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I just made it all myself


The mechanic where you can get another move in while not on a block adds a whole layer to this game. It was really fun solving some of the puzzles in an unintended way after learning I could do that.

I've never heard that happening to anyone before, could you post a video of it perhaps?

This is so damn good

Thank you! I definitely find lowpoly styles to be the easiest to work with. If you are looking to make it as easy as possible I would recommend trying out the HPSX Render Pipeline and trying to replicate the look of an N64 game.

I think about this kinda thing a lot

I believe you can use DS4Windows to get compatibility with the DualSense

Achievements would be the only difference

There is, I believe it's backspace or x or both. Feel free to check the keybinding menu in the options to check and rebind it.

Ending 9 is a random chance

Heads up, you should mark your uploaded build as For Windows on itch so people can play the game in the itch client.

grabbing it just opens the gate automatically

You should mark the build as "for windows" so people can download it on the official itch client

It's a public domain recording I found of some christmas carol, I don't remember where I got it or what exactly it is

It's on indefinite hiatus

Kind of and yes

I played some web shockwave games as a kid that left a weird impression on me, but other than that it's not related to anything specific.




Maybe, everytime I try to make a mac build of my games off my pc it turns out pretty bad

I think you have to interact with the door on the second floor after waiting for the music to fade out, then when the clock appears interact with the back door before it starts chiming.

//Puzzle Spoilers

Found a [DATA MISSING] room. Here are the steps:
1. Go through the motions in the original house on a fresh save.

2. Do the chair pentagram puzzle thingy.

3. Go into the hallway with the bird sounds (behind invisible wall).

4. Fall off the edge WITHOUT interacting with the question mark at the end of the bird hallway (I'm not entirely sure you don't have to press the question mark, but it worked for me).

5. Once the game closes open it back up and you will be in the living room without any furniture. At this point, wait around until some morse code plays and the music stops. (btw the morse code translates to "Learn The Way Of The Old Wind").

6.After the music stops go upstairs and interact with the door and go back down, there should now be a clock in the middle of the living room. Walk around it and interact with the green door at the back of the room. You will now be at a screen that says [DATA MISSING]. Idk what to do past this. You have to delete your save to return.

Look into Liminal Spaces


10 I believe

It is yeah. I'm surprised people are finally finding this ending.

If all goes to plan it should be out within the month!

I'd like to submit my paid games:


It's gotta have something to do with the framerate hmm.

That is very odd. I'm not sure there is any debug info you could get on your side, but if you could record it happening that would be helpful.

Flicking it after turning the computer on turns it back off. There is a chance you just kept turning it back off on accident.

Yeah I hear ya. The game is inspired by my personal mental state after being inside so long and my frustration with companies trying to capitalize on people's vulnerability. I'ts not a one to one metaphor for our current situation in a pandemic, and I'm not trying to tell anyone that they should go outside right now.

I don't want to sound mean, but I think you may be projecting a bit here.

No problem :)

It turns the computer on and off.