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Look into Liminal Spaces


10 I believe

It is yeah. I'm surprised people are finally finding this ending.

If all goes to plan it should be out within the month!

I'd like to submit my paid games:


It's gotta have something to do with the framerate hmm.

That is very odd. I'm not sure there is any debug info you could get on your side, but if you could record it happening that would be helpful.

Flicking it after turning the computer on turns it back off. There is a chance you just kept turning it back off on accident.

Yeah I hear ya. The game is inspired by my personal mental state after being inside so long and my frustration with companies trying to capitalize on people's vulnerability. I'ts not a one to one metaphor for our current situation in a pandemic, and I'm not trying to tell anyone that they should go outside right now.

I don't want to sound mean, but I think you may be projecting a bit here.

No problem :)

It turns the computer on and off.

The interaction key can be a bit finicky. The correct thing to do is interact with the fuse box near the door.

Gorgeous. I love it a lot.

I'm glad you liked it!

There is not, I cut it for time back when I made it.

You are on point.

It's funny you say that because in unity I set our company name to "Juice Night"

Here is ours

Ours is a rhythmical boss fight:

Rhythmic boss fight:

This is insanely original and impressively designed.

Here is ours, it's a single rhythmical boss fight. I would recommend paying attention to musical cues and going with the flow.

Bullet hell perfection, this would make a fantastic roguelike

This game mirrors my real life anxieties of our situation with it's immense difficulty. In contrast, the relaxing music carries a sort of melancholy nostalgia to it that really gives me the idea that, if I screw this up, the world is going to end in a whimper. It poses a lot of really interesting decision making, for the main resource that is needed to fuel research is the very thing causing the tragedy the research is intended to prevent.

If you decide to check ours out, my tips would be to listen for musical cues for each attack, and don't hold crouch if you don't need to.

If you are still doing this, you are a mad man

Oh wow! Your interpretation of the player character is very bold and brash.

I'll get right on it. In the post jam build (look for that once the voting period is over), you'll be able to properly select which phase you want to start in to effectively skip the intro without bugs. I'll put the no damage run right here when it's uploaded.

I will add your game to my own ratings grind. Mine has plenty of ratings, so feel free to skip it if you have too many.

Are you still doing this?

It would honestly probably be more trouble than it's worth. Each game has about 5 minutes of "content".

This is absolutely amazing. Probably my favorite in the jam so far; please consider turning this mechanic into a full-on rogue like. 

Very cheeky. I am always a fan of meta-puzzles, so you've won me over completely.

The main mechanic of this game is surprisingly riveting  once you figure it out. It has a very strong game play loop that could suite something with structured levels very well.

A few people have been feeling this way, and I completely understand why. If you do ever decide to try again my tip would be to listen for music cues, and follow the white square instead of crouching whenever possible. It's really easy to anticipate the chopping attacks by listening for their specific musical cue before they are on screen.

No worries, fitting or not the game is in my top 3 favorite in this jam that I've played so far.

This game is legitimately extremely engaging, weaving in and out of little alleys I created by killing enemies was an absolute good time. My only real gripe is that the mechanics aren't really based around the jam's theme.