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hahah yeah, I was wondering why is everything going so bad when I'm accepting positive changes.
I guess it makes sense that red button with skull would mean "action" or "aggressive action on something" but it has another meaning that overlaps that first one.

Very interesting way to use 2 buttons! Great job!

It's a bit frustrating though when the tower misses the enemy by very small distance, so timing would be something that needs a bit of improvement.

Also, I'd suggest that you make initial enemies really easy, like 1 shot = kill just to hook us in basically :D it would be way more satisfying, give you nice and easy intro to how towers shoot and would give you motivation for the next round when harder enemies come at you.

But all in all, great job as I said! :)

My high score was 17.

Pretty nice game! My only complaint is that jump indicator is not really aligned to how the frog will actually jump, like you have to aim a bit farther away.

Nice game! Ambiance, surroundings, and animations are very good.

Some issues that I had with the game are below:

- Intro is a bit too long and unskippable from what I've seen.

- Colors of the two buttons are a bit confusing. You use the red one to accept the proposal and yellow one to ignore it, while the icon on the yellow one is pretty clear, icon and the color of the right one are not.

- I probably missed the meaning the top-left number on the screen, so it was very unclear to me how that number will be affected by my decisions.

Overall, I love all of the visuals and sounds although I think gameplay has its flaws.

Coming from someone who really liked original Flappy Bird :D this game is very good!!

Controls are snappy, art style is nice.

Only negative thing that I have to say is that it's not always completely obvious which objects are in background and which are obstacles, but I guess that's part of figuring out some levels.

Also, having some wind animation / effect next to fans showing their range would be nice piece of polish as well.

Great work!

Thank you very much! :D 

Thanks! Glad you liked it!

Thank you for your feedback!

I'm glad you enjoyed it :D

Thank you for playing! :)

It sure does! Let's goo! :)

I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for the comment! :D

Thank you for playing it! :D

  • Combat is kinda clunky, I don't get any feedback for hitting enemies so I'm not sure if it has any effect. Having them knocked back and stop for the moment and maybe flash would probably be much, much better.
  • Aesthetic side of the game is really good
  • Dice rolling works a bit weird (even if we put aside the fact that 1 doesn't do anything), we should equip a weapon immediately after the roll instead of having to press 1, 2, 3

If you fix these issues and if you were to also randomize levels each time player starts the game I think this could be an interesting rougelike game or something like that.

(2 edits)
  • Getting more feedback when damaging enemies would be nice. It was very unclear when exactly they took damage and how close I was to killing them.
  • Maybe more contrast between ground and player / NPCs / enemies would make the game look even better.
  • Sometimes there were too many enemies attacking me at once.
  • Dice sometimes needed a bit too much time to stop moving, so I was effectively too long without a weapon.

Besides these balancing and feedback tweaks I think that game is pretty solid, and it's really cool how you tried to add a lot of content into the game in this short time span.

I think that having a secondary mechanic (maybe something that requires you to stop, but deals more damage) would be nice. Game starts to become repetitive after a few upgrades.

As for the upgrades, I think that you should focus on adding changes to gameplay instead of just changing stats. For example:

  • Add push back force
  • Add option for bullets to pierce through certain number of enemies
  • Dash ability
  • Weapons (different shooting pattern)

basically, something that will require players to change their strategy and adapt to the game.

Pretty simple and polished game though. Well done!

Honestly, the gameplay and overall setup is a bit confusing for me.

I mean having to place cards on top of ballerina and then getting 3 arrows, 2 of which are used for shooting and 1 for taking back the card doesn't make a lot of sense.

Also, shooting cards sometimes missed the dice even though they were the same color, and it hit dice of a different color. I guess that could be also random or should I say a roll of a dice, but it's not random in a good way, it's just frustrating, at least for me.

Although, I like the presentation aspect of it, sound effects and music. Concept seems like it has potential, it just wasn't very intuitive for me.

Awesome game! I like how you paid attention to every single little detail in the game, like health bar and animation for throwing dice. Everything is made to be engaging and everything fits nicely together.

More variety with weapons, environment and enemies would be nice but for a jam games this is great!

