, you would lose life before he swings, evading his swings were nigh impossible, given you don't know exactly the range of his swings. And then on his second phase, the hitboxes on the fire swirls he summons were very forgiving but they were so clustered together that I never knew if I was going to take damage or not, especially because the arena became so dark you could barely see your guy. It felt a lot like a mix between trial and error and gambling. But I can only imagine how hard it must have been to make the AIs and the character controls. A good entry, I say. Great job!

You got the graphics, the sound, the atmosphere... Very good!  The gameplay was somewhat innovative, the shooting mechanics turned combat more into a puzzle (or a platforming challenge, actually) than real combat, given the slowness of it. Having to plan and calculate was very good. However, the fire rate of the enemies and the high precision of the platforming segments made the challenge to be a bit too frustrating, I think. The platforms were too small and the character was a bit too slippery to land on them, coupled with the barrage coming from above, you had little room to think about your next move. But you had a good demo for a game jam, definitely! Good job!

Hey, thank you for your kind words! Your game was also incredible, so those words coming from you means a lot! And yeah, that feeling you described was exactly what I was trying to accomplish with this game. The last challenge was very hard, especially the room with the spiked cubes, I would definitely change it if I decide to work more on this game. How did you managed to cheat on it?

I wish there was a Story or Atmosphere category or something so I could give you a 5 stars there. I'm a sucker for pixel graphics, and your low res chunky pixels looked really good, felt like a homage to old games with a bit of a modern cheats and I love it! The gameplay was its own thing. I liked the mechanics, but some were a bit unexplored, the buttons and revealing pathways weren't really explored. It felt like the focus was on controlling both characters at the same time, which was very hard to do. I like the ideas, and I'm sure if you had more time to develop more puzzles and levels you could work those mechanics to new heights.  But yeah, this is a solid submission. Good job!

No, I found all the light balls but couldn't make the jump to one of them, the one on the upper floor with some enemies. I just couldn't make the jump, then I switched to keyboard and immediately made it. With some testing, I realized Lumi moved faster with the keyboard than with the controller. So I just finished the game with the keyboard.

I already played your game and commented on it a couple of days ago. Here is mine!

Hahaha, thank you for playing! Yeah, the wall jump mechanic was the worst part of the game, and one of the things I will change the most if I decide to go on with this game, as well as the locked aiming directions. I realized at the end it was too clunky, but if I were to fix it I would have to change the whole level design and I didn't had time to do it, so I made the choice to go on as is.

That reminded me a bit of Enter the Gungeon, hahaha! The graphics were good and the gun sound effects were great as well. The character moved a little too slow, and pair it with no way to defend against bullets other than moving away and the bullets being much faster than you, I can see why you went for that regenerating health system. I just felt it was weird, made the gameplay a little slow for an action game. It was also really short too, but we have to understand it's a game jam. As a prototype, it works perfectly well. If you add more levels and enemy types, as well as more weapons and maybe a dodge roll or a shield, it would be great! So yeah, it just needs mroe features. Good job!

Just checked the game. Everyone, believe him, the game is really good.

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Amazing, just amazing! If anyone ever doubts how important is music to a game, show them this game. Everything is very polished, and the simple structure is just incredibly effective, everything just fits together! I think if you added a high scores list with names in a save file or something, you could easily put it as is in an arcade. If I am to point negatives, I think I would say it gets old eventually, it's the kind of game that you play once for a couple of minutes, get your high score and  never turns on again. If you were to add more variety, multiplayer and some other forms of challenges it could be better, but now that I think about it, wtf am I talking, this is a game jam!!! So yeah, I think this is a complete prototype, congratulations my friend!!

PS: I got to a point where I giant dude dropped on me out of nowhere to kill me. Did this happen always when the player gets to 8k?

EDIT: Solid 5 on gameplay and audio for you =)

I'm totally late to the party, but I just noticed I've played your game and commented on it days ago! You made so many videos and reviewed so many games that I think it's unfair to ask for more, but here I am, lmao, and I would really like it if you played my game. Thanks for being a part of this game jam!

Just played your game, I really liked it. I commented on your page my feedback. Mine is From the Core, a metroidvania with no upgrades. Hope you like it too!

I liked the pixel art textures with non-pixelated VFX, I think this style is very natural to come by these days but you managed to make it look really good. The gameplay was alright, there was nothing that didn't worked, which is an achievement on its own on a game jam. I found it odd that we shot with the mouse but we didn't aim with it. It was odd but it was comfortable, so all the kudos to you for that as well. If I am to point out negatives, I would point out that the saucer enemies felt a bit odd to fight against with that control scheme, given that we couldn't angle the shots, it was all about running, turning back, jumping and shooting, rinse and repeat. The giant ones had to be super slow to combat their tankiness, which ended up making them completely harmless and anticlimatic, unlike their smaller counterparts. But yeah, this is a game jam and nothing can be perfect, and you can clearly see that this is a nitpick. Good job!

That was an interesting control scheme you went for. You couldn't move and shoot to kite the monsters, and the limited speed made maneuvering not trivialized by the precise movement of the mouse. You also couldn't aim with the precision of the mouse, you had to angle things with care. It was very effective at doing its job without making the game too easy and without challenge while being simple and easy to pick up and learn, very good! It just wasn't very deep, but that's the price you pay for simplicity. If I were to point out a negative, I would say that the lack of variety was the biggest, it got old very quick but I understand that this is a game jam prototype. If you added more mechanics, enemies and levels, you would have an interesting game! Good job!

