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There's Only One Earth, and it's dying. Can you use its remaining resources to escape in time?
Submitted by seaweeed, rocketfalls — 1 hour, 41 minutes before the deadline
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Adherence to the Theme#9933.5863.586

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I love how the game addresses the serious issues we have as a species. The game feels well balanced - it took me like three playthroughs to beat it. Also the music is nice :) Great job!


This game mirrors my real life anxieties of our situation with it's immense difficulty. In contrast, the relaxing music carries a sort of melancholy nostalgia to it that really gives me the idea that, if I screw this up, the world is going to end in a whimper. It poses a lot of really interesting decision making, for the main resource that is needed to fuel research is the very thing causing the tragedy the research is intended to prevent.


I really like the idea of creating an educational resource management game. It's a great way to teach people a lot of the issues and problems with pollution, and since games are such a popular medium right now in a younger age group its an awesome idea. I will say the barrier of entry seems to be rather high, and I was slightly confused/wasn't sure where to put certain buildings when I hadn't seen the entire picture yet. This was fixed after a few sessions though. A little tutorial of placing maybe 3 buildings that benefit each other at the very beginning would be awesome. Overall good job! keep it up!


Great game, I really like how in order to get the economy going you need to use cards that are bad for the environment.  Once I realized I can switch already placed buildings it was a game changer.
Really good message you guys are spreading here. I was not able to get to the end, 100% research i.e.

Please check out my game aswell!


Great game! I found a bug. I won and then lost. And also, I won with only 94% research. 

Anyways, great job. Do you know evolution, a game that blackthorn prod made for a ludum dare? It's kind of similar, but yours is much more strategic. 

I really like having to balance between making money and researching and unpolluting the planet. Though I feel like the garbage plant just let you focus on everything else, and took away from the game.


A nice and chill resource management game! I kinda wish there are more info. For example, I see the pollution number goes up but I don't know how much pollution will make me lose. A pause feature would very helpful too, There are quite some text on some of the card and reading them takes a bit time. 

Since many building has a drawback and synergy, I like how I have to balance between each resource. Whether to go for more research, more industry, etc. Quite an enjoyable game, good job!


This game is so sad. I made the earth cry and left her but I won. I like the rotating earth to place buildings on a lot but the card drawin is a little odd. On my first run I drew no cards that could make money and I lost immediately. Maybe have different decks for industry, research and environment!


The game is a neat concept.

Some feedback :

- Its very difficult to understand what adjacent exactly means... it will be nice to get some visual feedback when a combination is working properly.

- Difficult to understand the final goal of the game. ( Is it to complete research till 100% ?)

- There is no bar/timer telling me how many days/months are remaining in a year so i can strategize properly for that year.


Nooooo, I'm such a noob I killed the Earth! XD

Very nice and original take on the theme. Since I didn't understand everything, I think the game could use some more feedbacks or a tutorial, but I liked it anyway.


Good Game ! the level design is very cool and the originality is very good !


Great game! I like the multiple paths and that there is not an obvious pathway through it. The planet face is very cute. Nice working in a greater theme into the jam


this game is really good and i like that the planet changes face during the playthrough

Hi, good game very good 


Nice job! It was a very cute little game, i very much enjoyed the art style, and the music was nice and relaxing. As for the game, I only have a couple gripes about the tutorial, as I didn't realize that synergies where a thing immediately, or that I could replace buildings that were already built. I also felt that an income/research meter would have been nice, as towards the end I was just hoping that what I had was enough. Other then that though, it was a lot of fun! Nice job!


This was a fun experience to play through and pretty deep as well. I initially lost the first time with only 9% of the research complete because I was being way too cautious but won on my second playthrough by practically almost destroying our only planet. 


I loved this game.  I won using mostly commercial stuff and ignoring research and environmentalism.

I think I produced a lot of pollution o(>< )o . Nice game


Cute little game! I couldn't tell how much pollution would make me lose, and it would be nice to see some other number values go up as resources increased (such as $/sec, or research/sec) so it would be easier to know if my current rate of progress is enough to win. Nice job (:


Initially we wanted to keep pollution as a purely hidden value (it's why the cards say "some" or "a lot" instead of a number) that the players would just sort of have to feel out through visual feedback, and intended to display the profit/research numbers. Ran into some technical difficulties which made displaying those numbers difficult, so we put the pollution number instead, hah. If you're curious the cap we ended up setting in this build was 3000, but we kept tweaking the number right up until submission. We'll definitely want to add those into a post-jam version though.

Thanks very much for playing and rating!! 


I like casual card games and this scratched that itch well for me. The fusion of cards with a construction / RTS style was a cool combo. 

The design decision to color code buildings made the strategies a lot clearer too. 

I definitely enjoyed the meta-narrative and strategy of SACRIFICING natural well being so I could get funding for research. Shifting from damaging industries to colleges and universities felt good. Barely escaped, good work!

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