Probably one of the most well rounded games that I played so far. Well done!

  • More feedback when shooting would be nice (like muzzle flash, trail behind the bullet, etc.)
  • I'd also have the background be more desaturated just to get more contrast between foreground / enemies / player and background
  • It's great that you made it so that camera moves slightly towards the mouse when you aim, it gives you better sense of your surroundings, and I feel like a lot of game jammers who submit shooter games don't bother with that even though they should probably
  • It's also good that when you roll the dice you actually roll forward, any dual-purpose mechanic is great is my book :)

Not very intuitive gameplay, so in game tutorial or level that you can't fail that teaches you basic concepts would definitely make the game a lot better.

Music is nice and calming and I actually quite like the art style but I think you should've focused less on content and more on explaining the game to players in an intuitive way.

Anyways, props to you for trying something unique.

  • Very polished game in terms of audio and visuals.
  • Idea of combining rock, paper, scissors with dice is very unique.
  • Levels are too long immediately from the start so they are really difficult. Maybe make it so that first few levels have only 3-5 tiles.
  • Also having the option to pick one of multiple different paths right from the start makes the game even more difficult.

The games is a bit too difficult right from the start. In terms of balancing I'd suggest:

  • Dice that are thrown at you are a bit too big and really hard to avoid, I guess you could make them smaller at the beginning and scale them up as time progresses.
  • You should probably add some tolerance to stomping mechanic. It's really frustrating when I'm a few pixels away from the desired area and stomping isn't detected.
  • Maybe use the difference in dots and overlap of dots between next dice pattern and current pattern to determine how difficult it is. So maybe have it so that at the beginning next pattern requires 3 changes compared to the current one. I sometimes got a pattern that basically required me to stomp almost all places on a dice which is too difficult, especially when combined with bullet dice that you need to avoid.

Other than that sound effects and art style are nice, and this is a very unique concept non the less. Good job!

I didn't mean to sound harsh btw with my feedback but I think it's just better to say what I really think. So I hope that maybe you can keep some of these things in mind for the next project.

Given that you're beginner, I'd recommend that you maybe try publishing your games to Newgrounds as well, if you're not doing so already. Players there are really critical though, but once you get used to it, you can learn a ton. And you also get more plays usually than on Itch.

Good luck on your game dev journey! :)

(2 edits)
  • Nice art style, although I'd say that cups and pop up cards for effects don't really fit the style
  • Sound effects are good
  • Some music would be appreciated for an idle game
  • Cups and special effects that you can pick really add a lot of strategy to the game, I didn't expect that from an idle game
  • It's nice that you added an option to move dice that are already placed so for example I can place dice close to each other, take a bonus effect that gives me bonus points for each neighboring nice and then save up for a cup, and then move dice around to try and find new optimal placement. Really cool!
  • Also, you made the game page look really nice which is always appreciated :D

This game could be a really good mobile time waster if you maybe add a few more mechanics and strategic elements to it. Great job!

  • Very responsive controls
  • Background image is quite nice as well
  • Some more contrast between background and enemies & platforms would've been nice
  • Higher max jump height would have been also nice
  • More attack moves would've been also appreciated (maybe those could be determined with roll of a dice as well), so you can actually roll to change your weapon or something like that

Nice game! Attack effects and quite brutal and varied :)

My feedback would be to improve the presentation of the game. Take more freedom with colors, I think that games i too grey / dark right now. Nothing really pops that much. That probably has to do something with lighting as well.

Also, controls for attacks feels a bit unresponsive, so more feedback on that side would've been nice.

Other than that, great job! :)

(1 edit)

Hahaha, yeah I feel you, this was very challenging jam indeed :D

  • I appreciate the GIF on the page that explains the game :)
  • You found a nice solution to show sides of a dice
  • Some variation would be nice after a few levels (obstacles / walls, multipliers, or something similar)

Here's my feedback, hope it helps :)

  • You shouldn't make players use space bar to confirm their choice in the menu, you should either go all in with keys or all in with mouse controls for the menu.
  • Music is a bit weird and kinda irritating
  • Font is little hard to read and How to Play screen is a bit too confusing in general, especially given that that's the only way to figure out how to play. Maybe add controls on the actual page, together with rules and maybe even some screenshots that actually show how to play with some text prompts.
  • Gameplay is a bit too buggy I feel, although I think I managed to figure out what was intended.
  • Units move to the side when I send them into fight which I think is a bug, if it's not, it doesn't really make sense to me.
  • I think you should've made it so that dice rolls when you press the key. I don't think that timing mechanic doesn't really work in this case.
  • Also, I think that using some more basic shapes for visuals would have worked better for this game.  Current graphics seem like they are weirdly scaled.