Wow, lots of details on this one. The parallax backgrounds, the backgrounds themselves, the way things interact with light, the sound effects... It oozes care and work, it's amazing how much was put into it in a month! Gameplay-wise, I like the level design, the way you can see through floors and walls to allow you to plan your moves is very cool. However, depending on passwords felt a bit awkward because if you fail after acquiring the password, you don't need to redo the whole level, you just go to the vault and put the password, which was often close to the entrance. Moving around could use a little bit more work, especially when moving around lasers. It wasn't also so obvious when you could go up and down, the difference between those types of floors was very minute. But yeah, other than that, you have a cool game. Great job!

I really like the cube dropping mechanic, I think it was the highlight of the game. Blocking enemies and making platforms was something somewhat new and innovative, and with some polish and level design focused on that, you could make a very special game! The shooting felt great, each shot looked very good but the enemies took so long to be killed the the shots felt weak (also I can't fire the laser I see on the screenshots for some reason?). I also think the controls felt a bit unwieldy because we couldn't do short hops, and we were forced to move if we wanted to shoot diagonally. I think that basically you have a good foundation of a game, it just needs more polishing. Great job!

The explosions, missiles and some animations looked really good, but as most people pointed out, the gameplay is very rough. It felt very slippery, and the attack had almost no range. The ogre boss thing was also relentless, I felt like there was nothing I could do to beat it. But yeah, other than that, you had a lot of things going on at the same time, lots of content and a lot of things animated. I especially liked the dialogue letters animations, they are always a nice touch on games that use them. Good job!

From the Core is a metroidvania with no upgrades, but it still has the metroidvania progression. I did it all by myself with Godot, and it has Linux and OSX builds. I'm gonna play yours as soon as I'm able!

Simple and effective, the dream of any game jammer. Good idea, simple to make and polish, easy for the player to pickup and play. Very little to complain here, no design element stood out as badly implemented or unpolished. The way you fight back is, in my opinion, the highlight of game as it is innovative, different and maybe the most important of all, fun. An easy 5 stars in gameplay for you, well deserved! The only "bad" thing I can force myself to find is to say that it has very little content, which is amazing seeing how you have quite a big of different enemies shooting in very different patterns. But variety can be achieved in many different ways, most of which involve having more than a month to make the game. Congratulations, well done!

Wow, I liked the music and the graphics. I am a bit of a sucker for pixelated 3D stuff, so there's that. For some reason the controls for O, P, B and Space weren't working, so I couldn't fly the ship. I could just spin around. I am running your game on Linux through wine, though, so a Linux build might fix it.

Wow, that was innovative! I think you can use that basis as foundation for many different games, from multiplayer/single player shooters, brawlers, platformers... I think you got something interesting here! My biggest complaint is how rough the shooting was. The projectiles never go to where the pointer is, you have to miss the first couple of shots until you get the right angle and by then, you might be out of bullets. The bullets mechanic felt a bit out of place as well, maybe a normal reload mechanic would be better than sitting around waiting, especially when you can't aim. The yellow blob felt a bit unfair too, he was faster than the player and way too tanky, giving him invulnerability frames made it feel like everytime one spawned there was no way to avoid taking damage, you can't kill him before he gets to you. But yeah, I think you poured most of the work into making the gravity and moon jumping mechanics working. With more polish, you can create something unique out of this. Really good!

Thanks for posting here too! Addressing something I didn't addressed in the your initial post, you guessed right about the aiming: it was made so that the player can easily aim downwards. It felt awkward to aim and the shot not go through the mouse cursor, but I thought that the knockback was more important than the shot. Looking back now, I could have locked the knockback to be 8 directional, but not the shot. I also felt that the wall jumping mechanic was a bit too hard. I guess this is what game jams are for, right? We have ideas, prototype them and have people playtest them while you playtest theirs. I'm glad I seemingly got the metroidvania progress feeling right. Thank you again for playing!

I already did, it's on your game comments section! Thank you for playing my game, though. And yeah, the initial plan was to not give the hints, but I was afraid it was going to turn off a lot of people. I really like games that don't tell the player what to do, but by experience you need plenty of carefully planned levels. If I had people to playtest it and more time... You can post that on my comments section too, so that other people that are the game read that too, that's good tips overall.

Yeah, right? It's the only physics based puzzle I knew before your game. You can boast now that you made the best game in your genre in one month.

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Lmao, that was very fun! I got stuck at some point in which you had to charge a shot to make a platform far enough to jump to the next spot, I didn't knew charging the shot pushed the targets, but eventually for some reason I charged a shot and realized what I had to do. But yeah, other than that I was just laughing and having fun my way through. I felt like some jumps were really tight, and figuring out where to go while people shot you was weird too, so I could say that mostly the tutorials could be better. Other than that, I think controlling the character felt good most of the time, the graphics were good and the game was very humorous. A great entry overall!

EDIT: Oh yeah, forgot to mention making platforms from killed enemies. To me, that was completely new and allowed for crazy platforming, the highlight of the game! I think that if there was a way to better control where they land after charging a shot and there was more levels to show off that mechanic it would be great.