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Count on it, new levels are already in development. More polished mechanics as well ;-)

I think you absolutely nailed that juicy feel. Damn, that game feels great! I'll never have enough lights, particle effects and screen shakes. Congratulations! I really love the music and the aesthetics as well, they felt like they belong together. The game play is also very good. Fantastic game overall.

One of my highest rated games so far. I loved it!

That was fun! I love the idea and the level design, everything was executed pretty well. The only thing in the way of critique that I can provide is "it is short and I want more", hahahaha! But it's game jam, so I guess you can take from that I really enjoyed the game and that I think the design is good. Good job!

That was solid gameplay. Balancing has some issues, you don't really need to walk and the amount of enemies on screen at the same time is, in my opinion, too small, you can go infinite with ease. But other than that, you nailed the concept and execution. Very good!

Here is my game. I'm playing yours now!

Yeah, as people said, the rhythmic nature of the game once you get a hang of it makes it very simplified, as people already said. But I really like the concept, maybe if you had different positions of the pairs of platforms and a way to telegraph them, combined with new mechanics such as springs, dashes, wall jumps and what not, it could be a really cool game!

The idea is incredible and the execution is also very good.  But yeah, seeing the gif of the last level, I don't recall getting a tip that the "not" command exists. Not only that, but there are some typos and other mistakes on the tips at the start of each level. If those tips were better written, the game would be far better.

But yeah, other than that, you have a very interesting concept. Both on an entertaining perspective and on an educational one. Congratulations!

I got a 34!! Hahahaha! I love your game by the way. It embraces what it means to be fun, in my opinion. The concept is very simple, yet so effective! I love how it works very well for a game jam, as it cuts you level design and a lot of graphics and other things that take work. On a meta level, this is incredible because the game is just very effective. You are the second so far that got a perfect score from me, sir!

Great game! Once I got the hang of it, I got a bit far. I really liked all the mechanics and the way that they were implemented. The game keeps you on your toes at every second, always introducing you new types of enemies with different sets of weaknesses ways to attack you. I honestly can't think of much in the way of a critique, things like what can be improved and whatsoever. The only thing that comes to my mind is more content, which means, from my point of view, that you've done a really good job.

Great game! Once I got the hang of it, I got a bit far. I really liked all the mechanics and the way that they were implemented. The game keeps you on your toes at every second, always introducing you new types of enemies with different sets of weaknesses ways to attack you. I honestly can't think of much in the way of a critique, things like what can be improved and whatsoever. The only thing that comes to my mind is more content, which means, from my point of view, that you've done a really good job.

I have to say this idea is very original. I liked the puzzle aspect of the mechanics, it's all really clever and well executed. But I have to say that I think that the gameplay is too slow and cumbersome, you spend more time executing the commands than solving the puzzles themselves. But yeah, seeing that lots of people liked it, maybe it's just me?

Hahaha, anyway, I have to commend your implementation of the concept. It's all very well thought. Congratulations!

This is my game. Gonna be playing your game and some others in this thread for the next couple of minutes.

Just did it now, thanks for the idea, hahaha. Much better, indeed!

That was very fun! Half of my deaths were just me dancing to the tune, hahahaha! I think you nailed that game feel. It feels like a rythm game, and the minimalistic graphics still suit the game very well. One way I think that can improve in this game is the sound when you press space. It could change a little, to don't be repetitive. Better yet, it could sound like a drum beat, or another musical instrument, hahaha! Or also add some shader effects to change colors as the game progresses, I don't know.

Very solid entry. Congratulations!

You nailed the controls on this one, good job! I like how you kept introducing new mechanics at each new level as well, but at the same time they felt useless as we could just ignore everything and just sprint to the exit.

Solid entry overall, good job!

I couldn't go past the third level, hahahaha. Anyway, as most people already said, it is very difficult. I also think you could introduce more mechanics to don't have the game become old too quickly. You could also tweak the hitboxes more in favor of the player as well, it gets really hard to click the circle when it's too small, and the minimal touch of the other balls on the center one kills you.

Other than that, I like the minimalistic graphics, really shows that a game can look good without much work drawing.

Hi there! That was a very good entry you have there. I do think that the mouse sensitivity is a bit too high, and that the feedback is a bit low. Like, if you die to someone you didn't see, you have no idea what happened. And there was times I got trapped between the dead robots standing in a doorway, for example, or that I just clipped through the floor and fell into the endless void below.

But yeah, the concept is really good. With some tweaks to the controls and the feedback, you can ship something very unique with this project!

The best way to make blind jumps is to give some time for the player to react. This can be done by capping the fall speed and, most importantly, giving more camera space. Think like guitar hero, where you can see the notes coming way before you have to press the buttons.  Camera control is a hard thing to get right...

That's weird. The first time you charge your boosted jump at the first level, you should get a message saying "C: boost" on the top of the character's head.