All in all, I liked the idea but I think other issues really dragged it down.

Good game! Interesting twist on the theme as well!
Music fits in very nicely with the game, graphics are good as well.

My feedback would be:

  • Make some indication on when each enemy is going to move, it feels random and it's a bit too difficult right now.
  • Maybe add some prompt for players to press "Shift" to tackle the enemy once their rope gets entangled, at first I thought it was a bug.

Good job!

Thanks for trying to play our game at least :D
To roll the dice you need to hover over the hand, press it, drag and then release. The speed of your dragging motion will determine the speed of the dice when its thrown.

  • Interesting concept
  • Really nice art style
  • Music track is very simple, but I think it fits nicely
  • Text is sometimes hard to read, so background should probably be darker when you're showing me my future :)

This is one of my favorite games from this jam that I played so far. I like the idea and art style.

Here's my feedback:

  • There should probably be some indicator showing where's the flag, i got a bit confused on hole 2.
  • Power meter should only appear when you hold mouse button
  • Power meter should be colored so that you can easily distinguish background from actual bar
  • Extra bouncy ball sometimes takes a while to actually stop
  • Some hills are too tall

Here's my feedback:

  • Game resolution is too large for web.
  • It's hard to say for how much longer the train will stay.
  • There's not real incentive to try and stay off the train for too long, maybe you could have added a mechanic that forces you to pay for a ticket every time you get on the train.

Here's my feedback:

  • I like the revolver thingy at the top.
  • I like the idea Special die skills are very satisfying to use and are animated quite well. It would have been probably cooler if they were actually the primary weapon, for example: 1 > lightning, 2 > fireball, etc. Then you throw the dice and see what you get.
  • Sometimes (eg. when you move backwards) it's not clear who killed you, maybe don't allow enemies that you can't see to kill you.
  • FOV should be larger.
  • Rules should probably be somehow shown inside the game. They are a bit too hard to remember for a quick web game.

Damn, this game is quite difficult.

My main piece of advice would be to maybe make chips on the table (in the background) darker so that you don't have any distractions on the actual playing field, unless that's the point of course.

Here's my feedback for the game:

  • I actually really like the art style.
  • Idea is also pretty interesting.
  • Maybe having the button prompt on the screen while the dice is rolling would be useful.
  • Some mini games didn't end when I expected them to (for example the one where you need to search for dice to get 200 points), I guess it's time based but there's no timer on the screen.
    *I just noticed that it says that I have 30 seconds, I missed that, but still I think that displaying time that I have left would still be quite useful.

Good job!

Here's my feedback for the game:

  • Controls are actually fun, although a bit floaty.
  • Maybe add the control scheme to the actual page, I instinctively tried to play with my mouse and I needed a bit of time to figure out that I'm supposed to use WASD keys.
  • I like that game timer is represented with dice.

Sorry to see that you had a problem making the game work on WebGL. You should still probably add some explanation on the game page, maybe some screenshots or a video of gameplay. Just so we at least can see and appreciate what you worked on :)

(1 edit)

Here's my honest feedback for you, hope it's helpful:

  • Art style is pretty nice.
  • Resolution for WebGL version is way too big, I couldn't really see the whole game screen on Full HD monitor. Height was the problem. You should probably stick to 600-700 px high window on web.
  • As for the gameplay, I didn't really get how to play the game and use the dice that I got so some in-game tutorial or step by step explanation would be nice.
  • Transitions between turns last too long (when you click on the red die)
  • Bug: If I die and go back to the main menu then press play again I'd immediately get fail screen and would be again taken back to main menu.