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Shoot the thing and boost before the bullet goes back to recharge your boost. Then, once it's recharged, boost again in the air. It's on the gif on the game's page:

My game is a puzzle-platformer. You have one shot and one jump, kinda. It is designed around ways to cheat it, hahahaha.

I am really proud of this game, actually.

It's open source, so it's 100% free and with a huge community of contributors. From my experience, what can be done under 1 hour in Unity can be done in under 5 minutes in Godot. It is built around a smart node system that allows you to tackle problems from many different ways, very different than all other engines we have so far. It won't disappoint you.

Godot Engine team rulezzz!!!

Seriously, this engine is the best. I worked a bit with Unity, and I think Godot is just better. Have quite a few Godot games here as well, and that makes me happy. Godot is a baby engine, but it is growing very quickly. A testament to its quality, of course.

That's an interesting mechanic to design puzzles around. Things really start to get going by third level, and then, the game is over! I really wished there was more to play, hahahaha. But yeah, game jams are hard.

I don't know what to judge, actually. I really like the idea, but there is very little to play and judge the level design for.

Here is mine! I've got 10 ratings so far. I'm going to rate yours now.

I'm dead. Hahahaha, that was hilarious!!! Very good game, I loved the drawings, the monologue, the ending, the walking animation... It was all pretty funny! I feel like there were too few gameplay elements, but it made up with humor.

Good job!

Wow, that game is hard! Or maybe it's just I who suck? Anyway, that's a really good work you got here, I loved the music and the effects. Running, rolling and shooting around feels great, but I'd say the enemy projectiles are a bit too fast. Sometimes they would shoot the moment they came on screen, killing you instantly. Maybe if it was more telegraphed, we could react more to what we see?

Good job, though!

I indeed am impressed by all those entries so far, especially this one. What the hell did I just played? Hahaha, you're amazing. Thanks for existing, I guess!

I always get impressed by people's creativity. That was a very different game, I enjoyed it a lot. I do think the controls are very stiff, however, as most of the times it felt like I was clicking and the ball was not stopping, and aiming it properly was also very hard. But yeah, other than that, this is definitely one of the strongest entries I have seen so far. Congratulations!

That was an interesting concept you had there. Finding and shooting the odd one? Hahaha, I enjoyed it a lot! There were a couple of problems, though: the controls felt very unwieldy. You couldn't control how high you jump, and the acceleration is too high (I actually think there is no acceleration, it just moves at top speed all the time). This means you can't do any precise movement, since any touch you do on the control will make the character travel a great distance, since the speed and jump height are also really high. Jumping off of ledges was very rough because of the high speeds, and landing on platforms was also rough, since we had to jump all the way and use the unaccelerated horizontal movement to land. I felt like I was fighting the controls all the time.

But yeah, the idea is very good!

Hahaha, we did. The terminal window with the stupid comments were actually debug mode that we forgot to turn off before uploading the build, hahahaha. But yeah, thanks for checking our game!

That was the best game I've played so far. Congratulations! It was very hard, yet satisfying and fair most of the times. I've finished it with 138 deaths. That's Celeste levels of bs, hahaha!

Anyway, the things I think should have been improved: the movement is mostly fine, but I think the acceleration (if there is any) is too high. You can't do fine movements, and the first poison level feels a bit unwieldy because of that. Secondly, the falling speed is too high. The levels where you don't know where you're falling into and rely on reflexes are a bit too stiff because the slime falls too fast and you can't react on time. That pause mechanic to swap abilities helps a bit with that, though I still think it should've been lower. Lastly, doing blind jumps in a platformer is a sin in my opinion, hahaha. If you had more time to react, it could be fine, though. Or maybe just zoom out the camera and make each level fit the screen?

Anyway, that's a great game. My highest rated one. Good job! My game was also a puzzle platformer, though much more focused on the puzzle aspect, and you can't die. Try it out if you can, you could teach me and my friend a thing or two about making platformers.

Very good entry. Is there an end to the game? I played it through and through, beat like 5 bosses and died at some point. It feels very fleshed out for a jam entry, you guys did a really good job! The things I think need improvement are: the controls feel a bit stiff, as the character can only move in 4 directions; it takes a while to understand what's going on, and after playing it for this much I still don't know exactly if the things in red under my stat are bonuses or penalties, what gave me them and how do I deal with them. I don't understand also what the armor for sale does.

But hey, that was a solid entry!

I'm trying out the games posted here. Very interesting ideas I've seen here!

Please, try my game as well!

Very interesting concept you have here. Most of the game was very good, and I enjoyed the level design, except for the first levels where you can beat by literally holding the button the whole time. There was also something that quite bothered me: the camera. It's fixed in a position where we can't see far down. Sometimes, we have to jump down into something we can't see. I think that for platformers, not seeing where we are jumping into is a sin. But hey, other than  that, you got a good thing going on here!

Ooh, never thought about other keyboard layouts. To be honest, I rarely play with a keyboard, I mostly play with a controller. But yeah, you're totally right. Thanks for checking our game!

I don't understand, what exactly do we do other than walk around?